BA/BL in 5 DAYS!!!

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Hi i have lost 185 lbs on my own. I had two kids...

Hi i have lost 185 lbs on my own. I had two kids and went from 46 DDD to 36 DD. ( push up bra) I am small on time and have a curvy but and thighs. I am going down to florida on April 14th to 29th. I will be 3 hours from miami and fort lauderdale. I need a BA/BL and since i am down there might as well get it done while i am down there. I dont plan on going on rides. I am active and healthy 42 yr old only takes vitamins. I just have a ? about the whole consultations. I already had my mammo done last june so that is ok. I have the factor five which i dont think it will effect the my top cause most of the weight is the bottom. But i already been cleared for surgery TT in 2011. That went well. Since then i have lost 30 more lbs. I have maintained my weight. I will get the lipo and thigh surgery later since the recovery time is longer. I dont think i need to take any lovenox or blood thinners for this. I really want to have it done while i am down there. When i had my TT i researched it for a long time and know the ins and outs just like i am doing with BA/BL and i hope the doctors down there will let me do it. Can someone suggest anything? Can i just email pics to doctors to get a quote. I wont have a problem getting a lender for my operation. I just want my figure back. I hope it will work out if not i guess it is not meant to be. I am flying from maine to florida. I dont need a car or hotel. Thanks for checking my page out.

Booked my date!!!

I am going with Dr Krau in florida. He pay be alittle expensive but at least he isn't giving me a hassle on the Factor Five. And I trust him.

11 more weeks!!

I am soo sick of snow. I can't wait to be in sunny florida recuperating with BA/BL!!

What tops to wear while recovery?

Well trying to get things planned out i have 2 months to get stuff together to bring for clothing. I dont know what to wear for a top after surgery. What does anyone have for suggestions? Thanks

My wish boobs.

I hope i not being too greedy. if you pay alot for your boobs you should get what you want right?? 7 more weeks. Trying to get painting and stuff done before my vacation and surgery.

More wish boobs.

almost 6 more weeks!!

whoot whoot.

4 more weeks!!!

Super excited? i keep dreaming of what they will look like! I have the hotel booked and shirts that i will need down there. Im trying to stay busy so this month will go by faster. I just hope my blood work will come out fine and ekg. i am sure it will. Excersing my butt off. Is there anything i need to worry about before i go down? My husband and father will be with me to see me settled in. i am just worry the pain will ruin my whole trip down there? I had a TT i think that would be worse then BA/BL and Csection. Any tips would appreciate it!

Wth!!! im so mad!!

So this past weekend I get diagnosed w bells palsey! I'm taking meds for it but I have preop in a week and florida in 4 weeks for my surgery! The docs said it should be better by the time I go. I hope it doesnt or shouldnt effects my surgery! I'll be off med by sat. I have funds and hotel and plan. Now this crap! I'm praying I can still have it done! I'll have to really work off the water weight from the meds! Arrrgghh! Go figure right! I need some cheerin up ladies!!

Bells Palsy suck!!!!

So i got bells palsy a week ago. Yeah tell me about it. I wasn't happy. I am almost weeks to my surgery. I hope it will get better by then. But then again it wont have anything to do with my BA/BL. I researched all about Bells Palsy to get recovery shorter. so this is what i am taking:
L-Lysine 1500 mg a day
Folic acid
Vitamin B12 Methylcobalmine 1000mcg a day
Vitamin B6
Vitamin E 4000mg a day
and there is certian foods to aviod for faster recovery. Today is last day for my prescription meds! I am sure i will get better. They say it will show recovery in 2 weeks. So now i just need to take care of myself. I am very determine this will not make me have a set back on my boob job. It has only been a week so i feel twitching little here and there. I feel i will get better with vitamin treatments. I wont take them on monday where i am have labs done. Hopefully that will go well.

IM Cleared for Surgery!! Now the waiting sucks!

So all my results and ekg results are perfect. No worries there. Now it is the waiting game. I have three weeks left. Now i am on the road of recovery of Bells palsy. I do have one question how long will it be before you can pull your pants up and twist or turn thing on? My hubby will be with me threw the whole thing. i am very excited about it. I didn't know if i should order those vitamed for surgery online or not. I am undecided about that. My stress level is finally lowered now. i am hoping in a week after surgery i can go to epcot? Any helpful hints and tips would really help! It is gonna be a long 3 weeks!

