The MOST Thorough BBL Revision, Facial Fat Injections, and Thigh Lift Review (Loads of Pictures!)

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*Treatment results may vary

Had my first BBL done in May of 2014. The new body...

Had my first BBL done in May of 2014. The new body shape I received after all that crazy swelling went down blew my mind. My doctor really is a skilled physician but I'm not so sure much of the fat in the transfer survived as you can see if you take a look at my post pictures. I'd have to say the fat has moved over the past year and deminished even further so round two starts this Tuesday November 17th!

I'm pretty nervous considering I'm having a thigh lift done to eliminate the banana rolls. The scars I imagine will be dark purple and/or red. I am also having some of the fat transfered to my face. The challenging part of this will be to keep my weight off my butt for 2 - 3 months so the fat can survive better than last time and not sleep on my face either so that fat survives. I've experimented and figured out how to do this and I think I've come up with a good solution :)

My last review was pretty detailed but this one I intend to be even more helpful so others can know better what to expect and how to prepare. I do recommend you guys skim through my last review for products and suggestions as well.

This is going to be a rough ride for me. My body swelled up BIG time post surgery in 2014. Some girls swell a lot and other not so much. The first week post surgery expect to be rough... I mean really rough but for me having that surgery changed my life so much and for the better. I still have the flat tummy I always dreamed of, and over all a more shapely figure. I have no regrets about that! Once the first week post surgery is over the body quickly starts to heal. You'll notice your energy level rising daily, the endurance going up, pain level goes down, and your mood will slowly stabilize.

4 DAYS TILL SURGERY! Excited, scared, nervous, and happy :)

Doc said we can't raise up the bottom gluteal crease

Doc said we can't raise up the bottom gluteal crease like I wanted in the first pic but that the second image I made is likely possible. What do you girls think of the shape? Does it look ok and if not where should I have him add more fat?

Surgery was yesterday at 5 am

I don't remember a much of what happened yesterday which I guess is a good thing. I slept through the ride home post surgery and waddled with hubby to our hotel room. Today I went in to the surgeons building to get my garment changed. I went in feeling sick to my stomach and a pounding migrain. They gave me an Ibrupropen and some apple juice. This helped quite a bit and they got my all cleaned up and changed. The doctor told me he was able to extract the full liter of fat and put in 450 ccs into each cheeck and 60 - 70 ccs into the face. The incisions look clean and I'm hoping they'll heal without lumps. I'd write more but I'm pretty exhausted. I'll be back to post pics soon girls ;)

Day 1 post surgery photos of thigh lift and BBL

I'm pretty swollen right now so no way to know what the end result will be but seems my surgeon did a good job on the incision lines. Hopefully they'll heal nicely and eventually I can get a laser treatment to get them to blend in with the rest of my skin.

day 4 post op. Concerned and could use advice...

I haven't been on realself as much as I'd like lately sorry ladies :(. First there was unberable cramping that came with the constapation 2 days ago . Not something I like talking about but I want other girls to know what to expect if they chose the same procedures I have and to be better prepared. What I took for constipation:

Smooth move for 1 1/2 days - no results just increasing cramping, naseau and pain from constipation
prune juice - no results
Magnesium citrate (warning can can intensified cramps and hours of diarhea) - taking half a bottle of liquid magnesium citrate helped after about 2 hours of intense pain and constant pushing. I imagine this must be similar pain to child birth because I was in balling my eyes out and yet couldn't even bend over or curl in a ball or I might rip my stitches. That had me panicing... It was one of the most painful experiences of my life. I am thankful that part is over as of yesterday.

I've had bursts of energy and then feel zapped. This is normal post surgery as well as mood swings. What I am concerned about is last night I awoke in tremendous pain around 8 pm. Outside the constipation cramps the pain was manageable while taking Motrin.

Last night the pain became intense. It felt as though my body had swelled up and was pushing the limits of the stitches. My thighs felt like over stuffed sausages about to burst ( I don't know how bad the swelling was in reality I'm just describing the feeling itself).

When my incisisions are along the thighs was stinging and burning (I was told stinging and burning sensations were to be expected and are normal just before my surgery was performed). I thought maybe the intensity of it was salt from sweating in my sleep so I ripped off my garment the fastest I could and took a shower. This didn't help much so I put on my tighter 2nd garment and used two frozen burritos along the inner groin stitches to the back. This helped numb most of the pain for a while. I took half a vicodin which kicked in about 30 minutes later but the swelling and pain still has not subsided in over 16 hours.

I took off my garment just a short while ago and noticed increased bruising. Is this normal or should I be concerned? I've heard of skin narcosis but know nothing about it. I will do some research but would appreciate any advice or knowledge from anyone here on realself as well. Thank you

special photos I took just for my hubby in January 2015

Maybe it's not a good idea 4 days post op to look at my pics from January but I did anyways. At 118 lbs I was too skinny but you know how the camera adds 10 lbs right? I had lost all that weight to take special photos for my husband's birthday since we've been together almost 10 years and I never did anything like that for him before so I thought it would be a fun birthday surprize :)

