42 yr old mom, 5'2" 118 lbs Looking to go from an A to a C.... SUPER NERVOUS!!!!!

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Have thought about doing a BA for FOREVER. Have...

Have thought about doing a BA for FOREVER. Have always been in the A club & hated it. Finally got the hubby onboard and and going for it. 5'2" and 118 lbs. with my pre-op next month. Thinking maybe 300-350 CCs? Idk... scared to go too big but don't want to regret going too small. Here's the before photos. Apparently really good lighting since they don't really look this good normally.

A Pic Upload Would Have Been Good.... :)

Here is the before pic.....

I've thought about getting breast implants for...

I've thought about getting breast implants for FOREVER. I've always been horribly self conscious in and out of clothing but especially in bathing suits or anything tight. Lots of sagging over time and some asymmetry. Just really nervous about sizing & final look. Thinking I'd like to go anywhere between 300-350 CCs with silicone but so unsure due to how amounts look so different on different body types. And then there is the whole profile question. My consult is next month and the waiting is making me crazy. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I'm going to post a few pics but really not happy about it. Hitting that "submit" button is going to be realllyyyyyyyy hard.

Wish boobs

These are all in the 300-350 cc range. I have a small frame and with my height and weight (5'2 and 118).... any thoughts? Don't want to look too big. These are all actual "real people" after pics. :)

Pre-Op Appointment is TOMORROW!

I have a huge list of questions to ask the PS tomorrow but want to make sure I don't miss anything. What do you consider the MOST important questions that your dr answered at yours???

Its Getting Real Now

Had my pre-op and dr recommended 350-400 which was bigger than I was thinking. Did the 3D imaging and changed it to 325-375. After going home, thinking about it more and making some rice sizers, I went down even further to liking the look of 250 & 300 and 300 and 350. Talked to the nurse who told me 250-300 would not fill in the upper pole like it needs to be. She still noted those sizes as well as the recommendation of 300-350. The dr is going to bring both into the OR and decide with sizers what looks best. I completely trust him since he's been doing this for over 20 years but it's still starting to freak me out. My surgery date is 6/15, only 11 days away. I bought most of what I think I'll need for after (foods I hope my stomach can tolerate, ice packs, a few zip up hoodies, sports bras, Arnica, Palmers cocoa butter, pillows, etc). Anything I missed????? Here is a pic of the rice sizers at 250 & 300. They look completely natural size so even if he ups it to 300-350, I'm thinking it will still look proportional. Thoughts????

Tomorrow is THE day!!!!!

Can't believe it's less than 24 hours until my surgery. After what feels like a lifetime of waiting, I'm starting to freak out. Well, I've BEEN freaking out the past few days but now it's for real. Everything is ready for recovery and now it's just a final decision on size tomorrow morning. Either 275/325 or 300/350 over the muscle. Can't wait to be all finished & done. :)

275 & 325 cc Rice Sizer Pics

Proportional you think???

On The Other Side Now

Surgery is done & over with! Got to the office around 7:15 and taken back right away by the nurse. Filled out paperwork and then met with the doctor one last time. He took pics and did all the markings, which was pretty surreal. Anesthesiologist came in next & explained her part. Went into the or and she started the IV and what she called my "feel good cocktail". Lol. Started feeling loopy in about 10 seconds and that's the last I remembered. Then it was wake up time in recovery, where I couldn't stop shaking. Honestly though, that was the worst part. Just a little sore now, probably a 3 out of 10 pain wise. Sure that'll get worse but so far, so good. No nauseousness thankfully either. Ended up getting 275/325 moderate plus profiles. Wil post some pics when I get brave enough to look. :)

Day 1 In the Books

Yesterday after surgery was a breeze. Able to get home just fine (about an hour ride). I was able to get up & walk around easily and able to eat & drink with no trouble. By about 8pm though pain started to kicked in but it was more nagging honestly than unbearable, maybe about a 5-6 out of 10. Took a painkiller finally around 10 maybe and quickly realized I am allergic. Started itching like crazy so while the pain subsided, there was no sleep to be had. Worst part was getting up around 2:30 to use the bathroom. For some ridiculous reason, I didn't think I'd need any help so I got up on my own. BAD IDEA. On about the 5th step of the 10 step walk to my bed, bam... down I went. Thank goodness I went down on my knees and didn't face plant. Think I scared the hubby to death. I'm fine but lesson learned.... ASK FOR HELP, especially at the beginning. The nausea when getting up and the lightheadedness has honestly been worse than the incision pain. Sitting up now in the living room and think the upright positioning is helping a lot. Going to try & take some Day 2 pics later. Starting to bruise so hoping the Arnica helps & does its job.