Two more weeks!!!

I am so happy right now. I got an email back and i can still get my boobies even though i have Bell's Palsy. I was a little worried. But Ive had it for two and half weeks and it is slowly improving. I can move my lip now and eyebrow. That is a plus. I have all my tops i need and bottoms. I have to get a heating pad and getting my scripts. Now just excersing and relax for a bit. Anything else i am missing??

Paid in full!!! Now the waiting game has begun ladies!/ Bad dream

I can finally smile now and move my face!! If you haven't read before i had Bells Palsy three weeks ago. I am so excited about my face finally turning back to normal except my eye is still weeping. i am all set to go for the surgery gone over stuff with the nurse yesterday. I go for my consult for my size and what he will do on the 15th then surgery on 16th. I can't wait. Finally everything is in place. Now i am struggling if i should bother with button down jammies? Any one have any suggestions? I had a bad dream last night that Dr Krau didn't go big like i wanted and he made me look even real small like a A cup. I woke up asking him what size did you do and he said ohh about 200cc. I was flipin and demand him to bring my ass back to OR and put the 500cc in. Cause when I looked at them they looked like they weren't even touched!! Then i woke up and I looked down and i had to ask my hubby we haven't gone to florida yet right. He said Noo you silly not yet. I was like holy cow what a dream!! Anyone ever had a bad dream like that?? lol

Five more days!!! whoot whoot

I am very excited five more days and then BAM my boobs are gonna be there! I should of had a mommy makeover but i already went through the TT and i really dont want go through that again. I booked a hotel literally right around the corner from the docs place. i am so happy that i did. My hubby is soo supportive. And thanks to my parents for lending there miata there. What luck uh? Update on my face it is back about 95 %. My eyes are dry and itchy from wiping the tear alot. I have been putting the night cream on it but it is still not working. I think i have seasonal allergies. I am feeling very confident that Dr Krau and his crew will make sure i am fine. I may plan on another surgery with him later in the future for liposuction of hips thighs and ass also fix my dog ears. I am so glad i found this site. got my hair done this week. So much planning i just dont want to miss anything. Any suggestion out there ladies??

surgery today!

Waiting patiently. Getting 650 cc or more. I'll keep everone updated.

ok but sore.

I did ok. But yest and today is sore. My bra felt tight so I went and got one slittle looser. Its still swollen but not to bad about brusing. Riding high still. Around my nipple is white not sure wat to think of it. My right nipole is brused cause he had to do most of the work. I had longer skin then th others. I bought another sports bra that hooks in front due to swelling. I put ice in it that helps. I do feel alittle pain but not do bad. It gets better every day. I'll post pics tonight.

Photos! 3 day post op.

2wk post op.

I'm feeling better as day go by. They feel alittle heavy but I know they arnt the final results. But they are portined w my body. My insions are healing great. I have a few scab wounds which I am sure they will heal w proper care. I'm alitlle bruised still and feel burning sensation. I will not get on the scale I have water retention so watching my salt intake. I think it will look better w time and patience.

3wk post op!

Hello ladies 3 wks out! I'm feeling really good. My left breast has a pinpoint wound. I cleaned it and retape it. Tip make sure ur tape is wet so it doesnt pull ur scabs off. Warm water is good. I did mine in the shower. I can wear bra in a week and start using scar cream orsilicone sheets. Which is better? No pain. Just zingers and itchy like crazy. I'm happy so far. I'm far from the finally results so I need to keep that in mind. Trying not to get boobie blues! Lol

OK got the boobie blues/Depressed :/

Ok i having doubts about my boobs. I dont know why? I just feel when i see everyone elses they look awesome. I know i am only four weeks out. I really hope they fill out and not look so flat. They are still sitting up high. Please tell me they will look and change more natural in a few months. I know tommorrow i can wear a normal bra but i think i will hold off the wire ones though to make sure my incisions heal fully. I just feel the sports bra and surgical bras are making them flat. I am trying not to compare. But i think i need to focus on other things instead of my boobs. I started cardio but I feel i need to becareful now. Hey when did anyone start wearing a corset after there new boobies? well i will update tommorrow for the month mark.

