Dreaming of my Future New Body **changed to dr. Pantoja (Mexico)

I have been stalking this site for a long time...

I have been stalking this site for a long time tryna finda a BBL dr and checking out results.. I am definitely motivated to finally get this done this new year. So far I have considered going to Dr. Campos in Tijuana or fly all the way out to Florida to see either Dr. Ortega or Dr.Fisher ;) I'm also looking into recovery houses or debating on getting a hotel room. So many questions!
I really want this, I deserve it..So I'm going to hook myself up! I want a big booty with killer curves..my inspiration: Amber Rose, Delicious, Coco, French Rose, So hello my fellow BBL dreamers!! Let the journey begin :) Good luck to all

sad post op pictures

Yuck, this is the whole reason I'm getting this surgery. Very unflattering..no volume. Very sad:/

wish pictures

I wish and pray for these kinda resilts

More wish pictures...they help motivate!

sad before picture

Hopefully not for much longer. I can't wait to have the body I dream of..tiny waist with a fatty ( _) _)

before sx

I am grateful for my body.. I just want a fatter booty

Dec 7 with Dr.Pantoja

So I decided to finally take a leap of faith and send my $500 deposit to Dr.P, Nadia his assistant has helped me has been nice and helpful so far. This is going to cost me a total of 3800, this covers surgery, anesthesia, faja. I need to get my own pain pills, massages, 2nd faja, and whatever else is on the infamous bbl list. Anyway My husband called and put the deposit on his card and Nadia emailed me a receipt and pre op instructions right away. I haven't told anyone in my real life besides my husband because I will probably be considered vain. I have a nice body to begin with a good ass, not big compared to 2016 standards lol. I'd say I have a pre surgery Kim k butt or a old school jlo in her fly girl days booty... I like big butts and I can not lie and so does my husband. I have my moments where I get nervous and scare myself out of this, worried I won't have enough fat to make a noticeable difference, or thoughts of lumpy Lipo or even worse complications or death (I pray not). I am healthy. Non smoker, rarely drink, drug free.. I have 2 kids, have had my boobs done with no problems with surgery, I weigh 142 stand 5'7 36d-28-41. I am trying to gain 10-15 pounds for this, which should sound fun but isnt. Heavy girls are definitely winning when it comes to this surgery with all that extra fat for a juicy booty. I don't see many thin girl results that grab my attention much. I think I had to have the realization that that is just not my frame and I probably can't get those type of results with out a butt implant too, but I just don't like that option. Anyways I've ranted on enough I will update my current pictures next.. Good luck to all on this journey, and please leave me any input and thoughts

Pro op ... Mission Gaining weight currently 5'7 142

So I'm in the process of gaining weight.. Yuk lol but I need that good amazing fat to get that juicy booty..

Gaining weight

Well it's been easier than I thought it would be, I am feeling bloated and sluggish. My clothes are not fitting right, I don't feel cute lol. I feel like trying to schedule my sx sooner, I can't stand the way I feel but I know I need this fat. I sure hope this is all worth it. Still haven't told anyone except my husband. He is nervous and excited for me. I feel bad that while I'm here gaining weight for this I don't feel very sexy, so it probably reflects in how I've been acting lately. I just keep thinking about after this is done how confident I will feel to get back into my cute outfits etc. my waist is definitely getting bigger now, it's like challenging my ass at this point :( a pot belly lol and my double chin sucks now too! My goodness the metamorphosis is real... So of course I will add a couple weight gain pictures...5'7 146 pounds... Gained 6 pounds in a few weeks by not skipping meals and snacking on peanut butter and bread. I plan to get to 155 or maybe I'll stop at 150. I know I will have to keep my weight up for my results to last.

Some current wish pictures

I might as well add my new wish pictures? Ladies do you think it's possible to get these kinds of results realistically?

