23 weeks post op - BBL Salzhauer

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I've been researching on here and other sites of...

I've been researching on here and other sites of what Dr is the best for my BBL. I am relatively small, 5'3" 115 lbs. I think I'd be able to gain 5-10 lbs If needed. So here's the break down, the go to drs for this procedure seem to be Dr. Salama, Dr. Jimmerson, Dr. Duran, Dr. Baez, and although not as common as the others Dr. Afifa (I've seen pictures and her butts look good!) I'd like to stay in the States, but it seems like DR surgeons are just as good for a 1/3 of the price. But just the thought of it scares me! I watch too many movies. I'm looking for something similar to a kardashian booty that is fitting for my small frame. I like wide with projection. I'm posting some before and wish pics. Does anyone have any advice on any drs? From experience? I've noticed Duran works good with thick girls and well I am not thick so I wonder if she's not for me. Have any smaller framed girls had luck with this procedure? I'm also getting a lift and implant. I've always had big boobs, that's just where my fat has always traveled. Having a child and breast feeding broigh them down a bit, not too much. But I'd rather get it done together. I donot think iI need or want a tummy tuck. Any advice on drs or anything would be super helpful. I'd go to salama if I could, but I don't have 20k ..it may be worth it though?

update with pictures before and wish BBL

I've been researching further on doctors and also found interest in Dr. Hughes. He seems very knowledgeable about the bbl process. As well as Dr. Wendell Perry. The process of picking a Dr. Is going to be harder than the surgery! I posted some before pictures, I have already started my weight gain process to see how much I'm able to gain. And went from my normal 110-112 to 115.

new pics and quotes

I've received quotes from a few drs so far. Dr. Hughes quoted me at 12500-14000 depending on type of implant. And Dr. Baez said it would start at 3900 depending on type of implant. Way different but Baez Is in the Dominican republic. I'm waiting on quotes from Perry and from Duran. I posted another before picture and an edited picture of my dream shape. I'm also getting different answers about gaining weight. Hughes says I do not need to and Baez says I need to gain 10 lbs. Well see what Perry and Duran say. I've been reading a lot of negative reviews about Jimmerson or Jcurves so I decided to not even get a quote from him. I might from Salama even though I don't think I can wait a whole year I love the shapes he makes and it seems like he works good with smaller girls. I have questions for girls that have been to the Dominican republic for surgery. People have been pointing out lately that after people go get surgery in the DR they don't update after pictures or about their journey theore. Its a little bit sketchy. So for those of you that do, was the experience scary? I've never left the country and my mom is scaring me about going there. She thinks I'm going to get taken lol so to all the girls that have been there is it a safe place? Are the hospitals similar to the ones in the united states?

finally ready to book! need help! what do i need?

So I've been trying to gain weight and haven't been able to gain much. Most doctors say I am a good candidate but could be great if I gained 10 lbs. Well I haven't been able to gain much. But I'm going to eat like crazy the next month and hopefully gain more. I do have a ton of fat surrounding my stomach and love handles even if it doesn't look like it. Thats where all my fat deposits.

I decided to go with ghurani and I'm waiting to hear back on his dates. I'm hoping for next month or march.

What do I need!? Best garmets? What is the foam and board and where do I get those? Arnica gel. Boppy pillow. P ez. Anything else!?

Also good places to stay / vacation houses in Miami you guys have used??

I'll post some current before pictures.

Bbl booked! feb 5th dr. ghurani!!

So I finally booked and paid in full!! I sent him the following wish pics and was told to gain 10-15 lbs. So I've been eating crazy! I've gained 2 lbs. Going to buy some ensure today. Started taking a multi vitamin with iron. I'm hoping all goes well if not I'll reschedule for around the 19th if I need an extra 2 weeks to gain the weight. Any tips!?! Also still looking into places to stay which has been a pain. I've found a few but I'd like to stay on the beach! So I at least have a few from inside lol


Just got an Email from Nancy at EPs!! Saying he is not doing bbls at vanity!! But I was gaurenteed by vanity that he will be my doctor! And I've been talking to ghuranigirl who has met with him a couple of times! I've also read that Nancy has told someone that he is doing them at both places!!! Whose lying!?

weight gaining, wish pics and new date! march 5th!

