Active FX --- 41 Years Old from Leesburg Fl

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Hi, I am a 41 years old woman, a mother of 2. I...

Hi, I am a 41 years old woman, a mother of 2. I decided to have the Active FX done on my face, having dark spots and blemish on the side of my face which I hated. Being in my teens and twenties I never had this before, my skin was flawless but with life stress and getting older it appear really dark, not even make-up would cover it up. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and seek the help of modern medical technology. I had my first consultation with Dr B, he explained the procedure and the potential results. I was a little skeptical, this being my face and having Laser done, I decided to take my chances.

On August 5th after work I went into the office in which I was greeted by Dr B and one of his staff member, he took me to the back, he prep me and explained the process, then he started, it was just as how he described painless, he even provided me with a cold compressor machine to use at home for the swelling. The only thing after the procedure my face felt like it was fire but after I use the cold compression on it, it was fine. next day morning I had very little to no swelling.

On day two, I was still red and looked burnt on day three my skin started to peel and my skin looked so much better. I think I am going to be happy with the end results.

Today is Day 5, most of the skin has peeled away,...

Today is Day 5, most of the skin has peeled away, seeing a vast difference in my skin, it is healing really nice...see pics

Dr Larry Blevins Mesos Cosmetic

He was very accomodating with my schedule, very thorough and took his time also his staff was great

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