You'll notice for the photos I avoid the angles that show my deformities (banana rolls) and the back of my thighs. No matter how much I worked out the area got worse and worse and the discomfort by middle of this year was too much to keep living like that. The support on my right buttock kept falling and I always had to remain in tight supporting pants. That was no way to live which is why I eventually chose to move forward with the thigh lift. I hope desperatly that all the pain I am experiencing tonight and the fear will be worth it in the end. I wouldn't recommend a gluteal thigh lift to just anyone unless they are as desperate as me to not live with the discomfort of a falling butt cheek, jiggly thighs, and all that comes with it. I have my fears that this might have made matters worse but I am trying to remain hopeful. If it doesn't work out I'm glad I took these few photos for hubby as proof that I once worked hard post BBL round one to get back in shape. It was hard to get that thin and gain muscle tone but I still NEVER would have looked like that if it wasn't for my surgeon sculpting my body and for that I'm eternally grateful to him.

bruising and measurement updates

11-11-15 measurements pre op measurements
waist 27 1/4"
hips 38 1/4"
lft banana 22 1/4"
rt banana 22 1/4"

11-21-15 measurements 4 days post op measurements
waist 27 1/2"
hips 40 3/4"
lft banana 23 1/2"
rt banana 22"

Comparing past BBL to current BBL

We flew home today. Going through the airport was more difficult than it was last time and quite painful with the incisions across my thighs. I took half a Vicodin but that didn't seem to help much. I spent about 3/4 of the time in a wheel chair but sitting is more painful than standing. 1/4 of the time I had to walk around. The combination of walk and sitting in such a way to minimize weight on the butt (don't want to kill off the newly inserted fat cells) caused my legs to swell up worse than it has to date. My ankles, thighs, calves, and feet are all puffy sausages. I wonder how my body is going to feel tomorrow morning....

I weighed myself when I got home and compared the swelling and water weight from then to now and found it interesting how similar the swelling and weight is despite this being a more difficult surgery with the thigh lift added.

pre surgery 2014 - 135 lbs
5-13-14 - 7 days post op - 144 lbs

pre surgery 2015 134 lbs
11- 23 -15 6 days post op - 140 lbs

Fakeisthenew real is right and the bruising is spreading but in a few spots it is already changing in color showing at least some healing is occuring which leaves me feeling optimistic :). Right now I'm constantly using foam pads/cushions with angled holes in them to sit without pressure on the butt and I'd highly recommend that to anyone having BBL and/or a thigh lift.

Anyone know what might be going on?

This is my 11th day post op (Saturday Nov 28th) and we've taken some pictures and video. The bruising is lightening, most the post surgery water/swelling weight is gone and I have a normal temperature of 98.7.

The left thigh still continues the bleed. Jade the nurse brought up the possibility of a hematoma and to massage the thigh and buttock towards the incision without touching the incision itself. We have done that but only a couple drops of blood comes out when doing so. It seems to prefer to drain blood on its own.

What concerns me is the internal stabbing/pinching/cutting sensation located just above the bleeding hole that I show in the picture. The area that I felt that a few days ago was a small area where the pain was localized but the sensation increased in intensity and the area in which I felt it grew (not swelling just the area that hurts). We tried massaging the area again this morning but the area hurts too much to allow my husband to touch and when he gently pushed on the area above the bleeding hole the area of internal pain expanded.

I've had an infection in an incision before and it felt nothing like this so I doubt it's infected. I don't know what this pain is or what is causing it and that concerns me. I've taken close ups for the surgeon to see but the office is closed till monday :( This hurts and I don't know what to do or not do. I'm afraid to even move my left leg in bed due to how it feels worse when I do. Advice, guesses, recommendations?

Surgeon so far not taking accountability same as last time

I chose the same surgeon for my 2nd surgery because of his techniques in body sculpting and fat transplanting techniques. He made an error on the first surgery that damaged the support on my right buttock which I had evidence of an they just ended up ignoring me. I imagine most surgeons won't admit to making errors because of the possible legal and financial ramifications.

This time the error was the hole on the back of my left thigh which is still bleeding just as much two weeks post op from my surgery. This is something I pointed out to them the day after the surgery. Either my surgeon forgot to stitch that part or the stitch tore the same day of my surgery.

No one at the facility took the issue seriously while I was out there and was seen 3 times before flying home. Skin has to be touching to heal and seal itself. How can an open hole do that? I brought it up to them and my concerns repeatedly.

Now it seems I'm going to be stuck with an expensive bill which insurance wouldn't cover anyways even if I had it and I'll have to be seen by a surgeon locally that does post surgery would care. Of course my surgeon isn't going to pitch in for this because he doesn't want to admit responsibility for it.

I just hope this never happens to anyone else under their care...

Open hole status

I said I'd make this a detailed review so others wouldn't have to go through the questions and concerns I'm going through so I'm going to stick by that and try to summarize it and minimize rambling ;)

Yesterday my surgeons office called and the nurse assigned to me by phone has e-mailed over instructions on what to do for this kind of wound which will take 1 - 2 months to heal.... not happy about that :(

Wound Measurements:
- Depth of the wound is 3 cm (about 1 inch)
- Width of the wound is about 3 cm (again about 1 inch)

The wound is unable to heal on its own. Here's what MUST be done to avoid infection and promote healing:

- Wound must be rinsed out with a saline solution daily (must be prescription because the kinds you find in stores have other ingredients which will aggrivate the wound and hurt like citric acid!)

Do NOT make your own using tap water and salt or you will almost certainly introduce new microbes and bacteria. Your pots are likely not clean enough anyways... sorry girls :(

- shower daily and gently but firmly clean the incision lines and over the wound area

- you will need disinfectant, sterilized tweezers, sterilized scissors, sterilized medical q tips, prescription grade saline solution, packing gauze for inside the wound, surgical wound tape, and gauze to cover wound.