So over the weekend I decided to change my date. I'm not gonna lie.. vanity does leave me wondering sometimes. I booked and paid for my appointment Saturday and didn't hear anything back until today because I've been emailing and calling! Like I just booked my appointment and never was told a time.. when to come.. what to do.. and even today I wasnt told a time and the pre op instructions are like don't drink don't smoke.. well no shit but what about what I need? A garment. What type!? What do my blood levels need to be? What vitamins should I be taking? When do I come in for my pre op? Aren't these things I should be told? So annoying. Guess I'll wait to hear back and stalk for an answer again. Anyway I switched to march 5th because 3 weeks is too soon especially when I'm not being told what to do and each question is taking 4 days to be answered. I'm also a little anemic so I need to raise that and get some blood work done here to see where I'm at. Anyway... any tips would be helpful!!! Thanks :)

Date with Ghurani now to be determied!! Or Fisher?!

Soooo.. more news!
Yesterday Jessica said March 5th was available because he only had 1 appointment booked that day. Today she called and said since there is 42 of them and Ghurani is all the craze right now at Vanity, they overbooked and I no longer have an appointment on March 5th. Im still waiting to hear back and see the available dates they have for February. If its not the 19th I cant do it.

She is trying to talk me into Fisher. Saying he is actually more qualified, and has done the most brazillian butt lifts successfully in the United States. And to google him. Then she sent me pics of her Bbl that he did. And it looks good. But ive done a lot of research with Ghurani and booked with him. So Im going to research Fisher a little, anyone know anything about him? I Need someone aggressive with lipo, since I am small I need all my fat from my stomach and sides and back pulled. Like literally every ounce of it lol. So now im back to square one, paid.. but have no appointment!! what is this lol.. But Jessica was very helpful today on the phone. Im going to get her on the phone more often! I really need my date so I can start booking my flight and hotel!!! Still waiting to hear back from her. She said she was waiting for Ghuranis secretary to call back. Not sure why its not all right there in her computer.. but things seemed different today. As if they are getting more organized. Before I could pretty much give her any date and she was like yeah that works. Now I have to wait for his confirmation of date. Which is fine and actually more reassuring. She told me today that Ghurani is only more busy than fisher currently because people are just now finding out hes at vanity, which hes been at for a year. So people are booking fast to get in with him. And that hes no longer working at Elite because Salama was not booking his appointments. Salama was taking them all for himself. Well theres my update. Hopefully I can figure this shit out soon!!!

SOOoO annoyed!!

Ghurani is no longer available for February or march. even though I paid in full and had a February date!!! She said he wont take any new appointments. Shes really pushing fisher on me... sending me pictures of her own. She asked me why I want ghurani so bad? She said hes only performed 7 BBLS in his whole life!!!! I don't believe that, im sorry. HE has like 72 reviews on realself and a lot of them are bbls. I really want ghurani but I don't think I can do april!! I don't know what to do.

vanities coordinators are on here reading guys, be careful lol

You guys won't believe what just happened. Actually I'm kind of mad about it! Us girls on real self blog about our experience to help others, to get advice from others, and read about others experiences to help with our decisions!!! My patient coordinator Jessica just called me, saying she read my blog on real self and she doesn't appreciste me bringing all the negativity and saying she's pushing me on fisher, but then she said "yes I am pushing you on fisher because he's a good doctor." Okay no one said he wasn't. I just said I had to do more research on him. And then she started talking about how I write it takes days for me to get ahold of her. And she said they are really busy there and I said I understand but when I pay in full it shouldn't take 4 days to hear back to book a date. And then when I do book a date, its taken from me 4 days later... she had a major attitude and said were not blind, we read those things. So I got frusterated and said well maybe we (us girls on real self dealing with vanity, there is a lot of us) wouldn't get so frustrated if you spent the time you're spending to read these blogs, on replying to us. And she said okay okay thank you thank you byyye. And hung up. One thing about me is I am not a rude person. But do not call and try to intimidate me out of blogging about my experience. Everything I said is true. And I've read about 20 other girls write the same exact thing. That's what this site is for! I'm calling tomorrow to talk to a manager about the situation and get a new coordinator. I've heard Evelyn and Claudia are both great. Jessica has been nice this far.. it was just hard to get ahold of her and my date getting taken away was of course frustrating. But this was too much!!

Dr. Ghurani on April 3rd. If its not changed again!

