Desperate to Remove Cosmetic Tattoos Eyebrows LASER - Florida, FL

I had very sparse eyebrow hair. Went to a bad...

I had very sparse eyebrow hair. Went to a bad tech. Who tattooed them WAY too high! I have tried saline with little result. Test spot piko laser which darkened. And now I'm trying acid removal. I'm posting this to help anyone in need. The acid was applied to open skin 65% self neutralizing. Yes it hurt but wasn't too bad. Tech numbed me.

scab off

Darker then I was hoping :(

3 weeks, not at all what I was hoping for

Much more noticeable then before :( hoping it changes it was better before I tried this process.

trying laser again

so in 2 weeks I will try laser again. Hoping to erase this nightmare. wish me luck

2nd laser treatment

I hope to see some results in a few weeks, these pics are right after procedure.

after 2nd treatment healed

seems like it's going to take for ever or never come off. so sick of concealer everyday

third laser session

1 week after 3rd laser session, so happy! ! I wish I'd of done laser sooner. have about 2 or 3 more sessions to go. I might re tattoo in the mean time
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