Unfortunately depending on the size of the wound the dressing will have to be changed 1 - 2 times daily and taken out before showering. There aren't many nerves inside the body so you won't feel much when the wound is being cleaned out with q-tips, saline, and packed with gauze. The outer skin will be pink and irritated. It wakes me up at night because it's uncomfortable and sometimes hurts but this is normal.

I found this link VERY useful in preparing and packing a wound:

a couple of useful videos for those who need to see the techniques on getting the gauze in there:

This wound goes very deep

This one you can start watching around 7 mins in

pics taken on Dec 2nd 2015 - incision close ups

updated photos for anyone considers BBL and a thigh lift

Most the swelling seems to be gone but a few puffy areas still remain on the the outer thigh/lower outer buttock area. Ever hear of a term called fluffing? Well that's when the newly placed fat finally softens and settles into its permanent location. I don't recall how long that takes but I know it'll be months before that happens and until then I'll just have to be patient waiting to see the final result.

Most doctors say you'll see your final results 6 - 12 months post surgery and I'd agree with that based on my first BBL done last year. At this point I am getting stronger and more energetic daily which makes it harder to sit/lay still for long periods of time waiting for my incisions to finish healing.

I only keep my garment on 50% of the time now and it doesn't seem to make any difference in swelling or speed of healing and neither do my choices of food. Last BBL I ate super clean avoiding cheese and breads and stuck with all natural foods around 1,200 calories a day and wore my garment religiously. I'm having similar results with not eating so clean or always wearing my garment this time.

I haven't been using arnica for the past week and still the bruises are going away around the same rate as last time I had BBL if not faster. I do use coconut oil which is naturally antibacterial and a skin hydrator whenever I remember :)

I'll post my 16 day post op measurements tomorrow ;)

Why did he do this?

These 2 circles are exactly the same height, length, and width. I pointed out to my surgeon pre surgery that the right buttock is skinnier and longer than the left and that I'd like the right side filled much more than the left.

My surgeon said he understood and agreed yet post surgery his notes stated he put 450 cc in each cheek. So either he forgot or just chose not to do it for some reason. Either way I'm disappointed because the left side is so much wider than the right :(

I guess maybe there were too many details to my surgery to remember but now the left side seems even wider of a difference than pre op :(

17 day post op measurments and pictures!

Pre op left banana roll 22 1/4"
Pre op right banana roll 22 1/4"

17 days post op left banana roll 22"
17 days post op right banana roll 21 1/2"

pre op waist 27 1/4"
17 days post op waist 27"

Miss my body I worked so hard for late 2014... trying to stay positive and patient though

I know with the anesthesia you get those roller coast emotions and plus your temporarily handicap in some ways still at this point which makes it harder... but still I remember how hard I worked for a shapely body late 2014 and took these photos special for my hubby. My booty didn't look all that great 6 months post op. I think I kept about 30% of the fat injected or less in the butt despite all my efforts. When I took the photos I had to be strategic to make my butt look more flattering. All the expenses of the first BBL and now the second round which isn't looking all that promising just yet.

I measured the largest part of my butt today at 40 1/4" which is 2" larger than it was preop but I still have swelling and last BBL it took over a month for that booty to shrink the way it did. I'm consider butt implants in the next year or two if this doesn't work out. Anyone have them and do you like them?

Ideal hip to waist ratio

I found this article very helpful although I guess they forgot to do their math or they just felt it was easier to round up lol.

As wanthourglass pointed out you divide your waist by your hips to get your waist to hip ratio. Although this article states men prefer .7/70% hip to waist ratio it seems like the actual ideal number is .67/67%. For the models men drool over they have chosen women who are 34 - 24 - 36. That means the best of the best according to those numbers are .71 for waist to breast ratio and .67 for waist to hip ratio.

The article states men start loosing interest when a woman reaches above .8/80% hip to waist ratio (gosh men a so picky). But women can be bigger or smaller measurements as long as we fall into the .67 - .79 waist to hip ratio to be the most desirable to men. Science is interesting isn't it? They claim it's instinctual and something to do with men targeting women for child bearing lol.

here's an automated calculator to find out what your hip to waist ratio is ;)

My current measurements are:

Bust: 35
Waist: 27
Hips: 39 1/4

Hips to Waist Ratio: .69%

What is confusing to me is that shape does play a factor as well not to mention lumpiness lol. The other thing is a girl can be .7 ratio but what if almost all of that is side projection or opposite is almost all width but little projection. Wouldn't that play a role into a male's desire? Seems more complex than they are making it out to be to me lol.

When push comes to shove what I think makes men and women most attractive is when you feel sexy. This changes the way you interact with others and confidence can be very sexy!

I hope the swelling and odd lumps goes away soon so I can see what my final results will be. I'm now 31 and would love some attention helping me to feel 10 years younger! Don't we all lol

tomorrow will make 3 weeks post op

I promised one of the girls on realself I'd post my 4 day post op groin incision before the stitches were removed so I'm doing just that ;)

Here's my current pics and status. My bruises are looking pretty good. Perhaps in another 5 - 7 days they will be gone completely. The residual swelling remains and the areas where my incisions are feel hard to the touch at least up to 6 inches below the incision area. I still have swelling around my knees as well but that doesn't bother me much physically.

