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I am a single mother of a 23 yr. old son who is my...

I am a single mother of a 23 yr. old son who is my life. I am 43 yrs. old, 5’4 and I weigh 135lbs. My son moved out and started his own business at the age of 19, all without his dad in his life and I can’t be more proud of him. Well with being on my own, I thought it was time to do something for me so I decided to have a TT with inner thighs done. I had the procedure done March 2013. I told no one except my sister of my procedure since people like to be critics and like to give advice when you don’t ask for it, ladies you know what I mean. After finding the RealSelf website I learned about the fat transfer process and the BBL procedure so I got educated and of course I wanted a BBL but before knowing about it my plan was to have my boobs done next. I would have liked to get both done at the same time. I had to decide which one I wanted more the butt or the boobs. I went for the butt. I first thought of going to Yily but she didn’t rub me the right way. I emailed Yily many questions, it took forever for her to get back to me until one day I got a message and we had a conversation on Wassup. I told her my concerns and I asked her about the rumors I was hearing here on RealSelf for example the 4-6 girls a day she was doing & the bloody scrubs she wore throughout the whole day (unsanitary) and she lied to me and said that it wasn’t true she doesn’t do 4-6 girls a day. Yily flat out lied to me. I told her to cancel my date for my surgery thank god I didn’t send any deposit money. She asked if I wanted to re-schedule I told her NO. I wasn’t going to put my life in her hands. HELL NO. In the meantime, I had emailed Duran thru her office, Facebook & her personal email. Days went by and still no word from Duran. I gave up waiting for Duran, I wanted to have this done this year. Did some more reading and found Dr. Salama with great reviews but he was totally booked up so my next choice was Dr. Ghurani, his partner, he had good reviews too. I emailed my pictures, asked Nancy all my questions, filled out my paperwork, made my deposit, set my date (June 3rd) & then I received my packet in the mail so I went ahead and booked my flight & hotel. I did finally hear from Dr. Duran with a quote but it was too late I had booked my surgery with Dr. Ghurani. I really didn’t want to go out of the country for surgery I wanted my sister to be able to go with me I wanted to give her a much needed vacation. She had just got done with radiation treatments for cancer and was drained but was up to taking care of me after surgery, God love her. Anyway, Nancy told me the doctor said I was a great candidate for the BBL but I should gain 2-5 lbs. for maximum results. That sounds easy enough. I can do that. I was scared he’d say I was too skinny for the procedure. I had consulted with a surgeon here, actually the one who did my TT. I wanted to see what he said about a BBL. He told me I had no fat left after the TT. He wanted to cut my butt cheeks and sew them up higher. Are you serious? I said HELL TO THE NO!! I told Nancy this and she said he must not do BBL’s everyday. Not to worry about it. Holy shit he wanted to cut of my ass cheeks. Can you believe it?
I had a few of the supplies already from the TT surgery so what I didn’t have I bought. I had maxi dresses but not dark colors so I bought a few of those. I got a shower curtain and some other recommended items from reading posts on here. I’m not excited yet or scared because of my concerns about not having enough fat. What if I fly out there and he turns me away? I will be so upset.

Here is my BBL experience:

May 31st- night before flying out to Florida, I'm getting a bit excited for the trip. Have everything packed at last after taking everything out 5 times and putting it back in because I’d forget something so I’d have to re-arrange everything. Have to get up early 5am because brother-in-law is taking us the airport, flight is at 7:30am and he wants to make sure he finds his way okay.

June 3rd- Brother-in-law came extra early 3am. Good thing I was up couldn’t sleep. I was getting dressed already. We left and we were on are way to the Philly airport. Got to the airport and I haven’t flown since I was 25. All these new rules for flying, taking your shoes off and laying all your belongings on the belt was a pain the ass. Finally got through all that and we waited 2 hours for our flight. We boarded the plane and we had to wait some more because all the planes decided to take off at the same time because we had rain and all the flights had to wait until the rain slowed up to take off & we had to wait our turn to take off. I don’t know what time we landed in Florida but it was later than the normal arrival time & I was to have my consult with Dr. Ghurani when I arrived. Miriam picked us up at the airport and took us straight over to the office. I never seen the doctor because he was in surgery but I did see Naomi. Nancy was on vacation. Naomi was nice but she never smiled and I felt like she was looking at me the wrong way. I mentioned this to Miriam after my appointment and she said she thought that too when she first started working there but she said that Naomi is very sweet she just comes off that way. Anyway, I was told I would see Dr. Ghurani before my surgery on June 4th. I was given my boppy pillow and pills. Miriam was outside waiting for us (me, my sister & niece) she then took us to Walmart to get some stuff so we had food & Gatorade at the Condo we were staying at. She drove us to the Condo in South Beach which was a distance from Dr. Ghurani’ s office but when I booked it I checked on Google map first and it said it was only 20 minutes away. That wasn’t true. I called the landlord to the condo to let him know we were on our way like he told me to so we can meet to get the key and he said we would have to let ourselves in because he wouldn’t be able to meet us there until later so he gave me the combo to the lock on the door so I could get the key. Got to the condo and it was very small. The view was nice. That was it. Not much room to move though. Around 7pm or so, the owner of the condo stopped in to collect the balance of the rental. We showed him some things wrong with the place so we don’t get blamed for them and he left. My niece who is 6 yrs. old wanted to go down to the pool the minute we got there so we took her down. We spent some time at the pool until it started to rain then we came back up to the room had something to eat and went to bed. I had a big day tomorrow.

June 4th- Surgery day-First thing this morning the landlord’s wife knocks wanting the mattress to the cot in the closet. Now what if we had 5 people staying there? And we needed the cot. WTF? Miriam picked me up at 12:30 for surgery. I got to the office and it was a building that had other offices. There was a bank, a real estate office, and some other medical offices. I went up to the 3rd floor, rang the bell and was let in. I was asked my name and was taken back to put on gown, hat and socks. The nurse asked if I was excited, told her no and why. She told me not to worry I’d be fine. Met with the anesthesiologist and he was good looking. I let him know before anything that I have problem veins. I always get stuck more than once trying to find a vein for IV. He said they will use a small one and there shouldn’t be a problem. He was right, no problem one try and he got it. I was thinking to myself, “why am I going through all this I haven’t seen the doctor yet for a consult what if I don’t have enough fat? I have IV in and I’m getting stuck for nothing”. I had lost a lot of weight from the tummy tuck and Nancy told me to gain 2-5 lbs. and I did but I wasn’t so sure that was enough. I got asked a bunch of questions I’m sure they were routine questions and after that was told to lay down on one of the beds and wait for the doctor. Time went by and I waited I figured someone was ahead of me in surgery so I wasn’t in a hurry. It was a bit loud in that office music playing, the nurses singing aloud, yelling across the room nothing like you would see back at home at any of our hospitals. I still wasn’t excited and I wasn’t scared. I just kept thinking about how it will look if I do get a butt.
Finally they brought out the patient that was in before me and she was out cold and she was breathing very heavy. Still that didn’t scare me hearing her breath so heavy. Nurse came to get me and told me it was my turn. She took me in to see Dr. Ghurani for my consult, he introduced himself. His Spanish wasn’t so good. Told him it was okay he could talk to me in English. He was awesome, very tall. Explained the procedure, the dangers, complications, etc. he asked if I had any questions, I said yes, just one, I have a concern that I may not have enough fat to transfer. He said “it’s not about how much fat you have to transfer it’s about how I am going to sculpt you and graft you to give you those curves & the hourglass shape trust me you will be happy with your results”. He took a lot of pictures & complimented me on my TT and how good my belly button turned out said some doctors do a lousy job with belly buttons. He told me what he planned to do and I said let’s go for it. Off to the operating room I went with my IV pole intact. I remember walking into the operating room and getting up on the table face up and stretching out my arms on the two arm extensions on the table and that’s it I was out. Then I remember waking up being put in a wheel chair, was handed my bag and some papers and was taken downstairs to Miriam who was waiting to pick me up. In her car, she has a 4runner; you lay in the back seat. She has it set up with blankets & a pillow. I get down there and I remember telling her “Miriam my butt hurts” and she told me, “BEAUTY IS PAIN GIRL” with that Jamaican accent of hers. I loved hearing her talk because of her accent. I will remember that always. I wasn’t nausea I felt a little dizzy when I would stand. I walked up to my room on my own which was on the 7th floor. I called my sister in advance and she was waiting with 3 Percocet’s for the discomfort and some soup. The garment was riding the front & back something awful and it was so tight. I put a maxi pad in between that helped. The hardness in my stomach & back from the lipo bothered me too. After I ate, I was looking at the papers I was given. It had on the sheet how many cc’s I was given. I got 880cc’s in each cheek. Wow I can’t believe I got that much or that he got that much out of me. For me that is a lot. I went in weighing 145lbs. I gained the extra pounds. I was excited. I read the care instructions which the nurse had already gone over with me beforehand. Shit, Damn these drains again. I have 1 in the front and 1 at the top of my butt crack, that one is really annoying. Especially going to the bathroom. Not only is the butt hard but you have this annoying drain at your butt crack in the way, LOL. I bought one of those female funnels and I got the soft one not the hard one and that was a mess, I pissed all over myself so I had my sister cut a Gatorade bottle and that worked a hell of a lot better. I get up and walk back and forth in the room. Drink a lot of Gatorade that’s all I drink at home too. I had a tuna fish sandwich & then I went to sleep. When I wake up I get up and walk back and forth in the room.

June 5th-post-op with doctor today. Dr. Ghurani looked me over quickly since he was in surgery and said I looked real good. The nurse had asked if I had looked at myself and I told her “No” so she took a picture of the back for me. She said I looked really, really good. She said when my swelling goes down I will be very curvaceous. She gave me clean stockings since mine were all bloody, and she changed my dressing. Got picked up and went back to the condo to sleep I get so exhausted after putting on the garment. When I woke up, I took a quick shower. That felt good but took a lot out of me so again I took a nap. Later on in the evening I got the urge to go the bathroom and it wasn’t to pee. OMG! That was not nice. It was so nasty. I didn’t get my garment off in time but I managed not to get anything on my garment believe it or not. It wasn’t a lot just a little bit. Thank God I had brought those baby wipes because toilet paper was too rough for the new ass, LOL. My sister & niece were laughing at me. It wasn’t funny.

