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Im a MAN and my initial thought of getting the...

Im a MAN and my initial thought of getting the BBL, was not so goo. I had many fears like, will i look like a woman, will my butt be tooo too big making it all noticeable. I want the lift for serveral reason, i like to fit jeans naturally without a belt, ad everyone loves a nice big bubble butt.. Anywho im scheduled for JuNE 19 ILL BE DRIVING DOWN from orlando (3hr) dr. Any advise on the cheapest CHEAPEST CHEAPEST hotel or if someone want to share a real. Let me know. Thanks.

Big Buns Hun

Hello all my big booty hopefuls!

Lets get straight to the point. I've wanted a big fat ass for the longest and now its time to my my dream come true. I tried to get it done before but life got in the way so here i go again. I am going to Malaga Spain at the end of March to have my BBL surgery with Dr. Aslani on 23/03. I paid my deposit (500 Euros) and surgery date is set and confirmed. I currently live in England so getting to Spain won't be a problem, only a flight across the pond and Im there. (Hopefully a cheap flight). Not sure what to write here but as time go on hopefully i will fill you in on my journey. If you had your surgery and have tips to share then please don't hesitate.

Me and my Wish

Me and my Wish

Everything Paid

Surgery paid. Flight paid. Hotel paid. Everything paid! Leaving this Sunday (19/04/2015) for SPAIN, MALAGA! I'm going to be a part of the big booty society. Any tips of advice?


Had the surgery yesterday. Everythign went well so far. Just laying in my hotel room. Will type more when im feeling up to it. Thanks.


The pain is real. No moving or anything.
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