22 3yr Old Son Messed Up my Shape - Florida, FL

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I'm 22 from ny looking to get some work done most...

I'm 22 from ny looking to get some work done most likely in dr. I'm 185 pound (though you probably can't tell) 5'9 and 1/2 In height. I've had problems with my figure all my life especially in comparison with my blessed sisters :/ I am very top heavy but thank god it don't have broad shoulders. Anyway I've been considering this for 5months now and after toying with the idea I've decided to def do it. I'm so excited and scared. I'm gotten a 4000 quote from a dr in us but I want quoted from doctors in dr I've sent out emails and I waiting on responses. So pray for me ... Posting my actual and wish pics can anyone tell show me pics of dr almonte's, yily, Duran, and Baez work plz

Still looking for more dr's

If you have any afforable suggestions let me know ... I spoke to yily she gave me a 3800 quote which was okay. I told her I want 900 cc in each cheek lol (I want a fatterrrr ass) in the mean time I'm mentally preparing my self. Getting my passport together, saving a little, taking my vitamins drinking water, and trying to lose ten pounds I will make my final decision by Sunday of this week.


I'm torn between dr Diaz and dr contreras doctor c quoted me 2500 ! For bbl/liposcupture but charges separately for first faja anesthesia and meds which totals up to 3000 grand just like dr Diaz so what do you guys think?

Don be scurred! Lol

I need Recovery houses and rates in The D.R if anyone has suggestions or a way to reach them pls get back to me ! Thanks

I need to learn Spanish!

Everyone keeps telling me Spanish is a must I'm from the Bronx do it's common but I don't speak it ! What did y'all do abt the language barriers? Help ME!

Follow my journey on Instagram !

DJ_GARD_ ?????? I wanna hear from you!!!

How do I get in contact with DR CABRAL ?

Can some one give me his email?!! ASAP

See your dr's results !

Idk why some people believe that facebook and google are the only places to find before and after pictures of these doctors work ... You can find it on here too! Go to your real self search engine and type " dr __(your dr. name)__ post bbl pictures" or " DR __(your DR. name)___ post rhinoplasty pictures" ect . And results of previous dolls will appear click on the story you want to see and read and boom you've found results! You can also go on Instagram and hash tag #drwhoeverbbl (of course using your doctors real name) and you should see results and other helpful things as well. Most doctors have Instagrams of their work .... I hope this helps!!!

Quick response beautiful staff

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