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I'm 39 yrs. old and a mother of 5. i currently...

i'm 39 yrs. old and a mother of 5. i currently weigh 195 lbs. and stand 5'8. i came across this website in dec. 2011, while researching butt injections. when i found out about the bbl, i knew i had to have this procedure done. i don't want and will not consider a tummy tuck. so i will have to choose my doctor carefully. as of right now, i am working on preparing myself emotionally & physically. i want to lose some weight first. definitely want to bring my stomach down some. any doctor recommendations are appreciated

Hello ladies! Just updating, I have started going...

Hello ladies! Just updating, I have started going to the gym. I want to lose 10-15lbs and tone my arms and thighs. I will post some current photos soon.

Hello ladies, how do I post my pre op photos? I...

Hello ladies, how do I post my pre op photos? I want to post photos at my current weight.

Waiting for my quotes from Vanity in Miami

It's been a long time since I've been on here. So much has happened, but that's just life. I will definitely be having my surgery this year, if it's the Lord's Will. I'm waiting on my quotes PATIENTLY, YEAH RIGHT!!! I'm going to add my pre op photos once I get my quotes back.


It's getting the best of me. I'm going to make some more calls Monday, hopefully to get things rolling a bit faster. I live in Florida, but not South Florida. I don't want to do consultation, via email or phone. I would be much more comfortable consulting in person. I want to listen to the doctor first and his recommendations. Then I will express my thoughts on what I want my results to be. If the doctor's recommendations and vision is compatible with my thoughts, then HE MAY be the doctor for me. Of course there's other factors to consider. Each of us have different ways of choosing our PS. I'm going to schedule in person consults at two different offices. As soon as I get the dates on them, I will post it

Consult scheduled

My choices were Dr. Fisher and Dr. Ghurani for the Bbl. Vanity Cosmetics told me that I was out of Dr. Fisher's weight range. That Dr. Bass would be the PS for me. I declined Dr. Bass because he wasn't one of my choices. I'm sure he's good with working on plus size women as I was told. I plan on losing the weight, scratch that. I'm going to lose weight. However I have consultation with Dr. Fisher in two weeks for something other than Bbl. Of course I will talk about my losing weight for the Bbl. If at the end of the consult he feels I'm not a good candidate for him to do surgery. I do have consultation with Dr. Ghurani at Elite Plastic Surgery in February. That was the earliest he had. Regardless, I won't make a decision on the Bbl until I have seen both doctors.


I really want to put up my pre op photos. But seeing myself this way makes me feel sad. I refuse to be intimate because I don't want to be seen naked. Nor to have anyone feeling up all my fat. When I lay down, my breasts fall to the sides. Like their trying to hide under my arms or something. SMDH Humiliating at the least

Wish pics

I adore these beautiful romps


My pre op photos. I'm getting Bbl first, then my breasts etc.


I'm 210 lbs. and 5'8. I'm going to lose weight. Want to be 180-185 lbs. before surgery. Hearing about all these mix ups at Vanity, have me weary. Doesn't stop me from wanting my surgery. I will be calling them again. Talking to Jessica is fine, but I need more clarification. Really need to speak with the doctors ASAP. I read these reviews daily and I truly appreciate all of you ladies. This site is a blessing, very informative and for the most part positive. Thanks luvs

Ghurani is X'D out on my list

All I can say is, it's down to Dr. Fisher. I put my deposit down today for the Bbl with him. I have to lose weight, which is fine with me. I want my results to be worth it. I was told to lose 20 lbs, to be able to get surgery with Dr. Fisher. If I don't lose it, they will push me off on Dr. Bass. I was told that Dr. Bass specializes in the Bbl with heavier women. Dr. Bass IS NOT a choice of mine. As for Dr. Ghurani, his prices went up today, TREMENDOUSLY!!! SMDH, he's a dollar more than Dr. Salama. I'm not going to worry about it, I have made my decision. It's way too much confusion going on right now for me. As of today, I'm on the Fisher train.

Trying to keep my kool

This whole Vanity thing is nerve wrecking. All these different price quotes are giving me a freakin headache. I like order, but that's something that Vanity definitely lacks. I will be calling them again tomorrow, to change my surgery. I think I'm going to get off this Bbl train. I'm going to get my breasts done and be done with Vanity. All that lying and redirecting they do when you call, I can't deal with. I feel that the only way you will receive direct quotes, is if you go to the office. I told myself yesterday that I wasn't going to worry about all this, but I was fooling myself. I'm really aggravated by all this confusion that these reps are causing. WTF


I had consults scheduled for January 20th with Dr. Ghurani and Dr. Fisher. I canceled after all the commotion about these insane quotes. I personally don't have the tolerance. However, I paid a deposit already and I'm sure I can't get it back. So on that note, I will just get my breast lift with Dr. Fisher. I will get them done in the Spring. But I'm glad I kept my February appointment with Elite for Dr. Ghurani. I called Elite this morning to ensure that he was still available for my consult on said date. To my surprise, he is. So I'm good

Pre op photos

More pre op pics

CG Cosmetics

Has anyone inquired with or received a quote with Dr. Fisher at CG Cosmetics??? If so, do tell;-)

Call from CG Cosmetics

I got a call from CG COSMETICS today around noon. They were contacting me about the inquiry I put in a couple days ago. I will say that their office is prompt in getting back to you. I was told by the woman that they are running a special for breast lift for $4000 and Bbl for $5000. So I asked could I pick the Doctor I wanted, she said sure. I told her I would like Dr. Fisher and she then said, Dr. Fisher no longer work here. End of story for me. We ended the call after our thanks. So there you have it, Dr. Fisher NO LONGER WORK AT CG COSMETICS. But there are other Plastic surgeons at their facility, check them out ladies /gents.

Deposit made today

Finally on THE BBL WAGON, will keep you posted


I will be calling Dr. Salama's office tomorrow to see if I can change my date. I'm thinking later this year.


Hi, my BBL Sisters. Sometimes we don't know what life is going to throw our way. I've been dealing with some issues, which caused me to push my surgery date back. ONCE AGAIN!! However, next year is my final date. I have gained weight and I currently weigh 219 lbs. Everything has been off for my family and I, but GOD got us. TTYL BBL SISTERS

Anyone up for switching dates

My date is Aug. 8th, right around the corner. I've been subpeonaed to court for that week. It's been a long wait for me, I'm definitely not trying to wait any longer. So ladies do I just switch with one of you or do I need to go thru my PS office. HELP!!! September would be great or even the end of August. If I can't get any responses from you ladies, I will be contacting my PS office on Friday morning. Thanks in advance

Surgery cancelled

Received all my pre op test results back????????. Everything was good except my Thyroid panel, it is above high normal. So I was taken off the schedule until my levels become normal. I'm now on meds for it, smh. Safety first always, but I am a little disappointed. Even though I was trying to reschedule, I didn't want it like this. It will work out for the best, I have a whole lot going on at this time anyway. I wouldn't have had enough recovery time with everything that's going on right now. I was becoming so stressed, seemed like at the last minute. I was spending my time relaxing my mind, focusing on preparing for my surgery. Then all these things started happening. So I will say everything happens for a reason. I have packed on some weight over the last few months and couldn't figure out why, now I know. Thyroids
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