So I decided to wait for ghurani and grabbed an early date in April. Jessica said he had April 3 available so I told her to book me..I asked if I should wait to book my flight and hotel since they changed my date on me already once and she said i am clear to book. But with all the craziness that's been going on Aug vanity I'm going to wait just in case.. especially since I haven't gotten my confirmation email with the date yet. But if all goes well I'll be down there in 2 1/2 months!

weight gain & new pre op pics

This weight gain is really bringing me down. I'm short so 3 lbs has done a lot and its all going to my stomach. Idk how to explain it but my skin is stretchy I think so if anything is even a little tight it pops out. Like my stomach and love handles in jeans..and this is only 3 lbs up! I'm going to slow it down since my date is not until April 3rd now. Which by the way if anyone has a date with ghurani at vanity they want to switch in February or march I'll take it lol but anyway. Its tough sitting and waiting. So many thoughts go through your head and I have been second guessing myself.. and thinking maybe I shouldn't so this. Have any of you done that? That's all for now. A couple girls have had surgery the past couple of days and today and hope everything went well foe you guys!

this is becoming so stressful! vanity/ghurani mess

honestly this whole thing is taking a toll and becoming so stressful! There were 4 or 5 reviews updated TODAY only of how messy vanity is And how they are playing everyone. One girl flew all the way down there for surgery and they said someoneelse had to do it. AAnother girl flew there for a consultation and they said ghurani didn't show up today... another girl sent in her deposit and a week later got a receipt back saying Dr. Fisher was her doctor.. another girl got canceled on 3 days before her surgery after already buying plane tickets And booking a room. I'm probably going to get a refund I paid in full and this is just becoming too much. No ones touching my body but who I booked with. They are constantly talking badly about ghurani to everyone on here.. why? Always telling lies and sending people false pictures. One girl on here said they sent her a picture of Dr. Cortes work... what! Now I'm back to square one.. I've been in contact with salzhauers office.. I like his work but I can't seem to find enough of it.. I know he did Stephanie Santiago but no one knows how many rounds she's had or what.. does anyone else on here know of any other girls he's done that came out with big bootys? I haven't seen any biggg ones. Salama is my favorite he has the best shape and best on small girls but the burns and the wait I cant handle..
Duran being out of the country is out of the picture..
Jimmerson price and wait is too crazy..
Is there any hidden secrets I don't know about? I was so set on ghurani but I just can't with what's going on with vanity anymore.

ghurani no longer doing bbl at vanity.

Soo something is really sketch but I called and instant chat with vanity asking about ghurani no longer doing it there. At first I talked to some random girl and she wanted all my info name an number I said I was just wondering if I paid in full and have an appt if he is still doing bbl and she wouldn't answer without my information I said well is he doing them there or not? She would not answer the question! Then she said how much did you pay? I said I paid in full. So is he? Shestill had to look at my file and she wowouldn't answer so she closed the chat lol... I don't know how that question is so hard? Is he only doing certain people??? People that paid more? Idk... but I called and then I talked to Priscilla because another girl on here said she just talked to her and she said he is still doing them for people who already paid.So all was going well on the phone.. she agreed that all this drama is coming from Jessica.. not just this.. all the other stuff too.. then she pit me on hold to look up my appt date. And said she just got an update from her manager that he is not doing bbl there anymore for anyone.. and then said it will take 4 weeks for a refund. I have on record Jessica saying it will take 7 days so if it takes longer than that I'll just file dispute with the proof no big deal.. my credit card company has always been awesome. But I have to wait til tomorrow because Jessica has to do it and she already left the office. So looking into myother options. II'm thinking Dr. S

Dr. Salzhauer march 4th!!!

I just put a deposit down on Dr. Salzhauer for march 4th. Arianny magically found me a date. Now I need to gain 10 more pounds in 30 days! And start ordering what I need.. book flights and get a hotel. So nervous its exactly 4 weeks away from tomorrow!! I'm mostly worried about trying to gain the weight. I want a big booty! Im currently 118. Going to get some ensure tomorrow. Have to get blood work and medical clearance in 2 weeks too. I'll just take a multi vitamin. Last year my hemoglobin was 15.5 so hopefully its still that high!

3 weeks pre op ahh!! nervous

I still haven't gotten medical clearance. My doctor can't get me in until march 10th. Can I have a physical and blood work done at a health department? I need it done next week :( how do people get it done so fast? My doctor books out months.

