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It's about to go down!!! Payed in full date booked...

It's about to go down!!! Payed in full date booked for 3/4/16!!!!!!

I've always been told I'm beautiful etc. but I just don't have the body I desire. I just want to feel complete face and booty :P.

So far the members of Vanity Cosmetics have been LOVELY. I love Anna

Think I've been stalking this site for 2 years now

The pain is real

I had my bbl yesterday with Dr.Fisher!!!!!! I'll put up pics when I do my massage tomorrow. He gave me exactly what I wanted. But y'all the pain is real. It's very important to drinks LOTS Of FLUIDS. Not just water Gatorade helps best. I'll give a full detailed review tomorrow

3 months post op Dr.Fisher BBl

I'm sorry for no updates but I just thought t would be best to wait awhile cause if it not it just gets a bit redundant. First off I LOVE MY NEW ASS, MY NEW BODY. At first I was terrified and was upset that I "seemed" to have lost volume. The healing for this thing is no joke ofcourse but there are a few things I had to learn on my own. So around 2 months post op I went out for a few hours with no garment on due to the outfit I chose, well I was in soooooo much pain. It's like someone is skinning you alive with every move you make. Every hug or friendly poke from someone sent me I an inner uproar. Now it does hurt that much. Ladies plz be dedicated to wearing your garments, trust me it's worth it. I've finally graduated out of the romper garments. I found a GOD SEND garment/shaper for those who are in final stages of healing. It's called the unviable rear lift shaper by leonisa. It gives you great compression and lift as the but out but lifters. The butt is covered but with like a panty hose/mesh fabric so it doesn't put any compression on your cheeks which can make your ass heal flatter. It's really undetectable under clothing as well. No funny looking butt cut outs in a fitted pants or dress/skirt. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask

In love with myself

It's been awhile since surgery and I must say it was the most fulfilling decision I have ever made for myself. I tell ladies all the time "screw what ppl think, make that investment in your damn self"
Miami Physician

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