A month today!!

I feel good. Was able to wear a reg bra! My left breast have a pin point wound but it looks like its healing good! I just can't wait to wear my corset again. Ive been walking everday. Eating right. Finally feeling better after Two months of hell! Not feeling any pain. My scars are very thin! Waiting another week before I put something on it. I need to ask the bra I was wearing is a 38dd but I usually wear a 36dd. I'm only 4 weeks will my bra size change in a few months?

Im confused!!! Need a little advice!

I am little confused on what to do or becareful at this point. I walk everyday and i want to do my elipitcal to burn more calories and fat. But i am afraid of bottoming out. I want to get back into shape for hiking season. Nora said i could do it and just walking the treadmill. But is there anything thing else i can do besides that? If i do any of that should i wear two sports bras? Also for bras. I can't wear the under wire it hurts too much on my incision. I am finding i can't wait to get home to tear it off and but my sport bra or surgical bra back on. Any good sports bra that offer good support? Any suggestions. Also my scars are starting to turn red is it suppose to be like that?? Any answers would be great thanks!

am i just insecure?

So this is week 7. Healing good. I went shopping for bras and I was confused. The clerk wasnt helpful at victoria secret which kinda made bra shopping depressing. I tries on a light paded bra vs no padded bra. I felt really good in no padded bra but somehow I felt the molded one gave me more offs! And unpadded ones look more natural. But I felt they didnt look big. My husband keeps telling me ur big! My whole purpose for getting this done is to not have wear padded. I'm undecided weather I should return the unpaded ones or keep them. Cause I'm not atmy final results yet. Any suggestions? Have any one felt like this??

3 months

Well not much changed. I heard it takes longer with bigger implant. Can't rush perfection! Lol

3 months update

So I tried downloadin the pics fro m my phone and it wouldnt dowdownload. I'll try later. I'm in love love w my boobs. I'm so glad I did it! No complaints!

My boobs update

All i can say i love love love them!! There perfect! Now getting lipo and dog ears fix next. Anyone thinking gettin them go to Dr.Krau. Hes awesome!!

Almost a year! 9months.

I love love love them. Big perky. I had a easy recovery. My boobs are awesome. I did gain alittle weight during recovery. Losing it now. But thinking getting dog ears redone and lipo done on my hip thighs and back to smooth things. That will happen late this year. Anyone have suggestions of who? I'll post pics tonight!!


Here's my pics from last 3 months. I love them!! I highly recommend Dr Krau! I'll be seeing him in April for a year follow up! Next is my hips thighs and dog ears later this yr!

Last boob try. Lol

Finally!! Lol

I still love them!!

I love my boobs! I wear now unlined bra. Love how they bounce like real boob. They fit great in sports bra and tank top! Do you still need to wear your bra at night? Alitttle nervouse wearing a tank without a bra! Ill have more pics soon.

Almost a year!!

Love love them. Any questims let me know! Dr. Krau is so awesome!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I met Dr.Krau for the first time and I knew he was the one that will make me have confidence again. He knew what i wanted and did a great job. I didn't feel rushed or pressured. I love all the staff there as well. They answered all my questions and the aftercare was great. I didn't have to wait long for either of my appointment. I love the waiting room it so hip and chic. I loved Christina my coorinator she was soo helpful. Nora was awesome during my surgery and aftercare. The other staff was awesome as well. I did purchase arnika forte there. That is soo worth it ladies. I am definitely going back to get my dog ears done by him. One thing Dr Krau did he listened to my concerns and he took his time to make sure it looked right. The anesthesiologist was awesome and cares for the patients . I hope he will come back to maine again to visit. The surgery maybe alittle expensive but I rather have a doctor know what he is doing and that was the biggest reason why i chose him. Also i feel more like family there then just a number. I have done my research and I know he is the best of what he does. He truely cares for his patients. I truely appreciate his work. Thanks to him i have confidence again!! You wont be sorry if you go with him! If you have any question feel free to message me.

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