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I have joined this sight and can not stop looking...

I have joined this sight and can not stop looking at pictures of other post ops. I'm nervous but so excited. Every yr I tell myself ... I will get it done. On the fly I just said its now or never :) and booked with Dr Salzhauer. I will be getting a TT, BBl, BA. I'm currently 5'4 and a 1/2 ( have to mention the 1/2) and 128. I have sagging sling on my stomach and my boobs and butt are no where ... Close to what they were before kids ( which I love dearly). My first I gained almost 100pds she was 8.9 natural birth , second was 7.11
And was natural by 3 rd and 4th were c sections....
I need help I am traveling from NY and will be flying to Florida on my own I need a recovery place and referrals of nurses ... And pls chime in on what I need to bring with me and what I should buy to wear... All info is much appreciated ... I will post pics soon of pre op...

Wow I can't believe it's over with

Dr Salzhauer has done an amazing job, so excited with my results. I have a great aide her name is Liz who has really helped me out through my roughest period. Definitely not out of the woods, but feeling so much better on day 3. I stopped the pain killers yesterday it was making me to nauseous . Here are some before and after

My wish pictures I showed Dr Salz.

These were the pictures I showed at my pre-op and again during surgery day...

Sleeping bbl, TT and BA

I am sleeping like a baby I bought wedges with me in my luggage when I traveled to florida. Dr. Salz. Said because of the amount of surgery I was getting done he would want me to stay in florida for at least 2 weeks. Sleeping with the wedges and floaty has really made a comfortable position were I can sleep soundly...

My new best friend (pinkie) aka floaty

Looking for SX buddy

I'm here 10 more days till sept.13 and there is an empty room with 2 beds available great area inbox me if your interested

Day 8

Yesterday drain was taken out, yay!! Today I felt very tired and napped in the afternoon overall sleeping okay( I sleep on my sides or in the floaty )

Right side

Something's I found helpful for recovery

-eating small meals every couple of hours
-keeping hydrated
- arnica pills (I think helped with my bruising)
- lipo foam it really helps the garment to be tolerable ( provided by some PS)
- moving around to build endurance
- wedges for legs and head for elevation
- stool to get off and on bed
- toilet lift especially if you have multiple surgeries ( I put pressure of seat on the back of thighs and not my butt) this also helped when I felt extremely weak and couldn't bend the first 2 days

** I found being innovative with sleeping arrangements has help with the amount of sleep I got
- will post pictures
Happy Healing !!! Hope this is helpful :)

Noticing that one butt cheek/ hip is a little larger than the other

Although I like my results I'm starting to knit pick... Here I go my left Butt cheek/ hip is bigger than right... Hope it evens out... Crossing fingers

Butt update 14 days young

So doing a little update my butt has not really deflated yet... If it lost volume than I have not really noticed not sure how many CC 's he put but I'm happy waiting for swelling to go down... Lipo to the back has been tingly to the touch... My last day in florida yahoo gonna see my babies tomorrow I'm ready for my daily life ( at least I think I am) :/

Bye Bye Florida :) what an adventure

Bye bye Florida, here I come NY... Traveling with my best friend boppy pillow :) , have to protect the investment ... I'm also carrying on board one of my BIG wedge pillow( can't squeeze it in my luggage ), I look like a total lunatic :o/

Time flies it's already 23 days PO

Well feeling much better than last couple of weeks, although I still get tired sooner than usual. I took 6 weeks off from work to recoup and not compromise my surgeries. Doing a lot of my routine duties at home with the kiddies although my parents have really helped out a lot ..
Sleeping is much better I am sleeping on my sides, boobs are a little sore when I wake up so now I came up with putting a rolled up sock in the cleavage which keeps them stable so when I wake up they are not sore :)...
TT is still covered with soft cloth tape and surgical glue underneath I haven't looked yet until sept 29th YEKS... I think Salz is very pre cautious with incisions opening so he wants us to keep support on the incision sites as long as possible...
All pains are slowly subsiding although I have to say the lipo to the flanks and sides of bra roll sides are still very tender at times when any if the kids touch me there I flinch.
I put my husband to work a couple of yrs ago he bought me a huge back hand held massager, in which I stored away and never used till now. He dusted it off and he is using it on my back on low pressure in which I feel like it is breaking up the scar tissue and relaxing my muscles. After he is done I feel very relaxed.
So happy I invested in my self I smile every time I pass a mirror or get out the shower...
By the way my family is not use to seeing me with a butt so they get shocked every time I turn around :) my mother would always start giggling because she is in disbelief and my husband says "damn" ... Feel sorry for him because he can't touch this for 3 more weeks ;) I'm to afraid to damage something, I know TMI ...

Tummy Tuck incision revealed

Looking Great, happy with the scar thus far. Incision line is thin, and scar in some places is a little dark but overall much prettier than my C- section scar which was thick and raised. I'll start scar therapy when I get the ok from SALZ office. I will call tomorrow.
So I'm the type of person that can look at other peoples incision, surgeries but I freak when it's me. So needless to say I was having a conniption in the bathroom thinking on how to take off the medical tape that was still stuck to the skin. I tried andtugged at it and it was pretty secure, so I went Into the shower And made sure it was soaked and pulled it off slowly. Much easier to get off when wet.

Here are some pictures 30 days after my surgery. Posting some backside pictures as well. If you guys have any ? Feel free to ask.
Feeling about 80% myself, lipo to sides still are sore not excruciating , every know and then boobs get a little sore. Overall getting there slowly and happy with results

Post 2 months 2 weeks

Post 2 months 2 weeks I feel great except for mid and late day swelling especially if I don't wear compression. Overall back feels back to normal, my stomach still feels numb from the TT especially around the BB. BA little to no discomfort it feels like part of my body.
I'm happy with my results. Funny but true my oldest two children 7 and 4 yr old, did not know that I had a BBL or MM. They tell me Mommy your butt got so BIG and they wiggle it they think it hilarious and so do I. By the way I was not planning on BIG just a butt proportionate to my body.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Very polite, personable and talented. You can tell he loves his job and it's beyond just the $$$.... When I traveled in the day before surgery for the pre-op, I felt very comfortable. What I found really funny is I had to jiggle ,wiggle and roll down my Spanx in front of him and I felt totally at ease... I literally have stock in spanx.... Dr. Salzhauer is professional and knowledgable in his field but what shines is his personable disposition and experience .

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