Early 40s, 2 kids, Breast implant 280cc and Lipo of ab, flank. and inner thighs.

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Hello: I'm having extreme anxiety. My surgery is...

Hello: I'm having extreme anxiety. My surgery is tomorrow morning and all I can think about is the procedure. I will be getting breast implants as well as liposuction on my hips, inner thighs, and abdomen. So many worst case scenarios are running through my head...mainly because I have 2 small children. Is this normal?

Day 2 post op. 41 yr old mom with small kids. Breast implants (280cc) & liposuction of abdomen, flank, and inner thigh

Today is day 2. I've been in some pain for the last couple of days. My PS has me on percocet as well as antibiotics. The percocet helps, however, I've experienced extreme nausea and fatigue today. That said, given nausea is side effect of percocet, I'm slowly trying to take less dosage and focus more on ibuprofen to help with the pain.
The breast implants themselves don't hurt as much as the large areas that have been liposuctioned. But given the combination I am miserable and cannot stay awake for more than an hour.

I am worried for my smaller child whom is 2. I am afraid, I will be unable to take her to school next due to my condition however, that would mean she would be stuck at home with me. Any advice from other moms?

I've been wearing my compression garmet along with epi firm 24/7 and have been advised to not remove the garmet until my post op visit on monday. That said, I will post before and after pics then.

Progress so far...

Hi. Today I am feeling hopeful. My breast hopefully will get smaller and drop as they are slightly bigger than I like (I am short and want a natural look). Abs and flank are ok. Flank area is smooth but has a few lumpy areas (my lighting was not great). Lower abs still have a shelf/swelling which continues to get smaller. I am due to see my doc tomorrow so prayers he tells me it will eventually flatten out. Inner thighs are still too swollen to even notice any difference.

2 weeks post- still in pain and lots of swellig

I continue to feel very uncomfortable. An dull throbbing ache in my breasts. Zaps of pain on my ab when I move, flank and inner thighs sore to touch. I thought I was a tough cookie, especially after 2 c sections but I feel defeated.
I am still continue to work on massaging my breasts. They are slightly bigger than I like and hope some of the size is due to swelling. (I want to be a large B). The shape is quite nice and my scar is healing with no concerns.
Like I had mentioned, I had 2 c section deliveries. In addition, I gained a large amount of weight with both kids. I was desperate to lose the fat in my midsection (which thru a very clean diet and diligent mix of cardio & strength training I was able to get rid of a majority of). Still some unsightly fat stayed which is why I chose to go to a plastic surgeon. A TT was and still not a choice for me as I don't want a scar. My lipo, I am still assessing if I am happy with. As you can see at 2 weeks post, I am experiencing a pocket of swelling & fluids on my lower abdomen. This is despite using double foam in those areas and a recent removal of some fluid via syringe by my PS. He continues to assure me this will eventually settle. Has anyone else experience this? I due to see the nurse next week for additional work on that area (via syringe).
The swelling on my flanks is slowly dissipating and I notice lumps. Again, I am working thru this with regular massage and foam compression. Inner thighs show no difference but slight lumps. My outer thighs look swollen as well despite not getting any lipo done to them.
Goal starting now is to go back to my clean eating routine and lower my salt intake to help reduce the swelling. Wish me luck!

Pre surgery body

Visit with nurse to continue aspirating a seroma on my lower abdomen was a success.

Hi: I'm feeling genuinely happy today. This is a first for me, as my first week post surgery, I was in tears on a daily basis. Constantly wondering why I had spent so much money to have someone butcher my body ,as well as, wondering why I was so unhappy in the first place with the body I was born with.
Regardless, I've been very good about using bio oil to massage all of the areas that have been worked on, wearing my compression garmet as well as foam, In addition, this past week, I've been using mederma gel on my incisions (which I've seen improvement upon usage). Increasing my water intake as well as lowering sodium intake.
Today, I was able to see my nurse regarding this annoying seroma on my lower abdomen. She managed to aspirate a lot more fluid today resulting in an almost flat tummy. It really brightened my day. My breasts continue to heal nicely. The shape & size are starting to grow on my (however, I still hope they get a little smaller as time passes). They currently are a 34 C. I want a full B. I do feel very sensitive around my breast area which makes it tough to hug my kids. In addition , morning boob still plagues me. I hate morning boob (the stiff, throbbing feeling). My flank and inner thigh lumps are slowly getting better & softening up. The nurse made mention that I looked a lot better than the last time she saw me. She too seemed quite happy with the progression.
I'm still hoping the wrinkles on my stomach soften/disappear as well as the hood above my belly button shrink (see recent pic). I realize it is still very early in the process, so reminding myself to be patient. Any tips or product recommendations for wrinkly skin would be highly appreciated.

