18 Years Old, Bad Bump/hump on Nose - Florida, FL

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So I started to get a bump/hump on my nose around...

So I started to get a bump/hump on my nose around 11 years old. the older i got, the bigger it got :( I realized i had the same nose as my grandpa, and it defiantly wasn't a famine nose. My mom also told me she had the same nose as a kid and had her nose corected at 16-17 years old. (we called it the Chandler nose) Anyways, I always knew i wanted it fixed since i was a kid and my dad always promised me as soon as I was old enough, I would get it done. (so 16) But life and a lot of other stuff got in the way so i never got it done around that age. I am now 18 and almost 19 and I am finally getting it done!

its done, getting cast off soon..

Sooo I started this account after I already had my surgery and it has been a life savor to hear all these amazing stories and to know people are going threw what I am going threw. I only wish I had found this website before I had my surgery so i wasn't as nervous before I had it but oh well!

Anyways a little re-cap of what I went threw before/after my surgery (i had surgery about 7 days ago)

-Going into surgery you are very nervous and anxious, which is normal. Unfortunately I had to go in the operating room with no meds/anesthesia to knock me out or help me feel better, so I was extra nervous when going in there and laying on the table. (but I guess thats how most nose surgeries go?) But they we're nice and helped me to be at ease.

-Waking up in the room was foggy and didn't feel like time passed (my surgery took about 5 hours) and I was kinda out of it, but no pain.

-The first night home was pretty easy, considering I slept most of the time, except for throwing up from the anesthesia :( You defintly wanna make sure you have someone to take care of you though, because its almost impossible by yourself. I noticed my throat hurting more then anything and I was bruised up but not too swollen.

-The next couple days was pretty brutal for me, not gonna lie. Mostly because of the horrible pain I had in my throat (I guess from the tubes they put down in) but it was bad. I felt like i had strep throat for a while. But honestly I never really had much pain in my nose at all. Just headaches and some tummy aches from all the meds and vitamins. Also my face got VERY swollen, which is common. But that part is not to fun lol. But vitamins and icing help a lot so swelling didn't last more then a couple days; as far as my face goes.

-But my case with the throat was pretty unusual i think, because I don't seem to read many people complain about that after surgery.

So as of 'right now' I still have my cast on my nose and it is driving me crazy, I get it off tomorrow in the morning and I can't wait! I will finally get to see what my nose is gonna look like (for the most part) I'm a little nervous thought because i have kinda been messing with my cast (which your not supposed to do) because it was coming off a little so i pulled it down a little and pinched the sides to stay on..oops.

Here some pics of my nose before and after surgery (so far)..

Just got my cast off and wow can't believe it already looks good!

I saw a lot of pictures on here of people getting their cast off of the nose and most all of them had still very very swollen looking nose's. Some people on here seemed to be sad because they thought that it was the final result (right when you get your cast off) But other people told them to not worry, that their nose was still VERY swollen.

So anyways, I was expecting the worst getting it off today (still expecting it to be very big and swollen) But wow was I surprised ! Maybe its because I healed fast or had my cast on a little long but my nose already looks awesome, and i am already so pleased :)

I also got my stitches out on the sides of my nose and bottom of my tip and it didn't hurt too bad, just was a little sore still. But wow I am impressed, I can't even see the scars on the sides and the bottom one is pretty good too! (just needs to heal a little more)

I was nervous to even look at my nose in the mirror, after the Doctor took off the cast because of what I heard about swelling, but when i looked I was just so happy my bump was gone and the swelling wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. I already feel like a new women ;-)

But if you are/or have gotten surgery on your nose and you get the cast off, and it is still really big and swollen, don't worry! That is perfectly normal :) It takes a while to go down and heal.
A lot of parts of my nose is still swollen (especially the tip)
They say it takes up to 6 months to a year to FULLY heal.

Here are some pic of my new nose … (:
Naples Plastic Surgeon

I was defiantly nervous getting work done on my nose but i knew it needed to be done because of the big dorsal hump i had. I heard great things about Dr. Hasen and had friends/family who had gotten great results with his procedures. I had my first consultation and when I came in the office, I was at peace. The staff there was so sweet and kind and made me feel right at home. When time came to sit and talk with Dr. Hasen I was excited and nervous, but he quickly made me feel comfortable when going over what I wanted done. He was very understanding on what I wanted and then also made his suggestions, which was helpful as well. He is very confident in what he does. The most amazing thing that I got to experience was his 3D dimensional computer program. I had my picture taken, then got to see myself on a 3D tv screen of a before and after of my nose. I don't know any other Dr. who has this kind of technology around. He morphed my nose many different ways until we found one we agreed on. The procedure part went very good and the staff/Doctors made me feel at ease. When finally seeing my new nose, I realized how amazing it looked. Better then I ever expected. It looks even nicer then what we talked about and its very similar to the 3D pictures. I now have a beautiful nose that I never would have dreamed of having thanks to, Dr. Hasen. I would recommend Dr. Hasen to anyone for any procedure, I couldn't be happier with my new nose! :)

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