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I recently joined this site after my husband sent...

I recently joined this site after my husband sent me many postings about those who are having surgery, waiting for surgery and or trying to decide on surgery. I have thought about having abdominoplasty for a little over 2 years and had a consultation with a Plastic Surgeon in town and he asked that I lose 20lbs or so and he would deliver me a 7 lb baby, lol.

After speak with my family, my mother and father were uncertained of me having the procedure and wanted me to workout and see if that helped with the weight. As the youngest child, you always do as your parents ask, so I got a personal trainer and trained 3 days a week in hour sessions, lost about 13 lbs and things started to go wrong in my personal life, so I fell off the wagon and put on approximately 28 lbs. Now I'm trying to get back on track starting workout out again with a new trainer 2 days a week and I have lost 10lbs since January of this year.

I wanted to surprise my husband for when he returns from Afghanistan on April 30th 2013 with a somewhat smaller me, abdomen at least so I recently had a consultation with surgeon in town for Smart Lipo and was quoted a price of 4900.00 for upper/lower back, abdomen and flanks. Of course I needed to lose 15 lbs for this doctor.

After researching online and my husband taking over he realized that it could possibly be cheaper for me to have a butt lift and the lipo and it would be worth the money. The surgeons in Jacksonville and surrounding area prices are off the chart and roughly starting at $8000.00 and everything is extra, lol. Time has surely slipped away from me and at this time, I am discouraged with trying to have anything done. Many of the offices are scheduled so far away for surgery that I am not pleased. I guess it's my own pressure that is making me want to proceed before the end of the month. Not sure if you are in good health why you need to wait so long when your mind is already made up.

Has anyone had BBL done with Miami Wellness Center? Any input anyone can give will be greatly appreciated.

Good morning everybody. At MCO flying to Miami...

Good morning everybody. At MCO flying to Miami this a.m for a consultation for smart lipo n bbl. Keep your fingers crossed that it is to be. Baby Wants,Back, lol. Have a great morning.

Ok it's 12:40 est on my way bk to airport, I've...

Ok it's 12:40 est on my way bk to airport, I've finished my consult w Dr Lagrassa. U go in with your mind set and other options are given. I can truly respect the fact that the physician understood my desire but in his expert opinion I should consider a tummy tuck due to my losing weight b cuz there will be extra skin on my lower abs even if i have vaser. BBL is not what he recommends just remove the fat from side n bk and my bootzilla will be more prominent. Don't want to consider TT so I guess I'll pout awhile and get back to it. Well I'm out for now to sulk, lol. Have a wonderful afternoon everyone.

Does anyone know where I can find the post op...

Does anyone know where I can find the post op garment for BBL in Jacksonville, FL or the surrounding area?

Today has been an ok day. I recently consulted...

Today has been an ok day. I recently consulted with Dr James Hardy in Jacksonville about fat augmentation(butt) and he was very thorough with the information that he provided as well as showing me what he would do to get me to where I think I wanna be, lol. I have an ok butt but its not very noticeable due to my love handles, back roll and the fat on my hips that take away from the natural look of the buttock. I have researched Dr Hardy and others in Jacksonville and my decision is to go with Dr. Hardy. I will put his skills in God hands to ensure that he delivers me into a WORLD OF BOOTY. Not sure that I want a small waistline because I'm a broad shoulder kind of female so I don't want to look unnatural and or retarded. I definitely hope he can give me 1600 ccs in each cheek. Now I hold on for a date.

Happy Sunday Bootylicious babes, lol. I have...

Happy Sunday Bootylicious babes, lol.

I have been reading many post the good and the bad and reviewing photos of some awesome work in which the surgeons have put the BOOTY in the right place, lol. I am getting a little dismayed due to reading some of the post by some ppl who are not really satisfied with their results. It's difficult enough to finally choose a surgeon and then see not the best post. I pray that the decision that I've made is the best for me and that the surgeon gives me if not exactly what I want close to it. I'd love to know where you ladies are getting your foam from that you place underneath your garment as well as where you can order an Ab Board? Thanks in advance.

HAPPY MONDAY BBL darlings, Today has been an ok...