June 6th-first massage-after reading so many ladies on RealSelf and their experience with that 1st & 2nd massage I kind of knew what to expect so I took 2 Percocet’s 2 hours before leaving for my massage. Miriam picked me up and dropped me off & I wasn’t looking forward to it. I met Eileen. She was very sweet. Not sure if I spelled her name right. She commented her English wasn’t so great but I understood her but I told her she could talk to me in Spanish I am Puerto Rican I understand both. Okay she had me lay face down first. She did this machine first which I thought was the massage; I was like wow this is simple but that was just the half of it. After the machine shut off came the real deal. She started pushing down and moving the liquid down towards the crack of my butt so it comes out the tube but it wasn’t that bad. It was tolerable I did breathe a bit harder but no crying or screaming and she was shocked. She said people usually scream or cry. She also thought I wasn’t breathing since I was face down in the pillow and she couldn’t see my face so she stopped a couple times to make sure I was still breathing. That was funny we both laughed. She got scared. Then it was time for the front, same procedure. She put the boppy pillow up had me sit on it and did the same thing except the front hurt more than the back so she seen me make me faces but no screaming or crying. She said I did great. After the massage she asked if I wanted a juice or water. I asked for a juice. When she came back in the room, I was fit into another garment with foam and that was a bitch. Foam on the sides, the back and the front. I couldn’t breathe, but again, BEAUTY IS PAIN. I have my 2nd massage on the 11th & I signed up for a 3rd massage, the day before my flight so I hope my drains are removed that day because I don’t want to travel with these damn things. Miriam picked up took me back to the condo. My sister & niece were down at the pool. I called her when I got in to let her know I got back okay and she came up to make me something to eat and help me get a shower since I got a little dizzy when I got a shower last night and I had to call my sister in for help. Trouble sleeping trying to find a comfy way to sleep.

June 7th- Still in discomfort but walking helps. I feel myself walking funny because of the swelling in my butt cheeks I wonder if anyone else can tell. I don’t wake up stiff like some ladies have complained about on RealSelf. I do have to get up slow or I get dizzy. I haven’t taken my normal meds because I have a lot of pills to take on top of that and that is just way too many pills and that would upset my stomach. I take my iron pill & amica pill that’s it. Percocet as needed. I take it usually at night to help me sleep. I don’t take the antibiotics either. My sister & niece have been going down to the pool & beach every morning so I take naps until they come up. I only call my sister if I need something. Today there was a knock at the door, I’m lying in bed butt out only in my garment, my sister was down at the pool, I’m moving like a turtle so I am trying to get up slowly to answer the door well apparently I didn’t get to the door in time the landlord lets himself in just to show another guy the tub the landlord wanted him to paint, seriously? Can’t that wait until I leave? I told him about it and he didn’t even apologize. I listed the address & his name in the forum titled “Condo Rental in Florida-Don’t”. No privacy.
Sleeping on my stomach is starting to get to me. My neck hurts. I’m having trouble falling asleep at night. Percocet isn’t working. I toss & turn trying to get comfortable and I’m homesick. I miss my girls. I have 2 yorkie toy dogs and I miss them terribly. Especially the smaller one of the two her name is Bella because she sleeps with me. Bella is very attached to her Mama. My nephew who is watching them sends me pictures

June 8th- Starting to get really bored. I have my IPAD and I watch movies but I still get bored. I can only watch the movie for so long until my neck starts hurting. My sister & niece are enjoying this vacation more than me. I knew they would. I’m not complaining I came for my butt they came to enjoy the beach & the sun. Discomfort level is about a 5. It’s been raining every day

June 11th-2nd massage-I started up my regular meds today. I take meds for depression & migraines and I think not taken them was starting to have an effect on me. Having my 2nd massage with Eileen today and it wasn’t as bad as the first one. It is storming outside and I mean storming. I didn’t think of Hurricane Season down here in Florida when booking my flight or surgery. My drains have been just about empty the last 2 days so I’m hoping I get them removed today. After my massage, Eileen said that Dr. Ghurani was in the office today doing consults so she would have him come in and check on me. She gave me a gown to put on, gave me my juice and went out to let Dr. Ghurani know I was ready for him. Eileen came back in and said he would be a bit so she told me to lay down and he’d come in when he was done. I wasn’t waiting long when he came in and asked me to stand up and do the same poses I did when I had my pictures taken for the consultation. He said I looked really, really good. He wanted me to keep him updated on my progress so he gave me his personal email address to send him pictures. I felt good about that. He wanted me to keep him updated on my progress wow. I left with a smile on my face. I also left with the freakin’ drain’s still in shit. He said for me to keep an eye on the one drain which was the back one if it stays under 25cc’s then both will come out next visit. The front one has been empty and the back one has been very, very low way under 25 cc’s but I have to follow doctor’s orders. I went downstairs to the lobby to wait for Miriam at this point it was really blowing outside and pouring. Everyone was running to the car garage. The elderly were waiting in the lobby until it past. I waited about 2-3 hours for Miriam maybe longer. When I finally got picked up, there was flooding everywhere. Traffic was moving very slow, bumper to bumper no one was moving I’m thinking “shit I’m never going to get to the condo”. On the way down South Beach there were cars just stuck in the water. If you didn’t have a high vehicle like an SUV your car wasn’t going anywhere. The water too was high. There were many cars in the middle of the street stuck and we had to go around them, it was like a maze. It was crazy. It took about 2 hours or more for me to get to the condo. I hated this day. I felt like shit. I had to wait for my ride. It took too long to get home. It was pouring. I was hunger. I was uncomfortable. I could go on. When I finally made it to the condo, my sister was worried. I told her what had happened. I got a shower, had something to eat and then took a nap.

June 12th- We decided to do breakfast downstairs today. I took my boppy down with me. We made plans last night to take the bus to the shopping mall if I was feeling up to it and there was no rain. It’s where all the stores are but it’s not really a mall, it’s more of a strip of stores. After breakfast, my sister took my boppy back up to the room and she had forgotten her wallet so she had to go up & get it. Crossing the street to get the bus was crazy & a bitch. It was like that video game Frogger for those of you that have ever played it or who have kids. It’s a three car lane and the cars just kept coming and the light for us was taking forever to turn green. Think of us as the frog. We would have gotten smashed. There was no way we would have gotten across the street without a light there. Finally we walk across and we got there just in time to catch the bus. The bus ride was awful. If it wasn’t for this man who caught me I would have fallen on my new ass. My sister & niece sat while I stood at the pole at the handicap section of the bus. It was a long bumpy ride and it was very hot out, thank god the bus had a/c. We got to the strip and I think it was even hotter down there. No shade anywhere. We would go in stores just to get out of the sun. We were drinking a lot. It wasn’t fun still having these damn drains in either and walking. The garment was bothering me too all up my ass. I couldn’t wait to get back to take it off. It felt like we were out there all day but when we headed back it was only 2pm. I was exhausted but I felt good having walked. We got back to the condo and I got a shower right away to cool off and to get out of that garment for a bit. After my sister rested, she took my niece down to the beach & the pool. I stayed in the room. When my sister came up with my niece, we ordered Domino’s and that didn’t taste the same as it does here. I love Pizza and I had been craving it, so that was a bummer. Come to think of it Subway didn’t taste the same either. We got Subway on Day 1 when we did our Walmart run. Why is that

June 13th- 3rd & last massage with Eileen. These damn drains should come out today. I go home tomorrow. Yes! It’s a surprise for those back home. We aren’t due back until the 17th but like I said I am homesick but that isn’t the only reason I changed my flight. We watched the news and they were calling for a tropical storm. We don’t want to be stuck out here in Florida. My sister’s husband & my niece’s dad think they will be spending Father’s day all alone. They will be surprised. Miriam picked me up for my massage. I got there and the 3rd massage wasn’t bad at all. No pain no discomfort. I had no fluid at all so when Eileen was done and gave me my juice she went to get Naomi so she could remove my drains. You know I was happy. Naomi came in and started with the front one, that felt weird, I thought that tube was never ending, LOL. She explained to me how to care for the holes so they don’t get infected. She then did the back drain. Eileen helped me get back into my garment with all the foam and asked me if she had given me a board, I asked “what’s a board”? She went and got a board for me. Showed me how to use it after 2 weeks post-op. It was easy enough. I thanked Eileen for everything and gave her a big hug, she was great. I said my good-byes to everyone else and left. Miriam picked me up and was kind enough to swing by McDonald’s drive thru so I could get something to eat. Got dropped off at the condo, I ate, called my sister told her I was back. I was going to go down to meet her down at the pool but it sucks when you have to go down fully clothed and I can’t sit on ass and the temptation kicks in to want to jump in the pool. I just stayed where I was. I fought it. I kicked the lil’ devil off my shoulder. I don’t want to go backwards I want to go forwards especially with me going home tomorrow. When my sister came up, we made sure the condo was cleaned up and the sheets were washed. My suitcase was already packed up, LOL. I was ready to go.

June 14th- Going home today! Miriam picked us up at 11:30am. Our flight is at 2:00pm. I thanked Miriam for everything when she dropped us off and gave her a big hug and she gave my sister a hug. The Florida airport is different from the Philly airport, more security. I had to go through this machine, put my hands up and spread em’. I didn’t have to do that in Philly. In Philly, they just wave a wand over you. After going thru all that bullshit, we got goodies this time around for the plane and we sat and waited for our flight. OMG this flight was so crowded totally booked up. I didn’t use my note that I got at the office. I sat the whole time & I did use my boppy pillow. Our seats weren’t together either. They had my 6 yr old niece sitting across in another area. I took her seat so she could sit with my sister. We waited to see who was sitting with my sister & niece and asked to switch with that person so I could sit over with them. He agreed. There was this elder lady from Paris sitting in the back near us that wouldn’t shut the hell up and she was loud. Everyone was looking her. She talked the entire flight. I don’t know if she came on the flight drunk or what. I was already irritated my back hurt, my ass hurt and my Percocet wasn’t doing shit. When we take off, we had terrible turbulence that I think I shit myself, LOL. I don’t like that. We started going up & down. Seriously, I asked my sister “what the hell is that are we going down?” she said “no, it’s just bad turbulence”. I didn’t like that at all. It happened like 3 times during the flight and that is why folks I don’t fly. Finally we arrive at Philly airport. My dad was there to pick us up.

July 9th- today I am 5 weeks post-up. I have curves and I have a butt. I’m very happy with my results so far. I think I lost what I was going to lose at the beginning which wasn’t much. I have been getting massages 2x’s a week. My front is softening up more than my back but my back is getting there. I also use a hand massager here at home and I do that 2-3 times a day and I massage myself after showers. I didn’t measure my butt at the start and I wish I would have. My measurements now are 43-28-36. I still wear my Squeem with foam size Small I did purchase a size XS Squeem but sent it back it was just too tight. I wear a size Small in shirts which is unbelievable. I was in a size Medium after my TT but now I’m down to a Small and I’m saying that with a big smile on my face. In pants I’m down to a size 8/10 from a size 14. Now with this ass I’m having trouble finding pants, I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem. I have found a few pairs of pants/jeans that make my butt POP. I send Dr. Ghurani weekly photos and keep him updated to my progress like he wanted me to. He says I look great. He did mention to me that my body is still changing. Results take up to 3-6 months. My butt isn’t outrageously big like some of the girls on here. I’m only 5’4, 135lbs. I didn’t want something that would get the attention of men or will get me any stares, though I have gotten a few, I wanted something for me for my pleasure. I especially love the curve above the butt I can’t stop looking at that. I guess now I’m waiting for that fluffing stage. I sleep on my sides and I use my boppy to drive. I try not to sit for long periods of time. After my showers I always to look to make sure my butt is still there, LOL. It’s stupid but when you didn’t have one to begin with you want to make sure you keep it, LOL. Sure I would have liked it a bit bigger but I can’t complain since I wasn’t sure it could even happen in the first place. I love my new ass and I can’t wait to see it jiggle.

