Tummy tuck revision

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Hi! I had a tummy tuck 2 years and 6 months ago. I...

Hi! I had a tummy tuck 2 years and 6 months ago. I don't like the results now. I would like to do another tummy tuck with liposuction, but I'm not sure if I have enough fat for a lipo. I would also like some shape (liposculpting). I don't like my belly button since is not in the middle. Any recommendations????
Thank you!

Before tummy tuck

Wish Pictures

Schedule for May

I am super excited, nervous, anxious a lil bit of everything! I'm scheduled to get my tummy tuck revision in May. Praying that everything comes out well.

My current situation

My belly now! Getting closer to my date!

Hotel RH

Is anyone having surgery with Dr Ortega on May from out of town!?


Everything came out well from my test!!! Now waiting results for my blood work! Birthday it's coming up soon and I cannot even have a glass of wine! Can't believe I'm 3 weeks away!

My belly laying in bed

Oh my!

Now it's getting REAL!! Got my clearance today and I'm soo Excited!! Thanks God! Time it's starting to click.

Almost There!!

Hi Dolls! Cannot believe that Im almost around the corner for surgery!! Im soooo HAPPY, EXCITED, NERVOUS, EVERYTHING., LOL! Hoping everything goes well cause I want to be by my kids and boyfriend side. If you are interest I also have YouTube (Nilsia Beato) videos from my previous surgery. Gotta stay POSITIVE about this process again! Seems like it took for ever, but its almost here!


Hello dolls! Just letting you guys know that I made it thanks God!! Can't wait to see my belly tomorrow!

Feeling good!

4 days


For my first surgery I didn't get lymphatic massage because I didn't know. I already had 2 massages at Spectrum with Gloria and it was great! It hurts just a little but it is worth it! I would recommend this even if you have a TT.

One week

Ladies when you have your white faja don't put it too tight cause it will burned you...

Drains removed!

Oh my God!! I removed the drains by myself and I fainted, lol! No one here wanted to removed them. It felt kinda of weird.. Hopefully everything comes out well!! Here my almost two weeks post!

With my Columbian Faja :)!

Lost 5 pounds!!!

Trying this new thing

Hello Dolls!! Just trying this new thing an abdominal board with my garment. Let's see how it works. Yesterday went to the urgent care because my last stiche from my drain was giving me a hard time to come out. It felt so much Better without it.. My drains hole are healing pretty well. My left it's completely closed.. Soon I'll be using Mederma for my scar. I also bought Scar Away, going to see if I really need it because my scar it's so thin that I think I might not use it, but will see.

Trying to enjoy this weather..

Still have 3 stiches that's seem to be a pain in the a** . .. Other than that great!

TT Revision - Scheduled for 05/20/17 - I had a previous TT 3 years ago. After 3 years I don't like my results since my scar is to high and my belly button is not in the middle... I was looking for the right Dr to fix my previous surgery and I found Dr Ortega! I've been following his work for almost a year and I love his results!! Like

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