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Hello diamonds dolls as many other dolls and dolls...

Hello diamonds dolls as many other dolls and dolls to be ive been researching about the bbl procudure for months now and man have i seen so many beautiful booties on here lol. Ok enough blabbing lol heres a little about me im 5'9 weighing in a wopping 210lbs (having a mini heart attack) realizing ive gained 50lbs since ive gotten married. I have 4 children my last two are twins, but after having them the 75 lbs i gained i lost within 3 months so im tryna figure out how in the hell i cant lose 50 lol. Ok exhaling now but anywho im stuck in between both dr s's dr salama and dr salzahaur, both of there results post op are amazing sooo im pondering which one. Im in need of help my diamond dolls. Oh and im gonna upload some pics of me im not that bad hell who am i kidding im not icandy thats for sure soooo here you go.Drum roll plz lol

adding my pics and wish pics

Heres me now and my wish pics..brace yourselves lol

wish pics AGAIN didnt show the first time

Heres my wish pics

my opinion of pros and cons for both dr's

Ok pros for dr salama..remember this is my opinion: (1) he does give donks i can give him credit for that (2) just about all his pts ive seen on rs and on his website there transformations have been on point (3) his pricing is fair compared to some docs ive seen.
Ok dr salzahaur (1) like poshe said he's a hit or miss and my luck ill be the miss lol (2) he doesnt utalize drains, thats my #1 thing i looove because my husband will be the one taking care of me after this so when i showed him a pic of a rs member with the drains he freaked the hell out lol but i tried to ease his mind telling him why they use them but he still wasnt hearing that so idk (3) his pricing is actually cheaper then dr salama but ive always been the type to say "you get what you pay for" that could be good or bad. So as i said im screaming this on the top of the empire state THIS IS MY OPINION. i like to live in a drama free zone

that darn husband of mine

Ok that darn husband of mine lol WE watched a video on youtube of some nasty ish so im like ok since you watch this lets watch what i want you to see so i get the eye and a oh lord comment lol so WE watched the bbl procedure being done and oooh my word this man was into it more then me lol but for some odd reason he still dont understand why the drains are needed lol i gave up and said you must of rode the short bus because there was your example and he still questioned it lol im gonna say a little prayer for him, and dolls say one for me lol so i can or the dr and get through to him.. Ttyl girls

heres another pic of me in clothes

rs be trippin..lets try this again lol


OK!! Ive finally decided to go with dr salama(sigh of relief) because i feel as tho he can give me what im looking for and more. And hubby agrees so Dr salama watch out cuz here i come!!lol

Bday today

So today is my 29th bday and im really blessed to see it and to all you bootiful diamond dolls out there my time is coming so when it does buckle up and enjoy the ride lol im getting ready to turn the f*ck up..Peace


For some of the dolls that wanna know i wanna recieve as much as he can put in me lol




Still waiting for my email back with cynthia usually she respondes back the same day. The things that makes you go hmm lol

wish pic


Ok vets about how long should i take off wrk considering i stand about 10 hours a day? I know theres swelling if you stand for long periods of time and i dont wanna be lookin like a blow fish by the time i leave work lol..HELP ME PLZ!!


Figured i'd give u ladies a lil smile today

Upping the price

Hi dolls i see rs has changed there pg (on my cell atleast) looks good, but anywho does anyone know when salama upping his prices?


Hiya babes been mia for a bit alot has been goin on in my life i started school 0_o boy o boy thats along time thing ive always wanted to presue but anywho know that ive started school and work full time when its my time for sx hopefully ill be able to get enough time off for school maybe during summer. Buuut hopefully this friday ill be able to FINALLY put a down payment for dr salama to work his magic on this body cuz the way they got this food set up now a days thats y my ass cant loose this weight lol.. Ttyl ladies be blessed and thankful