6 weeks post-New pics

Had another massage this morning. My upper back still seems hard though. I use a handheld too at home 2-3 times a day. When have you vets started seeing the softness come back? Also, when will I see the fluffness in the butt that the ladies are talking about? I've been reading posts and I think my roundness will come later, I hope. It looks round from the sides, if you see in the pics, but if you look at it from the back when I'm naked it looks flat in the middle where it should be round and that bothers me. I wanted a rounded butt. You don't see it in clothes. I've told Dr Ghurani about it and of course he says it's too soon to tell. Results vary 3-6 months. He says it could still round out. Has anyone else experience this? I read one post yesterday where she rounded out at 3 months only after doing exercises: squats, etc. I don' t get it. Why is it that a lot of women come right of surgery with the butt already rounded? I know all women are different but damn I'd say 99.9% of the women on here come out with a rounded butt. In my pic above in my garment that was taken the day after surgery you can see I didn't have the roundness. WTF? Does that mean I'll need a round 2? which I didn't want to do. I don't think I have any fat left for a round 2. LOL. I love my curves love everything else but I WANT A ROUNDED OUT BOOTIE is that too much to ask for? Sorry had to let that out. I'm going to try the squats & protein drinks to see what that does. Any advice is greatly appreciated Thanks.

What shall I do next?

It has been 8 weeks since my BBL and to keep my mind off the butt I think I will start looking into getting my breasts done. I did want Dr. Ghurani to do them but when I priced everything out it made sense just to stay here in my hometown since I am only 45 minutes away from Baltimore and I can come home to recover. I already have a surgeon in mind. Dr. Ricardo in Maryland. He did a friend of mine and she looks awesome and she recommended him. He is running a special too. I already did a virtual consult with him back in April but then I decided to get my BBL done first. I'm going to ask him about the roundness in my butt because that truly bothers me. I'm gonna ask him if he can take some fat, if I have any left, and put it in my butt to see if that will give me the roundness I'm looking for. If you are wandering, yes he does BBL's too. He just charges an arm & a leg to them, LOL. He is really cool I like him. My butt looks good in clothing but when I'm naked side view looks round but front view looks flat I don't know if anyone else experienced this. Dr. Ghurani told me it's still too soon to tell and that it can still round out but I'm now 8 weeks. I don't feel it's going to happen if it hasn't already. If I get everything done now, I can take a trip with my sister and her family to Puerto Rico in October and show off my new assets, LOL.

Is it my imagination or is it just me?

Hello to all my BBL sistas! hope that ALL are recovering well. I have been researching my next surgeon for my next procedure, my BREASTS. I also decided to go for a round 2 on the BUTT (crazy, yes). I was happy, at first with my results. As days & weeks went by, I waited for the roundness to appear and it never came and it was depressing me. It looks round on the sides, but looking at it straight forward it's flat in the middle and I can't stand it (my ass looks awesome in clothes though). It has been like this since day 1. Surgeon keeps telling me that there is still time for it to fill out, sorry but I think that is BULLSHIT. I see all these beautiful round asses (photoshop or not) right out of surgery nice full round asses and I look at mine and I get the excuse that everyone's ass skin is different. Talking to another surgeon I find that in sculpting more fat should have been put in the middle of my ass for the roundness. The one thing I didn't want was to have this shit done again. No one wants go thru this shit again. Seriously. The recovery for me was too good the first time around and I'm scared the second time around it's going to be a bitch as a matter of fact I know it is. I'll be having my boobs done too. Thinking of going to Dr. Hughes in Cali. Lipo everywhere even chin & arms. Hell if I'm going to do it again I might as well get all the flaws done too, right? Hell yeah!! I just gotta come up with the cash. I will be in serious pain.
Anyway, since my BBL I've noticed stretch marks where I didn't have them before. Anyone else notice this? I haven't gained any weight. I've also noticed that my thighs look bigger. I did have a thigh lift back in March but shit I see stretch marks in my inner thighs and I didn't have any after the lift, WTF? They were actually removed with the lift. I know I read another lady on here noticed her thighs looked bigger too after her BBL & her doctor told her it wasn't possible for the fat to travel to her thighs it could just be swelling. It could be possible for her, she was only a few weeks post but I was already 6-7 weeks post. Aug 6th will be 9 weeks for me. Is it just my imagination? Anyone else see this happening to them? I'm hoping that when I get my thighs lipo'd that will help. I ordered a stepper which I haven't received yet so I can tone up the legs. I use to go rowing with 2 ladies from work but that stopped after my tummy tuck. I'd like to buy my own rower & put it in my basement. I actually enjoyed it and it's a whole body workout. If anyone has any comments or suggestions, drop me an email. Again, happy recovery for all those newbies.

Wanna go for Round 2 must I wait 6 mos.?

Has anyone gone for a 2nd round BBL in less than 6 months waiting time? I've been told by a doctor waiting time is anywhere from 3-6 months. I'm very impatient and 6 months seems like along time even though its only 3 more months for me. Let me know. Thanks.

Do you get better results on round 2?

I am so anxious to get round 2 and my boobs done I don't know what to do with myself. I have to wait until Nov. 5th. I'm hoping that this round will get me the roundness I'm looking for and maybe a bigger bootay. Dr. Hughes says he can get 880 cc's in each cheek again which is what I got in round 1. I measured myself today and I'm still at 42 in. but it doesn't seem like it. I don't get heads turning like some of these other girls do. I have gone down in sizes. I wear tighter fitting shirts to show off my curves and pants are a little difficult to find but I do have some that make my butt pop. I do get some looks but my butt isn't outrageously big. Like some I'm getting that booty greed. I would like it a little bigger. Shit when you come from having nothing then get something you want more, LOL. I just see some of these newbies posting their pics and my god their butts are so big and round & that's how I wanted mine to look. They look awesome. I'm hoping my round 2 comes thru and I get the results I want. Dr. Hughes says he can achieve this for me, I sent him wish pics so let's see what happens in November.

Where in Cali did you stay?

I'm going to be seeing Dr. Hughes in November and I've been looking for a hotel near his office or in the area where to stay. Those of you VETS that have been done by Dr. Hughes if you can give me suggestions on where you stayed it would be most helpful. So far I have the Ramada at Culver City as being the closest one. I don't know if I'll need transportation to the office or if I can get a cab from the hotel. I'm trying to get this all figured out in advance. Thanks for your help ladies.

Dr Hughes not coming up on ABPISSURG.ORG website as certified, WTF?

Ok ladies, I'm still up in the air about a doc for my butt revision and breast implants so I'm doing research on Dr. Schulman in NYC so I went to The American Board of Plastic Surgery Inc. to see if he was certified ans yes his name came up as certified so while I was in there I decided to put in Dr. Kenneth Hughes in CA. Guess what? it said NOT FOUND. On his website it has the emblem from the website but yet he doesn't come up, WTF? I tried just his last name nothing comes up. I've been emailing Dr Shulman back & forth and he mentioned to me to make sure the surgeon is a "plastic" surgeon and not a "cosmetic" surgeon so that's what made me do some searching. I know Dr Shulman is way more expensive but I'm closer to him where I can take train or even drive up. It's 3 hrs away. He does combination surgeries and that's what I'm looking for. Dr Shulman doesn't think that I have a whole lot of fat so he can't guarantee my wish pics results where Dr Hughes stated he could get the same amount of fat that I had in round 1, 880 cc's, removed in round 2. I'm so confused. Decisions, Decisions.

Finally going to get the boobs done!

Scheduled for Dec 10th for my breast lift w/implants and a round 2 BBL. Going back to Florida but I'm seeing Dr. Salzhauer this time around. I'm a bit nervous for this surgery because after reading reviews about the pain I'm kinda scared. Dr. Salzhauer does great work, but I'm scared of the end results. I've read reviews where women had lopsided boobs, they turned out smaller than expected or they had lumps. I didn't see any of the reviews coming from patients of Dr. Salzhauer so that's a good thing. I don't want to be one of those women. I'm also having lipo done in the arms, chin, inner thighs, high & low back & the abdomen. I am excited though because I finally get my boobs lifted to where they should be, LOL. I've already had my exam, blood work & pre-op consult just waiting for my doctors office to call Dr. Salzhauer's office with my medical clearance & everything else is paid for and reserved. I have to just sit back and wait out the days.

One more week and counting

Getting nervous now, I didn't realize Dec. 9th was already next week. I haven't received my prescription scripts to get them filled yet. I'm ready to go I just hope I get them on time to fill before I go. I did send an email so I should get response Monday. Getting excited to see the boobies done. Not looking forward to the pain but as long as I keep myself medicated I'll be okay, LOL. I hope I pick the right size implant because I read reviews regretting their choice in size and wanting to go bigger. I don't want to be huge. I want to go up at least a cup size. The doc will probably give his input and tell me what he recommends with my body figure, right? Does brand of implant matter? I didn't do any research on the brands I guess I should. I mean I know the types of implants but does it matter if I pick Naturelle instead of Mentor brand is there a difference?

Last minute touches

It's getting closer & closer to that date and I'm getting more & more nervous. During my pre-op consult phone call I was told I could get a manicure & pedicure before surgery, WOW, my last 2 surgeries I had to remove acrylic from one nail and remove all polish from both toes & nails. I was surprised when I was told this. I went and got my pedi done this week since I had my mani done last week so that's one last thing to worry about after surgery. I hated not having polish on or missing that one nail after surgery when I had my BBL done and when I came back home I had to wait to go get my nails done because of sitting. I can't stand when my nails look like shit. That's one plus for Dr. Salzhauer. Let's see how many more he gets after surgery.

I'm seeing Dr. Salzhauer on Dec 10th for my surgery

For those of you who missed it in my reviews, I'm seeing Dr. Salzhauer not Salama. Slight misunderstanding for some. Both are called Dr. S and both are in Florida. Salama & Ghurani you must take off acrylic off one nail and all polish for Dr. Salzhauer you don't have to do this. As long as it's a light color polish or french you can keep it on, per Arianny in the office.

Leaving tomorrow, nerves kicking in

Leaving 1st thing tomorrow morning and my nerves are bad. Anxious to get it done & over with. Anxious to see the results. Anxious to go somewhere hot. NOT anxious to be in pain. Send a little pray my way ladies that all goes well, thanks.

Today is the day! OMG I'm glad they gave me Xanax

Sitting in hotel room waiting till it's time for me to go. I got my final instructions yesterday on what to bring to surgery with me and one of the items was 3 bottles of Gatorade. Where we are staying, we are right beside a grocery store and get this they don't carry Gatorade anymore. WTF? Who doesn't sell Gatorade? I ended up buying Vitamin water. I never had the stuff so I hope I like it. They do have a cool buffet area with different foods and soups so I bought a big container of soup to last me 2 days. It's real cheap too. My plate was a $1 and my sisters was a $1 it goes by pound and she got way more food than I did. We are across the street from Burger King, Ross, Staples, walgreens, & a few other stores. I finally picked a winner. I'm 7 minutes away from Dr. Salzhauer's office. There's a pool & fitness center. We have a microwave & frig in room, it's clean. I'm happy with my pick. I'm so thirsty and I can't eat or drink anything. I can only have a sip of water when I take my pills. After this I'm done with surgeries so I'm hoping I won't need any revisions and everything looks to my satisfaction. My breasts was the last thing I wanted to do & my butt wasn't supposed to be part of it but shit happens. Our father who aren't in heaven..............

