32, 2 kids, want implant removal and to be all natural

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I was a AA at the age of 20 when I had my original...

I was a AA at the age of 20 when I had my original implant surgery. I had textured anatomical 300cc implants and for the 12 years I had them I went through life as they were a part of me and had no issues. My right implant ruptured this February and because I am used to being in survival mode due to being a full time single working mother of 2 children the answer was get in, get a replacement and move on.....well that has not been the case. The dr changed the implants to smooth round and went to 340cc which I did not want to go that big. I believe he also overdissected my left breast which is visibly lower than my right only about 3 months post. The difference in feeling this time is something I didn't expect or want. I have constant pressure on the left breast on bottom and feel a ton of pulling if I try to do yoga and have to wear a bra all of the time or the pressure sensation is a constant reminder of this new object that is not supposed to be there. My right side is starting to develop a CC and aches when I do wear a bra and I have to adjust and massage constantly everyday for some relief. I am highly tolerant of uncomfortable situations and pain, however not when I have the elective option to feel better by removing these bags! I have made the decision to explant and feel confident and have clarity about this decision. I went to talk to my surgeon about it where he spent 45 minutes talking at me instead of listening. He told me it wouldn't look good and being a "pretty and young single mother it is not the time to do it". Well I feel like it is. I am more confident in myself than I ever have been and if I am as flat as a board getting back in the dating scene at least I am all natural and whoever I come across they will like me for me and not my chest. I know the Dr. means well and doesn't want me to regret my decision. I understand the implications and have loved my implants before but this new experience is not worth it to me and I don't want to keep waiting to see if I can live with it. I want to be natural, free and me. Breast size will never bring me true internal peace and I want to look at my natural self and accept it all without having to be constantly reminded of implants that are not a part of me. I scheduled a consultation with an experienced explant surgeon for next week! :) whew....

Will schedule my explant for July 8th!!

So I went to my explanation consult today and it went great. I will be officially scheduling my explant for July 8th by the end of this week and feel very good about this decision. It has been a rough weekend as on Friday a driver illegally drove on the wrong side of the road to pass another car and ended up crashing into me on drivers side back door. My car ended up spinning around and I had quite the whiplash, chest and shoulder pain. It has been draining so I am letting my body heal for a couple weeks before surgery. I pray it will go smoothly and that my itty bitty boobs will heal very well!

Explant moved to July 1st! Prep Advice??

I am looking for feedback on compression/sports bras to wear after explant for size A/AA? Also, vitamins to take and any other prep advice that I should know?

Two days to go!!!!

Surgery is Wednesday! I am so excited to start a new chapter in my life journey. I still have to get a front closing bra....of course I waited until the last minute....lol.. I strangely feel so much peace, I have not experienced anxiety yet but know when comes I will take it in stride.

Explant done!!

Feel so great and lighter!! So happy about this decision and everything went well :)

I am completely flat but that's the real me!!

I went today to follow up with dr due to the holiday weekend. They checked me and I was able to get into my sports bra. I am not kidding myself into thinking I have more tissue than I do, I just hope my saggy skin will contract for my real AA size :)

Trying to stay positive!

So I am forcing myself to post this because it is a part of my journey and keeping my sadness in is not going to help. I don't regret having them removed but I see so many results that look beautiful and mine just hangs and I am concave on top and sides :( and since I have scar tissue around my nipple its pulling in. I know it is really early and all I can do is hope time will take care of it. I am sure in a couple weeks I will feel better.

From bad to worse

I haven't updated in a while because this has been such a rollercoaster ride and I have been highly embarrassed. After my explant I had no tissue and was concave. Couldn't even fill out an AAA bra. I decided to re-implant. Well, results have been horrible. Not only how off they are which makes me feel like he just rushed and not sure if he even sutured to prevent bottoming out and didn't work on pockets at all it seems like. The pain has been each and every day which has been the worst. I am uncomfortable on a daily basis trying to make it 6 months to finally be fixed and done with this so I can move on from breast issues!! Just so sad I had a doc that didn't and doesn't seem to care. He dismisses me when I talk about my issues with it. Going to have to find a revision specialist to find some peace. I am devastated!

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Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

Explant was easy. Re-implanted and worse than I was before. Every time I try to talk about my concerns he is fast and dismissive. I love his staff and they give me more support and answers than he does.

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