My Rhinoplasty Adventure - Florida, FL

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Hello RS, my name is Jay and I just had my first...

Hello RS, my name is Jay and I just had my first rhinoplasty on June 14, 2013. I am a few years shy of 30 and live in the sunshine state. I'm a rather private person which is why I have blocked out my eyes in most of my pics. I have ALWAYS hated my bulbous/square tip nose and wanted a change. After doing lots of research (mainly on this web site), and having many consultations with local surgeons, I finally decided to make the move and have a rhinoplasty done. Although my friends and family weren't 100% on board, I still did it anyways because after all, it's about what makes YOU happy, not what makes others happy. I will post several pics of me before and then will continue documenting my journey. Here are the most helpful items I purchased prior to surgery:
- Arnicare Tablets (I didn't believe in these until now, my bruising is so minimal, it's shocking because I bruise very easily. I used the tablets pre surgery and the gel, post surgery)
- Lip balm (Blistex Deep Comfort) chapstick did not last that long for me
- Popsicles
- Frozen peas (split bag, then divide one half into two ziplock bags)
- Airplane Neck pillow (this is a MUST, especially for sleeping nights 1-3)
- Saltine Crackers (to settle your stomach)
- Flexible Straws
- Pineapple (helps with swelling)


Recovery was much easier than I expected. I have had two breast augmentations in the past and was familiar with what to expect with the anesthesia. The nurses and doctors were wonderful and made my experience really great. Once home, my pain medicine worked really well and I only got sick twice, due to the amount of blood I was swallowing (sorry, that sounds gross but your nose bleeds and filters into your stomach which can cause it to be upset). I wasnt ready for that! It was helpful to have my husband keeping track of my medicines so I never had a lapse. Waking up in the middle of the night to take pain meds is no fun, but definitely a necessity to manage your pain. Also, eating a small snack (peanut butter crackers or half a banana) was crucial to keeping the meds down, since I tend to get sick often from strong medications. I slept (a lot), ate ice chips, drank tons of liquids (gatoraid, water, coconut water) and really took it easy for a full 4 days. It was hard to sleep propped up so my recliner was my best friend! :)

My surgeon taped my nose in an upward "pig" stance which does raise some concern. An upward frontal nose is the LAST thing I wanted but I trust my surgeon 100% and know he has my best interest in mind. He said once the tape is removed it will slowly come down and settle within a few weeks. I sure hope he is right.

I did not bruise nearly as much as I thought I would (because I tend to bruise easily) but I did use the Arnicare tablets 4 days prior to surgery and still use them now (6 days post) along with the Arnicare gel. You can pick these up from a local Whole Foods store and I swear this helped with my pain and my bruising. Other than lipbalm, this would be my number one necessity :)

I had my tape removed today and I am still very upward on the sides. I will post a photo tomorrow. Thanks for listening to my adventure. If you are on the fence about the surgery I think you should go for it! Do your research, take your time to find an excellent surgeon and trust their direction. If you make good strategic decisions then you have nothing to worry about! :) xo Jay

Tape Removed (Day 6 Post)

Hello! Sorry for the delay. I am so busy with work (I went back two days ago) and therefore my post are delayed, short and sweet! Forgive my shorthand :) I had my tape removed on post op day 6 and it was really much easier than I thought it was going to be. I was super nervous.... a) worried about pain and b) worried how it would look. But looking back it was so easy and my surgeon made me (again) feel so comfortable and confident. It was still turned upward after the tape was removed however my surgeon taped it that way on purpose and said over the next 6 weeks it will drop and settle perfectly. It felt SO SO good to have all that icky tape off! My stitches are still very visible in my tip (dried blood is attached to them so it looks a big gross but I dont want to touch it bc I want it to heal right). They (the stitches) are dissolvable and I was told not to touch them or pick. I apply Vaseline at night and use Saline spray once a day. I did get very self-conscious on day 8 due to my face still being swollen and my upward nose. I really looked like a "who" from Dr. Seuss and was just tired and a bit depressed. Luckily I have an amazing husband who always cheers me up. So thankful for him! Anyways, to help my mini depression I decided to take photos of my nose every day (front, left side and right side) because when I did that, after a few days I could see my nose starting to settle and all of the changes taking place. I highly recommend taking photos everyday so you do not get discouraged. I am also still using the Arnicare gel which I really think is helping. I am now just applying it to the tip. I'll add more photos in my next post. xo Jay

