After Hesitating for over a Year I Decided to Dysport and So Far is Best Decision - Florida, FL

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Honestly I was so afraid of making this so well...

Honestly I was so afraid of making this so well needed move after reading so many negative comments from others whom experienced horror after Dysport ; But less than a moth ago, I saw a living social deal :) and I looked into the company's profile and things looked good so I went ahead and bought it, the day of the consult I literally was getting an anxiety attack lol while seating in the waiting area and almost walked away when suddenly I heard my name, I walked into the office and found a very pleasant lady professional with good knowledge to answer my few questions so I felt comfortable to do it right then. To my surprise I DID NOT FELT ANY PAIN at the time of the injections which I was also anticipating much pain, I opened my eyes looked at her and said is that it? She smiled!
I had purchased 20 units with the deal, she recommended I get 30 more applied as follows:
20 units in the gallabar area or the 11s
10 in each side of the forehead to lift the eye brows
5 in each side of the eyes crow feet
50 units amazing! That did the trick
The results are amazing, omg I feel like in my 20's in just 7 days,
It did actually took a full 7 days to see full results, I saw her again and discussed the possibly of getting another 20 units in the crow feet area as the 5 units in each side did not made much of difference I guess as to be expected??
She still wanted to wait another 7 days before injecting me anymore
In regards to the "bad side effects"
The first day almost instantly I felt a light headache and some tension in the forehead area, it lasted on and off for about 2 days, the rest of it was a bit of anxiety in part for not seeing results after the 3rd day and up until the 5 days, and main reason of my anticipation became due to all I read about bad side effects , so each day I was thinking I was going to wake up with droopy eye lid, or not being able to breath etc. I almost felt on the 3 rd day that my throat was hurting I am being honest. I did felt so but it was all part of my fears my imagination for reading so much about it, I have been looking to do this for over 2 years now and never did cause of fears.
Each day I saw my eyes looking sad, my brows on the floor my face looking opaque and down I said to myself " what am I going to do" and the less expected day I found myself seating in that office And in a matter of 20 mins walking out feeling lucky and thinking positive saying none of those bad side effects will happen to me.
Like I said so far so good. 9 full days later I am very happy I did it. What a big difference!
The only problem now is : how am I going to live without it? Lol
I am not in my 20s neither mid 30s but I had a prematurely wrinkles case due to excessive worries and depression which I was told by a doctor can cause this fallen eyelids problems, I was offered an eyelid surgery few years ago when I wasn't even 30

I posted a pic taken just now I don't look too refreshed as it is now almost 1 am but I didn't wanted to post this without the pics as sometimes I take the time to write in this blog and days will pass by before I can update.
The pic where I am smiling shows the wrinkles under my eyes ( crow feet) that I will go back to inject 20 more units but in the forehead area and 11s I am content with as I still want to show emotions for a more natural feeling. Also I did made my brows to go down for the pics to show how far I can go.
Note :
First pic was the very first day after injecting dysport within the first 2 hours which shows how I looked 9 days ago. My main problem was the eyelids falling too low now with the light lift that skin is not as wrinkled
The second pic shows today making angry faces or smiling to show emotions which I still want to keep natural.
The last pic is relaxed

Dysport 12 days after

In my last post on the 9th day shows full results today there's not much difference so I had reached maximum already meaning I will still have to go back to add few more units in the crow feet outer area of my eyes, 5 units in each side wasn't enough as i mentioned. In the forehead I had achieved magnificent results, maybe in the next 4 months i will add a bit more than 20 units in the gallabar area as now I do have a lot of mobility in that mid section but nothing too bad for now. My eyebrows are lifted with only 10 units in each I think is spectacular . Totally worth it and no side effects


Lol I kept on calling it everything but the write way, all this terminology are new to me but what matters is that you all understand what I am talking about, the 11s.. Glabella..

Dysport 2 weeks follow up

I went for my check up everything is great, no need to add anymore in the entire forehead area as it shows amazing results
We decided is necessary 10 more units in the crow feet as the initial 10 wasn't enough as suspected, it is now 3 days after the second round nothing is showing as yet, I figured it will take the full 7 days as it did with the gabella, I am thinking that the muscles around the crow feet are stubborn harder to "freeze" uff it is the area i care most as I don't want to show any wrinkles there yet lol. I want to buy few more years so I will keep a close eye and if more dysport is needed I will wait till im due for the entire forehead which is at the 4 months period..

p2 weeks follow up pic

Picture showing full results afyer 2+ weeks fully smiling.

