Does Fraxel Work Differently on Men Than on Women? - Florida

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I go for my first Fraxel treatment next Wednesday...

I go for my first Fraxel treatment next Wednesday and wonder, as a 52 year old male, what to expect? I worked in the sun for many years and my face shows it. My wife, who is 48, looks at least 10 if not 15 years younger than me. My original thought was to go with Erbium/CO2 and get it done in one treatment, but I can't take off work for as long as I have been told it takes to heal. So, instead I will be doing 4 to 5 Fraxel treatments and hoping for the same result. Any thoughts or comments?

It's day two since my first Fraxel Laser treatment...

It's day two since my first Fraxel Laser treatment and here is my update. I took two days off thinking I would need four days (including the weekend) before my face would be ready to return work. I should have taken just one. There would be no problem going to work today. All swelling is gone and although I am a little red, it's nothing that couldn't be explained with a little white lie. With this being my first treatment I don't see a lot of results wth the exception of a little smoother skin. However, having written that, I do plan on having additional treatments and will schedule my next one for early April.

It will be two week since my first treatment this...

It will be two week since my first treatment this Wednesday, so far, except for my skin feeling smoother, I don't notice any difference. I go back for my next Fraxel the first week of April and will update after that. I plan on having a total of four more treatments before the middle of July.

I have now had three Fraxel treatments. With each...

I have now had three Fraxel treatments. With each treatment the intensity was increased. My third treatment was last Wednesday and I am now for the first time peeling like I have had a sunburn. My wife tells me my skin looks clearer and my pores smaller, but I don't see a difference. My hope was to have a decrease in wrinkles and for my skin to be a little tighter. I have two treatments left in the package I purchased, so with luck, the results I want can be achieved. I do plan on having some fat cells added under my eyes to fill out the area once the Fraxel treatments are completed.

Finished with Fraxel Laser

I finished my fifth and last in a series of Fraxel Laser treatments yesterday. Although not totally satisfied the condition of my skin has improved greatly. Any dissatisfaction would be in wrinkle removal. Fine lines have been reduced, but others still remain. My skin texture and tone have greatly improved. I am satisfied with the staff who treated me to the point I plan on having a fat transfer procedure done within the next two months at the same office.

Through a health spa where my wife goes to have facials.

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