First I hated my implants now I love them

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Prior to getting implants I was a extremely small...

Prior to getting implants I was a extremely small A (34 a). I thought getting implants was the solution and would make me feel like a woman instead of a 12 year old girl. Two weeks after my 29th birthday I got the implants. The day of surgery I was so nervous but the doctor assured me that I was going to be okay. 3 days post op I was so depressed, they looked huge! I am 5'3 about 140 and he gave me a full C-D. I asked him for a c which was portion to my body. It's been a month today and everybody says I look great. Funny because I don't feel great. I am so depressed. They don't feel like they are part of my body. I've been reading about all these horror stories about the toxic silicone it scares me so much. I want to have kids in a year or two and breast feed and I don't want to hurt my child God forbid if the silicone starts leaking. I rather take them out early so my breast snaps back to what they use to be. I wish I loved myself and appreciated how I looked before. I really don't like these implants and I'm afraid to tell people since they think I look great and better. I'm giving it till six months which is on December 17th. I'm still probably going to want them out. My boyfriend has been my biggest supporter, I just feel like I've been bugging him with my unhappiness. He definitely understands and said he would walk with me the whole way through. Has anybody felt this way after a month? Did you end up loving the implants after they settled or still wanted to eventually have them removed.

Called to find out how much explanation would be and became even more depressed

Called my PS office crying telling them I was unhappy. I can't sleep well, my back hurts, I have lots of headaches, and I told them this was a huge mistake and I want th out. They told me its only been a month and to give it six months. They cannot do anything till six months after the first ba. I asked how much will
It be and she said about $7,000 because I may need a beast lift. All I could do was break down. I'm so depressed with this decision I had made. Although I didn't have anything before, padded bras were my best friend. It was like false advertisement. And I was so obsessed with what I never had now that I finally have breast I hate them. I wish I could turn back the hands of time and just wait till after I had kids. I guess I'm going to have to kept them in till its time to remove them. Next time I'll do a fat graft transfer with a beast lift and say goodbye to these heavy implants. I'm so miserable, I just want to take a knife and take them out myself. I know I'm so hard on myself. I just want to be happy but I'm not.

Change of heart!!!

The swelling has gone down, no more back pain and found out I have headaches because I had been dehydrated, once I started drinking more water the headaches went away. I'm now starting to love my implants for I don't have anymore for the side effects I had before and because they aren't huge. They are very proportioned to my body.
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