43 Year Old Latina and Hating Melasma - Florida

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Since moving to Florida I have several blotches of...

Since moving to Florida I have several blotches of Melasma that don't seem to go away. I have decided to try Obagi Nu Derm ( with .1% tetrinol) at the recommendation of a dermatologist. The Melasma is concentrated on my cheekbones and upper lip. At first, they looked like freckles...but it soon turned into larger areas, not typical of freckles. I plan to upload and review each week during this 3 month process. I will also not wear any make-up during this time....(oh lord am I brave)! Im really hoping for positive results.



This is a better before pic.

Week 1

Well, week one was pretty uneventful. I expected to see irritation/peeling..but nothing! I have been using tretinoin .1% and told my derm and esthetician that I am not having any type of reaction that would suggest my skin is renewing. My derm prescribed me Retin A micro, and said it might be that the generic version isn't strong enough. Just waiting for my new script to come in. I have noticed some lightening on my upper lip and I do like the products and feel my face feels firmer. I know it's only been a week and am hoping for some change with the new script.

Week 2

week 2 of my Obagi Nu Derm system. For the past week I have been using .08% retin a micro. Still, no irritation/redness/stinging/flaking/peeling. It does appear that the melasma is breaking up especially on the left side of my cheek. I have notice my face does feels firmer and seems to get a bit oily. I have been able to wear full on make-up daily since I'm not experiencing any irritation. So far, I am pleased.

4 Week update

Totally forgot to post on my 3rd week...sorry. So tomorrow will be week 4 and i have been using the Obagi Nu derm with .08% retain A micro. I can tell the melasma on my cheeks is breaking up and the melasma on my upper lip is definitely lighter. I still haven't had any reaction (redness/peeling/dryness) from any of the products. I have also been to the beach weekly for several hrs each time....I just make sure to wear the sunscreen and a hat. So far, I'm pleased. The latest pic is not great and the lighting is horrible...

Week 5

Week 5 update and I am pleased. The melasma has not only lightened but has broken up so it doesn't look so concentrated (especially on the top of my cheeks). This past monday I had a derma plane facial to remove dead skin cells....and boy did it make my face feel awesome. I still have not had any peeling/irritaion/redness from any of the obagi products or retin a micro. Also, I have been out to the beach 3 times this week for at least 2 hours each day....I just made sure to keep applying sunscreen and wear a hat.

Week 6

Havent noticed anything different this past week. Seems like the most stubborn part is my left side...which I attribute to being the side the sun hits on my work commute.

Week 7

Not much to update on. Camera not cooperating, therefore no pic for now. Not much change since last week....have been to the beach 3 times this week....at least its not getting worse. Hope to post a pic tomorrow.
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