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I'm 55. I have very few wrinkles on account of...

I'm 55. I have very few wrinkles on account of using sunscreen since age 30 and a strong retinol product since age 47. (In fact I have fewer wrinkles than I had at age 47.) People actually are surprised when they find out I'm as old as I am. But my jawline and neck are sagging. Blech. If it weren't for that I could probably pass for 40-- maybe less on a good day in the right light.

I suppose I'm terminally vain, but I took a shot at Ultherapy. I had it done on a Friday afternoon so I could lay low on the weekend if I looked or felt bad.
They did the works except for the peri-oral region.
I had two extra-strength Tylenol prior to the procedure. It hurt like holy hell, I will not lie. It took about 2 hours to complete the procedure-- less than was estimated because apparently most people need to take a lot of breaks from the pain. I didn't-- I can be very stoic when I want to be. With the extra time, she did an extra pass, making 4 passes in total.
Immediately afterwards, I looked OK except for I had some raised ridges on the sides of my cheeks. They were not very obvious, but it took a couple of days for them to completely disappear. The following day I had noticeable swelling in my cheeks and jaw. I didn't look freaky or anything, but it was obvious to anyone who knew what I normally look like. The swelling was totally gone within two days, so I looked normal by Monday.
I had some numbness lasting nearly a month. It was a weird feeling but not bothersome.
It's now been nine weeks. I can see a small difference in my jawline and neck in profile. The jawbone is more visible and the little turkey-neck sag under my chin is a bit smaller. I feel encouraged that after a few more months I'll see some significant changes and hopefully it will have been worth the $$$.

forgot to mention the bruising

Forgot to mention: I had some bruising along my jawline and the sides of my neck afterwards. It didn't show up until 2 to 3 days after the procedure. I covered it with makeup and it slowly faded within a week. FYI


So-- Was it worth it? Well, I'm glad I did it even though $3000 was a serious hit to my budget
The bad: I did not get as much lifting/tightening of the jawline as I had hoped. That was disappointing. Then again, I've gained 10 pounds so that could have made my jawline "fluffier", offsetting any tightening effects. I don't know.

The good: My brows were tightened significantly making my eyes look wider open. This was pretty major. Also my neck is moderately tighter. It doesn't bug me as much when I see it in the mirror-- maybe took about 5 years off it, I guess. I'd like to do the Ultherapy again and I would if it were less expensive. But at $3000 I will have to wait awhile.

18 months post Ulthera

I'm glad I did it. The results were very slow to come, however. At the 6-month mark the only obvious difference was that my forehead was lifted, helping to open my eyes.
But my jawline and neck were what bothered me most. It took nearly a year for those to tighten up but they did! I weigh a little more now than when I got the Ulthera, but despite that, my jawline is more defined. And my neck is smoother. I'd go back for another treatment if I could afford it and if I weren't put off by some of the negative reviews here.
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