Side view in sports bra and running capris

Looks so much better!!

Extreme exhaustion

Its been 3 weeks since surgery. This past week I've increased my activity level..cleaning house, running errands, walking outdoors..just trying to resume my normal life (minus the workouts)... which has caused me to become extremely exhausted in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I am also unable to sleep, so I wake up exhausted and have to resort to copious amounts of coffee to get through the day before I completely crash. It's a vicious cycle, I know. I also have seen my sugar cravings spike (likely due to being tired). Tonight I will try to go to bed early. I suspect the time change has been part of the reason for this week's downward spiral.
Also, I'm still taking pain medication (I am not doing to well with the pain) as the dull ache in my breasts still exist..plus muscle ache. The sharp stabbing pains in my abdomen are almost non existent, yet the areas where I received liposuction is still sensitive to the touch.
I will post update pics later next week as I feel the improvements I've been seeing are so subtle that only I notice at the moment.
But just an update:
- Breast implants- Breast continue to hear nicely, I've added silicone gel sheets to my existing regime (mederma & massage) at the incision. They continue to be slightly higher than I want the end result to be. I failed to ask my PS why he chose the same size implants for both breasts as prior to surgery, one breast was slightly larger than the other. But it is very hard to now tell the difference in size between the two.
-Lipo on Abs and Flank- The swelling in the flank area is slowly coming down. The abs however are somewhat lumpy. Swelling and lumps change from morning to night in regards to location. Yesterday, my nurse aspirated additional fluid on my lower abdomen. She is do to aspirate the sermon again next monday and assess if there is no need to further aspirate (very little fluid remaining). The hood above my belly button has also started to shrink in size, which is a very good thing!
Inner Thighs- Swelling is slowly going down, I notice a size difference and a gradual "gap" developing. Like my stomach, there are still some lumps.

Overall, I continue to massage, drink lots of water, wear my compression garmet and foam. Next Sunday I plan to write out a nutrition plan for the week in order lose a few additional pounds. I've been watching what I eat overall, however, unless I write out a nutrition plan, I tend to steer away from time to time (hence the sugar consumption)

PS 1 month visit. Electro lymphatic drainage. 1st workout

Hello: Just an update before Thanksgiving. I met with my PS for a 1 month post op visit yesterday. He seemed happy with my progression thus far, however, I am concerned. My breasts continue to heal nicely with the scarring below the breast dark yet flattening. I was curious as to why he chose to use the same size breast implant for both breasts given they were different sizes. He informed me that when he operated on me, the implants looked symmetrical. (when standing in front of him, they did look great. ) However, I do notice when I lift my arms that they do look different in size (see pic).
Overall the swelling in my breasts seems to be slowly dissipating & the implants feel like they are settling as I'm getting used to them. My breasts do swell in size every night (as with the rest of my treated areas).
Which leads to my liposuction. The healing process seems to be causing additional lumps and swelling (flank & abs) from day 18 till today (see pic). Last week I was mortified on how swollen I had become. It was like my liposuction was regressing. I informed my PS of my concerns and disappointment. He and his nurses continue to relay to me that I need to be patient and that it is all part of the process. That true results are not apparent until 6 months. I truly hope they are right because at this point, I'm extremely unhappy and wish for my soft paunchy stomach & square flanks back. My inner thighs are still somewhat lumpy but not as concerning.
I also went for my first electro lymphatic drainage treatment the same day. I really enjoyed the treatment and the therapist. Almost immediately, I noticed the severe swelling in my flank slowly get smaller. I signed up for an additional 2 treatments in hopes that this along with further lowering my salt intake and increasing exercise will help with the lumpiness & swelling.
Given the all clear for exercise, so went back to spinning for the first time in over a month today. It felt so good to move my legs and sweat. SO good. I plan on spinning more often before going back to my normal routine of lifting weights and cardio (as well as yoga). I don't want to take any chances and rather ease into anything that will compromise my implants.
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