I also don't have anything. I want to keep it simple but I do need to get some boards. Where do I get those from? A stomach one and a triangle one for my back.

As for the weight I'm pretty much there. I look like a totally different person. It packed on fast this past week and a half. I've just been doing everything I try not to do. Tons of cheese on everything, creams in everything, ensure although I just started those. I'm up about 10 lbs up to 120 and my skin feels so tight lol I'm hoping to gain another 5 which I don't think will be a problem but I'll probably wait until the last week because nothing fits me as it is. I might have to get chin lipo because of how big my face has gotten.

I'm so unprepared. I'm the worst procrastinator ever! Added some wish pics that i get from other reviews on here :) so thanks. I know some aren't realistic but I can still wish lol

hotel and plane tickets booked! where to get boards!?!

So I booked a condo and my plane tickets today! The prices kept getting higher and higher so I had to do it. Last month everything was nearly half of what I just spent! So advice book your stuff in advance lol
I keep reading all these reviews and looking at all these butts and ugh I'm sure you all know how it is but I'm constantly second guessing everything.
My top two choices were Dr. Salzhauer and Dr. Salama. Salamas butts are definitely the biggest but with the burns and some lumpiness I've seen from him being so aggressive scared me away.. now I'm seeing all these really nice bootys coming from him (like always) and it doesn't help that Cynthia calls me about once a week with a date lol.. Dr. Salzhauer is less aggressive which leaves the skin smooth and no burns but at the same time I'm small so I just hope I have enough fat for him
I've gained 10 lbs so far its so gross on my small frame. I don't want to go annnnywhere lol
Well anyway I arive in Miami march 2nd and I'm staying until the 12th

Where do I buy boards!?!! Salzhauer doesn't use them but I believe in them and I need to know where I can get em!! Help lol

11 days til surgery

Well its coming up fast.. I leave in 9 days and have surgery in 11. Its been a nonstop blizzard where I live so on praying flights are on time and not canceled. I was cleared for surgery my hemo was 13.7 I took an iron supplement for 2 weeks and good thing I did. My Dr. Is so judgemental asking what I'm getting done and how much it cost and why I'm going to Florida.. I said I researched a lot to find the best Dr. And there's not any around here. And he said how do you research a doctor in a different state? So rude.. but oh well. Anyway.. everything is all booked and set. I'm staying on the beach in Hollywood and going with my mom and my son. I'm hoping to be strong enough a couple of days after to be able to play with my son. I feel so guilty for doing this like I'm being selfish. But my mom keeps telling me I deserve it and she's right. I'll update before I go in but please pray for me!

oh one more thing

One more thing.. at the Dr. I was 128 lbs!! I was like what!? You guys on Thanksgiving I weighed 107 lbs lol this is crazy.. but I'm hoping I have lots of fat!

I contacted Kirsty about getting my Dr put on correctly.. hopefully by my surgery date so I can be on his actual review page to help people looking into him

its getting real..

5 days away! Its starting to hit me.. the anxiety and worry lol I can't believe I'm actually going through with it. Honestly I've wanted to for a year but never thought I actually would. Ruth called in my perscriptions the other day so I'll go pick them up today. Arianny has been awesome and has answered back all my silly questions and hasn't gotten annoyed at all I appreciate her so much! Honestly all I'm packing is my boppy pillow and arnica pills. I'll get everything else when I get there.. like sheets and a covering for the mattress. I was scrolling down my news feed on Facebook and someone posted this pic from one of those pages people share pics from... and I loved it lol
My next post will be when I get to Miami
I'll keep you guys updated every step of the way
And to the girls that have been there for me thank you so much I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!

im here!!!

Going in to meet doc at 2 and then surgery tomorrow at 1pm!! Pray for me please I have a little boy I need to stay healthy for! I know I'll be fine. It is so nice here!! Its depressing knowing you won't be able to enjoy it as much.. I'm underestimating this procedure and hoping I'm able to enjoy it a little lol I'll update tonight about my pre op with dr. Salzhauer. Miami miss Thalia had her surgery today hoping it went well!!