Looking at the pics now it appears as though my hips might be starting to concave back in again... figures :( I'll just try to be as patient as I can and wait to see what happens.

I spoke to my surgeons nurse today on the phone and asked what the blackish rubbery stuff is and she confirmed that it is in fact an adhesive and the coloring is due to drying with blood and dead skin. Ewww. She said it'll come off on it's own in about 3 months.... ummm seriously? She said I can try to pick at it so long as I'm not iritating the incision.

I asked about how much skin was removed off each thigh in the thigh lift and she said 10 ounces off the right thigh and 8 ounces off the left. Sadly the left butt cheek still looks 3/4" higher than the right one and the incision line doesn't look well done like the right side.

I'm seeing the scar line as I get that black rubbery adhesive off and it's a small line light in color and that pleases me :) So far the hole on the left thigh doesn't seem to be getting better but doesn't show signs of infection either. Yesterday I cried while hubby cleaned and repacking it with gauze. He only got 3 inches of gauze in before it really started pouring blood. I was crying from the pain so we just decided to stop.

I discussed this with the nurse but am told this isn't uncommon. I hate this packing gauze so bad and each time we do it I'm laying in bed for hours just useless and worn out from the stress and pain of it. I wish there was a way not to feel it but so far even the topical lidocaine doesn't help much.

Feeling a need to vent - could use some emotional support ladies...

Yey happy 3 week post surgery for me :)

I edited a photo to see what realistically my results could be from this most recent surgery. Sure I'd love a short sexy booty with lots of volume but as my surgeon pointed out that's just not realistic for my body type. I could wallow in self pity over it but I'm not going to. I was born with loose skin and it will get worse over time. I wish I could get that tiny size 24 waist but at some point I'll need to come to terms with the fact my skin won't retract that small around the waist.

I think the best I can hope for in the waist will be 26 - 26 1/2" waistline. If I'm lucky my hips will remain between 39 1/2" - 40". It is so difficult to be patient while waiting in this much physical pain wondering what your results will be and living with the fear of what may happen. In this case My biggest fears are the my already super long butt will droop even further.

Most thin girls can't imagine what it's like to go your whole life unable to wear normal girlie shorts. I've had those banana rolls from birth. They are a deformity and no normal shorts could cover them and in natural lighting it looked like I had a second butt hanging out of my longer than normal shorts. Normal shorts teenage girls wore I couldn't have worn even if I didn't have banana rolls because my right butt cheek was so long it hung out of the shorts while the left didn't.

I tried body building, diets, aerobics, and even bogas gadgets and laser. Nothing made a difference and I've lived my life hiding my butt the best I could with tight jeans that lift the butt. I couldn't even wear tights or yoga pants because of the banana rolls that stood out like a sore thumb. My husband which loves women in yoga pants years ago told me he prefers how I look just in jeans and that those types of pants weren't flattering on me. He of course candy coated it in kindness but I understood what he was saying...

What if having the lift causes the butt support to drop more? What if the outer edge of the incision ends up forcing my fat and skin to ball up and look weird when I walk? What if I will never be able to wear normal sexy girlie shorts or skirts? How do I silence these fears?

Perhaps to some of you the idea of wearing shorts in confidence is silly but for me it's something I've wanted to do ever since I was a little kid and it's important to me. I hope when I'm all healed up the banana rolls stay away, the skin doesn't jiggle and sag the way it did before, and the lower buttock crease on the right doesn't drop down more.

I don't regret the surgery regardless of the pain and fear because the support was dropping anyways and very uncomfortable. I needed to give this a try for my own peace of mind. I just hope my surgeon did a good job and my body cooperates.

scared even though I know I need to be patient....

3 week post op measurements

3 weeks post op 2014 3 weeks post op 2015
left thigh 22 1/2" left thigh 22"
right thigh 22 1/2" right thigh 21"
hips/butt 39 3/4" hips/butt 39 1/2"
waist 26" waist 27"

So yeah I'm freaking out a bit and hubby is telling me I need to just try not to think about it and wait. How can I though? Looking at my BBL procedure from last year my measurements and shape were superior to this time. I didn't have a thigh lift last time so hubby is saying this is like comparing apples to oranges when it comes to swelling, bruising, and recovery. I don't know if he's right or not I just know what I see and I don't like it.

I don't regret getting the thigh lift, it had to be done and the discomfort of the falling gluteal support was getting worse. So now I'm going to say something that's completely emotional, irrational, and makes little sense... you ready? At the moment it feels like the universe hates me :(

My body looks worse right now than it did close to this amount of time post surgery last year. I feel like I've lost the feminine curves I worked for and I don't know that I'll ever have them back. That's a terrifying feeling for me. I don't like what I see and I don't know how to just not think about it and go about my business till I heal. My left thigh with the hole in it hurts and I limp when I walk which is a constant reminder. I hate that I have a gross hole in my thighs that just keeps bleeding and my husband has to shove 7 inches of 1/2" thick gauze in it every day.

It's embarassing having him do that and I worry the effect it may have on our intimate life when I heal. We're a close couple and we've been together nearly 10 years but this is not the type of close I've ever wanted to be with him. I'm worried about how I will look when I recover and I'm worried about the future of my husband and my intimacy. Feeling vulnerable and impatient right now :(

Facial Fat Grafting update

I'm nearly 3 1/2 weeks post op now and since my surgery I've been debating whether or not to post the shots of my face which I had fat grafted to. It's hard to find facial fat grafting before and after pics because most people want their identity kept private and so do I.

