8 months post op dr fisher

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I've been wanting this surgery since 2011 but I've...

I've been wanting this surgery since 2011 but I've been kinda scared! Well now the time has come my hemo is 13.3 yahhhh and I'm gonna keep moving forward and staying positive. This surgery takes a lot of courage and all you guys are extremely courageous! I'm gonna do it and face my fears the time is now as scary as it is for me this has to be done. No since of postponing this because it's gonna happen eventually no matter how many times I postpone it. So hey I'm gonna do it now and face my fears and share my journey because so many has helped me. Please ladies stop by and encourage me when u get the time I need it! Thanks ladies

Front before picture


So I purchased the bbl pillow and sat on it to test it out. Well it does what it claims it keeps your booty from touching the chair. The pillow is so hard though it cuts my circulation off in my right leg only a couple minutes after sitting on it. After a couple minutes my right leg goes numb. Idk what to do maybe I will try a boppy pillow. My surgery date is coming so fast I have to figure something out maybe I will try to put a pillow on top of this thing because ladies this thing is very hard. Just maybe a pillow on top will make it more comfortable. I have to be able to get through the plain ride home without crushing my new fat

Labcorp.com for blood test

I recommend labcorp.com for blood test thanks to the realself sisters that told me about them! I only paid $20 for the cbc test with them, but the cbc test is only one test, doctor fisher requires multiple blood test which is the: Cbc, cmp, pt/ptt, HIV, HCG QUAL. When u go down there ask for lap charges which is a amazing discounted price my total came up to $179.00 because of the numerous test. I know it's kinda expensive but I went to labcorps competitors quest labs the day before I went to labcorp and they were gonna charge me $650 dollars for these same test! So I turned around and went to labcorp. One thing though ladies make sure that you fast for 12 hours before you take these test one thing that I wish that I knew because I was turned around the first day because I didn't fast

Ladies I'm kinda discouraged!

I went to my doctor today and he said I shouldn't have a bbl surgery. He said that my blood test is perfect and I'm in perfect health and that I'm blessed. He says why do I wanna mess with my body and that I don't need it. He says he can see if I'm 300 pounds or something. He says that this surgery is bad for you and can cause harm to the body in the long term. He says but the surgeon will not tell me how problems can happen in the long run from liposuction. He says he has a lot of patients who coming to him with problems from the lapband... He told me talk to someone who had the surgery done a while ago and see how many problems they had! So ladies he discouraged me I mean what long term health problems can happen from a bbl surgery. Nobody ever want people to have cosmetic surgery! But if someone had kidney stones did people encourage surgery, but if u want cosmetic surgery god forbid that

Bbl pillow v's boppy pillow

I purchased the bbl pillow from shop.bblpillow.com for $99. I also purchased I boppy pillow from amazon for around $41 dollars. I recently complain that the bbl pillow is to hard and I still feel this way, but the bbl pillow does an excellent job at keeping the buttocks from touching the seat. I was told by a young lady to see of I can break it in, because it's so hard it cuts off my circulation in my right leg after sitting on it for a couple minutes! So I'm gonna sit on it daily to try to soften it up before my surgery date in one week.
The boppy pillow purchased from amazon.com for around $40 is very very comfortable and it does take the pressure off your butt when u sit on it, but my butt still touch the sit a little while using it but it's so soft and comfortable. I tried putting the boppy pillow on top of the bbl pillow and that work great because the bbl pillow is hard as hack and the boppy pillow on top makes it comfortable! So there you go the bbl pillow does an amazing job keeping the butt from touching the chair, but it's to hArd. The boppy pillow is more comfortable but the butt touches the chair a little. Using the boppy pillow stacked on the top of The bbl pillow is really comfortable but your sitting up pretty high on top of them both though... So I hope that helps ladies have a wonderful day

Shout out to my realself sisters!

I'm so thankful for my realself sisters I love you guys so much I think u all are an amazing group of women and I'm blessed to have found u all! This is exactly why I plan to share my journey because so many women here has helped me more then you know. I appreciate the encouragement and the support from you all when support is not always there for us we have each other. No one understand what your going through until they have gone through it, or in the process of going through it. I have said it before and I will say it again that you guys rock u guys have so much courage it's unbelievable and through u I have became more courageous to! More courageous to be scared and acknowledge the fears and keep moving forward like all my realself sisters are doing. It's a scary journey but I have my realself sisters supporting me every step of the way I'm happy and I appreciate u all more then u will ever know. Thanks sisters! Thank u! thank u! Thank u!