pre op

Went in for a pre op today. First let me just say that its the most beautiful plastic surgery office you'll ever see!! Its also in a beautiful area one of the nicest ive seen since ive been here and weve bwen going all over the place. Squeezing my vacation into one day lol.. Its 5 floors with a pre op floor... a recovery floor.. first I met with one of the girls I can't remember her name :( she took pictures of me and said i was going to love it. Then arianny came in and gave me a hug.. she is genuinely the sweetest girl ever!! She cares about you and you can tell. I swear If I lived there she would be my best friend!! She's very comforting. Dr Salz came in next and it was pretty short and sweet because I didn't have too many questions lol arianny has answered most my questions along the way and everything else kind of went out the window. You can tell he's very confident so I knew I didn't need to show him all the pictures. He knows what he is doing! And he's gorgeous! Lol he told me i'm going to be just fine and I was going to look great! I may have mentioned it here before but I did decide to add chin to my lipo.. because of my weight gain my face has plumped right up lol and he said he doesn't want me to go back down to 110 because I'd lose a lot of volume so instead of going back down to lose my chin fat he reccomended I get rid of it and stay at around 120lbs. Which won't be hard at all! I weight myself again in the office while I was waiting and I was 128.2 lbs butt naked. First of all let me tell you about this scale.. gorgeous lol I'm gonna need one for sure! Lol when they call you in to your own room for pre op/consultation its just as beautiful as the rest of the building. With your own massage chair.. iPad.. TV.. they definitely know how to take care if people lol
I'm not nervous yet but I know in the morning my anxiety will be off the charts. It just hasnt hit me.. I'll probably be a big baby when I get there and say bye to my son lol
I have to be there at 1! I'll post after sometime tomorrow night :)

barely 1/2 day post op lol

I got out of recovery at about 10:15 pm. God bless marium. Sorry if I spelt it wrong ;(
So I arrived at 1. Went in my own little pre op room. Waited for the doc he CE and marked me up.. and then around 3:30 anestesia came and brought me into the operating room. He put an iv in me and then asked where I was from.
.then the surgical tech said jlo or kimk? I said either or lol he said Nikki manaj? I said nooo. Lol that's the last I remember. When I woke up I had no idea where I was.. I guess I was talking to merium like we were at the beach!! Lol I slowly starting getting back to reality. I was still high but I remember asking how many CCS was he able to get it and she said I'll call him down. So he came down and I'mpretty ssure he said 1000ccs in each cheek. But I was high so I'll ask again lol
Marium said it looked very proportionate to my body.
Getting up and in the car was hard I felt nauseas and puked up my gaterade. As soon as I got back to the hotel I went to bed. I woke up twice now to pee. Thank god for the hole in these garments.
I only feel naseaus when I get up. Laying down I feel fine just sore. Like I just got my ass beat I would explain it lol but its bearable. I got my chin done so they wanted me to sleep on my side but we tried to get me comfortable and I just couldnt do it. So I'm on my stomach. So far my chin is the least sore. Keep in mind I only got my stomach back flanks and chin. No legs and no arms. I wouldn't be able to get up if I got either of those.. so cudos to those who do.
I just took some zofran before I eat and take my pain meds. I haven't had any since last night and I'm not in any horrible pain. The 3 antibiotics will probably make me naseaus too. I am bleeding quite a bit but its mixed with drainage I can tell by the color. I'll show the nurse when she gets here later to make sure it's normal. My garment is soaked in blood and I haven't seen my butt yet but will post as soon as I can!!!! Thanks so much for everyones support. I'll keep you all updated along the way!

day 2 po

I spoke too soon. Right after I posted my update I felt like shit. Don't wait on your pain meds it'll hit you out of no where! The nurse came yesterday to change my garment and take pictures. Obviously I'm swollen but my waist is so tiny. My stomach was flattttt but lumpy which is scary to look at but I wasn't even a full 24 hours post op. My hips and booty look big from what I saw. I felt really sick n hot when she was changing me. I had to take a minute. She said my body looked like a coke bottle. I'm excited to see. She also said ohh you have your boobs done too? Made me feel good because I don't. & I was originally going to get them together mostly for the lift but thannnnk god I didn't. Sleeping on my stomach is the only way I'm comfortable. I'm going to shower later today n will try to post some pics if its not too scary looking. I changed condos yesterday that was tough getting up and around. But omg its the most beautiful condo!!! Definitely 5 star right on the beach. I'll post pics later if anyones looking. Oh & let me just post this scale from the docs office because I'm loving it & need one. Oh and ariannys office I'm gonna need that too lol so cute & pink.