In a lot of pain in the breasts

Still in discomfort so pics will have to wait. Everything went well. I haven't seen results since I'm all bandaged up. I'll update later in the week thanks for all ur prayers.

Feeling better, no more pain meds

It's been one week since surgery and only my lipo areas are sore. I stopped taking pain meds last Saturday. I also stopped the antibiotics I was taking. There were so many pills plus my regular medications that I felt like shit. I am now starting to feel like myself again. He had me on like 6 different antibiotics, iron, Vicodin, Xanax, arnica & a nausea pill all those on top of 6 other regular pills I take I was a walking pharmacy. My sister was laughing at the pills bottles. I have this bad taste in my mouth from all those pills. I'm still taking the iron. I changed into a sports bra that gives me more support & I'm wearing my full garment with arm compression sleeves. That's a bitch to get into but once your in I must say it is comfortable. But out of all the garments I've had to wear this one has been the best. It's supplied by the doctor's office. Well let me start from the day of surgery, I met Miriam, she was awesome, I went in at noon and was put in room with a TV, sofa and Bed. I was told to change and put on gown and get in bed. First one to come in was the anesthesiologist, she was great, I told her that I was one of those types that have trouble with veins and she cringed. Her first 2 patients prior to me were the same she said they were very difficult. She explained things to me and said she'd be back to put in my IV. As time went by and I waited I got to watch TV. I wasn't nervous or anything. She came back and inserted my IV with no problem and said she'd come and get me shortly. Next a nurse came in to take before shots. After she came in, the doctor came in to mark me up. I told him areas I wanted lipo'd. We went over implant size he had lifted my breasts and said that's what they would look like in a push-up bra and I wear push-up bras and I wanted bigger then that so he said suggested 36DD. Looking at them they don't look big but my sister thinks they do and she says they are perky. I guess I have to wait and find out. After he was done marking me up I'd say it was about another 40 minute wait and I was rolled into surgery. I remember switching beds and putting on a surgery hat and I was out I awakened by a cup of gatorade being shoved in my face. I remember my sister being there to get me, getting into the taxi, Miriam giving me a big kiss on the forehead arriving at the hotel and waking myself up during the night because I was snoring too loud, LOL It was after midnight when I left the surgical center. Day 2 was awful my sister had to help me get in and out of bed, she had to feed me I could barely move. I felt like a crippled. Day 3 samething Day 4 I forced myself to walk to the walgreen's across the street for some arnica gel for the bruising and I thought I was going to pass out. The lady at the register says to me, "you will feel better soon" God love her. I was out of breath when I got the room I laid down quickly. Day 5 I couldn't sleep tossed & turned walked in the room Day 6 I couldn't sleep tossed & turned walked in the room Day 7 went to see doctor had a noon appt got there and the elevator wasn't working no one was there yet. I'm thinking oh my god there is no appt. I was ready to go back to the hotel. Then some girl comes walking in she has an appt too and said she had received a text that the doctor was running late. Another couple walked in as we sat there but I was the only one there to see the doctor. Finally he arrived and we all went up together in the elevator and then I had to sit and wait my turn in the lobby I was so uncomfortable. Sitting that is. Doctor called me in & asked if I had taken a look and I said, "no" so he unwrapped me and I stood in front of the mirror. He says, "Look at those curves" I had no words really. I finally had boobs and they weren't hanging. When I was younger when I was supposed to have boobs, I didn't have them. Anyway, he said the butt will fill out on it's own now I play the waiting game. He removed all the little stitches in the lipo areas and gave me the ok to go home. The stitches on my breasts will dissolve. Day 8 I flew back home to SNOW. I was in 83 degree weather. SHIT!!!!!

I can't believe she's gone

Christmas morning I received a call from my dad that my mother had passed away. The day was miserable not only because of her passing but because I'm still in recovery mode. I had trouble sleeping last night because I kept seeing her face. I tossed & turned all night. I'm getting better I'm moving along very well, my BBL wasn't a bother since it was a round 2 but my breasts are a discomfort. They have dropped some. I've been helping with the arrangements along with my sister and I am exhausted. The lipo I had done in my inner thighs really bothers me yet. My sister is the only one that knows so she does most of the work so I can come home and rest. I know my mother is in a better place and she is no longer suffering but I'm going to miss my mom. You think your always going to have your parents around, well at least I thought that way, and then one day they are gone. I just can't believe that I won't ever see her again. It's hard.

Today was the hardest day ever

I want to thank all of you for all the prayers and blessings. Today I buried my mother and it was the hardest thing ever especially for my dad. It broke my heart when he said good-bye to my mom I just lost it. It was a beautiful ceremony she would have loved it. My mother used to sing in the church choir and they sang for her. She looked beautiful. It was a good turn out of people too. My mother & father were one of the first Latinos to come to the US from Puerto Rico so they knew a lot of people. It was so freakin cold outside but at least we had no rain or snow. Anyway, I just wanted to thank all of you for all your prayers. God bless.

Was bored so I decided to see what the butt & new boobs look like in some dresses

I have a few dresses I bought from my last BBL. They filled out rather well but now with the 2nd BBL and the BA they look even better. My butt measured 44-1/2 last night. I don't have a clue how many cc's I got this time around though I did ask but he didn't have my chart in front of him so he couldn't tell me. I gave up asking. I have never worn a bikini not since I was 11 yrs. old so I decided to put one on that I bought after my tummy tuck but I wasn't happy with the way I looked in it but when I tried it on today I must say I didn't look bad not bad at all. You'll see one of my lil' girls (I have 2) in some of the pics. She is a yorkie toy and her name is Sophie. I didn't get any fat injected in my hips. I've always had the hips. I just purchased another squeem because my size small didn't fit so I got a size medium. I just got the ok to start working out slowly. I'm going thru the itchy craze and it's driving me nuts. I use bactine & cortizone which helps. I can't wait for summer when I can wear tops to show off my new cleavage. Right now I'm working on the scars. My butt is bigger than the first time around and and I did get the roundness with Dr. Salzhauer. It had dropped some. At first it was up so high I was worried it was going to stay that way. It looked freaky. The bruising is all gone and my arms are still sore from the lipo and my chin too. My chin is also still numb. I had measured my butt after surgery and it was 45-1/2 so I lost an inch due to swelling. My last BBL I didn't loose any fat and I think I'm safe this time around too. I'll continue to update as I progress. Happy recovery and good luck to those who haven't had surgery yet. God Bless.


Before pics

These were taken before any work done to my butt or boobs. I did have my Tummy Tuck done so that is the scar you see on my sides. I was so thin I didn't think I had any fat to have the procedure done but behold the BIG ASS!

Gonna tone up and get ready for da Summer

I ordered a water rowing machine today. I also ordered my first new bra in my new size 38B. How exciting is that? I only bought one just in case Victoria Secret's calculator on their website is off. I took my measurements and plugged in the numbers and voila 38B. Wasn't expecting that since I only wanted to go from 36C to a full 36D. Anyway, the rower, is the best. It's a total body workout and it tones all the body muscles including butt. You loose major calories. I used to take a rowing class before having my tummy tuck and I loved it. I was dropping calories & toning the muscles but that stomach wasn't going anywhere so that's when I decided on the TT. After recovery in never went back and I actually miss doing it. I enjoyed myself. I went 2x's a week an hour long and we'd do relays and such. We'd row to music and it would get you pumped up. It was great. I decided to get my own rower and do it at my own pace and do it as often as I want and to my type of music. I have surround sound and have ceiling speakers in my bathrooms and in my basement. I had them put em in the basement since I workout down there my music can be heard while I exercise. COOL HUH? I don't like going to a gym and having people look at me. Any of you ladies that are interested in a total body workout without leaving home and can afford to purchase a water rower I would look into it. You won't regret it. You will be sore at the beginning until you get used to it but then it's a breeze. You will enjoy it. I will be toned up for the summer. I just have to wait about a week or 2 to get it but it'll be worth it.

Today I'm 6 weeks post, how time flys

Finally no more full length garment. I had to wear the one from head to toe including sleeves. It was comfortable but I'm glad I don't have to wear it anymore. I will be wearing a squeem like I did before for a few weeks. Right now my waist is 28-29 inches and I'm happy with that. Shit compared to what it was before all this I'm more than happy with that. My butt still measures at 44 inches. I measure it every other day after I shower. I asked again about how many cc's I had injected and again I didn't get an answer. I will try emailing Arianny maybe I can get an answer from her. I would really like to know how many cc's I got injected this time around. I'm still dealing with this damn rash on my chest and it has moved up to my face and my back. Dr. Salz called in a prescription for me but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm gonna have to go see a dermatologist. I don't feel sexy with my new boobs having this rash on my chest. I tried on my new bra from Victoria Secret and the rash just made the sexy go out the window, LOL. Anyway, I've been doing the stepper since I haven't received my rower yet. I have to dig out my weights. When I moved over to my new place I had them where I could see them in my basement but then we brought more crap over from my old house and now they are somewhere in the basement. Today it has been snowing all day and it sucks, I can't wait until summer time. We are supposed to get up to 8 inches of snow. JOY. Winter months depress me.
To all u future BBL ladies, good luck. To all new BBL ladies, happy recovery!

Loving the changes, loving the way clothes fit loving it ALL!

