One month PO pics, swelling coming down!

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Scheduled for a Tummy Tuck and breast lift on...

Scheduled for a Tummy Tuck and breast lift on March 6, 2012. I have been researching MD's for about 3 years and finally found one that I feel confident in. Like many others, pregnancy left me with extra skin. I am 5ft 2 and a bit :), and weigh just under 130. I am extremely excited at this point. Knowing me, I will be extremely nervous the day of.

My husband is very supportive, I know that he can not wait for me to stop "*****ing" about my stomach! I want to be comfortable in my skin again, as well as a bikini! I am T-minus 7 days away and have my pre-op on the 1st. Cross your fingers for me and my recovery as I have to be back to work in 10 days! I know that is going to be tough...

I did not say "not worth it" Just so all...

I did not say "not worth it" Just so all knows, it hasn't been done yet, how do I know?! I will update with pre pics soon. I'm a night shift worker, and it's time again to go in...Hope to hear from others that are having their procedure around my time, it would be nice to compare...

At Pre-op appointment:) Eeek!

At Pre-op appointment:) Eeek!

Well, this time last week, I was in recovery. ...

Well, this time last week, I was in recovery.
Surgery went well. I did warn them that i was difficult to wake after anesthesia, and I proved myself right, lol. Instead of the typical one hour recovery, it took three before I woke and was able to leave. Though my bestie will tell you, I still wasn't coherent when we arrived to the hotel. The front desk clerk gave us an office chair for me to sit on while I was pushed to the room :)

I've actually been ok when it came to pain. The worse night I had was two days post op and it wasn't surgical pain...I had a hell of a headache. I'm prone to migraines anyway, but my bestie pointed out that I had not had any caffeine in days. Good point! As a night shift ER RN, you can imagine, I have an affair with caffeine!

I pulled my marcaine pump out on Saturday and was a little worried about pain after, but nope...still good. I can tell you that sneezing is the absolute worst! I was hoping to pull my drains today, but I am still a tad bit over the amount of drainage that my MD states is the number I can use to pull the drains. It's close and there is air in both lines so I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow as I go back to work Thursday night and I really don't want to arrive with to JP drains!!

My swelling has been noticeably less as of yesterday, yay! Of course it will probably all come back when I go to work... I weigh less than when I went in, which is great. Can not wait to see the finished product! I'm still in the compression garment that I was given at the office as I still have the drains in, but I can not tighten it up anymore and it is quite wrinkled at this point.

I have a "second stage" garment, but the drains need to be out before I can put that one on. How long before you guys went to your next garment? I think I will have more compression with that one as this original seems to be too big?

The breasts look great as well. I obviously lost some size as I went in a full D, I think I am either a large B or solid C, but can not tell yet. All I know is that they do not move! The only issue with those is the constant "itchiness" where the steri strips are. Sports bras for 6 weeks and then no underwire for a year. Victoria's secret, here I come! Being the size that I was, I do not own one single bra without underwire, lol.

I hope everyone else is doing well!!!

One month post op...Feeling good, I'm still unable...

One month post op...Feeling good, I'm still unable to really lay flat on my stomach, feels like it is pulling too much, but I did go shopping last weekend! I've also ordered my new bathing suits, lol.

I have been working a lot recently, but am jonesing for the gym...I called my PS and was told not until 6 weeks...two more to go. How long is everyone keeping their compression garments on? My second is getting big...I am wondering if I should go buy another?

My swelling is starting to come down now. It's not gone yet! Before the surgery, when I would lay flat, I had some pretty defined hip bones, I haven't found them again yet! I've lost 6 pounds since I went in for surgery, now at 124, yay! The only time I was less than that was high school and college when I was running 15 miles a day!

I hope everyone else is doing well! Prayers and good karma coming your way!!
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