Today has been an ok day and I pray that the month only gets better. I have a pre op date of 4/29/13 and a surgery date of 5/9/13. Not sure that I am going to tell my supervisor about any of this just play hookied for a week or so, lol. Really I guess i will have to share some of this with her. I hope I can keep my job considering I will be spending 8 days in Vegas and returning 1 day before surgery. I feel the anxiety beginning to kick in but I am trying to remain calm. I have no idea of what I will need for surgery or after so I guess I will be winging it, lol. I have been trying to locate a masseus that performs the lymphatic drainage massage but it seems to be non existent here but I press on. If anyone has any suggestions for me please feel free to let me know.

Good morning BBL world........... I am a little...

Good morning BBL world........... I am a little excited this morning as I have ordered a smaller compression garment(L) and it has arrived so quickly. I haven't even had my surgery but it's getting close and I don't want to wait until the last minute and not have it when needed. I also ordered the AB board, thank you ms. newbooty. I guess I should start ordering the necessities for after surgery considering I will be leaving for Vegas for 8 days with the hubby and friends and when we come back, I have only 1 day to get things in order before I have surgery. Well, no need in putting it off, I'll get to it. I have to purchase the following list below. For you veteran ladies, if there is something on my list that I really don't need to consider please let me know.
vitamedica supplements …. Is it best to best the recovery kit?
arnica gel
medical tape
antibacterial soap
vests to put underneath garment
chux( What the heck is this and where do you get it from?)
Vitamin C
Stool softener
Boppy pillow ?????
triple antibiotic ointment
hydrogen peroxide
Foam...How many of these is wise to purchase, don't want the 10ft roll?

Thanks for any information to help me with my prep. Have a wonderful and blessed day everyone.

Happy NBA playoff weekend dolls....

Happy NBA playoff weekend dolls....

What in the world is going on in jax, fl? i need...

what in the world is going on in jax, fl? i need uplifting ladies, can someone tell me whats going on?????????? I have been reading a number of reviews not only in jax but all over the place and it is obvious that some ladies, have found a hidden treasure in the surgeons and others are just ummmmmm... Your honest experiences with your surgeon is important to some of us, even though u do your research there is nothing like others that have had the procedure and they share their unedited version of their experience. I know every patient is different and results vary but reality of the experience is what helps some of us, keep the faith and not begin to doubt the choice made. I might need to go back to the drawing board and reconsider my options and head to the DR, lol. I hope everyones day is going well. Go NBA..........

Good morning everybody. I guess I shall have some...

Good morning everybody. I guess I shall have some sleep right after sx b cuz lastnight I hit none messing around on this site. It's time to get up n begin my prep for work but I'm oh so tired(nap would b nice). On Monday I sent an email to my perspective surgeons patient coordinator with a few questions and to my surprise she has not replied, well I guess the email don't work or she's on vacation. Oh well I move on. Have a good day and break while u r shaking it.

Good morning BBL shoppers, lol. Yall know you are...

Good morning BBL shoppers, lol. Yall know you are spending alot of money not only your surgery but the items needed to get you thru the surgery and most definitely the new high fashion to accommodate all that back. I have just called my surgeons office and spoke with the receptionist. Considering my upcoming trip to Vegas I would hate to not be able to get my blood work done prior to leaving town. I have asked if the doctor would be so gracious as to allow me to pick the prescription up on Friday so he can have the results faxed over prior to my leaving town. I spoke with Ms. Sonya who is a darling and she spoke with the good doctor and I can get my lab order on tomorrow. I would hate to miss out on the lab work and have to reschedule everything. I hope you ladies keep the fort down while I'm away, i will try to do some posting but i cant make any promises. Muah.

Ok bounty bootazzz ladies. Today is my official...

Ok bounty bootazzz ladies. Today is my official preop day. I will being seeing the wonderful Dr Hardy at 2pm today to review my blood work and go over my unrealistic wants, lol. Keep me in your thoughts and that all goes well for me today. Have a wonderful day ladies and don't let nothing or no one stop you from fulfilling your desire to bring sexy back.

