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I'm a 36DD wanted to go down to a C-cup....

I'm a 36DD wanted to go down to a C-cup. I've had big boobs for a long time and after my son they started to drop alot. I have dents in my shoulders from the bra straps and could never find the right bra. I would like to be able to go braless sometimes or even wear half bras so i can wear those cute tops and dresses. i don't feel comfortable wearing swimsuits because i have to buy the ones with the wire to hold up my boobs and most of those are definitely not young and sexy.

I did several consultations and finally found a PS i like. I chose him because he said he can do the breast reduction without the traditional horizontal cut at the crease of the breasts. so i figure one less scar is better for me. He was highly recommended and i researched him online and he received alot of good comments. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. My biggest fear is something going wrong during surgery but im trying to remain positive. Also family and friends keep saying im crazy for wanting to do this because everyones trying to get bigger boobs and i want to get rid of mine. So, im hoping i don't regret this afterwards.

So, its just about 1 week until my surgery. Yayy...

So, its just about 1 week until my surgery. Yayy me. It still hasn't settled in as yet but i am looking forward to it but not the pain. I did my pre-op on monday. that went fine besides the part where the nurse couldn't find my veins and ended up sticking me with out success. she felt so bad she had to call the doctor in to do it. This is pretty normal for me though as i have really small veins that like to hide. So not looking forward to the IV part of the surgery. They also gave me my prescriptions which i am going to fill sometime next week. I think im just about prepared, i bought some button pajamas from wal-mart and a few front open sports bras also. I bought Arnica pills to take to help with the bruising and swelling and the arnica gel as well to rub on the breasts to help with bruising. This was recommended by the nurse and a few other PS i consulted with also. She also told me to get some nausea meds (i thinks its called emitrol) just in case.

Well today makes exactly 1 week until my procedure...

Well today makes exactly 1 week until my procedure. i think im feeling ok for now. Sometimes i'm like "what the .... " but i try to remain calm. I found scarguard MD in walgreens today for $10 off so i decided to buy it. normal price $29.99 but they had it for $19.99. I'm hoping it works, it was actually recommended by one of the PS i consulted with. I love browsing through the website they have a whole lot of stuff to help with recoveries but im trying my hardest not to buy unnecessary stuff that i don't need. (bad habit).
well i'll keep you girls updated all next week up until surgery and after. Laterrr

Hey girls, its the night before my procedure and...

hey girls, its the night before my procedure and im so nervous. Just showered with dial antibacterial soap. Getting ready to go to bed now to try get some sleep. I spent today cleaning up, doing laundry and grocery shopping. Got enough food to keep me the next couple of days. Have to be in tomorrow at 10 and im praying for a safe operation and a speedy recovery.

Hey girls. Just letting yall know, I did my...

Hey girls. Just letting yall know, I did my procedure today and everything went well.I'm actually feeling pretty good right now . I walked past the mirror just now and my breast look completely different even under clothes. So hopefully the healing process goes well and they shape up nice. Thanks for all your support and comments. Will update in detail a lil later.

Hey everyone, I'm now 2 days post-op and i feel...

Hey everyone, I'm now 2 days post-op and i feel great (alot better than expected). Im not in any pain at all, the percocet works great. I feel a little discomfort when im trying to get out off bed or if i'm reaching for something but other than that i'm doing good. I was up and about today. night times are going good as well. I was never really a back sleeper, but its working out fine for now.

My boobs are still all bandaged/taped up so i havent really seen them as yet. Wont get the tapes removed until my 1 week check-up on friday. They look a little bigger than expected but i'm hoping thats because of the swelling.
My PS said that he managed to do the lollipop/short scar incision, he said that i was just at the right size for him to do it but if i was any bigger he prob wont have been able to. So, im happy about this because im suppose to heal a little faster and have less scars to worry about.

Well tomorrow makes 1 week since my surgery and im...

Well tomorrow makes 1 week since my surgery and im officially disappointed. I am still a whole lot bigger than i wanted. On the day of my procedure he said he was going to take out 300 grams per boob, but i feel like i just had a lift with removal of excess skin. so frustrating. Anyway i go in tomorrow for my 1 week checkup and i will be sure to discuss of of this with him. Ever since the surgery i have had tape covering my entire breast and its very itchy, hard for me to find clothing to cover the damn tape and i haven't seen my actually breast as yet. ughhhh. other than that, i really havent had any pain, took pain meds for only 3 days and have been out and about walking from day 5.
I cant wait for my appointment tomorrow to get this tape off so i can finally see my boobs. I just post pics from the day after surgery but will post more tomorrow after i get the tape off.

Hey girls, thanks for all of your comments and...

hey girls, thanks for all of your comments and support. I did my 1 week post op today. finally got all of that tape taken off. yayyyy. finally got to see the girls after one week of just looking at tape. Everyone says they look like implants haha (so much for a reduction right) lol. i can see now that they are smaller, but im hoping they go down more after all the swelling goes away. Doc says it will shrink up alot more and i will be crying for them. Don't know how true that is but we'll see. The lift looks good so far. One of them looks smaller than the other but im hoping thats due the swelling also.
I drove today for the first time since my surgery, wasnt bad at all.
I'm so tired of sleeping on my back, my back feels so sore. I cant wait to get a massage. lol. and its still hard for me to get comfortable on my side because i'm so swollen along the sides of my boobs.

Anyway, im feeling alot better today and im hoping with time i can really begin to embrace them.
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