2 days post op pics

Keep in mind I'm not even a full 48 hours post so I still have a lot of swelling. I promised I wouldn't make you guys wait weeks for pictures because I know myself the anticipation. I literally just emailed Dr. Salzhauers office making sure I didn't have fluid built up because I'm not sure what it would look like.. and he called me within the minute. It might have been less than a minute lol so know you don't ever have to worry about that like many other offices I read about. Here's the pics!!! Pre and post

1 more pre op

day 3 post op!

My sister flew in today and I took off my garment and showed her and she said omg what did you do, you look like Nikki manaj!! Lol it is a little bigger in person but im hoping I don't look like Nikki manaj lol so I took a shower today so heres more pics (sorry for the blurring I have tattoos all over)

day 5

Overall ive felt pretty good. I have some welts on my forehead from a reaction to something. I hope they go down soon. My body looks different every day. My garment has been bunching on the sides where the zippers are on my hips. So its digging in my skin and cause a big lump in between my hips and waist. I'm definitely getting a front zipper one. And one with less compression as soon as he says I can. Idk if its too small or too big. But I didn't notice it the first couple days. Maybe im doing something wrong. I'll ask him tomorrow when I go in. Pictures still look the same so I'm not going to keep posting them. I'll post when the swelling starts to go down. I've been lucky recovering physically I've been up and around since day 3 but emotionally it sucks.. you're in this beautiful place and you can't do anything. Not Sitting is also annoying. My son wants to wrestle and run around with Me so bad and I can't and that's the worst part for me. So i just can't wait to be back to normal. That's all for now. I'll let you know if I learn anything tomorrow at my post op


Heres a pic of my garment bunching up. Its digging in my sides and causng weird markings. Is this normal


Idk what happened but I've showered everyday and its look great
I woke up this morning to shower and my butt was gone :(
I even compared it to my before picture and I see also no difference. I'm hoping its swelling but I am so emotional I don't know what to think. And I'm only 6 days po so its going to go down even more. I hope my body didn't reject the fat :( because I'm not going through this again

13 days post op

Hey ladies!!! Its been about a week since ive updated and ive gotten quite a few messages from some of you girls making sure im okay thank you so much for your concern!!
Ive been phoneless i left my phone in florida lol and then my dog chewed my laptop cord while i was gone lol
This process was emotional for me in the beginning. Your body really does look different each day depending in swelling.. there were a few days i was a little nervous as you can see from my previous post..
Physically i have been sooo lucky. I felt great by day 3. Day 4 i even went to seaquarium and day 6 took my son to legoland.
Im very happy with my shape at 2 weeks post op. I do wish it was a little bigger but dont most people lol my body shape has improved by 100% because of how well ive recovered i could see myself going in for a round 2 or a revsion to make it a little bigger. I just dont know where he'd get the fat from lol my waist is so tiny love handles and pouch are gone..
I went in weighing about 130lbs. I gained about 20 lbs. Im trying to keep the weight in because i dont want my booty to get any smaller. And dr. Salzhauer doesnt want me to go below 120 either. So far ive kept it all on no problem ..

Dr. Salzhauer arianny and all the girls from the office were and have been so great..
Im posting a few pictures and ill update again soon
I do have a pocket of fluid in one area and my hips are a little uneven but i think its just swelling and im still lumpy and not healed.. im only 2 weeks post op :)

3 weeks post

Im another week post op! Another week closer to sitting lol
Im still doing good.. I feel pretty much back to normal besides not being able to sit or wearing anything but sweatpants because of this garment. I cant wait to be cute again!!
Good luck to the girls getting their surgery this week and next. Dswifey and latinamorena and any others!!
Not a lot has changed since last week but here are a few 3 week post pics

5 week update

Sorry ladies I haven't updated in a couple weeks. Not much had changed. I take pictures everyday lol but they all look the same. I promise ill post some next week. A couple of things happened this week.. fat absorption has started and hopefully finished its process lol.. my measurements before surgery (and gaining 20 lbs) were 36-27-35.5. My waist is usually 25 in at 110lbs. Out of surgery i was 36-26-39.5 loved it! So perfect.. if i ever go back those will be my wish pics lol.. this week fat absorbed from my hips. Probably my butt too but most noticeably my hips.. one hip absorbed more than the other.. but I'm not too worried about it yet. I measure myself every week.. ive been steadily staying at 36-26-38 (1.5 inches down after the first about 2 weeks from swelling) today i measured at 36-27-37.5 up an inch in the waist and down in the hips. I dont understand why my waist is growing. Ive stayed at 130lbs.. so im going to get a waist cincher. Has anyone else had this issue? It could be my garments are no longer tight enough. Does anyone have any compression vests/waist cinchers that work best? Ive looked at Ann Chery, vedette 100, and faja d prada waist cincher.
If you have a recommdation or read about one in particular let me know.
Ill update better soon :)

8 weeks post op..

