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Just received my first tray, took about 3-4 weeks...

Just received my first tray, took about 3-4 weeks to receive the aligners more than expected ( I was told 2 weeks), 14 trays total treatment length about 7 months , one thing that is weird I was never shown computer projections of what might teeth look like when the treatment is done... I will be asking questions next time I go in about 2 weeks , teeth feel a little sore , I have about 8 attachements put in , I dont have any issues with taking the aligners off and on, just took a few tries and got it down packed

I wanted to ask a question to those who already...

I wanted to ask a question to those who already did Invisalign , I just finished all of my trays and I'm not where I'm supposed to be that is for sure , huge improvement on the lowers but much more needs to be done on the upper teeth, impression were taken for refinement trays, not sure what can be done from here, I still have a minor gap ( central ) and a cross bite that improved but not all the way there , I was told it's due to the shape of my two front teeth that not much can be done there, I wish I was told this before I started the treatment , I was under the impression that by the time this is done it would be a happy ending , I have pictures to post of what my teeth look like now
any feedback is appreciated

Just posted the pre and post Clin Check , not...

just posted the pre and post Clin Check , not there yet , impressions taken for refinement trays

Long overdue update

invisalign was done months ago and this is pretty much the final deal, still not satisfied with one tooth is stubborn and according to the dentist there isn't much more that can be done because ti's the shape/size of the tooth might have to consider veneers .... not sure what to think but that's pretty much it i wear my retainers every night because I've noticed a shift can happen if not worn for , They definitely look better than before, maybe it's the shape/size after all , maybe I just got jibbed

pic 2

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