Brazilian Butt Lift - 2 Mos Post Op (Look Great but SOME Concerns)

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This was my first elective surgery. I've...

This was my first elective surgery. I've always had a minor complex regarding my lack of derriere ALL of my life. I was blessed with breasts but had NO booty. I was concerned about buttock implants due to the high risks of complications but when I found out about the fat transfer/brazilian butt lift I was SOLD!

My doctor was amazing. The before and after pictures spoke volume. His bedside manner put all my fears to rest and the staff was also amazing. The aftercare was most impressive as they called everyday to check up on me. The doc would call or address any concerns I had right away. There's not enough I can say about the care I received.

My body had a complete transformation. Most of my fat was collected in my love handles. After my surgery, I had the body I always wanted with no more love handles and nicely shaped back:). The procedure is definitely much more painful than I expected. I was very sore, skin numb and painful to touch for the first couple of weeks. But slowly but surely everyday would get better until I finally felt no more pain.

There were a few concerns with my results which my doctor is working with me to correct soon. First is in my upper abdomen area, there is a small collection of fat that remained and is visible so I didn't feel comfortable in a bikini. He said I would need a small revision surgery to remove that fat. The other concern I have is in my left butt cheeck. There is a hardened area on the top. I was told that could have been the fat that hardened a bit. It does slightly affect the shape of the butt cheek and you can definitely feel it if you touch it. Not sure what can be done for that so I'm open to hear what my options are...

Overall, I feel much better now than before. I have a new physique and feel nicely sculpted. I just need those two concerns addressed and hopefully corrected to change my rate to "excellent".

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