Crow feet , 4days after adding few More units of Dysport

Crow feet, see no visible results as of now then again it took me a full week (7) days to see results when I went for my forehead , however I am under the impression that 20 units altogether which is 10 in each side may not be enough but still there's a possibility that comes to 7 days today it's been 4 days .
I will post an update when I reach the full week.

Face lift or laser lift

As some of you know by now that I am always looking to improve my appearance and running so bad from the signs of aging.
Now I am onto something even more serious, face lift.
Yesterday I went for my surgery at 10:30 am I was out and home in less than 3 hours, I came out very worry cause I was swollen and was expecting to stay that way for at least a week which I planned to hide until I was better but luckily today I woke up looking very well.
Some of you whom read my post know I did an inner thighs smart lipo a year ago
And at the same time I was considering the face lift but was not ready.
Well I will be posting pics as time goes, I kept on reading post hoping to find pics and or details about this type of surgery but did not find much, I want to help others in making a clear decision as I feel this is a great move, it is too soon to say but so far so good and I also seen other people whom done it and they look great
The first pic is me 2 years ago, I didn't had anything done ti my face or body then, which is the reason why I keep on trying different ways to keep my youth. This laser lift I feel is the most efficient way to keep your natural looks without changing the way your face is.
Second is me almost a month before the lift which it was done yesterday
The one with the white gauze over my head is like an hour after the surgery when I got home.
Followed by a pic taken late last night first day of surgery, and showing the chin where a tiny hole was done to insert the instrument
The one in pink is today around 7pm.
I feel mild pain, less swollen and anxious to see the changes but I know it will take some time
Now regarding the surgery, I was expecting the worse pain as it is the face but unlike the inner thighs the face did not hurt, I don't know why is something I can't explain but I truly tolerated this surgery so much better than my inner thighs
I only took one pain killer half hour before the surgery, the doctor injected local anesthesia. I got sick in the stomach due to both pills I took before surgery so I felt awful all day yesterday so I decided no pills at all not even Tylenol
I will post one last pic the one with the white shirt which was taken a week ago and its the reason why I wanted so much to do this, I couldn't stand to see how my cheeks were falling, the terrible smile lines horror to look at my pics for the last 6 months.
Also the pic in a purple top black pants will show my figure 2 years ago without any surgeries or exercise, I am naturally fit but gravity was taking over in some areas which are the hardest to loose once fat is deposited, my inner thigh and face
Okay my nest move is the soft skin around my eyes specially my upper eye lids
That is and it has been my worse nightmare truly for the last 3 years when no one could even notice it, 3 years later I can't hide it so I'm doing Dysport since July
It has been working great.

Face laser lift

Oops o forgot to post the pic where it shows the way I looked a week ago and is the picture I mentioned I hated when saw it, I was running away from camera like I was a movie star , I see a smart phone pointing at me and wanted to hide my face like a turtle , I couldn't stand to see the fat around my cheeks , chin , I most say from nose down the entire area gotten so deformed to how I used to look two years ago, I got into a car accident which is actually close to 2 years May 5 the day of the death which is a well known celebration in Mexico , that day a girl crashed her car against mine and oh boy my whole life has turned upside down, including my physical , I had slowed down , non as active and the weight I've gained it all accumulated in my upper body, not a single lbs from waist down, kind of weird but that's my body and my face got the worse part.
Well lets see if this procedure will help

Lazer lift almost a full week post op

Recent pics , I had a base and loose powder in this first 2
the 3rd pic was like a month or so before the lazer lift with no make up in this one where I am wearing a green top, that shows the fine lines I mentioned in one of my post around my cheeks and nasal lines ,a tiny bags near my lips by the sides of my face when I smile, now I feel those lines are a lot less noticeable , I do not like fillers and I had considered it for my nasal lines as they were deep, after the lazer lift it is one of the main area I feel had improved. My main goal is actually around my cheeks and neck, I am hoping as time goes by this areas will show a much better improvement firmness .
It is too soon I believe to say that I see major changes , my understanding is that I will continue to improve in the next 3 months, I am waiting patiently , luckily the procedure wasn't as painful as I expected, a lot less than when I did my inner thighs
The face was a piece of cake..

