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Hi everyone, First of all, I love this...

Hi everyone,

First of all, I love this website. I think plastic surgery gets a bad reputation, but I've never understood why anyone would criticize someone for making a personal decision to improve their self-image. I have uneven breasts. I have had them since age 14, when they grew in. It always bothered me, but it has really affected me recently. I'm a "late-bloomer" and my breasts grew from barely-As to small Cs at the end of high school. (Well, small C and small B, since they're asymmetrical). That's when the difference really began to stand out to me. I can't fit properly into bras and certain bathing suits are just embarrassing. My family never noticed, because I hide it well, but when I pointed it out they couldn't help but admit that yes, I did have uneven breasts.

I find I'm super self-conscious at the best of times, and other times I dread dating etc. because I don't want to have to take my top off. I just don't want to live like this! I'm 19, almost 20. I'm young and I like the rest of my body/my personality. I want to be confident and enjoy my youth!
After lots of research on my options, I began visiting surgeons. The first few said they wanted to do breast implants. Impulsively, I signed up for surgery with one of them. After really thinking it over, I decided breast implants were not for me and I was rushing into my decision. I didn't want potential harassment from other girls my age when they noticed my augmentation. Also, I was happy with my larger breast in relation to my frame. I canceled the surgery and kept on researching.

I kept reading about fat transfer, but it sounded really iffy and risky. And it is a new, somewhat unpredictable procedure. It sounded so perfect otherwise that I decided to make a consult. I met my doctor and I really liked him. He was very honest with me. He said it should work, but walked me through risks--lumps in the breast (which he can treat, and less than 20% of patients get them), irregularities from the lipo, and fat reabsorption.
I'm most worried about the reabsorption. This is a costly procedure that I will be paying my parents back for. If the fat completely reabsorbs, I will be devastated! I will eventually get breast implants if that happens, but I will have to live with the un-eveness again til I have the funds for that, and oh boy do I not want to.

Just to be clear, I have what I believe are reasonable expectations. I don't expect my breasts to match exactly. (What woman's do?) But I would be so happy if they were the same cup size, or even within a half a cup size of one another! I want to feel normal, fit into a bra and bikini properly, and feel better about myself overall.

I will not be using BRAVA. The doctor will use traditional lipo. The doctor uses the technique where they supercharge your fat with your own stem cells/plasma. He uses the micro-droplet technique and distributes the fat in layers to provide for better survival.
I will be having the surgery during Christmas break (I'm in college).

I would love to hear from anyone who went through this. I'd also be happy to talk to anyone considering it.
I will continue to update you, and I plan to give a detailed description of the surgery and post-surgery experience.

I have made the decision to cancel this procedure,...

I have made the decision to cancel this procedure, and get implants instead. It is not a decision I have made lightly. My doc doesn't use the BRAVA system, which makes me nervous. I cannot afford Dr. Khouri, who seems to be the man for this kind of surgery. I am a thin girl, as you can see, and I am worried about irregularities from liposuction when there is so little fat to begin with. My surgeon was unable to reassure me on that front. Furthermore, I'm concerned about my doctor himself. I've been kind of "stalking" him online these past few months, and he seems like a pretty brusque, arrogant guy. And has a fair amount of negative reviews. I'm young, I can't afford multiple fat transfers at this price, and the fat could easily reabsorb.
Implants are a lot more reliable. I'm not thrilled with the idea of having "fake" boobs, but I have found a doctor who gives pretty natural results. Eventually, perhaps in my 30s or 40s when I hopefully have more disposable income and am married etc, I will surely have my implants removed and try fat transfer, which will probably be a standardized, accepted procedure by then.
I just wish I were born even! All this stress for something so ridiculous. Women who are even but just happen to have small breasts, unless you are flat, I wouldn't touch perfection! I love my small boobs. They just have minds of their own! I can't stand them being this lopsided my whole life, so I will change them. Just wish I were normal. :( Feel free to contact me if you have questions about my new procedure or about fat grafting, I've done hundreds of hours of research on both, and I also know a fair bit about congenital asymmetry. Here is a link to my new review, on breast implants:
All the best to everyone.

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The doctor brushed off my questions and didn't explain the risks of the surgery to me, leaving me to do research entirely by myself. Over the past few months, I've observed his callous attitude towards patients, even mocking them at times. Just made me truly wary.

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