Welcome back to the land of bootah. Just returned...

Welcome back to the land of bootah. Just returned from my trip to Las Vegas and I must say I am glad to be home. I dropped off my prescriptions for my meds, which they will be ready on tomorrow. No voice message from my surgeons office so that's a good sign. Now my mental prep begins tomorrow after work. A little nervousness is setting in. I pray all will be well and that I will be over joyed with my results.

Up and ready to begin my bbl journey. Show time is...

Up and ready to begin my bbl journey. Show time is 5:30 and surgery at 7:00. I pray the dr got plenty of rest lastnight and that our artist vision shine. I hope everyone has a great day.

I guess its time for an update.had bbl on 5/9/13...

I guess its time for an update.had bbl on 5/9/13 not sure how long it took but I was being wheeled out at 3:00 to go home these have been 4 rough days. I will wake up and try to post more tomorrow along with more pics.

Happy Wednesday. Has my postop today. Dr thinks...

Happy Wednesday. Has my postop today. Dr thinks I'm doing very well and a little further ahead than we originally expected. I've adde a few new pics today. Can't really wait to see the skin loosen up and the fluffing begging.

Today I am 12 days post op

hello lovely ladies. First I'd like to apologize for my not responding to messages on the site, but I had not been receiving any notification and therfore thought nothing was being posted. I apologize for my MIA activity but it has been extremely difficult to try to lay on my stomach all day every day and type. I wonder if I can get workers comp for my elbows because they have been thru the ringer for the past 12 days. Everybday is a challenge when you are trying to aspire to bring the sexy back but it's worth the work and the wait, lol. I try to walk every day for about 15 mins if I can manage it. I do walk around my house and outside without issues, but when I take a little brisk, slow walk my right buttock tightens up so bad that it is like I need to have a bm and sit myself down it's very tight. I won't see my surgeon for another post op visit for 3 weeks and at that time I am praying that the skin on my stomach has began to shrink to the fat alittle if not, no worries we will look at the alternative down the road. So far with my surgery I have had no concerns or problems, my only thought has been darn when will i stop having these crazy dreams. I don't know about anyone else but I take Lorataab and that stuff makes me dream some weird shit. Honestly overall at this time am pleased with my results and I don't expect a miracel over night. Like others have said you didn't lose any weight this is just the sexy portion of the life changing process, exercise, diet and life changes are the key. Until my next post. I will try to post a few pics shortly of the post skin. Thank you ladies for sharing and for being a constant inspiration. I will post another day.

A few post op pictures

Please let me know your thoughts I might need to have a revision in 2-3 months and or add a little something else to it. Thanks


hello bbl babes. i hope all is well. i apologize again for my being MIA but i have developed a very nasty infection and it hurts like the end is here. I am on massive antibiotics for the next couple of weeks and if not changes by this friday I will have to get a little snip and stuff. I am praying that these work, because I need some normacy back in my life. Sick of laying on my stomach, ass itching and elbows hurting, lol. Skin is tightening and thats an ordeal in it's own and only Jesus knows how some of you ladies were able to have sex within 2 weeks. My good love feels like it has had labiaplasty, sorry. I hope to post again soon. Keep me and my recovery in your heart. Peace.

6 WEEKS POST OP!!! Added a couple of pics

hello bbl sisters. I hope that all is well with everyone and that the results we are experiencing are still making us smile and get much attention. I have not posted for a while due to my getting an infection and just not feeling up to anything, more recently I was hospitalized for cellulitis but that seems to be clearing up and we are on our way to a full recovery just taking more longer than anticipated. My surgeon is happy with some of my results considering where I was when we started. He loves where the hips are going and the waist along with the butt thats starting to jiggle a little but I don't think it's big enough or no more than when I started. I have just added a couple of new post op pics and hopefully I will get some better shots in clothes and added to see if the affect is there. At this time, I am trying to do as the dr says and wait for 12-16 weeks for it to drop, pop and fluff but its hard when you try and comply and it's just not an amazing or mouth dropping effect, lol. Please let me know your thoughts if possible. Thanks and have a great day everyone.
Kissing you

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