I am almost a week post op, feel good, no significant pain, very tolerable

Lazer lift , I like to add about the pain

Readers please don't get me wrong when I said this procedure was not painful
I like to correct this small comment
My doctor is very skilled, he knows how to injected and where the numbing anesthetic that is the first thing to success in this very delicate if you will procedure as is done in the face, specially the area by your jaws, off course you feel some moderate pain before the numbing takes action, however during the lazer lift I felt no pain. Days after maybe day 5th you feel it more as the anesthetic wears off, but is not a pain that I had to take not even a Tylenol, is more to the touch type of pain
Yes touch, I do massage the area from day 2, I want to help alleviate the pain and by massaging softly you help brake those knots that are forming inside from the tighten after the laser, that if left alone can be murder , so I want to see great results and get out if this sooner, I massage the face and chin neck daily with sneak oil, I feel super bad knowing it is coming from the poor sneaks but I know. Is one sure thing to work for painful sore muscles, in this case I use it to alleviate the pain from the laser lift, this oil is soft like silk, so it runs smooth helping the massage to be more pleasant, I do it slowly and try to tolerate the pain while braking those knots
Each time I feel the area tense I do a soft 5 mins rub.
That is the worse of this whole thing cause it does Hurst to the touch, or wise this lazer lift is really easy in the pain thing.
I didn't wanted to mislead with my no pain comment, but I guess my desires of getting younger looking face is greater than getting any chicken out.. Lol

Lazer lift today is a full week

Today went for review and everything seems okay, my next visit to see the Doc is in 6 weeks, I may not be posting much in between cause it seems that now the evolution will be slowly until reach 3 months. I kind of like to make an effort to live each day as normal as possible that way I control the way I feel about seeing changes, I've noticed during this last 3 days there has not being any movements any changes , so imagine if I spend the next few weeks looking to see improvements I will just make myself anxious and that can only lead to disappointments which is the reason why we read so many negative comments and that can only discourage others, we should not allow others fears and bad outcomes to affect our decisions of getting this Lazer lift, this is a good thing is something that can make a difference in our lives bringing youth back and help is feel more confident off course if everything goes well, in my case I went into surgery thinking it will be a success.
I can not say today it has made a huge difference to my few problem areas but then again the face is still swollen maybe as it goes down I will get to see the definition I am so anxious to see when I look at myself in the mirror or a pic taken.
Remember my problem areas are in the lower corner of my cheeks, close to the nasal lines, the jaws and a bit down to my neck which we did not do much about that part, the lift was only down to my chin.
I am posting pics in order starting 2 years ago, 2nd pic is not long before the surgery maybe 2-3 months, 3er is only a week before surgery. 4-5 pics this couple of days post op?
Last few pics are just now, ironically I feel I looked better in the pics from 2-3 days ago ( reduced sagging or more defined jaws, the corners near nasal lines) maybe today I am swollen for some reason.
I guess it fluctuates day by day. Once again I will hold tight and wait for my three months to see what the outcome will be, then I will be able to have a clear picture of what to expect.
I truly feel for people like me with the extra fat in the cheeks , neck some lipo can be beneficiary but I didn't wanted to go for that procedure before trying something less drastic in my face, if the laser melts a tiny % of fat around the areas we did who knows that may be sufficient to bring back my natural look, where I had more defined shape in my entire face as shown in the first pic.
I was not conscious that all the fat was getting deposited in my face, I did used to eat without discipline,in part because I don't gain weight in my entire body,per say I am the same lbs for years,my cloths size is 2 in my normal stage 4 in my very worse blown up stage, however it don't show much in my body but it was getting accumulated in my upper body, my shoulders,arms,and needless to say FACE
it was a gradual process , maybe in the past 2 years. Suddenly the last 3 months it all came out omg I remember the day I saw a pic looking like a full moon, the I said to myself slow down with the cold stone and such.. By then it was too late the damage is done, now I'm on the case to correct it and exercise is in my plans also but I know to loose the fat in my face the laser help is ideal, and no genius to say that those sags, deformed areas in the bottom part of my face by the jaws , nasal lines no exercise can solve. ??? If there is then that's not a route I want to take I like fast results.. But now after this I am and will be careful,will appreciate what God had given me and try to preserve whats left in good shape. Meaning the rest of my body that doesn't gain the extra lbs I will exercise.
I heard that wearing a girdle helps with the stomach to keep it firm , it is uncomfortable at first but during the winter is actually a good idea, ill give it a try.