It's tough to say whether or not the fat grafting is staying. Most areas on my face have significantly gone down but that may have just been the swelling.

My surgeon grafted 60 - 70 ccs of fat into my face in the areas I chose. My temples and that vertical strip leading from your temples down to your jaw looks fuller. This could be in part because when I weigh more my face looks fuller and younger and when I loose weight my face gets more skeletor like lol. Not sure if what I'm seeing is swelling, my higher weight leading to fuller face, or the result of the fat graft.

What I am disappointed in is the smile lines. My surgeon said typically only 30% of fat grafting survives in the lips and smile lines. He overfilled those areas to compensate. I don't think any of the fat has survived in my smile lines or lower lip but I do have a new fullness in my upper lip. It's too early to tell if it will survive or if part of it is still swelling.

If the upper lip is in fact fat and stays I will chalk it up as a success and will be pleased :)

Dec 11th updates - 3 1/2 weeks post op

I'm keeping patient best I can and just keeping an eye on how things are progressing. So far here's what I can see:

Right side looking full and rounded still but left side looking deflated with a bump on top. From the back my once recangular shape now looks more similar to a trapazoid. :(

I saw a wound specialist yesterday which is also a local surgeon. He measure the depth of the open hole in my left thigh at 8 cm deep! On the positive side there's no sign of infection. I asked him about the new shape of my butt which seems to be caused by the incisions. He said it's a 50/50 chance that it's swelling and may go away to even out or it's cause by the incision not being long enough and will have to be redone.

I've read all swelling doesn't usually go away till 2 months post op. Not sure what I think about that but that's a long time to wait to find out if I'm going to keep the trapazoid shape. Hope it resolves itself soon...

4 weeks post op update

My current 4 week post op measurements -

waist 27"
hips/largest part of butt 39 1/4"

Pre op my waist was 27 1/4"
Pre op my hips/largest part of butt 38 1/4"

Incision scars have darkened which was to be expected and hoping over the next year they will lighten significantly. No improvement on the dog ears (local surgeon told me the name for them). I'm told there's a 50/50 chance I'll need another procedure to get ride of them. Hips no longer have an outward curve and instead appear more straight.

Weight is at 134 which is 1 pound less than what I was at before my surgery. Banana rolls are still gone from what we can tell so far but we'll have to wait till the tissue under the butt and thighs breaks down and resoftens (right now the area around the incision feels like card board.

My husband finally has told me the truth that he feels outside of the banana rolls that my surgeon made everything worse in his opinion including on my face. My husband said I don't really look like me anymore, that my face is more rounded and my upper lip is too big making me look like I have an overbite. He said he doesn't see an increase in volume in my butt and the new shape isn't flattering. I'm 2 days away from being 1 month post op and at this point last year most the swelling was gone and I had better overall shape.

I feel bad for saying this but at this point no I would not recommend my surgeon. He seemed like the right choice at the time because he invented the under buttock thigh lift and is concidered to be the best BBL surgeon in the world. I am now starting to wonder about that and think maybe that's just media baloney.

I'm told by a few people I likely still have swelling and they were swollen up to 6 weeks post op. I'm going to try using ace bandages where I have dog tags and around my knees in hopes to get the swelling down and back to proper shape.

I'm sorry girls I wish I had better news but maybe my 5 or 6 week post op will improve. My waist has only gone down 1/4" but perhaps with the waist cincer and a little more time my shape will improve. For now outside the banana rolls being gone I'd have the say that I agree with my husband on the body looking worse than it did before not better.

My face I disagree with him. I think that the only fat that survived is in the temples, a tiny amount in the forhead, close by the ears, and my upper lip. My face rounds out more when I'm this weight and I think he's forgotten that plus I can tell I'm still swollen in the face so maybe by next week things will be looking better.

Any advice or feedback would be much appreciated. The groin scars do not lay flat like under the buttock. Has anyone had a thigh lift with groin incisions that did this? Do they eventually flatten out?

Happy Friday everyone :)

Not feeling too shabby today and I'm past 1 month post op. My contoured body pillow arrived yesterday and I slept on it for the first time. It's more comfortable than anything else I've tried so far but it takes up a lot of space on our queen bed. Poor hubby having such little bed space :(

Here's the pillow I'd highly recommend for anyone having BBL or butt implants:

No reduction in sizing/swelling now in a couple of weeks but you can hardly see any of the bruising which was the same last year when I had BBL at this point in the healing process. I woke up achy and in pain same as usual with that tight pinching feeling where I had the thigh lift.

For the past few days I've been focusing on massaging vasoline, vitamin E oil, and unscented lotion into the scaring areas about 20 minutes a day. The expensive scar healing lotions all seem to have those three things in them so I figured I'd just combine them myself. So far the incision scars and the area surrounding them haven't softened up yet but perhaps in the next week or two they will (I'll let you know either way).

The hole on the back of the left thigh seems to be shrinking around just the entrance. I'm told if it closes much more they'll have to give me local anestesia and cut open the hole larger or this inside will never heal. I learned if your outer skin heals before the inner tunnel you just have a permanent air pocket that could be suseptable to a number of problems. This is why it's imparitive the inside heal before the outside.