I still haven't received my rower so I'm working out with the equipment I do have at home. I have a little gym set up in my basement but I really can't wait for my rower to arrive. I am seeing a difference in the way clothes are fitting and I'm wearing a size small. WOW. I also watch what I eat, no junk food.
I can't stop buying sexy dresses. The funny thing is I don't go out anywhere so I can wear but they are nice to have. Hey you never know. They are so cheap, why not? I stopped clubbing back in my teens and shit here where I live we have no clubs I would have to travel up to Philly or NYC to go to a club. I'm not into the bar scene so that's out. Back in the day I use to find weddings, any kind of party to go to just to go dancing. We didn't even know the person and we'd go to the reception. It was me and a group of us girls. No one ever said anything to us. Anyway, I ordered more sexy dresses and I received them today so guess what time it is? DRESS UP TIME. I bought a new bathing suit too. I still have toning up to do so please don't judge. Even though I need to tone, I'm loving my body more & more everyday. My scars on my boobs are looking much better and they are rounding out nicely. I don't know if my butt has fluffed or not but when I jump I feel it jump with me and that feels really weird, LOL. Everything fills out nicely in these dresses I bought, I LOVE IT. I can't wait for summer so I can wear my sexy tops that I have from last year that I couldn't fill in. Oh, I'm thinking of getting a tattoo to replace the one that was cut off during my tummy tuck. That pissed me off. I have half a cloud, not even half, left on my hip. They should've of just removed the whole damn thing. I had an angel on a cloud praying. I want something different something original so I'm having a hard time finding something. My old tattoo was on my left hip now I want to get something that is down my side down my thigh but not too far down my thigh. I don't want it to be noticeable when I wear shorts just when I wear a bikini. Something feminine, classy & sexy. From all the pics I've seen online everything seems to be dragons snakes & flowers. I do want some kind of scrolling. It's winter here where I live so I'm dressed in baggy clothes and layers so my body is hidden so I get no compliments or looks. But wait until the summer. I didn't do my body revisions for looks though I did it for me. I did it for my benefit. To please myself because I deserved it. I didn't do it so I can go out and find a man, believe it or not, I love being single and I don't go out. No one to come home to or tell you what to do. Best of all, I can buy as many shoes as I want, LOL. I'm a shoe freak BIG TIME. I had a closet made just for my shoes. Men & women can look all they want but in the end I am where I want to be. AMEN. God Bless & Happy healing to all. I'm going to change my settings so I won't be updating for awhile but if anyone has any questions feel free to send me a message I will be more than happy to answer & help if I can. I made a video on Photo Story of my little fashion show the music I added sucks cuz it's not the music I wanted to add. It kept rejecting my own tunes for some reason so it was starting to piss me off so I just custom made music from the same software. I'm sorry that some of my pics don't come out as clear and some come out blurry like but I'm not a photographer and it wasn't suppose to come out so big either. CHOW.


ok, video not working don't know why gonna post pics

Got a call from Arianny today

I've been trying to get info on how many cc's Dr. Salzhauer was able to inject in my butt in round 2 BBL. I've been asking since December when I had my surgery but I guess they are that busy and it's not that important for me to call and bitch about about it so I'd let it go. Well I emailed my doll Arianny on Friday and she said she would look into it and get back to me on Monday. I had forgotten all about it when I got a call a couple of hours ago from guess who? Arianny. She told me that it has in my chart Dr. Salzhauer put between 1200-1300 cc's in ea cheek. I said WHATTTTT? She says, "Is that a bad thing?" I said "No, that's a good thing." WOW no wonder it's sooo big. I wasn't expecting that much. Shit Ghurani was only able to add 880 cc's to each cheek. I could have saved a lot of money just going to Dr. Salzhauer in the first place. I can kick myself but what's done is done. I'm in shock right now. I can't believe he was able to pull that much out of me, though I did have 5 areas of lipo. Anyway, I know many of you ladies wanted to know how many cc's I had injected so I wanted to update all of you. God Bless.

8 weeks Bootie still poppin

Hello Ladies, I've been reading about many ladies going back & forth with Vanity. I don't know what's going on over there and I don't know what's going on with Dr. Ghurani but I'm here to say there are other PS out there that are good if not better than Dr. Ghurani. For example Dr. Salzhauer. Don't take this the wrong way. You pick whomever PS you like. I'm a former patient of Dr. Salzhauer with results that I am more than happy with. Now of course, your results are dependent on you. The way you care for yourself after surgery and following doctor's orders and that's with any surgeon. I hate reading about these ladies with lipo burns that lead to infections and the run around Vanity is giving potential patients. No one should have to go thru that. I'm hoping all those ladies that had deposits with Dr. Ghurani either get their money back or work things out. I hope everyone finds an alternative surgeon and is happy with their pick and don't rush into it just to pick a doctor. Make sure he is the one for you, make sure your comfortable with him and you've seen some of his end results. Talk to other ladies that have seen that PS and ask questions. I'm here to answer any questions you may have just send me a message. I don't have a problem answering questions if I can help I am more than happy to do so. Anyway, I'm now at 9 weeks and my bootie is still poppin' and my boobs are still healing. I'm watching what I eat. Exercising. Enjoying the damn snow. NOT. Can't wait for the heat. I wish everyone much success in picking a PS and best of luck to those who are have surgery. Wishing those those who've had surgery a happy & safe recovery. God Bless.



How long does it take to get accepted to be a RealFriend? I've filled out the form twice and haven't heard anything.

I'm a RealFriend now

Thanks ya’ll I made RealFriend status. No big deal I know but I get happy over stupid shit. My ex-husband used to make fun of me cuz of it. He’d buy me a Happy Meal at McDonald’s and I’d get a smile on my face and hum a little tune. Now my sister makes fun of me. For example we were at the pet store I took her to get a pet tag for her new dog and I got happy watching the engraving machine do its thing. I just thought it was so cool. She knows I do a happy dance when something stupid excites me or something goes my way so here I am in Petco at the engraving machine doing my happy dance looking like an ass but hey that’s me and to know me is to love me. Anyway, I thank the person who suggested to me to contact Kristy thru email, sorry I don’t remember your user name, about the RealFriend status because who knows when they would have gotten to my form. Turns out they don’t check them every month, per Kristy. I like to help all the ladies here with their questions and be of help where I can, so ladies if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me. Send me a message and I’ll answer if I can.
There’s nothing much new with my progress. Butt is still at 43-1/2. I did notice a lil’ stitch at the one boob that has been sticking out that hasn’t dissolved. I emailed Dr. Salzhauer about it and he told me to go ahead and cut it with a pair of sterile scissors, which I did. I’ve been using Palmer’s cocoa oil on top of everything else on my boobs for the scarring. I massage that in every night after a shower. I alternate between that & the Bio-oil. I still have some rippling on the right boob but he told me that will eventually go away. I’m to keep massaging them both like I have been. Dr. Salzhauer said everything looks good and as it should be and the butt looks great.
I plan on getting a tattoo in the next couple weeks so I’m so excited. I know it’s going to hurt like hell. My last tattoo was 19 years ago and it hurt back then. It wasn’t too bad so I’m hoping times have changed and the equipment has been updated since then. It will be a bigger piece starting from my back coming towards my front down my thigh. I’m hoping it turns out good. This girl I’m going to done her apprenticeship in New York City so she should be good. Her pics are outstanding full of color. I go Wednesday to get it drawn up. Did I say I’m really excited. My son is getting a tattoo sleeve on his arm. His is pretty cool. He likes zombies so he has a zombie with 2 vials and when he was little my mother gave him this little monkey that he would sleep with and he wouldn’t go to sleep without it. When he came home in October to finish moving his stuff out of his old room at the old house he found that monkey and took it back to Colorado with him. He added a picture of the monkey on his tattoo sleeve. I was numb when I seen it I almost cried. I knew he was going to get a tattoo but he wouldn’t tell me what it was going to be. For him to get the monkey tattooed on his arm must have had so much meaning to him with my mother passing away. My son surprises me more & more each day. I can’t tell you how proud I am of my son. His business is a success, he loves what he does & he did this all without his father in his life. I raised my son on my own. I just want to cry. I’m sorry I just had to get that out and tell someone vent a little. Now back to me. I added new pics. I went nuts buying some bikinis they were having a sale so I couldn’t resist. I didn’t put up all of them though. I don’t know how I’m going to react this summer when I put on a bikini. My sister is so skinny and she always has been she popped out 2 kids and went back to normal afterwards, she sucks, lol. She’s fine with wearing a bikini but my mother raised us to cover up so it’s harder for me to show everything you know what I mean? We are good catholic girls we grew up in church plus since I didn’t have the assets that I have now I had no choice but to cover up. I didn’t even dare wear a one piece. After my son turned the age when he didn’t like going to the pool anymore that was about 11-12 I stopped wearing a bathing suit. I’m going to feel so weird.
I can’t express to everyone how happy I am with my results and how good they came out. I not only thank Dr. Salzhauer but I followed his aftercare instructions which are very important and that’s with any PS. So remember to follow the aftercare ladies because it’s very important for those excellent results. I hope that everyone’s results come out just as good and how they expect so they can be just as happy. Everyone deserves happiness and to have that dream body.
Congrats to all those ladies who chose to go with Dr. Salzhauer and Congrats to all you other ladies who finally made a decision on a PS. I wish all Good Luck & Happy recovery.

Just wanted to share

I got new hair today (hair extensions) and I wanted to share some pics I took with longer hair. I had long hair before I had surgery on my arm for tennis elbow. They didn't mention to me that I would only be in a cast for one week and I went and cut my hair thinking I wouldn't e able to handle it if I was going to be in a cast for weeks. Boy was I pissed. My hair was down to my hips. I figured I'd try clip-on extensions this time. I did fusion extensions a year ago but paid a hefty price for having them done. Not only were they expensive but they damaged my hair. I took a pic with my lil' girl Bella. She is my other toy yorkie. She is much smaller than Sophie. I tried to get Sophie in a pic but she took off running. Oh and that's another new bikini.

It's so easy to be scammed, be careful.

Ladies, please be careful of being scammed. Many of you know there's people out there that are desperate for that cash and prey on ladies like us that want something so bad that there ready to just take advantage of and step right in and try to take us for fools. Like one lady already experienced and almost fell for it and thank god she didn't we must be very careful of who we're sending the money to especially if it's by wire. You have to double check all info that is given to you by the receiver that it matches up before you send that cash because once it's sent there's no getting it back and no tracing it. Believe me I have been scammed and I was out $3500. Not only was out $3500 but I ended up having to pay bank fees & bounced check fees thanks to that F***er that scammed me. Never again. You live & learn ladies. Many of you who are going to DR for surgery who have to wire funds please be careful and double check info, make calls, verify your information against the information you received from your PS. It's better to be safe than sorry. I don't mean to be on here preaching but I want everyone to understand how important it is not to just wire out funds without double checking information because you are so excited about getting this surgery. We get blindsided by excitement that things slip by so when it's time to send that money take a deep breath and relax before you send. Look over very closely all information. That's it!

I don't know about any one else but I'm itching to change up my entire look

now that I have a new body. I've already made an appointment to get a new tattoo which I'm hoping is going to come out awesome. My first session is next Thursday and I'm so excited. I made a hair appointment today to change up my hairstyle and hair color. I've been sporting the same style forever and I'm ready for a change. I do wear extensions from time to time and I do change up my own hair color too but when I go for a radical hair color change I go to a salon. I'm not sure yet what color I'm gonna change to but it'll be something light for spring. I don't want to wear long extensions on hot summer days, my hair is about bra line length. I do need a trim. I used to take cosmetology classes in high school for 4 years and we were always switching hair colors and styles on a weekly basis. My cosmo buddy who was actually my cosmo partner in class is the one who still does my hair. She is the only one who I trust to do my hair. She has always done it just the way I like it and I refuse to go elsewhere. I have followed her from salon to salon. It has been 30 years now that she has been doing my hair. She loved doing the hair and I loved doing the nails. Anyway, I just feel like getting a total makeover and I'm feeling bold so I'm getting a hair color change. I've also threw away all my old make-up and bought all fresh make-up. You know ladies it's always good to do that every couple months. Especially liquid eyeliners & mascara 3 months & foundation 6 months. Make sure make-up brushes are cleaned often to avoid germs. Just saying.
Ok I wanted to say that I've been using the Palmer's Cocoa Vitamin E Oil on my Breast scars and I have to say that it's working a hell of a lot better than the Bio-oil that I use. I have seen a big difference on the ripple area that I have on the left boob. The rippling is almost gone. I've also seen a difference in the areola area. I think I'll use this more than the Bio-oil. I also rub the oil on my butt it leaves it nice & soft.
I get asked a lot about the garment that I wore. I had a full garment from top to bottom that had the top half bra with sleeves (for arm lipo and BA) and the bottom half was a jumper type garment down to my ankles (for BBL & thigh lipo). I posted a picture. I had this type of garment because I had both boobs and butt done plus lipo. I don't know what type of garment Dr. Salzhauer gives you if your only getting a BBL.