Day 3 update

On day #3 and feeling pretty good. Just kinda sore but no real pain. I'm taking extra strength Tylenol, Arnica and my antibiotics. Here are a few pics from today.

Day 5 Update

Feeling pretty much back to normal. Taking antibiotics and the occasional Tylenol when I overdo things. Only real issue is not being able to sleep on my side yet. Haven't slept since about Thursday night.

Girls are pretty soft and not really swollen. Hoping they stay pretty much exactly as they are now. :)

Feeling Kinda Torn

Losing my mind here maybe? After a lifetime of wanting bigger boobs and FINALLY getting them, how is it possible to now be thinking they look too big??? I know this will pass probably like every other panic stricken thought I've had about this process in the last 6 months but it's still reallyyyyyyyyyyyy weird. Can't say enough though about how awesome & smooth the whole PS's staff has made this experience. Guess I just didn't take into consideration just how in depth the mental part of this would be along with the physical. This site has been awesome and hearing everyone's stories, successes, fears and all of the in-between has been SO helpful. :)

Day 9 Update

Been feeling good these past few days. Only problem is some discomfort near where the band of my bra rubs close to the incisions. Not painful, just sore. Doing everything I did pre-boobs but I have to say, it DOES feel kinda weird how they get in the way where that was never ever an issue before. :)

I also feel better about the size I picked. In my last post I was freaking out about them being too big. Then, I had a few days where I was like, damn... I went too small. I always laughed about the "boob greed" thing but it IS real. It came and went fast though because even though I think everyone's D and DD's look fabulous, I know on my frame, it would be wayyyyyyy too much. So, in the end, I'm glad I stuck to what I knew was right, even when the dr recommended about 100 CCs more. I may still have moments of doubt but since at my post-op on Wednesday he said the swelling was basically gone and what I see is the true implant shape itself, I'm good with that. :)

Trip to VS

After not going anywhere really over the past 10 days, I decided to do some shopping. So weird how differently clothes look & fit now so it was definitely more fun than it used to. Finally got the nerve to walk into Victoria's Secret and almost fell over when they sized me. Now I know their bras run way smaller in size than most but when she handed me the sizing card, I literally died. My ABC's always stalled at A before. Definitely an upgrade. ;)

3 Week Update

Hard to believe that 3 weeks ago, right this very minute, I was getting my surgery (325 ccs/275 ccs). Recovery has continued to be very easy. I feel so lucky to have had very little pain and no complications. They're starting to feel a little more a natural part of me but I think getting there fully is going to take awhile. Still trying to find a non-underwire bra that's perfectly comfortable. I have a bunch of cute new VS bras I bought but since they're underwire, I can't wear them for a little while yet.
Here are a few pics I took today. I honestly don't think the frontal shot looks very different than it did from about a day or two post surgery. Very little swelling right away gave me a "what you see is what you get" good perspective right from the beginning. Lol. I am very happy with the results though since my aim was to keep my look natural and proportionate to my body.

1 Month Update

Had my one month appointment with my PS last Wednesday. He said all is looking good and I got the go ahead for everything from underwire bras, to exercise, to the beach & pool and etc. His directions were "if it hurts, don't do it, otherwise you're good". Lol. I feel completely back to normal and no one I've seen seems to have noticed, which is what I wanted, to keep it natural & proportionate. I've added some one month pics for comparison. Hope everyone else is doing good too and if you're unsure, definitely go for it. You won't regret it!

3 1/2 month Update

It's been a super fast 3+ months. Feeling completely normal again except for some loss of sensitivity. My boobs don't feel like foreign objects on my body anymore which is nice. Lol. Went back to work and nobody stared at me like "omg....what did you do????", which was a fear. I have a job where conservativeness is pretty important. It's easy to play them down when I need to but fun to dress them up too. Like I've said in other posts, if you're thinking about doing it, go for it. A great confidence boost and the hubby seems to love them too. Haha.
Dr. Hartog

Office is very efficient and staff is helpful and friendly. Doctor knows his stuff and while not overly chatty, he gets to the point and gives you the benefit of his expertise while still keeping your wants in mind.

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