Dysport Made my Face Drop

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I posted this under a comment, but wanted to...

I posted this under a comment, but wanted to create my own experience,too, so that maybe others going through a similar experience can reply. Thank you for listening.:). I had my first botox injections Nov 11 for crows feet ,brow and forehead, and undereyes. Surprisingly, although my injections were under my eyes and were injected extremely deep into the muscle, I responded fairly well and I guess I can say"liked the results". They seemed to wear off fairly quick, and I thought I would do it again to remain wrinkle free(forgot to mention that I barely had wrinkles in the first place.just a few smile lines on side of crows when I smiled). Feb 23rd, I went to my local medi spa at a nearby mall for more botox. The girls there told me about dysport and it worked just as good as botox, but lasted longer and told me it was cheaper than botox after the $50 rebate.

So, stupid me, sat in the chair and got 50 units into my forehead,crows and to top me off :( she gave me one injection under the middle of my left eye, after i told her not to. And that is where my nightmare began. I had the typical reaction that I have heard from so many women on this forum, the droopy face, bags under both eyes, creepy skin near my mouth. It has been hell. I had been going to the gym daily and running for 5 miles to get the toxin out of my body. I was seeing improvement under my eyes, but the loose ,saggy skin under my eyes was just horrible. I was started to panic because in a couple weeks actually have to go away to accompany my husband on a trip. July 9th I went to a very well known plastic surgeon to discuss w/ him my under eye situation . I went in knowing that I would get botox again to my forehead to tighten it up a bit and get rid of those half moons above my eyebrows which are now back after 4 1/2 mos. post dysport. Thought that might boost my spirits?!. The day I was to meet w/ the PS, I had a breakdown and cried. The skin under my eyes was so loose and baggy, not tight and firm like it used to be. My crows feet were back and when I smiled they would crinkle up and bunch up. I pulled myself together and went to the Dr., depressed about my appearance. I told him my story and he really didn't believe it was the dysport which pulled the skin under my eyes down. I told him it was and went onto to tell him that I didn't look like this in Feb. I showed him pics as proof. He said that he has heard that alot from women who claim that they don;t think they could've aged in a few months!?!? I went crazy and told him that I didn't look like this Feb 23rd. He offered botox for my forehead and said that botox on the side of my eyes(crows) would make the bunchy creases there when I smile look better. He did say that it wouldn't firm up the saggy undereyes.

Before I agreed to all, I (emotionally,w/ tears in my eyes )just asked him if I would look better, and he said yes. So, I did it. 34 units to forehead, brow and crows. I came home and immed. saw the difference and felt my face get tighter. I was thinking..hmm...maybe that was all I needed was just more botox? Not so sure. the next morning I woke up w/ huge hammock sized bags under both eyes , and crinkly eyes when I smile. Yep, chipmunk,swollen face,too. My skin is still saggy on my face. I am so upset. I am an avid gym goer, was running 5 miles a day, weightlifter. My diet is impeccable, no sugar,carbs,salt. I don;t drink or smoke. Fitness and competing is my life. Needless to say, I have been home in hiding since Monday when I got home.. I hope I didn't set my healing process back now that I had more botox done after being "clean" from dysport for 4 1/2 mos. I think my skin was probably just going to beging the tightening up phase? I am heartbroken. I feel for my poor husband who has to live w/ a depressed wife who used to be so happy,fun and care free. If anyone out there has encouraging words/advice/opinions...anything at all, I welcome all of it. Tomm I have an appt to go talk to another dr. for advice and one again on Mon. I think a lower bleph might be ordered to pull up my saggy eye/cheek skin that seems to have dropped in mos.. It feels good to finally post my story and share with you all. Thank you for being there.xo

Almost 6 weeks post last botox treatment and...

almost 6 weeks post last botox treatment and almost 6 mos post dysport nightmare. I wake up and still have huge slanty eye bags under my eyes. Under eye area still hollowed out and fat pads have dropped ,as well as cheek drop. I started doing Eva Frazier facial exercises the past few days and feel that my face feels tighter. I am being careful,though, to make sure I don;t get any new rinkles from these exercises, especially when squinting..the bridge of the nose bunches up and lines form, so I try to lift that area up while doing the exerercises. What else....I am looking into caci facials.have a call in to a woman in my area who offers them(hard to find ). Besides that, I am drinking a gallon of water a day, taking suppl's, following a clean diet and doing an hr of cardio a day, which really makes me look better afterwards. I have seen a couple of PS to feel them out regarding my situation. Of course , they suggest lower blephs and cheek lifts. I was honestly considering having these procedures done, but came to my senses the other night after reading older posts from Melty and a few other women, who have and are still seeing improvements even after 2 years! I am going to try and ride it out. I am deathly afraid of having a surgery debacle , so I plug on.....I will get back to "normal" and prove these dr's wrong who tell me that I can't! Hope everyone is healing nicely . xo

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