Often times wounds and scars heal better in a moist environment which is why the gauze shoved daily in the tunnel is soaked in saline solution. I'm also now using gel strips to help with the incision scaring. I started that yesterday but will be switching to silicone strips in a few days when they arrive in the mail.

Other than that not much to report other than it's true little by little you start to feel better and moving becomes easier. You'll have good days and bady days and some where you just feel a need to keep sleeping. I have a LOT of cleaning to do today in preparation of our Christmas dinner tomorrow so I imagine by Sunday I'll likely be in lots of pain and exhausted but I guess we'll find out ;)

5 weeks post op with pictures

Yesterday was my 5 weeks post op date :) Still good days and bad days when it comes to energy and pain from BBL and the thigh lift. No changes in measurements or swelling. I've tried wearing a tight garment for days and then go days without a garment. It seems to make no difference in swelling. I called my surgeons office and was told they recommend some people go without a garment to help with circulation. Not sure what they mean by that but ok lol.

At 5 weeks post op there's still what I call ghost bruising or watermark bruising. It's faint and hard to see outside of photos but still remains. The left butt cheek still has the bump at the top it did pre op and is concave as you can see in the photos even though this is the second time I had fat transfer to the booty. The right butt cheek is looking pretty great with a perfect rounding to it. :)

I haven't noticed any reduction on the dog ears. I've been massaging them multiple times a day for the past two weeks. I will wait till 6 or 7 weeks post op to determine if they are likely to be permanent or not.

Any comments, observations, opinions, or suggestions are welcome on my progress whether they be good or bad. I appreciate honesty above all else :)

6 weeks post surgery pictures

I'm proud of myself for going nearly a week without examining my body unclothed till today. I've been reducing my calories and eating healthier. I'm now down to 134 lbs. Last week I was 136 lbs. I don't know where that 2 lb was since my measurements have not gone down.

waist - 27 inches
left thigh - 21 1/2 inches
right thigh - 21 1/4 inches
largest part of butt - 40 inches

Dog tags are still the same which I've come to accept that this will likely be the case for the next 4 - 5 months. It will likely take that long to see if they will or will not go away on their own. My right butt cheek fat or swelling has lowered from the top which I'm disappointed but it's not like that wasn't unexpected. I had just hoped to keep it for a longer duration. On the positive side the right buttock still has a healthy looking curve with no sign of it becoming concave :)

The left buttock is unfortunatly looking significatly worse as you can see in the pictures. the outer and inner curve has dropped while the middle curves upward giving it an odd shape. The left side continues to look concave and the lump at the top of the left buttock remains unchanged.

I am tired of not being able to fit into my jeans or anything but stretch pants and most my shirts don't fit me at this weight. My goal is to drop my weight down to somewhere between 127 - 130 lbs to fit in some of my clothes. I'm 4 - 6 lbs away from that goal and looking forward to reducing the fat on my back and sides when wearing clothes. My waist will hopefully go down to 26". At that weight giving me an overall better shape. The sad part of that will be that like everyone else when I loose weight the fat in my booty shrinks and my butt looks longer and saggier :(

Almost $20 k spent in the past 2 years on just the BBL surgery not including all the recovery costs, garments, transportation, and hotel. I'll be budgeting and working hard to pay off the remaining credit card debt over the next 4 months if I can. Not much booty to show for it and I'm only 6 weeks into recovery. I know that the booty reduces in size and changes shape over the course of the next 6 months to a year.

It's strange how similar my recovery this year for my BBL is to last year even though this year I had a thigh lift as well. My tunnel on the left buttock is down from over 8 cm to 4.2 cm and I'll be seeing the wound care specialist again tomorrow. He thought I'd almost be completely healed by now. He will likely have to use surgical equipment to cut the skin on the entrance to the tunnel to keep the outer skin from healing before the inside does. If the outer skin seals up the inside will stop healing and any bacteria in there could fester and lead to an infection. Not how I wanted to spend my New Years but I have much to be grateful for.

I had a wonderful Christmas with my husband and set up an archeological indoor dig for him playing jurassic park music in the background while he dug up fossils out of the bins of sand I put them in and hunted for dino related presents with the clues he found. :) We have lots of wonderful plans for 2016 and my best friend will be visiting for a week in the next 8 days. These things I feel happy and grateful for even though I feel my surgeon made some serious errors on my left side.

I will likely be going for butt implants in 2016 to try the get the volume BBL could not give me or most women who undergo BBL. There's no doubt the body scuplting adds to the feminine curvature we all seek and can give the illusion of a fuller booty by suctioning out back, waist, tummy, and thigh fat. I've seen it time and again where women loose most the fat transplanted to the booty either early on or between 6 - 12 months post op.

I wanted to wait till 2017 to undergo the surgery for butt implants but if my left booty is going to continue to worsen then I feel I have little choice but to change the date to early - mid 2016. Any recommendations on surgeons great at butt implants would be much appreciated. Thanks ladies!

photoshop pictures - booty and hips I would like to have

I decided to use a software this morning to edit a few pictures and eventually send to a surgeon to see if butt implants could give me a booty like this. I'm not looking for perfection or to look like a super model. I try to keep my goals as realistic as possible for my body type. No need for a JLO or Kim Kardashian booty. Rounding out the areas that are concave, removing the lump over the left butt cheek, and adding some projection is what would make me happy :)

I don't know if butt implants can do this for me. Anyone know whether or not these are realistic goals that booty implants can provide after they settle in place?