Hello ladies i have a serious question did anyones hubby or bf ever feel just as excited about the procedure then next thing u no hes acting funny about it? Well thats what im goin thru, my husband WAS excited now hes like idk im like wth. I told my mom and dad what i wanna do and told them about his reaction at first then hes acting funny my mother said hes probably acting that way becuz once i get it done i may leave him im like wtf i hope hes not thinking that way becuz he got with me when i was "thicker" now im fat (in my mind) i am but ill never leave him becuz i got a confident booster. Mind u ladies also my husband is 17yrs older then me (he doesnt look it tho) but anywho have any of u gone or is going thru this? Help me i need some advice on how to handle this situation considering i wanted him to be my caregiver after all this. Thanks dolls have a blessed one


Ok!! So this is for the vets.. Whats the shortest time should one request to be off work? At my job we could only take 2 weeks and maybe a couple of days but not 3 whole weeks. Would i need more then 2 weeks for sure because i looked up about fmla and it states for jobs with 50 or more ppl wrkn there o_o and my job only has 10 ppl that wrk there myself included. ( I wrk in a clinic). Is that not true? Help!! Thanks

Just for shits and giggles ladies

I wish i wish (in my rkelly voice)

This is my current situation

friend of mine

This is a friend of mine that gotten a bbl and she looks fabulous!!

pic didnt post


Does anyone know of a nurse or info on some nurses in miami if i was to go by myself and rent a room to take care of me for recovery? Thanks dolls

Good news

Good news ladies well i talked to the hubby about this whole thing because i didnt want go do it and he wasnt on board with me so i sat him down and asked him what he thought about it and i wont ask again. So he said im down for whayever u want to do if it will make you happy ill be happy :) so im like soooo your not gonna get all fckn loopy when i get it done and dudes are lookn? Cause u no how these guys are married bf whatever, they say there not jealous but deep down in there nut sacks they really are lol but anywho so now that part is over and i have my hubby fully fully with me its time to really move forward with this. Im planning on having it done next year due to the fact that im wanting to take my family on a trip this yr so next yr is MY yr, plus im going to be turning 30 this yr so itll be a late bday present. I just had my baby measure me and sh*t around my hips/ass is a 51 like wth lol i lalready have ass but its not filled like a bubble like i want but i thank god everyday for what he did bless me with. Anywho sorry for the rambling im just so f'n happy my love is on board fully with me. Sorry for typos be blessed ladies ill keep you guys updated

My mind is made up

My mind is made up im going with dr salzhauer. I feel like i have bipolar lol when i first joined rs and seen girls being undecided i used to be like whats so hard about picking a dr but know i see lol i went from salama now his prices went up then i was considering dr fisher but im not with all the bs they always have going on and im not up for kiddie games they play so im back to my main man i really wanted from the beggining (see my first posts) sometimes us girls just need to follow our hearts minds and gut feelings. Soooo dr s watch out!! Later ladies btw rs needs to make an app lol ijs

Sure is


Hello dolls well i had a pregnacy scare thank god im not preggers lol my husbands upset but i told him listen we have 4 (last two r twins) but he and the whole damn family wanted me to be like wth kinda shit is that lol but anywho the only thing i could think about was me having to hold up about getting this ass lol selfish but bein real tho but the show must go on. Figured id fill you ladies in on listening to your body when it tells you somethings not right before you spend your $$ on something becuz we all know there could be a setback from us getting what we ALL deserve. Happy healing ladies past and present


Well the ladies that asked me about my friends bbl shes not telling. Idk why but i forgot she is a very private person but i thought she would share that with me, guess not but if she does decide to tell me ill let you ladies no. Ill upload some more pics of her as soon as i hide her face on them

more pics

Heres more pics of my friend that has had an bbl. Cant wait till its my turn

Bad news!!

Since my very first post ive gained 10lbs :'( . So me and hubby are gonna go on a diet because ive noticed all the weight has went to my stomach and im not feelin that, plus i no when my time comes i wanna be atleast back to where i was when i met my hubby (165) i no i no im gonna need some hope and pray lol. Happy healing ladies

friend of mine

Btw ladies that are asking who did my friends bbl i still have no idea but i do no that she had went in for a round 2 ALLLL that didnt come from 1 round lol. But as promised when or if she spills the beans ill let you ladies no.