1 day post up

Hi ladies so I'm swollen a little and my ass, stomach, and back is very sore feel like I've been doing 1000 squirts and 1000 an crunches. I'm not feeling any pain yet and I haven't taking any pain meds at all yet. The massage hurts like shit and I almost fell out doing the stomach massage that's how painful it is and u have to stand for stomach massage! I been walking a little my faja is covered in blood everytime I lay down I get blood everywhere. I'm draining a whole lot in I have to empty my drain every two hours! The only medicine I'm taking so far is the antibiotic. They gave me Tylenol/ oxycodine for pain but like I said I haven't taking it yet. The pain is bearable so fare but it's a pain in the ass getting out of bed because your abs hurt so bad getting up and you have to use your arms! Ok so I don't have a lot of strength meaning if I stand to much I get very light headed. Ok girls I will try and get pics soon although it takes a while to see the real results and my faja is stuffed with lots of padding in my sides and all my back and a big ab board. Ok girls take care of yourself

Sorry for the typos

* damn spell check I meant it feel like I been doing 1000 squats and 1000 ab crunches!

Post up pictures day 2

Took these I had to come out of my whole faja to have a bowel movement. I had it fast I didn't take any stool softners or nothing and it was soft an large thank god. I'm a vegetarian and I eat lots of fruit and fruit has lots of fiber ladies.

Video 4 days post op

Sorry about the undies you guys I'm at the recovery house and these are the only undies that I brought with me that are not to tight now. When I'm in my gourmet I do not wear undies I only wear undies to take videos and pics for u guys... Much luv

3 weeks and 2 days post op

My lips are folded up tightly because I have my necklace in my mouth I look retarded lol. I decided that it's a very good idea to take a video in the same undies again as different undies makes the results look different and make it kinda hard to compare previous results with past results. So here u go ladies once I feel well enough I will take videos in some clothes as well. Great day!!!

Sighhh burns on the elbows???

Do anybody know what to do for elbow burns??? My elbows are so badly burned from lifting myself up and off the bed with them sighhh.... Any recommendations I'm clueless?

6 weeks and 6 days post op!

My next pics or video I will have on clothes but wow guys it's hard taking selfie booty pics lol! Well have a great day ladies :-)

Before and after


More pic from 6 weeks and 6 days post op!

Sorry about the dirty mirror these are pics that I wasn't gonna put up because of the dirty mirror but I decided to just put them up anyway :-)

More pics from 6 weeks and 6 days post op

More pics from 6 weeks 6 days post op

4 months post op video!! Body by fisher

I'm four months post op sorry for the wait girls!

5 months post op video

I'm almost 5 1/2 months post op. In this video I'm not wearing any type of garment which can make the booty look even bigger!!! This is the natural size of my booty in jeans with no garment on. I'm only wearing a spanx top with a bra over it! Have a great day ladies!

Big booty problems!

Please help same problem over and over I can't find jeans that will go over my booty! Idk what to do I only have a couple pairs that I wear over and over again... Do anyone have any idea where to get jeans for us... I have to wear high waisted jeans to go over my booty and I'm still having problems lol crazy

6 months post op! More pics

I have numerous coworkers come up to me and ask me have I've been eating butt injections! And have I gotten butt implants, I mean people are rude but whatever... Lol I'm trying to keep my head up jealousy is crazy... Sometimes I want to wear a sweat suit and cover my body so that women don't feel so insecure around me. I can't shrink to make others feel secure I have to stand tall I use to do that when I was younger with a 24" waist I use to shrink so people want be so jealous... Now that I got my small waist back well it's 27" now I'm not gonna shrink to make women feel secure all it does is hurt me when I do that... People have to work on there own jealousy issues and stop being mean to people they're jealous of it's crazy out here sometimes. It's more the people on the job who's crazy then anyone... im gonna stay positive and nice no matter how silly people behave :-)

8 months post op still loving it

Heyyy girls I'm 8 months post op and still loving my results...

8 months post op dr fisher!

I'm 8 months post op still loving my results
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr fisher is great and very talented I was his last patient at 9pm I wasn't thrilled about that. He still spent plenty of time with me an answered all my questions. The reason that I chose dr fisher is because i am kinda on the smaller side and I didn't want to lipo my thighs! I knew he could give me great results without taking fat from my thighs I've seen him do this plenty of times! I've seen him create nice booties on petites and find fat from the 12 areas of lipo the upper body only!!! It's like he has a magic wand he's gifted at finding fat! I've seen other surgeons that had to lipo the whole body including the arms and thighs to get fisher results on petite women and this is why I Chose Dr. Fisher! He will tell u point blank what he cannot do for your booty type and he will not fake like he can do it for u if he feel like he can't! He goes by your booty type just because he made one girls booty super round doesn't mean u have the type of booty that can be made that way! He work with each individual and create different results according to your present booty and body shape! Thank u dr. Fisher and vanitys I have no complaints about vanitys I ask them how many cc I got in my booty the girl went an brought me a copy of it. I ask for before and afters they emailed them to me. I ask for a double bed at vanitys recovery home they gave it to me at no additional cost! They still call and follow up with me to this day! My wait times was always short when I came for follow ups! I called vanitys and the receptionist and I got disconnected and the receptionist called me twice right after trying to reach me and left a voicemail apologizing. If that's not going above and beyond your job what is! And their recovery home is beautiful I didn't want to leave honestly

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