January 12th 8 week post op pictures

Sorry for the late update. I had a friend visiting from out of state. She thinks my booty looks great so long as you don't look at it straight on. Not much progress in healing has been made. The tunnel in the left thigh hasn't made progress now in 3 weeks and the outter hole is now too small to pack.

Here are my current body pics from Tuesday

Pics in white pants from Saturday January 16th

I haven't gotten around to loosing weight yet mostly because I want the 1 3/4 of fat my surgeon injected into my booty to have the best chance at survival. I may wait till after Valentines day to diet. I'm sure I can find a flattering dress at this weight for our special day :)

White pants look better on me now than at any other time I've tried them on. I wore them in public for the first time on Saturday and got a couple of compliments from friends. The upward curve on the left cheek still hasn't dropped any but I'm still hoping it does soon. With the bandaid on you can't see it in the pics. The tunnel's entrance is too small to keep packing and my hubby says it's actually at 3.7 cm still eshk! There's a chance it may heal on its own without packing so that's what we're going to try now.

2 months 1 week post op status

So I my real diet will begin tomorrow. I hope I'm not doing this too soon but I've gained more weight recently and am at 139 lbs. I want to be at 130s so I'll have less cellulite on my thighs and can fit in jeans. I can't quite tell whether or not my booty look ok as it is. Any opinions or comments are welcome :)

10 weeks post op update

So I did my measurements this afternoon and the largest part of my booty is still holding at 41.5 inches and waist is still at 27 inches. I can't help but wonder when things soften up to normal how everything will look.

Between month 2 - 3 is when most people are happiest with their BBL results but what your booty looks like this early on is not what you'll end up with. The scar tissue is still stiff and the fat sitting high on the butt waiting to drop down and settle in place. There's no way to be certain how your booty will fluff or exactly how much of the fat will survive long term. Just gotta be patient, wait it out, and see.

In the meantime I'm posting some of my good angles and not so good angles. The right butt cheek is still nicely curved and sitting lovely. The left but cheek is not looking so good with that upward curve underneath where my tunnel from the thigh lift was, concave from the 3/4 view, and with the lump of fat still sitting up top.

From some angles you can see the fat he didn't lipo on my mid back but when a loose a few lbs maybe it will go down too plus all the bra rolls along with it lol. The right thigh seems to be healing nicely with no sign of the banana roll returning but the left side the banana roll came back. It's not as obvious in pics but in pants and in person it stands out. Wish my left side had come out like the right side then I'd be one estatic girl.

All in all so far it seems the procedure was worth it. The dog tags are still present as you can see in the pictures but the uneven hips aren't as noticeable as they used to be and for that I'm grateful. I do feel more comfortable with myself in and out of clothing. My husband doesn't seem to notice, care, or appreciate my new booty and he's definitely a butt guy which is a disappointment but this surgery wasn't for him... it was for me. It would have been a nice bonus for him to take notice and get some compliments but I guess he's really just that picky and the scars probably bother him. When I wore that navy blue dress with the crop jacket I posted out to dinner with him the only things he complimented was my boots and high ponytail (it was a fake hair clip). That hurt but I'm just going to keep reminding myself that its only my opinion I should be worried about not his and he's a butt head for not being appreciative of what he's got.

last year's tummy and waist lipo post for Gut2Butt

This post isn't too complain just to show how the body can change even after aggressive liposuction.

I know surgeons say once fat is gone it's gone but I'm not so sure I agree with that. I had aggressive lip done on my tummy and love handle area. In the photos you can see after I healed up even when sitting down there was only skin.

8 months later my tummy started rounding outward with fat. I thought to myself how can this be if there initially wasn't anything there at all? My love handles started to re-emerge around that time as well. I do work my tummy out often which keeps it flatter but nothing like it was in June 2014. Now when I sit instead of 7 fold marks there's 3 which is what most thin girls with a small amount of belly fat get.

This to me proved that either fat:

A. Grows back
B. Some was only damaged, eventually healed, and then grew in size

My lipo-suctioned waist was somewhere between June - July 2014 down to 25.5 inches at the same weight I am now. My waist is now at 27 inches which again either means fat grows back or was only damaged initially and when healed accumulated there again.

I don't have an issue with the way my tummy looks now and if I got serious and hard-core in my workouts I could possibly get the 7 wrinkle lines of skin like I had in 2014. To be honest I'm not sure I care enough to pursue that goal just to appease my spouse's preferences. I'm ok to lightly keep active and exercise my tummy just till it is mostly flat looking when I stand.

Anyone considering aggressive lipo should also keep my story in mind. If I don't work out my tummy enough fat accumulates at 136 lbs where my tummy does round outwards just like girls that have never had lipo.

normally I wouldn't post pics during that time of month but...

Previously in the past I refused to post pics during my period especially in the earliest stages of it when the bloating is at its worst (don't we all feel that way?) but today is a little different. It's odd since surgery my period has been very irregular and happening too frequent but... if our body says it's time we don't get a say so! Has anyone else experienced irregular periods post surgery?

So yeah I'm really having bad cramps this time around and bloating. My hubby still isn't complimenting and I'm feeling emotional (hormones out of whack during periods s*ck). I wanted to feel good about myself so I thought what the heck I'll toss on a few of my clothes I haven't tried on since last summer and just see how they look.

