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At first, I wasn't sure if I would share my...

At first, I wasn't sure if I would share my journey, but after stalking this site like it's Facebook, I decided to share, and hopefully help others. Like most of you size is still in the air. I cannot decide for the life of me. I'm getting saline under the muscle for sure, and I'm 5'8", 170lbs, 13.5bwd, 36b now with massive 44" hips lol. I'm tired of the "pear" shape. I've met with 3different doctors. I did not like the 3d vectra system. I felt like the doctor based all his opinions from a computer generated suggestion. I guess I'm more old school, and really like that the doctor I went with actually felt my breast. He Squees them from all sides, took measurement of my hips, waist, and chest then recommended a size for me. He says I will be able to handle as small as 300cc all the way up to 500cc, but thinks those will be rather large. Anyway, my nerves are starting to go, and I'm getting really anxious considering my BA is a month away, and I've never had any type of surgery whatsoever. I'm really thankful for this site, because it gives the good, the bad, and the ugly. Fingers crossed for the good. Good luck to all you ladies considering BA, and I'm sure you will end up sharing your journey too, because realself makes you feel so comfortable about it. I'll post more pre-op's before surgery.

Wish boobs/ boob nightmare

Posting some wish boobs, and others I don't like.

More wish boobs

Eeeekkk! Getting so excited. I swear, I have never looked at so many boobs in my life. Lol, more saline girls.

Feeling Nervy!

So I'm less than a month out, and my nerves are all over the place. I've never felt anxiety, but for once in my life, I'm feeling it everyday. One half of my brain is worrying about all the what if's, and the other half is so excited for this transformation. Still debating size.... Here are some more before in my favorite sleep tanky. I cannot wait to post the afters in it.

Done deal!! Let the anticipation begin!

I had my preop Thurday July 2, and paid in full, so no turning back now!! My doctor was very helpful and answered every question I had. We ultimately decided on 420's mentor high profile saline implants. These implants can be filled to 500cc's, but I'll mostly likely end up between 450 & 475. I had wanted moderate profile, but he suggested high profile to help prevent rippling. He's the doc, so I listened. He gave me three scripts. Percocets, nausea suppositories, and an antibiotic (14 pills). I cannot remember the names of them right now, but if anyone wants to know for sure just ask, and I'll grab my scripts. The count down begins!!!

Arnica, yes or no? Help please!!

Less than two weeks out!! I went a filled my scripts today, and then decided to pick up arnica tablets since I read that so many other users used it. However, when I came on and started doing my nifty research, I read studies where it can actually make you bleed more?? Please let me know your experiences on using it. Thanks everyone!

Preop body, I cannot wait to compare results!!

Hubby dilemma?!?!

Hahaha, so my hubby says I'm obsessed with RS, and boobs. M reply was you're obsessed with boobs too. He's even tried to kidnap my phone. He doesn't understand the struggle of trying to keep up with all the comments. He thinks I will stop after I get my babies, and I informed him that'll I have to do my updates to help others in their journey. He gave me the sad puppy face. Poor thing.... Lmao

The other side! I have boobs!

Just a quick post to show what I'm working with so far. Tmrw, I will do a full update. Pain is not too bad thus far. Only been 27hrs

Day 3

So Thursday was the big boobie day! I got there around 8:30 they gave me meds come to find out I have a high tolerance so they gave me more. I was awake the whole process. The stuck a huge needle in each breast to numb the area that stung a little. I felt a little pressure during the procedure. The most uncomfortable was when they put the implant in my right breast. They had a hard time getting it in my pocket so they pushed in there more and I could hear it. Freaky! I was in no pain on the drive home. I slept most of the day. I woke up around 3am Friday in excruciating pain and decided to just take two Percocets at once. Passed back out since then I have only been taking Motrin seems to really help. Overall pain has not been that bad.

I did follow my doctors advice and lift my arms above my head right away, and I have continued to use them nonstop. I think this has helped with tightness as today I barely have any pain at all. The one thing driving me insane other than feeling like I have to boulders on my chest is this burning fire sensation going to my left nipple. It's something fierce. Lol Right nipple has complete sensation left is doing crazy things. Other than that I plan on getting out of the house at some point today. Happy healing everyone

Love, love!

Forgot to say I love them already!!

Huge boob problems/ night boob what's morning boob lol

Not much change really. They look about the same. I've been back to work for two days and these things really get in the way. I bump them on my desk. Dropped food and landed right on them staining my shirt. Lol, totally worth it though. At the end of the day they are swollen and a little red, so ice is my best friend.

My biggest issue right now is night boob that's what I'm calling it since you ladies seem to have morning boob. Hahaha! Every night just as I'm getting comfortable my nipples start to tingle then bammmm burn baby burn. I ice then within a few minutes of removing ice they go at it again. I end up sleeping straight up because for some reason they stop being so intense. No morning boob at all so far other than heavy feeling.

Other than all that, my first post op is Thursday. Excited to see what my doc has to say. Lefty is definitely dropping while righty is taking her time. I'm thinking the big strip of tape is holding her back. Happy healing all you other ladies!

One week post op/ bottoming out fears

I had my one week post op yesterday, and he says everything looks great. They are dropping really quickly and getting soft already which he did not expect since I do not have babies. He removed the big piece of white tape, showed me massages and once I got home I noticed my implant appears to be riding low on righty (one that had tape). I'm so afraid that I'm going to bottom out and will have to have a revision. Also, after doing massages my left became extremely sore and has a little bruising suddenly. I'm hoping I was just too aggressive. I guess this is the next chapter of this journey. I knew my recovery was seeming to easy. Worry setting in :/

Ugh the waiting game

Hey all you real self ladies! I hope you're all enjoying your new selves. Well, not much has changed for me. My breast are definitely starting to get a lot softer. However, still uneven, and I think I loved them more swollen. I am still very happy that I went through with this. The burning sensations have almost completely subsided, and I even have feeling back in my left breast!!! I keep reminding myself everyone's journey is different. It seem like my left breast although hurts more often is so far ahead of my right, and I'm left handed!! Another plus, I can finally sleep, and on my side at the yes!! I had my one month post op yesterday and my doctor told me to start laying on my breast in the plank position for about 30 min a day. Holy moly was that rough! Ouch is all I can say, but I do feel an even bigger difference in softness today. I'm still concern about my right bottoming out, but my PS assures me it is not. Oh, and my scars are healing very nice. I barely notice them.

To all you women thinking of this surgery..... It is worth it, but prepare yourself for at least 4 to 6 weeks of discomfort, weird emotions, and lack of sleep. Constant fear that something isn't healing right, and pure happiness when you look in the mirror. This has not been the easiest ride. My pain has been minimal, but my brain worries constantly. Good luck to those of you going through with you're procedure!

I'll probably update at 2mths again :)
Dr. Kaplan

Dr. Kaplan is simply amazing! He does a wonderful job, and will even return calls after hours. Now it he was only the drop and fluff fairy, I would be estactic!

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