Pinch in leg

From time to time I get this pinch like, not so much a pain more of a discomfort, in my right leg. I'm thinking it has something to do with the lipo cuz it's never happened before that. I can be sitting watching TV and all of sudden it happens but it goes away real quick. It's more annoying than anything. Has anyone else that's had inner thigh lipo experienced this is or this just me? and if so is it something that will go away or am I going to keep experiencing this?

Measured my ass today and it grew

I haven't measured my ass for awhile. I've been more focused on my boobs. I do put cocoa oil on my butt every night. Well tonight I decided to measure it and it's grown half an inch. My butt was 43-1/2 and it's now 44 inches. WTF? If anything isn't it supposed to shrink? I guess if I put on any weight it would go to my ass, is that right? I don't want a Nicki Minaj ass. I'm gonna stop eating, lol. Shit I think it's big enough.

List of Items for a BBL

Boppy pillow
Female urinal (used a cut up gatorade bottle)
Dial soap or body wash
Bromelain tablets
Compression socks-they supply
babys wipes
surgical tape/gauze
shower liner
maxi pads
hair band/clips
Stool Softener
4-5 maxi dresses
flip flops
leggings/yoga pants
Wife Beaters to wear underneath
sport bras
arnica montana 3ox
Iron Pills
Arnica Cream
Water Pills (Diurex)
Hydrocortisone generic
2 dark towels
cotton balls
prescriptions given by PS

It's been 14 weeks post

Wow I can't believe it's been 14 weeks already which is 3 months & 2 weeks I think. Time flies. My butt is still holding at 44 inches. The scars on my boobs r getting better each day. Still doing my stepper & squats. I watch what I eat but I do have my cheat day, lol. I have been going to sessions for my tattoo which is coming along great. I can't wait until the color & shading goes in. Right now it's just the outline. So far I have my hip and back done and I have the other side of my body to do. It's a pretty big piece. You might be able to see it in the new pics above. Speaking of the tattoo, the lady that's doing my tattoo flipped out over my body. She couldn't believe that it's my own fat in my butt. She loved my curves, my butt & my boobs. She asked to feel my boobs cuz she always thought implants would be hard & stiff. That was kinda weird. I told her not at all they get soft. She wants Dr. Salzhauer's info. Her sister happens to live in FL so she has a place to stay and her sister can look after her since she's always given her sister free tattoos. She can't stop talking about my body when I go in for a tattoo session. She is in love and in total awe with my body. I had to move in so many positions to get my back done because of my curves and she was laughing. She's cool she had sooo many questions about both procedures BBL & BA. She also wants lipo. I'm glad she's married cuz if not that would have been really really weird. Anyway, I'm happy to read many ladies are getting results they are expecting. I do still see bad reviews for some and I'm sorry to those ladies. Happy recovery to all who have had surgery and best wishes & good luck to those who r about to go into surgery!

I found this funny

I forgot I had another story to share. I went to get my belly pierced and the girl was complaining that my stomach was too tight she couldn't grab any skin with the pliers that they use to pull out the skin to then pierce thru. She first had me lay down she couldn't do it. She told me to blow out my stomach so I did and she still couldn't do it she asked me if I worked out alot and I laughed. She then had me sit up on the bed and she still couldn't grab any skin. She ended up piercing it without using the pliers. When I went home the more I looked at it, it just didn't look right to me. It was to close to the edge it looked like it was going to break thru the skin. If this girl couldn't do it she should have said so and not taken my money (that bitch). When I went to my next tattoo session I showed her since she has all kinds of piercings and she suggested that I take it out before it does break thru the skin. That stupid bitch did pierced it too close to the edge. My tattooist recommended the place where she goes so I went there and this time it was a male and guess what? I explained to him what happened and that I had a TT & he was able to use the pliers, he was able to grab skin and he was able to pierce my naval the right way. He pierced it on the bottom instead of the top cuz that's where the female fucked up and I need to have that close so I got a different piercing there for decoration. He also told me that chic should have told me that she couldn't do it and sent me away instead of taking my money. WTF? My stomach is tight but shit you can still grab skin at my belly. I just thought that whole experience was funny.

What Stage 2 Garment did I wear?

This is another question that I get asked alot and the answer is I didn't wear a stage 2 garment per say. I went from my garment to a squeem. I guess it's a type of garment but more like a faja. I'd wear my garment the required time needed and move right into the squeem. My tummy tuck back in March 2012 I wore my required garment 6 weeks as instructed and at that time I had no lipo done. Purchased a squeem wore that off & on for a few weeks. Though I had no lipo done I wanted to flatten my stomach as much as possible. When I had my first BBL I had lipo done just in my stomach & back and I wore my garment 4 weeks with board then moved to my squeem and I used my squeem with my board & I wore the squeem during summer days which caused me to loose inches in the waist cuz I had my BBL done in June so I did a lot of sweating plus I was getting massages done here at home twice a week for 5 weeks. 2nd BBL I wore my garment for 6 weeks and again moved to a squeem which I still wear off and on but with No board because I like that it helps take off those extra inches off my waist. I purchased the squeem thru Amazon and the reason I say it helps me loose inches off my waist is because it's made of cotton and rubber so not only does it help curve & shape you it helps you continue to loose inches in your waist because you sweat them off. You can wear it with ur board if you like I did at the start now I don't. You can wear it with foam I did now I don't not necessary for me anymore. It comes in sm, med, lg & x-lg. Depending on ur waist size is the size you pick. They have black & nude color. It runs around $60 depending on the color which is stupid I think. I paid less for the nude color than I did for the black one. If your interested in the link send me a message in my inbox and I will send it you. Any questions, feel free to ask.


I had this all typed out and my iPad shut down and I lost all of it. As of today my butt is now 45 inches. I haven't measured since last measurement so I decided to do it today after I showered and it measured 45 inches. I think I'm going to stop the stepper for awhile. Maybe my cheat day too. I want classy not assy. Anyway, my tattoo is almost complete. One more session I'm hoping will do it. I was a bit worried cuz I didn't think we were on the same page until my last session when she did my shading. She killed it. It looks so hot that I did my happy dance. I had to explain the happy dance thing to her. She said she was jealous and really wanted a bikini body. It looks really awesome. That's all for now. Good luck to all the ladies going into surgery & happy recovery to those ladies who had surgery !

Update-Tattoo complete

Hello ladies. Got my tattoo completed today and it came out AWESOME! I'm very happy with it. I had her add some red color to my roses and that just made everything pop. I had her do a special rose with wings on my belly as a tribute to my mother. I think later on I'll add so more filagree on the sides of the rose with wings but I'm happy with it as is for now. The most painful part was my sides and some areas in my back. I did it in sessions but today the last part which was my right leg plus shading & coloring & I had her redo the coloring on the rest of it, & do the belly. I'm a bit sore. I added pics. I tried to take some pics of my back but it was kinda hard to do so u could see the total work she did but the tattoo starts at my left hip goes up my back to my bra line down my side curves in around the front of my right leg. Looks HOTTTT!
Update on the butt I already said it grew an inch so it's 45 inches. I'm scared to measure it again, lol. So far my pants all still fit. I did buy some new bras because I think Victoria Secret measured me wrong. I purchased 36DD and they fit way better and more comfortable. Plus my boobs don't fall out. I've gotten a lot of questions regarding how long I wore my garment for. I still wear a squeem off & on. It's all a matter of preference. As long as u wear your garment that ur given by ur PS after surgery the full term post surgery ur fine. U must wear that garment for as long as ur PS tells you. If you want to continue wearing a garment after that it's ur choice. It can be a garment of your choice. It can be a faja, squeem, full garment, half garment, whatever or nothing. It doesn't mean ur doing to get bad results if you don't continue to wear a garment but if u want to get good results after surgery u MUST wear that garment ladies. It helps with swelling, it helps compression and it helps smooth your stomach & butt as well as other things. I like wearing my squeem, I don't know if I said this, because it helps with loosing inches in the waist so I'm still loosing inches around the waist as I sweat. So again, it's all up to you.
That's it for now. Happy healing & god bless!

Just read article about Dr. Hasan patient

I didn't know one of his patient's had recently died because of BBL complications. I looked it up online for those that didn't know about it and pasted the link here:
This doctor isn't certified. It says so in the article. Ladies that is the one thing you must look for when looking for a surgeon. I don't know if that's important to you but that was sure enough important to me. That was the number one thing on my list. Ladies this is your life we r talking about. You r gonna go to a doctor that isn't certified, is going to save u thousands of dollars just put your life at risk? You get infections, bad lipo scarring (though certified PS do this too), even death and ladies keep putting dollars in these surgeons pockets and they aren't certified. For this to happen out of the US is one thing but for this to happen in the US it's crazy. I'm stunned because it's right there where I was a few months ago with Ghurani. OMG! Seriously ladies this has to open your eyes. Dr. Hasan isn't certified. Why continue to go to him & put money in his pocket after this poor woman suffered at his hands? This shouldn't have happened just like the article states. THINK ladies!
Check credentials. I have links to check to see if the PS r certified that I am more than happy to share. I have links to see if the PS have any or have had any malpractice suites filed against them. Do ur homework. Top to bottom. Most of all ask questions to past patients. That helps a lot. You get a feel for the doctor you find out from an actual patient how he was, how he treated that patient and so on. We want to wake up after surgery ladies and wake up to no complications. I feel for this woman and my condolences go out to her family.

It's done it again.

My butt has grown another 1/2 an inch. I swear I'm going to stop eating completely!

Added pics of thigh lift

Two pics left & right side of inner thigh lift. My incision was done at the groin area. Very painful. Took a few weeks for healing process. Incision stops at the start of butt cheek. I had this done to remove extra skin that I had due to pregnancy that rubbed together when I walked. One scar looks better than the other due to the fact that the nurse at the hospital the day after pulled me out of bed to get me to walk and the stitch pulled apart from my leg. Not a pretty sight. So the scar that is more visible is the one that it happened to. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Links to PS sources

Here r some of the links I have when I did my research on PS when I was looking for a surgeon. You can use these links to verify credentials for PS for those of you that need it. Now I have links for Florida & California but the 2 other links are your main sources for credentials.

Happy Easter everyone!