Go big or Go home

The way bambis ass looks shes my wish pic im gonna show dr salz.. Is it to big or nah??

another wish pic

I want you ladies to see the ass im looking to achieve, i pray that dr salz give me what i want

Weight loss

Hiya babes so since my last last post about the weight gain I've decided to do some weight loss exercises (hubby also) and let me tell you I will not repeat WILL NOT have my husband with me anymore. This man tried to damn kill me lol meaning I swear he turned into a damn drill sergeant lol and the hell that I was his wife he had me doing stuff that will have you calling him every name in the book lol, ok nough rambling figured I'll tell you ladies that the weight loss is in-effect (minus hubby now). Oh I'm only gonna try to lose maybe 20-25lbs I still wanna make sure I have enough fat hell I know I have enough fat lol especially my stomach area thats where I hold allllll my fat. I'll take some more pre-op pics of how I look now I'll upload those later. Happy healing to the ladies that are in recovery and God bless us that's up next.


Hello my bottiful ladies im just checking in to let u ladies no that ive dropped 5lbs and im sooo happy yea its just 5lbs to some but im happy ass hell i was able to drop this lol just bein honest, but anywho ive been here lurking lookn at alll the beautiful ladies on here wishing my day was like yesterday lol but enough blabbing lol heres a couple of pics of my progress. Take care luvs


This is for the vets; vets I have a few questions for you. Ok does the dr provide the first garment after sx? I see alot girls say after their messages there put into a smaller one (sometimes) does the dr provide that one 2 or do you have to bring yours? Ab board-when do you start using that? I'm still debating on if i'll get an tt, ive have 3 c-sections so I'm not scaryed of having one.Last question how often do you use the lipo foam? I went on amazon and was gonna order 5 is that to much or to little? Oan whats the process on using the foam like if i use the ab board could i have the lipo foam under that? Sorry so many questions I just wanna get it when its my time so I won't be looking like wth to do and my husbands coming with me and he'll be lost ass hell to lol. Thanks again ladies


Silly me I forgot to ask ( I no I no another damn question) lol Can someone give me a list of the things that I'm gonna actually need/use. I know everyones different but I need the basic stuff. I'm not having my sx till next yr but I'm a planner i plan shit ahead of time because being a mother of 4 last 2 are twins ive gotten in the habit of doing things early since the twins but i'm done with the question asking (for now) lol pinky promise. xoxo


I seen this on fb and thought this was pretty neat instead of always laying flat on your stomach.. Neat idea and i dont no where you can find this but im pretty sure its sold somewhere lol


I saw this on ig and bout pissed my pants lol who the hell come up with this kinda stuff??


Well im looking into getting my procedure done sometime in march so that gives me about 7months to prepare. Ive been deciding on when to have it done considering im a mother i work full time plus i attend school but my wonderful husband has his own business so he makes his own days and times (lucky huh). But ill let you dolls no exactly when for sure but i am aiming for march happy healing to those who just crossed over my time is coming xoxo

Oh have I missed you guys

It's been a min since I've been on here and I see a lot of new asses lol you ladies look Great!! But I dropped in to finally say I'm going in March of 2015 to be blessed by dr Salz hands to bring this ass back to life lol. But I'll keep you ladies updated as time get closer because I no I'll have a milli questions to ask the vets. Take care dolls????

Fix it Jesus lol

So I had hubby take a few pics of me and let me tell u I CAN NOT wait till it's my time

More wish pics

More wish pics


Happy New Years ladies!! 2015 dolls stand up its our year and I no I'm sooo ready for me to get this ass on point lol I can taste it. But I pray for all us dolls that's going to do this procedure this year that we get what we wish for and that God sees us through this and for us to have a safe and happy healthy recovery. It's 2015 yall turn up!! Lol xoxo

A little encouragement

Through the process of picking a dr till the process of recovery we need to keep this in mind


