Dr. Hasan! I paid for a bbl and got a full supply of confidence! PRICELESS! Dr. Hasan - Miami, FL

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Hello everyone, It has taken me some time and...

Hello everyone,

It has taken me some time and some courage to get to this stage. I have confidence inside as a person, but I have always struggled with my body and the way I look. The way I feel inside does not reflect in my body.

I weigh 135 pounds, stand at 5'3 inches. I do not look fat by any means, I look fine, just not shapely. any weight I gain goes right to my entire Torso(upper back, lower back,upper abdomen, lower abdomen,love handles,flanks) I am a fashion designer and I design classy clothing that sometimes are revealing. It makes me so sad that I cant wear the same close fitting, or revealing clothing I design. It breaks my heart actually. On top of that. I am constantly exposed to women, who have these wonderful bodies; the kind of bodies that I will never be able to achieve with dieting and weight training(Ive tried).
I have tried Maca root, waist trainers. Everything.

I'm pretty sad.

I have consulted with Dr Hasan at Vanity. They quoted me $4000. I am thinking about making a deposit this week. I am just so scared because I don't want to make the wrong decision with when to do this procedure. If I start to save for it, I will be insolvent in other areas.

"The smart thing would be to reinvest this money and not waste it on a procedure like this" says the boyfriend. It hurts be dreadfully because the kind of woman I am not, is the kind of woman he is attracted to. Thick legs, and a nice bottom.. To tears.

Pre Opp Body Photos

I have consulted with Vanity again. I am making my deposit tomorrow. I asked them if they thought I should gain weight. They should be getting back to me today. My procedure is a while away so i would have plenty of time to gain, if that's the case. Do you guys have any advice on how big to go or not to go considering my "chicken legs". lol

Thank you all for the support thus far!

Date confirmed! Sooner than I thought!

OK. So I have done my online consult. This makes me a little nervous, because the women who you actually talk to on the phone or via email are not Plastic surgeons! They are administrative workers and sales women. They have no idea if I should gain weight or lose weight. Any answers they give you will be generic or their opinion, not fact.
Any how, to be on the safe side, I have decided to gain maybe 5 pounds.

I have made a $1000 deposit so far, and I will be making a $2000 deposit tomorrow morn.
We have also decided on a date, the 28th of October. Im really excited.
I want a JLO looking bum! Yum! If you guys have any suggestions as to how big I should go or not go, let me know...

Vanity "Home Away" package. Do or dont.

If you have any suggestions about a recovery house, that clean, comfortable, and provides transportation, please let me know.

My date has been moved up to October 28th. I will be landing in MIA on the 27th!

My Oficial wish pics

It feels a little pointless having wish pics when you know Dr Hasan wont be looking at them.lol.
But this girl "Dai Macedo", has the kind of but I want... And JLO of course

5'4 135 Pounds. Can I achieve the bum in my wish pic? Will I have enough fat?

I am a month away from this surgery. This is a big investment for me, and I am discussing this with a Vanity Rep. Not the Dr! I dont feel like I have enough fat to achieve the look in my wish pics. I have been reading online that if 1000 ccs is lipod out, that only half of that is good enough to be grafted! Then after its grafted, only 60% of it will survive. So In my case for instance, if Dr hasan removes 1000 ccs of fat from my torso, he will only be able to use 250 in each cheek, and then after absorption only 150 ccs of fat will survive. WTF! 150 ccs of fat in each cheek!? No fucking way! There is no way I am paying 5000!!!!! To have 150 ccs of fat in each cheek! If I could consult with Dr Hasan then I would know what to do, but I just don't trust the information I am getting from my coordinator! I feel lied to constantly! I hate people feeling they can manipulate me, and unfortunately that has been some of my experience with vanity.

Please my RS sisters. Please tell me what to do! My vanity cordinator said she doesnt think I need to gain weight! What do I do, I need to do it fast! Does anyone have a similar body time, weight, height and has already done the bbl with Hasan! Please share your info.