Feeling anxious about everyhing

Some days I question things to much.. Part of me wants this so bad and another part has me so anxious with the what ifs. Im gaining weight and got a little pouch going on, and cellulite is attacking my thighs...I tried to show you guys the fat I'm working with by outlining it in black, I guess my silly question to you ladies this evening is do I look like I will have enough fat for this? I know it's just opinions and I should make a face to face consultation to get a legitimate answer but still I value all of your opinions very much! This is the only place I'd get naked and point out such flaws besides in front of the Doctor... I still suck it in when my hubby is around.. Lol... Current measurements 36-28-41... The widest part of my belly is a 31. Also I inquired about having my inner thighs done to get me extra fat in case I don't have enough. I'm worried about that too, thick thighs are part of the whole look. My biggest fear is getting less than 500 in each cheek as we all know that wouldn't be enough to do much after absorption... I really want at the least 1000cc per check, is that realistic?? Gotta love the wondering mind of a pre op bbl patient.

Looking at booty

Some new wish pictures that I feel are realistic for my frame..

Cold feet ? Nah

I came across some awful results/reviews on here about dr.P!!! I know shit happens but damn thats really scary. My husbands trying to talk me out of everything. It's just cold feet by the end of the day I know it's what I really want so I know I will go thru with it in the end and pray everything goes smooth. I emailed Nadia with a list of questions like what causes lumpy Lipo, scars and burns.. Also along with how much more weight I should gain.. I'm at 150 now, it's hard to see my body gain I've always had a good shape and liked to be active I feel all self conscious and jiggly now I hope it's all worth it. We went out with friends lastnight and they both noticed I gained. They have no clue what I'm up too, they probably just think I let myself go lol little does everyone know. I have a plan. I'm just praying to the highest that Dr. p does a good job on me. I have like 71 days.. I haven't bought anything yet. Still need to get passport. I hope time goes by fast I'm ready to get this done!
Anyway I wish everyone good luck and good vibes!

64 days to go.. Feeling fat

Just gaining that weight... I have like 64 days to go.. I only wanna gain like 5 more pounds. I can't wait to get this all said and done. I bet my husband will be glad it's over too. I've been obsessed with ass and reading everyone's stories... Some good and bad. As of now I'm just mentally preparing myself. I've had to email Nadia with questions and stuff a few times to ease my anxiety about things. It nice that she gets back to me right away. I ordered a robe and boppy pillow from Amazon. Lipo foam and board are next. Extra large pads and iron pills. I'm going to start taking iron pills about 30 days before sx. I'm going to get passport tomorrow, it will be here in 6 weeks. My love handles and inner thighs seem to be the only place im putting on weight.. I hope having that shit sucked out alone will really bring out my shape. I want a small waist like a 26.. Mines is a 28 now. I really hope that I have enough fat for a noticeable difference. it sucks to be gaining weight this month, it sure doesn't look like I will be running around in a sexy costume this year for Halloween . Cramps my style nothing fits and I don't feel like going out anywhere. But next year will be another story that's forsure. Oh and here's some picture of me at my heaviest yet 151. Still haven't told anyone.. I don't need the negative feed back.

Just one more to compare

Easier to compare the weight gain

45 days to go

So I decided to stop gaining and am going to stay at 155 for my bbl. I've gained 15 pounds. I gained a lot in my belly, thighs and have new fat roll on back. I lagged on ordering my passport hopefully it will get here on time. My husband is getting excited now, he is stacking up his days off so he can take care of me. I asked Nadia about a medical pass to help me get over the boarder quicker and she said they do give them out you just have to ask at the office. That will come in handy since I will be leaving home right after sx, but will have to go back and forth for post op.. This surgery is on my mind now 80% of the time. My worries are lumpy Lipo, fat necrosis, boils, infection, and of course death... But deep down under the worry I feel confident things will be ok. It's all about positivity and I pray God will take care of me. I have Amazon goodies on the way Lipo foam, Lipo board, maxi pads, and iron pills. I'm about to quit smoking weed and also quit my coffee habit. I want my blood cells nice and healthy.
Here is a picture of my butt at 155 and my love handle. I hope dr. P can get enough fat to fill out the top of my ass and the sides. The last time I was this big I was 5 months pregnant lol. Sheesh. Anyways
I will update closer to surgery..
take care!! :)
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