IPL Treatment for Sun Damage, Age 24

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Hello everyone! So far i have had 2 IPL treatments...

Hello everyone! So far i have had 2 IPL treatments. I am 24 with some initial signs on sundamage. I have a couple sun spots under my eyes. Also, i have some redness from post acne and some active breakouts.

After my first treatment, i broke out pretty bad in deep cyctic type pimples. I went to the derm and got some topical antibiotics(cleocin-T and sulfacetamide).

My skin got really dry from the IPL. My nose and cheeks were flaking pretty heavily in my opinion. 2 months after my first treatment i had another. This time i did not break out nearly as bad. I got some flaking but not as much as the first time. It has been a month since my last treatment and i still have this really dry, flaky, scaly, reddish patch on my right temple area and it dosent seem to be going away.

Also, the flaking all over my skin especially my nose dosent seem to be any better. I made another appointment at the derm to make sure my right temple area is not going to be permanent. I have not seen a change in my breakouts and the brown spots i was targeting are just as dark if not darker than before (iwear sun protection religiously).

I mat do another treatment but i do not think i would do more than three. I will look into other methods to rid myself of those annoying brown spots and help maintain a youful complexion. I would love to hear other opinions!! Thanks and i hope this review was helpful. Sorry i have no pictures if i get some i will post. :)

Updated on Aug 16, 2009
Dried my skin out and caused some sort of reaction on my right temple. It has been almost 6 months since my treatment and the dry flaky patch is still there.

Has anyone here experienced extremely dry skin that is localized?

I had spot treatment IPL with rejuvelux on my...

I had spot treatment IPL with rejuvelux on my chest a week ago. The spot lite up and turned really dark and the really dark ones that I had came off within 2 days and the lighter ones have faded but did not flake off. I am happy with the efects thus far and am going in for a touch up in 2 weeks and also to get some new spots done on my arms and legs. It cost me $150 to spot treat which i found reasonable. I will take before and after photos of my arms so you all can see the results. I only have about 3-4 spots on my arms but I want to get rid of them now before I had 10 to get rid of. Anyways, if you guys have any questions send me a message! Til then, have a good skin day!

Dr. Greg Wilentz

He dosent seem to really be passionate about skin. I think he just become a derm because his dad is also a derm.

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