339cc, 34A, 122lbs, 5'2

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34a cup preop.. I wanted to look "normal" or more...

34a cup preop.. I wanted to look "normal" or more proportioned.. So i decided on a more conservative implant bcuz i was afraid of going too big. But the reason i chose that specific implant was bcuz of when i tried on the 371, 397 sizers in the office they all were HUGE!!! Im so dissapointed. The projection is AWFUL.. And it wasnt worth all of the pain, money, time off work, etc. I dont feel any happier with my body than i did before. They are small and look like two tiny baseballs on my chest. So when people say go bigger or u will regret. Thats the TRUTH!!!!! My PS and nurses never suggested a size they said it was all up to me and my choice.... Well i dont work there and have had no plastuc surgery training so how on earth am i supposed to know what to pick.... So frustrating

Still unhappy 5 wks later w/ 339's

Im 5 wks post op and these tits just keep getting smaller by the day!! I feel like im almost back to where i started (34A) I would not recommend anything below 371 for anyone from an A cup to a small B bcuz it is pretty much pointless once the swelling goes down!! I didnt want big/huge boobs but damn... these are pointless!!! Im definitely getting mine redone as SOON as my doc gives me the okay!!!! And i was SO paranoid about them being too big that i never even thought of them being too small... If i had went below a 339 id be even more devastated than i already am!!! If there is ANY advice i can give on this site.... GO BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or u will regret it thousands of dollars later!!!!!!!!! Im one that didn't even tell my family i had it done prior to and im not even scared that they will notice now bcuz theres basically nothing there... Just like before i had them done!!! I look NO different in clothes!!!!! It sucks so bad to have gone through all of this and not be happy....

Progress finally

I have positive news finally!! I will be 7wks post op and they are dropping and looking fuller! Even my husband said they looked huge/bigger! I also got measured this wknd at VS and was a 32DDD and also wore their 34DD... I know their sizing is off however.. I went to jcpenny and grabbed a 34C which i had in my mind that i was... Way too small!!! Im also buying larges innbathing suit tops and i used to buy smalls!! So i am feeling so much better!!! To recap... I was an A cup and got 339cc silicone under muscle!!

Looking smaller

3 mo post op... Still not happy and they look even smaller now than they did... I guess evvvvery bit of my swelling is gone now... I would have died if i woulda gone any smaller... Ugh... Revision hopefully next yr!!
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