Should I try to gain more weight? I want about 600-700 ccs of fat in each cheek. Any advice?

Please help!

Plastic surgery Simulator

Hey my RS family. I am currently trying to gain weight. Not as a directive by my PS or my coordinator but based on my own intuition, and my decision that I am not doing a revision.
I am currently at 135 pounds 5 weeks before my sx. I am trying for 145-147. I would love results similar to those of bella_stella (she has removed her photos). She was 5' 4 1/2 and 145 pounds on her sx date. I checked my height last night and discovered that I am exactly 5'4 1/2 myself. So im gonna aim for that 145-147 pounds. I feel confident that Dr Hasan will be able to give me that 600-700 ccs plus a lil something for my hips. I think that it will be enough fat for him to get the ccs he needs, but not too much fat for him to remove and give me that sculpted waistline. Any opinions please share.

Mia October 27th-November 2nd

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited. I received the results of my blood test today and everything is A-OK. I am going to send my results to vanity. I will still have to do my blood work when i land on the 27th, but it was so worth it for me to find out before hand.

Before I did my blood work I started taking iron pills. What a mistake. I was getting light headed, dizzy and having really bad headaches. If you do not have an iron deficiency do not take iron. Over dossing on iron can make you very sick. It can even put you in a comma.

I am not gaining weight as quickly as I would have hoped. Still at 135. I am trying to eat as much as I can without compromising my health. That is very hard.

37 Days to go. I neeeed this.

R_G23 and fisherdoll101

Starting to wish I went with fisher. These realself hunnies look amazing.

Ive decided to do my sx at 140 pounds. I am afraid to gain more weight and compromise my results. I need a nice flat tummy. Let Dr Hasan struggle to find that fat! Lol

Currently at 138lbs.

Mixed feelings. Dr Hasan or Dr Fisher

I am having second thoughts on Dr Hasan. He is amazing but I am hearing he doesn't give hips. I NEED HIPS!

Does anyone know if this is true or not?
Has anyone been refused hips by Dr Hasan?

Dr Fisher has been putting out some amazing work. I would have to reschedule my date and invest yet another $1000.

Any input?

Check out my PS Simulations.

I will be Hasanified in 10 days

I am so excited. I am going into this experience with a very positive attitude. I am not certain if I have all the supplies I need, but I am sure I have enough to make me comfortable right after sx. Ordered a cheap shape wear garment for when my faja is being washed, and I ordered a latex waist trainer just to help me lose a few inches after sx.

Thank you all for the support and kindness. I will be sure to post my experience when the time comes..

3 weeks!

I feel amazing! I love my results.. I got 700 cc in each cheek. Here are some photos. I will update on my experience.

Not a donk!

I sometimes wish I went bigger but I am happy with my body. Dr Hasan is an amazing dr! He is talented! I think I would be satisfied even if I didnt get the bbl.. my lipo was done so well... I look really swollen ladies I know but as is right now, I love my curves... I feel good about my body for the first time in my life!

2 years post BBL with Hasan.

Hey everyone! I apologize for taking down my pics. Kind of had to. Anyhow. Gonna upload a few images of how I looked 6 months ago and how I look now. I've paid
For a round 2 with Hasan. I will explain why in another post.

Best pillow for after care support. Any advise

For my first bbl, I did a lot of things wrong. I sat on my but to try to feel more comfortable, and I now there is some dissymmetry as a result. I'm going back under the knife with HASAN to try and get it right this time. Both the symmetry and aftercare maintenance(gym and over all health to prevent fat build up and depositors). I saw this pillow online, has anyone used it and does any one have any recommendations?

Let's talk about lipo burns. Why causes them. Can aggressive lipo cause severe burns on the surface of the skin? Please share

2 years Post op/ paid in full for bbl number 2 with HASAN

Some pictures of me now. Some flattering some not so much. I've learnt a lot on this journey. Post care is very important for your overall results!!!!

1-2 years post op pictures

More pics of me now 2 years post

Miami Physician

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