Omg dolls I finally set a date for my surgery and its a feeling of happiness, scary, and did I make the right decision all in one lol but do to unforeseen events I can't have my surgery until next year BUT I'm not mad oh hell who am I kidding I'm pissed I can't have it done this year as I planned but we all no how life can throw a damn bulldozer yea I said bulldozer not a wrench in it but hey the way I see it it's probably a sign from God saying slow down you have other priorities but any who dolls I did FINALLY set a date of June 2016 so i pray I don't die of heat stroke seeing how I live in Fla lol and anybody from Fla no how this weather can be lol but past and future dolls take care and if anything changes I'll keep you guys posted xoxo


Hello ladies I've been sneaking on here from time to time looking all these beautiful asses on here lol but I have a FaceTime scheduled with dr salzhauer in about 12 days from now and I'm hella nervous why the hell if I no lol but I'm lost on what to ask him besides the normal questions lol I'm hoping I don't freeze up when we're actually face timing lol. If any of u ladies have a snap chat go follow him I am and let me tell u he shows u EVERYTHING while he's doing surgery on someone. He even did a bbl on someone and it eased my mind on how it's actually done. But I'll let u ladies no how it went xoxo

So f*ckn excited

So the hubby and I were talking about what to do with our munchkins for the summer, so I said yes we need to find something to do because next year we will be in Miami well he asked how much more do I have to pay. So I tell him he says Im gonna try to get it done for u this year :))) I was cheesin yes cheesin from ear to ear lol BUT he said not to get my hopes up high because u no how it goes ladies u can plan plan plan and then there's something that'll pop up from out of no where. So I'm crossing my fingers toes legs and everything else that can cross lol because I'm so over been ready to do this ish but I'll keep u ladies informed if things keep going the way I hope xoxo

The phone call

Omg ladies I just got off the phone with the man himself Dr Miami and I felt like I just signed a contract with a major star lol I was suppose to have a FaceTime chat but heck do u see me complaining..nope.. Just the fact he remembered to call me even tho he's probably busy as heck but he called and I forgot lol silly me I guess it was a good thing he didn't FaceTime me cuz I'm looking ratchet right now lol but he was so laid back and answered the very little questions I had. I've been following this man for a couple of years so I didn't have much to say because I've seen him on snap chat insta so I was more speechless then anything or was I star struck lol but anywho I was just updating as I said xoxo

Still my boo

Well if anyone has been following me knows I have a friend that's gotten a bbl and she's told me she's gotten it done in Miami but I grabbed a pic for u guys to see how good she looks now a days. Even tho she didn't spill the beans who did it she's still my boo lol

Getting ready (early)

Ok so I had some blood work done a couple of weeks ago because I haven't had any done in a few years lol I no I no, but my hemo was 13.5 now I'm crossing my fingers and praying it stays that way until my day. On the down side I am a smoker :/ and I'm going to stop way before the time that dr salz required me to stop. I'm not ashamed to say I'm a smoker cuz I no there's some on here that are but feel the need to not mention ( to each its own) I'm a Scorpio and we tell it like it is so take it or leave it. Anyway my vitamin d was super low 12.4 and should be 17 and higher. Now I'm not a pill taker so I got the gummies, so if any of you ladies don't like pills like myself or can't swallow them get the gummies there good I must say so myself lol keep out of reach of little kids because they look and taste like gummy bears lol but I also lost 7lbs but seeings how I don't have a period anymore, I still get the symptoms tho but anywho I'll keep you ladies utd if anything "new" happens xoxo

TT or not TT that is the question

Ok so I no I'm going to need a TT but I'm like a rock stuck in a hard place, reason being is my pain tolerance is -0 lol forreal I've have 3 c-sections last 2 kids are twins so I'm not afraid of the recovery I'm just wondering would he be able to achieve what I'm asking or close to it meaning does getting a TT includes the fat limit there only able to take out?? If so I'll just wait but I want to get both done so I won't have to go through this long ass process of planning. Does anyone no, when I asked about the fat limit when me an dr salz had our consult at that time we didn't discuss about a TT because he would like to see me in his office to make that decision but I no I need one but I'm lost ladies help ya girl out.


Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far dr salz and his staff has been amazing and what more could a girl ask for ❤️

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