Scheduled round 2 after mommy makeover. Full back liposuction and arm

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Heading to Miami because these doctors here in...

Heading to Miami because these doctors here in Maryland are outrageous with their prices. Some of their works are just too average for me. Hope Spectrum can help me. I like their price, because am not sure if my insurance will approve, even tho I have an awesome blue cross blue shield insurance, that my husband pays almost $300 a month for! I just want to Get rid of this giant heavy boobs, praying for no more neck pain, shoulder pain, headache etc. I gained so much weight from laying down bcs my shoulder and neck constantly hurts, I can't even work out like a normal gal!....stay tuned!

wish pic... after my lipo. my goal weight.

Paid, and Good to go!

scheduled for Jan 13th.

Changed my mind about breast reduction

After doing some more research. I will go ahead and see if my insurance can cover my breast reduction. I guess I just have to be patient and smart. I don't want to dig my self into a debt all in the name of beauty. Kinda disappointed that Spectrum does not participate in any insurance not even a documentation of how much breast tissue taken off. At least in most cases insurance can refund some if sugery expense, as long as there is proff of surgery and amount taken off. I just gotta to continue to do more research on a good surgeon that can help me and still deliver esthetically beautiful banging boobs like Ortega's works. Most of these Dr out here just cut and stitch up with no art or sculpting whatsoever.... And bill your insurance.

more research...

I think with the recovery stories and postop visits that I have been reading here, it might be wise for me to opt for mommy makeover. Get a one stop shop and not worry about scheduling seperate surgeries....

Welcome to MIAMI

I love this town! Everyone calls you mami or love...
Got a consult with Ortega, went through everything... Made sure I was ready for this journey.... Bring it baby! Can't wait to get my body back.
Everyone at the spectrum was beautiful! No one wore make up they were all beautiful! And soooo nice to me..
Toilet could use a lot of cleaning and organization... Eeew toilet. All in all they were all awesome.
Getting around Miami was awefull tho. Taxi too expensive!! So I ended up renting a car from the hotel we were decision everrrr!.
Got all my meds, I opted to substitute my pain med for the higher strength percocete for Me here.
Surgery scheduled for tomorrow! Am so excited...I know Ortega will sculpt his magic.


This is by far the worst pain ever!

swollen no implants


The hole where the drains are inserted is leaking a bit. I tried to call spectrum but no one us answering, does any one know what's going on and what I should do. Plus there is less than 25 liquid from that side.

Drain hole

Am not sure why am leaking from this hole. But am giving it lots of love for now. Getting me worried, I hope it dosent get infected.


Flew out of Miami with my drains and all. Made the 7am flight home. Every thing was breezy, lil pain here and there. Got home crawled into bed...thank God my sis made the bed new sheet, sterilization etc. Woke up at. 4am to shower, pooped and change my battle wounds. My husband nearly passed out at the sight of my wounds... Lmao. Took my vit A, iron. Vit C, v8 purple power juice., antibiotic. Acetaminophen. Solo much meds!. I did laundry, dishes, cooked some soup, no pains so far, its just hurts a lil under the boobs. Haven't seen my 3 yr old yet....we decided to keep him at my sisters house until mommy gets settled in with my wounds....

Drains out

2nd. Post op...flew out from bwi red eye 5am to miami, landded at 9.30am, got seen at spectrum at 10.30 nurse said all is healing well and fast. Took drns out and advice to start wearing fajas and girdles to help water removal...Ortega is still at the hospital, I pray he gets better.... We need him.....
Now am flying back to MD, hoping to catch the 2pm flight.

Skinny waist perfect boobs

Slowly taking shape day by day. Just cleaned my wounds with a bit if iodine . decided to leave some tapes on for fear of skin separation.... Since MD weather is cold and dry now.

Before & After

Almost there. Still need some lipo on my back and tigh.

wound care

Not much changed so far so good. Still nursing my wound. I get this sharp pain that shoots across my boobs once in a while, I don't know what that is. But it wakes me up in the night....
I still get super bloated in the weeee morning. I eat dry oat meal to absorb water and I pee like 7 xt a day and bowl movement once a day ...praise God!
Pic below are my go 2 every day after shower, I hand wash myself with glycerin soap.. You can get it from the body shop or Wegmans in the natural isle. Iodine and hydrogen peroxide at Walgreen and I wipe the sink and all area with bleach wipes b4 wound care.

Snowed in

This is why I rushed to Miami on wed with drains and all and flew back to MD same day....I would HV been snowed in with those annoying drains...(Er in MD would not touch it.).

11 days post op Pic

Been using A&D ointment on around the wound area, NOT ON WOUND. I find that it helps loosen the tightness and itchiness around it. After cleaning with iodine.

Quest for inexpensive shapers!

Yeepi! Another great find Burlington coat factory & JC penny. $14 waist cincher/tigh control...BFC. $9.00 upper body shaper, loose on the bra area....JCP.