Day 9 Post Op

I applied makeup today for the first time in a week and being a woman, it really helped me feel 'back to normal'. I started feeing good again and went out to the supermarket and to a friends house. I was swollen in the evening but I keep icing every night and taking Motrin when pain arose. The swelling is very random...goes and comes in different places on my face but I hear this is normal so I am just staying really optimistic. I swear, it's amazing how thinking positive can really help with healing. xo Jay

Day 11 Post Op and Feeling Good

Hi RS! Today is day 11 and I cannot believe how quickly time has passed. However, on the contrary, I keep reminding myself it's only been 11 days since I had my nose broken so I know my healing process is still in full-effect therefore I can't let the swelling discourage me. At Day 11, I am still having pain every now and then, but nothing a little Motrin (even just one pill) cant help! I feel it's from the nerves settling back in and my skin adjusting. I also feel hot and cold sensations at times and sharp pains on occasions but all of this is to be expected and normal. You can still see my stitches in the tip (on the sides) but I have been very diligent not to touch them and I am still applying Vaseline and using Saline spray once a day. I also still ice my nose and face at night, use Arnicare gel, and still sleep elevated (yes, with my travel neck pillow) :). All of this I feel is really helping. I didnt do it (ice or arnicare) the night before last and I woke up very very swollen the next day. Also, as my stitches are dissolving, they are falling out of my noes (as little buggers) every now and then. I know it sounds gross but it's really not. Most of my stitches are gone in my canal and just the ones at the tip remain. Every day they are fading so I am being patient :) My nose is still upturned but looks a LOT better this week. I know it will settle even more. My surgeon said I will be completely done in 6 weeks (so 5 more weeks from today). I will be glad when the sparatic swelling ends and especially when the swelling in my tip subsides. That is where I have the most puffiness now. I also learned to keep a little thing of q-tips in my puse for "itches" :) my nose feels itchy throughout the day so I use the q-tip to lightly rub the inner part and also to soak up snot. I DO NOT put it far in my nose or anywhere near my stitches, I just use them to soak up a runny nose or to lightly tap an itch.
Anyways, things are going very well and I am so so happy with my decision. Although I still have much more healing time ahead of me, I am already so thrilled with my results. I do still look a little "mousey" or "whoville-like" in the front but every day it's going back to normal. It's felt like I had collagen lip injections (which I wasnt prepared for) because my lips (and smile) have been so stiff. But every day they are becoming more loose and back to normal. I think when my smile is back to normal, I will look less mousey. Anyways, I am very happy and blessed. I credit my amazing surgeon who is truly one of the most talented surgeons in the U.S. he does incredible work on children (clef lip patients) and adults. I feel so happy with my decision to select Dr. Glassman. He is the best!
Although my case was NOT extreme, it was something I always wanted to do and I could not be happier. I will continue to post pics as I heal and sorry again for the terribly written posts! Time is of the essence now that I am back to work. Please let me know if you have questions! xo Jay
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Glassman is truly a great surgeon! He made me feel comfortable and calm through out the entire process. After consulting with 4 other surgeons in my area, I knew Dr. Glassman was the best fit for my need because of his level of confidence, expertise and concern for my results. His staff is amazing, very friendly and kind and they go above and beyond to ensure you are comfortable and knowledgeable about the procedure. Dr. Glassman has years of experience which is another reason I chose him for my surgery. I would highly recommend him. His talented work and skillset speaks for itself.

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