My Experience with Red, White and Blue Aligners / Retainers - Florida, FL

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I really didn't braces a 2nd time in my life (had...

I really didn't braces a 2nd time in my life (had them age 15) but the lower teeth crowding was causing so much jaw and teeth pain, TMJ issues, I got them and it did resolve all the pain. The upper teeth adjustment needed is so minor that I am using the Red White and Blue system on the top. It's only 3 trays versus Simpli5 which is 5 and Invisalign which I believe is 20+. Here's my before photo . I'm on my first tray which I wear for 5 weeks.

5 weeks later

After 5 weeks, I switched to the 2nd aligner on top. It might be less time for someone just doing the aligners . I'm attaching a photo with it and without. If I were to do it again, I would just get braces on top too. I think my minor issue would be corrected already but mainly the aligners are alot of work - in and out , in and out, soaking to clean.

Adding photo first day of braces

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