PIC of my great shopping finds

Back to work

Second day @ work. Yesterday was OK, sitting for 12 hrs surely is not good for recovery.... Kinda made my skin and muscles retracted to where I had a hard time standing up straight...
Today I wore just my old spanx that i use to wear when i was fat...its snug enough but not too tight, soft bra with no wires or any elastic (perky boobs alert!) underneath sweater dress, no waist cincher. I also elevated my desk to a standing position...I will HV to sit 6 hrs and stand for the rest of my shift.

Yesterday I had 2 cups of black coffee no cream & sugar, made me pee 3 xt and bowl movement. Had a bowl of creamy spinach & pasta and ate mixed nuts and m&m. 2 bottles of water and 2 pills of Tylenol. Day was OK, stitches under the arm hurts the most, guess bcs constant typing, picking up multiple phone... Lots of upper body movement will do it. I don't even know what am going to do when I get my arm lipo in April!.... I type for 12 hrs while seating on my arssss! For 12 hrs! Smao!...I def will not be doing any BBL everrrrr! Lol.

Today I intend to eat same things at work, since I was not bloated or anything.
Will update with pictures of my body later tonight.


long road to recovery. scars & etc.

Stitches are dissolving slowly but surely....lil scabs here and there. Still cleansing with hydrogen peroxide... To keep scabs dry And flat, then first aid ointment. Abs are coming in pretty good.

round 2...Just scheduled Back & arm lipo

My back view does not match my front view.

Scar treatment

I keep trying to update this shiiii....put real self is acting weird tonight.

Been using Circa solution & mepitac silicon tapes for about 2 wks now.

Scar treatment

TT scar fading but dark...pubic hair hasn't really grown for a month now.. Hubby not

Scar treatment boobies


I don't know how to stop being bloated... I even wear my compression garment to sleep now. And lets not even talk about the gas! Omg! I eliminated all gassy food...from my diets, but I wake up farting air and go to bed still farting! (No smell tho) lol. What's up?? I guess I will get real answers soon from Dr Ortega. Schedule for full back liposuction in about coming 4 weeks. But am thinking about changing doctors, looks like my super man is overbooked since Osaka on time out.. They HV been shifting all patients to Ortega...that poor man already shakes...over worked
Any suggestions on a great lipo spectrum. Kinda want this to be my last cosmetic procedure.

Dr Yily back lipo palava!

I figured am just getting lipo, less complication (usually)so why not go to Santo domingo get a vacay with hubby and get some nip and tucked. I contacted Yily in Dominican get a quote. ,sent pictures, got a quote next day: for breast. Augmentation, tummy tuck, full back lipo, hips and arms plus 7 day recovery house totalling $5700. Wooooow, no wonder why everyone is going there.... However I only asked for full back lipo and arms ! I even sent a front picture that clearly shows the recent surgery I had! And I told them what surgeries I already had.....lmao.
I corrected her with another email and told her she sent me a wrong quote,
She replied back with a quote for BBL and tummy tuck for $4500.
Again I corrected her! Maam I only need back lipo, back just my back! ( i translated it to Spanish)
She replied back with another quote for just BBl!....$3500!
Omg! And am supposed to put my life and care in these people hand!

Finally with a new email address, i sent same picture requesting for a quote on BBL Since I can get more lipo done and not get butt pumping.
She replied its $3000 with 500 extra for recovery house. Why is their price all messed up....bbl with tummy tuck 3500. And BBL alone is 3000??.
I think if I make it down there, they might give me a chin implant, breast implant and male penis....or something

Welllll. I will be paying 2000 for a full back and 400 for each arm at spectrum, sooooo i think me and my fat back will just stay here in Amuuuurica where they get things right and if not ! I can sue a doctor and get my money back or get the doctor locked up....thaaaaank you!...

Back liposuction date slowly approaching

I will be staying at that fancy overpriced hotel behind spectrum with 2 day nurse. Travelling with hubby and lil son. It will be a mini vacation for us...hopefully I can venture out to south beach b4 or after my lipo.
Am still on the fence about inner tigh lipo....I don't want to end up with saggy thunder thigh is so huge and thick absolutely no jiggle am thinking its probably holding my bum up nice and firm....I hope I don't mess up God's work....hopefully after lipo my back and bumm turns out looking like my wish pic.