Hello ladies. It's the day after but I was entertaining yesterday so I couldn't log on. I made my first ham this Easter and it came out damn good. I wanted to say that I can feel all eyes on my ass, lol. Anyway, I know it's easy to make a ham but I'm not much of a cook now that my son moved out and if u knew me you'd understand why. Anyway, my dad came over and that was unexpected. We invited him but didn't think he'd come. My dad goes no where nowadays since my mother's passing, neither do I, so it was a shocker when he showed up. It was great he did. We hung outside on the patio drinking wine & beer and talking about old times. I had a small Easter egg hunt for my niece who is 7 yrs. old. I always had Easter egg hunts for my son when he was little and I miss that but I do still send my son his Easter basket every year. Yes he is 23 yrs old but I still send him an Easter basket every year without fail. People always laugh when I tell them this but hey it's candy. This year though I found a Ninja Turtle bucket and he used to love that cartoon as a kid so I couldn't resist I had to buy it and I put all his candy in that. He found it funny when he opened up his package.
I've been asked about my breast size. My left boob is 410 cc's and my right is 475 cc's. I ended up being somewhere between a 36DD-36DDD. I wear both size bras. Speaking of bras I just bought a few Victoria Secret sets and I posted a pic of one of them I wore yesterday including a pic of the outfit I wore for Easter. I also went to Target and they had the cutest bathing suits on sale so I bought a crotchet type bikini.
Congrats to all the ladies who have had surgery, happy recovery! and for those who are still doing research remember to take your time and be cautious on who you pick. I have links above you can use. Good luck!

Few more helpful links

I found a few more links in My Favorites that I used in my research. You may find them helpful. Two links are for cosmetic loans. I didn't use them but I had researched them just in case I did need them. (this is Dominican Republican doctors)


Been gone for awhile

Hope all u mother's had a great day yesterday. It was a weird one for me. It was the first Mother's Day without my mom. We all went to the cemetery first thing to pay our respects and it just wasn't the same without her here. They just put her headstone in last week and it looks beautiful. My dad had their wedding photo put on the stone and it came out awesome. Afterwards we all gathered at my house, including dad, and I had a cook out in honor of my mom. As for my butt, it's still holding at 45 inches. It's starting to get warmer in my area and I've been wearing capris that r tight fitting so I can feel the eyes on my ass. I added some new pics. Hope everyone is getting the results they wanted. Again, if anyone has questions just ask. Happy healing.



Boy was she shocked!

Today I went to my niece's recital at her school and I ran into an old friend from years and years ago. She was my old neighbor when I was growing up and I used to babysit her daughter's. Her daughter's kids go to the same school as my niece. I haven't seen her in forever. I see two of her brothers from time to time but never her or her sister. When she said hi to my sister she didn't recognize me but I recognized her so I said hi and she said she didn't know that it was me sitting there. Anyways, the concert ended and we met up outside and the first thing she says to me is, who's body is this? I know this isn't ur body. I'm thinking to myself then who's body is it? I told her that's what exercise & eating healthy does to you. She's looking me up & down and turning me around asking where did this body come from? I told her exercise & eating right. She said I look great! Her daughter's couldn't believe it was me either. Boy that felt really good. My results do show and people notice. I mean people that I haven't seen notice. I hadn't seen someone yet that hadn't seen me in so long. It feels really really good. It makes me not regret any of my decisions. It was all worth it. Now I continue with exercising and eating right so I can continue keeping this body in check. Ladies you can have those results you wish for if you work on it. Never give up!

New funny story

I went to Target on Sunday to buy some supplies for my Memorial Day cook-out I'm having and I thought I'd buy some more palmers oil while I was there. I went down the lotion aisle and I didn't see it so I decided to go around the aisle again. As I was turning into the next aisle, across from my aisle I can hear a guy telling his kids, "if that's what u want than get it and let's go". I had the feeling he would be coming over to the aisle I was in. Well by this time I was at the end of the aisle and guess what he was behind me and I can hear his kids laughing like the kids knew what he was doing. I stopped in the middle of the aisle cuz I found the oil and the guy was standing at the end of the aisle acting like he was looking at something and his kids were laughing so I looked over and I caught him checking me out and I gave him the dirtiest look that he took off. Nothing pisses me off more than a dog checking out another female when he's with his kids? That is just wrong. That is what he's showing his kids. I know he felt stupid. He must of ran out the store cuz I right after that I went up to pay and he was no where in sight. I thought it was funny.

8 months and still holding, updated pics!

Alright, alright, alright! Hello to all my bubble bootie ladies and bubble bootie ladies to be. It's been awhile. Well, I haven't done much but exercise. I haven't had a chance to go to the beach yet to show off my assets. I have gotten sun laying outside. No not in my bikini cuz I have no privacy plus they are building a house right next door to me and if I laid out I don't think any work would get done, lol. I was hoping to get an in-ground pool this summer but things came up and the money had to go towards something else. I have gotten many many looks wherever I go. I went to my old office where I worked I had to get some papers notarized and they couldn't believe how good I looked. They probably thought I was still wearing my butt padding underwear I used to wear. I posted some updated pics and I wore the first bikini I wore when I first had surgery and now my butt seems to be flowing out of the bottoms. It doesn't fit like it once did. How funny is that? That's all I have for now. If anyone has any questions, I'm still here & available so don't hesitate to ask.
Be safe & I wish you a fast & pleasant recovery!

Already August, Summer almost over

Hello ladies, it sucks summer is almost over here in PA. I've been having a great time though wearing figure flattering outfits since I have the new body and watching the heads spin. It's so funny when they look and they have to do a second take. All thanks to Dr. Salzhauer. I do have some news, my butt is now 46 inches. I measured today. It's been awhile I had measured and I didn't think that it had gotten any bigger, but it did. I've included a new butt pic above. I've been seeing a dermatologist for Restalyne shots. I don't have bags or darkness under my eyes but I wanted to get some areas filled in. The first time I did it back in October, I seen no change. I went to a female here in my area and she just inserted the needle in one area. I don't think she did a good job so I looked up a different doctor and found Dr. William Groff. He's from California but he travels down to my area once a month. He is fabulous! When he did my eyes I actually seen the difference. He inserted the needle in different areas around my eye. He did it totally different from the female doctor I went to first. I plan on going back to get a juvederm shot in my cheeks in September when he's back in town. I have no issues with my face he even commented to me that I have great skin and all I use is Aveeno daily moisturizer. I've been using it for years. I want more volume in my cheeks the higher cheekbone area and he said that it would really set my face off if I do it. Oh he's a cutie too. There's actually a page on him here on RS. I was surprised to see it cuz I just put the name in the search box to see if anything would come up. I recommend him. He knows what he's doing unlike the female doctor I went to and you'd think being a woman she'd get the shit right. Dr. Groff wore magnifying glasses when doing my eyes. Hopefully the juvederm gives me the results I want or else I'm fucking up my perfect face. Meaning I have no wrinkles, laugh lines, or baggy eyes. I'll update when I get the procedure done and tell everyone interested if it was a "worth it" procedure.
I hope everyone is getting the results they want from their BBL procedure. I've mentioned to Dr. Salzhauer that I recommend him here on RS and he's actually recognized some of the wish pics he was shown, meaning my photos. I thank all you ladies that have used my pictures, it's a compliment. Just remember that everyone's results differ and you have to follow doctor's instructions to get the best results. Okay, enough of me rambling on. All the ladies who R going to surgery soon, I wish you Good Luck. All the ladies who have had their procedure done, I wish you a safe & fast recovery. God bless.



Joined a dating website

Well ladies the butt is still plump and breasts are perky so nothing has changed here. I'm single because I choose to be but I see my sister and her husband and I start to miss the companionship. I was hurt really bad in my last relationship so I swore off men. I've been single 5 years and I'm happy with it. Well I decided to join a dating website and I posted a few shots on my profile and after a few minutes bamm my inbox was full. I like Latin men I have dated out of my race but my preference is Latin men and I posted that as such. I had messages from all races u could think of. WTF? Men don't read they see the pic and right away they think they r getting in my pants. Now I'm not sure what guy is going to want me for me and not my new body. I did remove the pic in my bathing suit so that way they aren't attracted to my body but I still get funky men messaging me. Where have all the good guys gone? I'm talking to one guy now for a week and I'm hoping he's legit. He texts me in the morning, "Good morning". He's showing interest. He's cute too but like I said with this new body I have to make sure it's not the body he's after. I told him straight out NO COOKIE for at least 90 days and he's still texting me. No word on when we'll meet and if we'll ever meet. I'm waiting for him to bring it up. I don't even has his # he hasn't asked for an exchange so that makes me wonder. What do yall think?

I found a butt man!

Hi Ladies, I gotta say that I don't regret any of my procedures. I'm going into a relationship so confident because of them. I'm 44 yrs old and I am a sexy cougar and I feel like a sexy cougar. This guy I'm dating is a butt man and he loves my ass, so my money was well spent, lol. It's now been almost a month and my king is still around and I haven't given up the cookie. You have those men who like boobs and you have those men that like the ass and he is definitely an ass man. To think of the ass I had before, no ass at all, to this 46in. ass I have now is such a turn on. I'm so happy I did it and I have no regrets. I can't express how happy I am now with my body. It's just what I needed to boost my self confidence. Any woman who is debating the procedure, I say DO IT! You will not be sorry you did. I walk with my head high and let me tell you this guy checked me out from head to toe and has contacted me each time. I'm not doing the chasing. This is wonderful and it's a first for me. It's about time that I have a man chasing after me. I LOVE IT! and I owe it all to Dr. Salzhauer who did an incredible job.

I spoke too soon ladies

This guy who thought would be the one turned out to be like all the others. He stopped sending me messages on Tuesday and didn't have the courtesy to tell me he didn't want to see me anymore. I'm so crushed I really liked this guy. 26 days down the tube. I give up on men! I can't stand the hurt and the pain of rejection. I don't know what I did to scare him off. We had 2 dates and we were messaging each other everyday.
I don't get it. Anyway, it just means I'm meant to be alone but I'm so crushed I really liked him. This sucks!

Wow I can't believe my surgery has been almost a year now.

Well ladies I will be 45 yrs old on Saturday the 18th and I feel Greatttttt! My ass has only gotten bigger and this ass keeps turning heads. I have been talking with a guy now for 2 weeks and I don't want to jinx myself but I think he's the one. He is a firefighter. Oh my god I can't believe it. A guy who has a great job and he looks amazing. I always said that muscles aren't what I look for but shit ladies that's a bonus for me with this guy. We haven't met yet because of his schedule but he is making plans to come see me. He lives 1 hour and 45 minutes away from me. We have talked or texted everyday. That's all I'm going to say about it cuz like I said I don't want to jinx myself. He's going to try and get Saturday off but being a firefighter it'll be difficult but he wants to be with me on my birthday. I can feel this guy isn't into games and he's been upfront with me about everything. I'm praying to sweet Jesus he is my king. Wish me luck ladies, fingers crossed. Anyway, I added some new pics. I got a little more filagree added to my tattoo cuz I felt like it was missing something. Maybe I'll get more added at a later time not sure yet. I'm still here ladies so if u have any questions, feel free to ask.