Hey ladies sorry i haven't updated ive really been patiently waiting for my 8 weeks.. since thats when they say you have an idea of your final results
Im having some issues with swelling(i think) still.. in my stomach.. left side.. and vagina fat. I hope its swelling.. i mean it has to be right? I never had a fat vagina before lol and my stomach and waist shouldn't have grown since healing should they? I also have some waves, lumps and dents that I'm worried about. I didn't have time today but ill get ahold of the office tomorrow.. my stomach looks really uneven from a few waves and lumps.. my butt looks good but it's really cellulite looking which i didn't havebefore.. i understand fat will cause that but how do they girls come out with their butt looking more smooth after? Idk.. im mostly stressing out about the lumps and dents and it has me looking at everything.. heres a pic with clothes on. Ill post when I'm more healed.

almost 10 weeks post

This is going to be quick my phone is acting crazy.
Im posting a side by side before and after. Always always always look at your side by sides!! We forget how little booty we had before.. I had none!! Omg!n.
By the way the heating pad before masssaging has been helping so so much!!
I know ive said it before but this process gets emotional and healing is longgg and slow you just want to come out looking good. I seriously thought within a few weeks id be looking good!! Lol it doesn't workt that way! But Dr. Salzhauer is personally there for u the whole way i am a perfectionist and i admit i get nervous and hes always explaining things and he definitely just wants you happy and I dont think everyone can say that about their surgeon.

ghurani private practice

Anyone that was involved in the drama with ghurani with vanity/elite as i was.. paid in full and found out on here he wasn't doing bbls there.. i had to call them!! I had my plane tickets n everything.. they were making people fluly out there to go to different "surgeons" who in fact are not even surgeons. One of their top bbl doctors is a dermatologist.. who just recently had a patient pass away from performing a bbl.. this was a blessing in disguise. So.happy i didn't end up there... he finally opened his own private practice. No more drama. Just thought id sharethis info with people interested in him. Just recieved an email from his office and im sure most of you that have contacted him on here will.. its just called ghurani plastic surgery. Heres the number 305-477-4575

21 weeks post op

I can't believe it's already been 21 weeks. 5 months this weekend. Luckily, this process wasn't very painful for me, because I have to go back for a revision. My stomach unfortuanitly never smoothed out, so I'm going back to hopefully fix it. I've read a lot of reviews on uneven stomach healing being close to impossible to fix, but dr. Salzhauer seems pretty confident. Since I do have to go through this again I'm going to have him round out my butt a little more, one cheek is a little bigger than the other, hopefully add a little projection, and fill in my right hip. Here's a pic of my good cheek lol the one that projects more. These are my booty jeans H&M $20.00 make your booty pop way more than any of my other jeans. I have a light pair that make it look even bigger. I'll post more info when I have a date and stuff :)

Random extreme cellulite!

So I know I mentioned something about it before, but I swear it's getting worse. I have cellulite all down my legs, and even a little dimplin in my arms!! I never had any cellulite anywhere before!! Maybe a dimple or two under my butt, but now it's all down the front and side of my legs even Onto my knees! And now it's starting on my arms. I'm freaking out. I havnt gained weight, I know it's from the liposuction, but I didn't even have lipo on my legs or arms. This surgery did something that totally aged my skin. My legs look like I'm 60 and I can't even wear shorts anymore. I'm only 25 lol this is horrible. I know I have some vascular damage on my stomach I wonder if that has anything to do with it? Everywhere I see, doctors say lipo doesn't cause cellulite, but sooo many girls claim they get it after lipo, and the before and after pictures even on doctors pages show more cellulite. Look at how bad it is!! I had nice smooth legs before. I have to go back for a revision to fix my stomach and I'm worried that it's just going to make it worse. Has anyone else had this problem? Does it go away?!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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