Scar & Changes update mommy mkvr

Battle of keliod one Cica stick at a time. Scars are so itchy right now, I think my skin is having a fight with all the stuff am applying. Looks like my scars are getting so darker and darker. Can't complain much, I have managed to fight off keliod formation as am cursed with it. Lipo scars are darkening as scar just dark spots.

tummy tuck issues

So I have this swelling or bump on my right waist....I don't know if Dr forgot to suck out the fat on that area or what!. It looks like I have a sausage or big hot dog underneath my skin in that area. Thus why am not so sure of lipo with Ortega. I need serious hand movement.... With those cannula thingy.....I don't have tune and money to be going under again....I need strong hands on lipo.....while am better than I was before but I still expect absolute waist sinching....I mean why should I have to still be wearing body shaper down the road.... When I paid for tummy tuck and flank & waist lipo in other not to wear those anyoing deceiving body shapers and waist sinchers. No wonder Yilly's assistant kept sending me a quote for tummy tuck and was BS. I have been checking out the results of others especially Dominican republic patients and they look absolutely snatched and body contouredcontoured.
Ortega better not make me take back my good words. I better get out of spectrum looking sports illustrated swim suit model

Compression garment

Am looking at this on Amazon. I am very confused in what size to buy. My hips us 36. Chest is 36. I wear sizev10 pants or Mediums now in regular clothing. Am not sure what size to buy....they said like huh!

liposuction day.

Today I get back fat and arms sucked out! Changed my mind about tigh lipo. It's not that serious....

liposuction of arms and back done

Back done arms done, he threw in some flanks too. Not in a lot of pain, Ortega is awesome. Everything went so quick this time. Checked in at 9.30am and out at 2 pm. Nurses and anesthesiology took great care of me. I will upload pictures later, am bleeding like crazy right now.....all my garments a soaked . my husband went and bought huge maxi pads taped it onto the holes.. .to soak up the blood....

Bruised arms and swollen as ffffff.

So far, am all bruised up, arms looks like a bus hit me! Lol. Its not painful, just feels like workout sores. I dont see any difference, but its probably swollen and filled with fluids.....i hope!...arm compression they gave me digs into my arms and pinches....Haven't taken any pain meds prescribed. Just took some ibrupophen for my swollen jacked up feet, I didn't wear my compression sock out to the mall, for fear of looking like a freeeeeeak, with arm compression, full body faja and etc, in 80 degree sunny weather. ,, paid the the end of day, I couldn't even press my feet down,, it was so painful, especially my big toe.

Back to arm & back lipo. My back has about five holes...also not very painful, only when you touch my hurts like hell. Hubby been massaging it with Arnica gel bought from Walmart. Will be getting a professional massage asap. Love him, but the first massage , the tiny holes ooozed out liquids/ bloods and he nearly passed out...lmao! He actually did those screeching but yet manly, I died laughing.
I would saat that all in all, liposuction is not as painful as mommy makeover, I just slept the anasthetia off first day and was able to go to grapeland water park with my family and dinner at Cuban café down the road. Walked about 3 hrs sitting very often at the mall 3 rd day. I felt that I wasted money on hotel room for 6 days, when all I needed was 3 days. Before surgery, day of surgery and day after follow up visit. Any thing else longer than that? Is personal choice. Especially with no drains attached. I. Don't have any drains to worry about.

Back lipo

Well, not much difference. Perhaps am just swollen. Ortega's nurse suggested to get lipo foams to smoothen out the folds , that the skin has a memory of the fats. I don't know if she is BS-ing me or not. But we shall see in about a month. Time to activate lateral pull at the gel,, lymph massage etc. If no changes! Revisssssiiiiiion!.

Before & After. worst or result pending?

Not so sure about this. Looked great day after lipo but now its kinda sagging or sine thing. I guess I expected chizzeled back.. Oh well.

A lil back progress?


fingers crx

Been wrapping my back with workout sweat waist bands under my full body compression annoying, BC I have to take it all off every hour to wipe off sweats....but it looks like its helping the tools flatten a bit. Sux I didn't pay to do more work than the surgeon, they don't calk lipo quick fix for no reason smh....

My lower waist above my buttocks are sinched like 0 fat pinch.... That's the only place that hurts the most,they r soooo sore. I think that's about the only place he did real lipo on.

Back fats completely dissolved

Still some pains

My lower back ended up having major scar tissues...never had fats on my lower waist.. I don't know why he liposuction that area. Still having skin pains. Applying emu oil and Anica cream. Landed a new job with my own office and a personal secretary. Perhaps the new body helped my esteem, looking like a boss in my work suits, i commanding presence all over the so despite all rules! Lol or brains....who knows? Its Amuuuurica.... probably beauty/sexy body.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Ortega is the best in this practice. (Mommy makeover)He made me beautiful again and I thank him for that. However he is not aggressive with liposuction, I wasted my Money doing back liposuction with him. (Probably hitting the gym to work out rest) Everything else is great. Staff are awesome ....could be better but the kind of people that walks in out of there are from all over the world, some are polished, some not so much, so the staff responds to the hands that they are dealt with. I was treated and greeted with respect and courteous. Its a loooooong wait to get anything done over there at spectrum, but one should come prepared and camp out... I fell asleep most of the time I was at the lobby or in the doctor's waiting room, so I could careless about the waits. At the end of the day, they all got the job done....they are over booked most time , i think they do this because some patients cancel or have payment issues .But they need to hire more doctors. location is awesome! They are around airport and every hotel and restaurant. I will be going back there in the future. And Lizabeth is the best. As well as the nurse that took care of me on my post op visits they were all awesome! .

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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