Happy happy bday to me!

Feelin' good and feelin' fine

I'm feeling soooo damn good right now and I just can't describe the feeling. My firefighter and I are still talking. Shit the last time I said that, I jinxed myself. Praying to Jesus right now to let me have this one, lol. We haven't yet met because of his schedule but it doesn't bother me. He likes that I'm understanding of his schedule. He's had trouble finding someone that does get it. He's out saving lives and that's important but we talk everyday. He calls me from the station sometimes so I know he's not lying to me, lol. He is so gosh darn sweet and he makes me all jiggly inside. He makes me feel beautiful too. I took some pics in lingerie for him and he was flabbergasted that I'm 45. I did tell him about my boobs & thigh lift, I was honest. He couldn't understand why a woman would do that to herself but I explained to him why I did it and he understood. He loves the results. Talking or texting everyday we have gotten to know each other and I think when we meet for the first time it's going to be so special. He has told me he's dying to meet me, as I am him. Anyway, I just bought a work bench so I can work on my upper arms some more. For those ladies that keep asking me about the lipo results, I have attached a pic showing my stomach. I have no lines, bulges or bumps from the lipo. I wore my garment religiously both times to make sure that didn't happen. First time around, I did get massages. The second time, I didn't but I did use a handheld massager.


Oh I forgot to mention that I finally went to Victoria Secret's to get my boobs measured and I'm a size 36DDD, so now I can buy a bra that fits me right. I wasn't looking to go that big but it is what it is. I'm happy with them. The bra itself is HUGEEEEEE! When I was at the cash register the cashier was holding it up looking for the price and I told her to put it down that it was so big and she started laughing.


Wow it's been awhile that I haven't updated my profile. I'm still here though to answer any questions. Let's see, what have I been up to? Christmas was a hard time for me with it being a year of my mother's passing. It was very tough. It was the first Christmas & New Year's without her. It felt very weird. Christmas Day mass was dedicated to my mother. After mass we all went to the cemetery. I know it'll get easier with time. Anyway, for those of you who are wanting to know, me & my firefighter are still dating and it's been awesome. With the bad weather I see him less because he has to work more often but I don't mind. I knew his schedule going in and I'm okay with it. I understand now the life of a firefighter. As for my butt, it's holding at 46 inches. I've been slacking a bit with the exercising & eating and I blame the holidays for that. I have plenty of time before summer to loose what I gained. I have added some updated pics. I hope all the ladies that have already had their BBL done are happy with the results. Remember to follow doctor's orders for best results.

May 2015 Update

Hello ladies hope all is well in butt land lol. Nothing much going on in my world. My butt is still 46 inches and my breasts are 36DDD. I have had nothing but compliments. Dr. Salzhauer did an AWESOME job and I can't thank him enough. I am my own wish picture. I actually spoke with him last week. I'm going back to see him on Sept. 1, 2015. I'll be getting just liposuction done in some troubled areas that exercising isn't getting at. He is so booked up it's crazy. I would have loved to get in before summer but at least I'm in for this year. I heard his appointments are now somewhere in June 2016. I don't mind the wait, I won't go anywhere else. I have read some journeys where the person states that the old patients don't answer questions or update their profiles. Well I'm here to say that's not true. I'm here for anyone that has any concerns or questions. I check my profile from time to time. You can send me a message and I get an email from RealSelf so I'll get back to you. I apologize to those that have asked me something and I didn't get to the message right away. I'm still loving my body and so are the men, lol. I've had some stares from women as well and I find that strange. I've added some new pics. Again if anyone wants to ask me anything don't hesitate. God Bless u all.

If it couldn't get any bigger, my butt is now 48 inches!

Unbelievable! After I got out of the shower last night I thought I'd measure my butt since I haven't done so in months. If anything I thought it might have decreased in size, I was WRONG. It's been 2 years. I had to do a double take, lol. I couldn't believe that it grew 2 more inches. 48 inches. I haven't done anything different. I follow the same routine since day 1. I still get eyes popping. I've also been on a few dates and of course the first thing they notice is my ass, then it's my boobs. It does get tired after a while. I was never the type that liked attention whether it was good or bad. Guys just need to grow up and get serious especially when they are with a lady which I would assume is their girlfriend. These guys break their neck to look at another woman in front of their own, it's disrespectful. Then you get the looks from the female like it's your fault. Sh*t he's the one you need to be giving the looks to and stop hatin'. You know what I mean ladies? I just feel really awkward cuz I never got this kind of attention before and I didn't get my butt done to get attention. I did it for my self confidence. I was always made fun of and that brought my self esteem down and now I walk with my head held high. I just wish I could find a man who is serious about me and not my ass. I have been single for 7 years. I don't mind being single but I would like a companion someday. Thanks for reading just needed to vent a bit, lol.

Dr. Salzhauer's Blood work requirements

I wanted to list this because when I had my surgery I didn't know what all the blood work was for and what they meant. I listed here the requirements for Dr. Salzhauer's office. Blood work needed are the following:
CBC, PT/PTT, BHCG & Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) patient must be fasting

CBC-A CBC is a panel of tests that evaluates the three types of cells that circulate in the blood. Help diagnose various conditions, such as anemia, infection, inflammation, bleeding disorder or leukemia, to name just a few.
PT/PTT-The PTT is used primarily to investigate unexplained bleeding or clotting. It may be ordered along with a prothrombin time (PT) test to evaluate hemostasis, the process that the body uses to form blood clots to help stop bleeding. These tests are usually the starting points for investigating excessive bleeding or clotting disorders.
BHCG- pregnancy test
The BMP includes the following tests:
• Glucose - energy source for the body; a steady supply must be available for use, and a relatively constant level of glucose must be maintained in the blood.
• Calcium - one of the most important minerals in the body; essential for the proper functioning of muscles, nerves, and the heart and is required in blood clotting and in the formation of bones
• Sodium - vital to normal body processes, including nerve and muscle function
• Potassium - vital to cell metabolism and muscle function
• CO2 (carbon dioxide, bicarbonate) - helps to maintain the body's acid-base balance (pH)
• Chloride - helps to regulate the amount of fluid in the body and maintain the acid-base balance
Kidney Tests
• BUN (blood urea nitrogen) - waste product filtered out of the blood by the kidneys; conditions that affect the kidney have the potential to affect the amount of urea in the blood
• Creatinine – waste product produced in the muscles; filtered out of the blood by the kidneys so blood levels are a good indication of how well the kidneys are working
**Liposuction patients will need a minimum hemoglobin level of 12.
**All patients must have a maximum body mass index of 32.
Blood tests are due 30 days prior to surgery. Letter of Medical clearance is now due 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks prior to surgery.

Updated pics

I wanted to try this dress on again since I haven't gotten to wear it since I bought it and it still fits like a glove. For some reason it fits better. I love this dress. I was asked to go to a club party in October and I thought I'd wear this. I think its sexy and classy.


Butt grew another inch- 49 inches

Well ladies hope all is well. I had surgery with Dr. Miami on September 1 for liposuction. I'm still swollen and I'm still in my garment. I also got my lips done. They look awesome. Not too small, not too big. I thought I'd take a break from the garment today. I went to the walmart with my sister and when I parked and got out of my car we passed a car that was pulling away. As I walked by, these ladies were saying how good I looked. I mean these women were practically out of their window looking. I got scared. My sister started laughing and said I told you so. I don't see what other people see. I had just got done telling my sister that I don't see the difference with the lipo I just got. She assured me there was a difference. After that I went to the mall to return an item. While at the store, I decided to try on a jumpsuit, yes the one in the pics, and I come out of the dressing room so I can see myself in the big mirror all 3 workers were standing there and all 3 said "damn look at that booty" at the same time. How embarrassing. They all said the jumpsuit looked great on me cuz of my curves and ass. I was hesitatant on getting it but I did.


I forgot to add when I seen Dr. Miami and I had to undress he told me I had a really hot body. I told him thank you it was his doing. He also told me not to pass by any construction sites, lol, cuz of the ass. He's so funny.

Added before & after

I added a before and after pic of the lipo I just had done. I took a picture before I left and when I came back took an after picture. Again my tummy is still swollen and I still have discomfort so it'll take a few more weeks for all to settle. Overall I'm happy, I can't really see much difference but I got to give it time. I also added a pic of my lips.


I didn't have hips done and no 3rd BBL just lipo. My thighs were done. Inner & posterior thighs. It may make my butt look bigger. I had 7 areas of lipo done. My lips were done with Juvederm. That was a last minute decision. I'm glad I did it.

4 weeks today

I had lipo in 7 areas 4 weeks ago today. I must have slimmed down some because I tried on this dress the week after surgery and it felt too tight and last night I tried it on again and it fits just right. Though I can't see the difference, others can. I think I'm going to join a gym when given the green light. I hate going to a gym alone and I hate being stared at but I do need to step it up a notch and I only have some equipment here at home. I need to suck it up and just do it. Well ladies, wishing you all happy & safe recoveries and God Bless.


I'm sorry my pics are blurry cuz my phone sucks.

Not sure???

Still progressing. I feel like I lost my curves at my waist and I'm not happy about that. I said something to Dr. Miami at my post-up appt about my stomach not being as flat as it was when I got lipo in the past and he said it's because I was swollen. The last time I got lipo you immediately seen a difference in the stomach and I didn't see it this time so I'm really concerned. That along with my curve at my waist has me really bothered and I have emailed the office over a week ago and have received no response as of yet. Also I don't see a difference in my posterior thighs. They are really saggy you could say not tight at all. I'm not even sure if all the areas I asked for lipo on were done. This really sucks. Not a happy camper right now. I was sure I would see a big difference.


My waist right now, lost my curve. Not happy.


So I finally spoke to someone at the office and I'm suppose to wait three months for my results. We will see.

I still see no change!

I think I look the same as I did before I got lipo. Sometimes I see a curve sometimes I don't. I still wear a squeem, don't have to but I do, The nurse I spoke to at the doctor's office told me that the second time you have lipo it's different. That you won't see any results until about 3 months or more. I won't be 3 months post until 12/1 so we will see. For those that are interested my butt is holding at 49 inches.
I've been reading many more reviews of ladies that have been burnt really bad by Dr. Yily. Those burns look awful & painful. Remember ladies that cheaper doesn't always mean better. This is your life we are talking about. If at all possible stay in the states to have your procedure done. There has been too many bad reviews with women going out of state to get their procedure done and it's not worth it if you end up with burns, unwanted scars, infections or even death. Please think long and hard about your choice in doctor's. Read all you can here on RS, google the doctor and ask questions. You owe it to yourself, you are worth it!


Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Michael Salzhauer in Florida was my second PS for BA & round 2 BBL. He gave me a bigger butt with the roundness I wanted & was looking for. My aim was to go from 36C to 36D with lift but in measuring 4 weeks post & measurements at Victoria Secrets I'm a 36DDD or 38DD. I'm happy with that. I have the curves, the boobs & the butt thanks to Dr. S.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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