I'd hoped they'd fit better since I only weigh 135 lbs but my period is forcing on the water weight and only a couple items fit. I decided to post a few photos of my favorite booty angles in my Guess dress and one of me in my mini skirt. After my period ends I'll try on the clothes again take more photos but in the mean time here's what I've got.

thinking about holding off on booty implants till 2017 - 2018

Progress pics for lip fat transfer. As you can see in the pictures my upper lip so far has retained some of the fat transferred and now I finally feel I can wear bright lipstick comfortably :) The bottom lip didn't retain any of the fat which my husband says I look like I have a bit of an overbite now. Personally I'm fine with it and like my lips better this way.

After going through BBL 2 years in a row and even getting this painful thigh lift I think I might want to take a break from working on my booty through surgery. Since I stopped being a tomboy years ago my body has been a work in progress but up till 2014 I just worked on it through diet and fitness but some things just can't be achieved the natural way as we all know.

This year I think I'd instead rather either get invisiline to straighten my teeth or rhinoplasty to narrow the tip of my nose. Not sure which to pick so I'd love some opinion or feedback (no one besides hubby knows I've had surgery and I plan to keep it that way). Has anyone here had Invisiline with good results or is there a better alternative? My front two teeth as you can see in the pictures veer backwards a bit and the two side teeth curve out. It's never been urgent to fix which is why I've held off but perhaps this year is the year to change that.

It's either Invisiline or rhinoplasty to narrow the tip of the nose. The funny thing about having a ball tipped nose is it gets super shiny so in public every hour I have to powder my nose or let it shine. In pictures I'm always the one girl with a super shiny nose unless I powder it right before pic time. Not sure how to pick between the two so any suggestions would be much appreciated. :)

Feeling the need to let off some post surgery steam

Alright girls this will be a venting session for me. I know that nearly 10 years ago I met a man that was very critical, opinionated, and seems to dislike complimenting anyone but himself on occasion. On the other hand we had a lot of hobbies and interest in common. We got along well and he made me laugh often (I love to laugh)

I had already struggled with issues on self esteem and my appearance before him but since this guy liked me I figured it didn't matter whether or not he found me attractive.

It wasn't till 6 years later when I found he had been cheating on me all along and targeting girls that he considered flawless or nearly flawless that my self esteem just went down the toilet. He later confessed he had always found me attractive. I wasn't sure whether I believed him and I'm still not sure.

It hurt then and it hurts now that he's always joking and they are always joking insults (playful) but when you almost never say anything nice about your spouse to them those joking insults about being clumsy, etc... eventually take their toll. I don't believe anyone is immune long term to such comments and jokes when they don't hear positives about themselves to balance it out.

On another note I'm halfway through my period today and I weigh 13.5 lbs. My waist went in an inch to 26 inches down from 27 inches. Bad news is the largest part of my booty went in 2 inches as well and seems to be at 39.5 inches from 41.5 inches :( darn

12 weeks post op update

Sorry gals I meant to take my measurements this morning but I've been quite busy so I'll have to post those later today. As far as I can tell my body has remained unchanged for the past few weeks. Still have dog tags and the right outer thigh/hip is lower and larger than the other side.

I find it odd that after almost three months I still have a giant faded bruise on my outer left thigh. It's not obvious in all lighting just some. I raised the camera up to get slightly downward angled photos. This angle doesn't show the tunnel scarring and upward curve under my left buttock.

As you all know my husband hasn't been too kind as of late and said some things I consider to be harsh. Till yesterday I'd worked for 4 weeks on preparing a special Valentines Day with led ribbons, curtains, 25 favorite hubby moment photos, cards, and decorated the whole living area and bedroom. I've decided to reschedule it till further notice since all my spouse can think about lately is himself and all I hear him say sounds negative. I asked him to move into the guest bedroom till he can find a way to be more positive in general, and figure out how to compliment.

I still plan on doing the Valentines Day surprise for him just not yet while he is so unpleasant to be around and behaving ungrateful for what and who he has in his life. In my opinion most girls just flat out would walk out on a guy if he didn't say nice things about her to her face now and again or have something on the side. I've stayed with him for nearly 10 years and chosen not to have something on the side and just deal with not feeling feminine or attractive.

Guess we'll wait and see what happens. Hope you all have a wonderful upcoming Valentines day!

Updates on body and healing

So as you guys know I've held off on the diet to not put the new fat at risk. It's been over 3 months now and so just this week I've started my diet but I'm also on my period so I'll have to wait to see how my body is progressing when the water weight comes off. I'm good about sucking it in for photos though lol.

It's odd how big my booty looks in some clothes and not so much in others. Really throws me off sometimes lol. You can see my thigh lift scar in the white dress on the right side. I was trying to find a dress to wear for my husband on Valentines day but he didn't like any of them so I'll be returning them. Figured it was a good opportunity to take photos of how my body looks in dresses at the moment at 3 months post op.

I can tell there's still stiff scar tissue in all the places that were lipo'd and fat injected. I am still careful to only sit on soft pillows and cushions. I've seen too many girls start to loose their newly placed fat after month 3 so I'm doing all I can to keep what I've got. Around 2 months post op my waist was the same as it is now but my booty was 1 1/8" larger than it is now so yeah booty is shrinking even though my weight has remained the same. Here's the current measurements:

weight still between 135 - 136 lbs
waist 27 inches
largest part of butt 40 1/8"
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