Please , please help us educate about laser lifts , to some of you whom had it done please post pics, comments, help us know what to expect, the outcome, those little details that can mean much to people like me, just a week post and full of questions
Thank you.

Nose also can get rounded up by gaining weight

I forgot to mention that I noticed the huge difference in my nose tip when I was slender and now, my hose got totally round,fat, so it is something to learn.
I also like to add that before we do the lift we are aware of whats not looking good or the same as 2-3 years ago, however after the surgery is when we really see it all, I don't know of is cause we take the time to seat in front of a mirror to see what the surgery has done to our faces or the fact that we take daily pics for before and after and run to post in here in real self lol but true is we do become heavily hard on ourselves more judgmental , we fish to find all the flaws, then we say of wow I did looked awful a week ago, and only hope for time to fly by so we get final results
Since I just realized this last things I said the best is to calm down and patiently wait I tell myself each day I made the right move, I well needed a lift, the bad news is there's no stopping for some people after the first trial, the we do more and more. Lol...

Lazer lift, 2 weeks post op

Few days passed by before I was able to feel any tightening , now at two weeks I can feel it and see the changes in my face. I posted this pic where you can see the different shape that my face is turning, I see it more towards the chin area. The jaw line isn't as defined yet I'm assuming is where I had the most problems. Under the chin and half neck it looks still same maybe is swollen.

2 pics before and 2 weeks after lazer lift

I know is too soon to determine either the face is changing much but I can feel tightening and also see some definition by the chin area, whereas my face was more like a round shape now is getting a bit oval, not much but is getting there.
The cheeks are not showing much of a difference as you can see still looks some what droopy , the hope still there ,maybe at the three months period some will improve.
Ill keep you posted

16 days post lazer lift

I still feel the process has been slow as I want to see more changes than I've seen so far, but like I said patience is what I will need for the next few months before I see any significant improvements.
Good thing is I feel my face very normal, no itching as I read some people go through or numbness, it all feels like if I didn't had anything done. Although I see some positive changes already. It's good to feel normal that way I can forget and won't be so much on top like I was the first week. I used to walk around with a hand mirror and off course that turns into obsession
The part I still feel difficult is after pics taken I still see those deep nasal labial lines and some dropped skin in my cheeks that gives me the sad looks, I am not sure if that will actually change with this procedure.

16 days post lazer lift

16 days post lazer lift.
Not showing major changes. But I feel the difference.

6 weeks after lazer lift

I had reached the 6 weeks already, will see my doc next week, so far I see the lines gone, the jaw line is a lot more visible as it was covered by fat, I feel with time I will see some contour in my cheeks, I do feel the skin tighten which I understand will continue to improve. Will post after my doc meeting.

6 weeks after lazerlift

Pic today without make up , note the nasal labial lines are gone.
I will post a pic of today and again the one before lazer lift
The areas where the lift has been more noticeable with positive results are by the nasal labial lines, they were very deep cheeks were fallen putting lots of pressure in this area reason why lines were so visible, that gave me the tired look. I am hoping to see more improvement by the cheeks and jaw lines but that may take the 3 months to reach full results. My understand is that it takes that long for new collagen to surface, that's what ultimately will give the skin the firmness
I am giving it a boost by adding retin A..

9 months post laserlift

I am sorry to say that this did not worked well for me, I have found that once all settled in my face changed for the worse, I used to feel so much more positive in my last reviews cause I was under the impression that past six moths is when I will see the big difference, well I do now and is more saggy skin, droopy or drooped cheeks,deeper Nasolabial folds , hallow under my eyes, and all is due to the changes I had after the laser was introduced inside of my face, it all moved freely without any support to hold the weight coming down after the surgery removed the excess far from tightening it actually loosen up my skin giving me a complete sad look ,aged and tired resulting in an older look
Luckily for me I found other alternative which is VIORA, I HAD ONE TREATMENT AND SEE POSITIVE RESULTS ALREADY


I continue to use Dysport with great results
Best move ever!

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