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I am soooooo new to all of this, but am excited in...

I am soooooo new to all of this, but am excited in sharing. Soooooo, this is my first post and after touring this site for a while now, I am happy to say I am leaning toward Dr. J. I don't need a big ol Serena Williams booty, but I would love more than I have now, which is a cupcake! So. I'll keep everyone posted!

Well....I have my consultation set for November...

Well....I have my consultation set for November ladies. I want the time to go by fast, but at the same time I don't want to rush perfection! Not too much to say other than I am still loving all of Dr J's reviews and pic's from the ladies on here that have. Used him. I will post before pics of me soon, even tho I don't plan on having my sx til next year. Alrighty then. Ttyl!!!

OMG! OK ladies, today was the day i finally told...

OMG! OK ladies, today was the day i finally told my husband about my desire to UPGRADE my body. His first response...WHAT? WHY? So...i took him to Dr Jimerson's web page and showed him all of the pancake before pictures, then showed him the "WAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM" after pictures he was like DAAAAAANG! and his mouth hit the floor! LOL! He is on board now. I am too excited. For the last week or so i had been telling him how I was considering Lipo, but had not told him about the BBL. I couldn't take it any more so i broke down and told him. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders ladies! He snatched to iPad from me and started pointing at booty's he liked and wanted me to have, and also wants to sit in on the consultation with Dr J. He said he was gonna tell him "Alright now. My wife better come out of here with some major bunz!!!!" And he told me i need to be practicing on how to make my booty clap!!! LOL! Well.... that's pretty much it for now. We are in the process of closing on our house so all of our money is going to that right now, but as soon as that is taken care of i will be putting up every penny for my big day. Also I plan on starting my diet and exercise routine. I am about 185-190, and want to get down to at least 175, my actual goal weight is 160-165, but i know the 5000cc that he will probably remove is about 11lbs, so I want to be a little heavier than my actual goal weight. I wanna keep it THICK...I've never been skinny and don't want to be (nothing against my slim ladies on here). Well that's all for now chica's Stay in touch ladies!!!

The vote is in. The hubby would like me to have a...

The vote is in. The hubby would like me to have a Yaris Sanchez booty. I have to admit....he has great taste! It is very hard for me to upload pic's of my body right now....but i am going to do it anyway. As of this morning i am 189lbs, and will lose about 10 for the procedure. My goal weight is between 160-165 NO LESS than that. I have always been thick. I was 155-160 when i had my first child 15 years ago. And about 160-165 when i met my husband in 2007, and i like that weight. I know for a fact Dr J wants you about 10-15lbs heavier than your goal weight due to the amount of lipo he likes to extract, which is great!!! But i think i still want to be closer to my sure he will find the you will see. I am starting my weight loss journey as of this moment....i equipped myself these last couple of weeks making salads my main meal every day....and really trying my best to stay away from white carbs, fried foods and red meat. LAWD...all of those are my weakness, but i am really trying to get this stomach down....I DO NOT want a tummy tuck. I dont think i could bare it along with the lipo and bbl. Ok ladies here we go...I am uploading pic's as we speak (type). I hope you all have a great week!!!!

My husband wants a baby!!!!!! Yes....after all of...

My husband wants a baby!!!!!! Yes....after all of this planning and mentally preparing myself for my bbl, my husband tells me he wants a baby. Well.....a wife has to do what a wife has to do. I am 34 with a 15 yr old son, 12 yr old daughter and 9 yr old son. They know how to cook, clean...etc and make A's & B's in school. Now my hubby wants to add an infant to the mix. I was like "What you talkin bout Willis"????
My children are from previous relationships and my husband does not have any. I am very fortunate to have a man that is willing to take on such a responsibility.....Oh, might i add....My tubes are tied. heard me. Sooooooooo, my husband thinks we should use the money to reverse my tubes back....get pregnant...then have my bbl. Sheesh!!!! Any way.... that's whats going on in my world. Well....I guess I will be absent for a while. I will continue to update as my new journey unfolds, but I aint about to be looking at all yalls beautiful backsides everyday anymore.....I guess ill be a bad 36-37 yr old with a bangin bootay...vs 34. Holla at me ladies....I need encouragement!!!!!!

Hello All. Well as you can see i have been a...

Hello All. Well as you can see i have been a little MIA. I just dont want to get to excited about my BBL, seeing as how hubby wants a baby. However my original consult date is tomorrow. To my surprise my husband wants me to go ahead and have the consult. At first I was like, "Why"???? Thats like putting down a down payment on car knowing your not going to get it for like 2years. So then he tells me that he might be reconsidering the baby thing. Im like Sooooo confused now. Anywhoo....i have been following all of you lovely ladies and see fabulous well as fabulous friendships forming. Keep up the great encouragement, and i will keep you all posted on my consultation. TTYL!!!



OK Ladies had my consult w/ Dr J On Friday 11/16 (also spoke with Shelly). The consult went really good! Hubby was listening in as well. First things first. Me and my husband have been talking about the baby situation right....well we have decided to go ahead with the procedure, and whatever happens after that happens. I thought I would be SUPER excited...but its kind of bitter sweat. I mean, who doesn't want to give there husband who has no children a baby? We started weighing the pro's and con's, and the way this world is right now, we just don't think PLANNING to bring a child into this crazy, evil world is a good thing. Now if we were to get pregnant without actually trying....that would be we are not planning to have a baby! Please dont think I am judging any of you wonderful ladies who had a child first. This was just our personal decision.

Sooooooo, onto the consult. Here is my quote:

(Bbl) Fat grafting - BUTTOCK AUGMENTATION 9,300.00
FAT GRAFTING TO HIPS 1 AREA - Fat grafting to hips: 1,000.00
LIPOSUCTION (SAL) - Additional Area SAL -Liposuction 900.00 0.00
J Tuck - J Tuck 3,500.00

Comment: FH abdomen/flanks/lower back/possible inner thighFG Butt & Hips
Add lipo BBR J tuck

The J-tuck is something Dr J made up. It is an alternative to having a full tummy tuck. He cuts the access fat from the bottom of your tummy (tummy to hip), but does not repair your abdominal muscle internally. And I actually think i can get my flap down most of the way. So there it is. The minimum i would be looking at is $11,300 because i want some hips. So I am waiting to put down my deposit until I know for sure I can pay for all of this.

LADIES......Please give me info on credit is not the best right now, and i dont want my husbands credit ran because we are trying to buy a house right now and i dont want the extra inquiry on his credit. Please Help!!!!!!



In need of financing options ladies. Let me know...

In need of financing options ladies. Let me know what is out there. I would rather apply all at once instead of one at a time. Thanks for the love!!!!!

Patiently waiting. Still team Dr J though :-)

Well ladies I have been MIA for a while. Trying to finish school, and purchase a house is no joke. I am still planning on having my transformation ASAP! One thing I did want to update is I lost 25lbs since I was last here! Woohoo.....trying to get this stomach as flat as possible because I do not want to be cut there! I went from 195 to 170. It wasn't easy, but when I see all of these fabulous results, I have to keep pushing! Not too much to add ladies....just wanted to let you know I'm still here! :-)


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