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I had my first vi peel done 4 days by a very...

I had my first vi peel done 4 days by a very prestigious med spa in my area.
I have been dealing with acne problems since July 2009 due to an allergy reaction to an antibiotic tetracycline and after trying all kinds of treatments ,home remedies etc my acne has been under control however it has been a battle to make the acne spots disappear reason why I tried this vi peel with the greatest hopes that this is it.
I also like to add that I had taken over a year of training,classes,licensing of skin care to help myself and others over come such terrible condition . I still have few brake outs here and there including at the time of when the vi peel was done so I don't know if this will help wash away those but I heard this helps with the overall condition if your skin.
I read the night before horror of testimonies regarding this vi peels there's a case where the person says after 2 months of glowing skin suddenly it all went so bad that nothing could be worse, I started to get some kind of panic attack (exaggerating ) :) well maybe not so exaggerating I am truly worry anticipating the worse but want to keep my hopes up thinking for the better.
Well here are some inputs
The moment of the application it all felt great, not burning itching what so ever, only once under my right eye area and she put the fan and it felt better after few seconds, came home washed my face after 4 hrs apply the post peel cream they gave me and forgot all about it until last night when suddenly I started to feel itch in some areas and peeling. I applied hydrocortisone cooling itch relief cream took a Benadryl and woke up great. Face is looking amazing.

6 days post vi peel

I had one night of itch that was about the third day I put the hydrocortisone cream and the Benadryl allergy cream that contains numbing and have not had any more problems. I gradually peeled but nothing much. I can see the skin looking better already. I also been taking Benadryl pills at night .
I use the post vi peel cream along with antibiotic ointment throughout the day
Wear a bit hat and lots of sun protection creams during the day.
I don't let my face to get dry so I believe it's been the key to peel easy without having the discomfort this may bring.
One thing I noticed is that although I protect myself well when I'm outside ( not under direct sun light) just outdoors underneath my porch just the heat of the day is enough to aggravate my face. The temperature goes super high in my skin so I have to be under the AC. I wear no make up in my face during this time only in my eyes if I need to. The peel was applied in the delicate area under my eyes but no in my eyelid.
I understand that the one thing that can make this goes all wrong is sun exposure
Please avoid it!

6 days vi peel picture

This pic was taken today, six days after the vi peel.

7 days today and an unexpected tingle occurred

Today my skin ( face) is looking same as reported here this past 7 days, looking good still peeling but very gradually I still keep on doing same as first day, but this morning after I washed my face I did not applied any creams what so ever to my face nor left the house and around 10 am I started to feel a tingle sensation around my cheeks not in my forehead so I kept paying attention to that new sensation some what worry cause it wasn't itchy or painful just like an usual tingle.. bare in mind I don't expose myself under the sun. I have done nothing different so I am not certain what can this be. It is now almost 6 pm I keep avoiding the hot temperature outdoors and the tingle has ceased hours after I applied my creams.. Specially the hydrocortisone .
No significant signs of changes today, looking same as this past few days.

Vi peels

Absolutely worth it!
Your skin keeps on getting better after weeks of the vi peel, this is by far one of the best peels specially for Acne prone skin. Those little dark spots from the Acne that are so stubborn to get rid off can actually go away with 2 vi peels, depends how deep they are maybe you will need more but from the first treatment you see the big difference.

Vi peels

A number of 3 vi peels so far has changed the overall appearance of my skin, I use it where I have dark spot or sun damaged, such as my hands, bikini area, and off course face after acne scars.
I believe this type of peel is by far one of the best out now days. For simple issues or lighter dark spots a TCA is always an alternative and much less expensive than vi peels.
This two are very different as vi peels contains other peels combined together.
Also is not uncomfortable at all, vi peels doesn't feel itch and doesn't need to be rinsed out. Overall is in my opinion a much better choice. Results are by far much better.

VI PEEL after my face was cleared

I had been acne free for a long time but recently I started getting a totally different type of skin conditions, black heads buried deep into some parts of my cheeks which was extending to forehead, I remember the agony with the white heads back in 09 but this new condition in quite aggravating as if left alone will never come out rather were growing bigger into huge clogged pores with the Dark spot in the surface of the skin, so after doing all the things I've done before and for the most part worked well such as microdermabration, tca 15% and up to 35%. Among others I decided to see my spa angel, so extractions is the first step then vi peel the regular. It's the best way to go.
I'm posting pics from before and after 4 days. I will post the 7 and after days in a week


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