* 28 Year Old, Mother of 3, A much needed Tummy Tuck

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I have three kids 5 and 1 year old twins. Always...

I have three kids 5 and 1 year old twins. Always had a great figure. My first child I had at 37 weeks due preeclampsia. I gain 50lbs with that pregnancy they weight came off fine. But I was left with a saggy belly full of stretch marks. My second pregnancy was good. The doctors were on top of everything this time around. I gave birth to my two beautiful babies at 37 weeks. I was all belly with them. I only gained 33lbs with the twins. My belly got to 52inches around. Right now I am 140lbs, hoping to lose 15 to 20lbs before surgery. I am 5'3. I can't even stand looking at my stomach. I'm finally doing this for me. I want to feel pretty again. My husband like all loving husbands say I look good no matter what. Sweet but..... I know he loves the body I use to have, so I want to get that back. I have self confidence because of the way my stomach look and make me feel. I'm excited, scared, nervous, and much more. I have been waiting years to get this surgery done, and it will be happening in 3 months. Pictures coming soon.

Can not wait to get rid of all this extra skin

Two more months

I have two more months to go. Is there anything I should be doing before my surgery day. I go back to my ps January 27th. So we can sit down and go threw all the details.

Two months Togo

I have two months until I have my tummy tuck. I am so nervous, scared and excited. Should I do or get anything before I have my surgery.

1 month to go

I only have a month to go until I have my TT. I go to my PS on the 27thtp do labs and to pay.

Two weeks

I only have two weeks left. I am ready but nervous and scared. I found out I have to have a hestertomy so I am getting that done the same time I get the tummy tuck. I am nervous about it. But my Obgyn and plastic surgeon said they do it all the time and it is safe. I am just ready to get back to my old self again.

2 days to go

I am really nervous I told some of my family member and they are not being very supportive. I went to get labs done this morning. I am ready to go for Wednesday. I have to be at the hospital at 9 and will be staying the night. I want to wish everyone on and around the same dates good luck, and a speedy recovery. My husband took off three weeks to take care of me and the kids. I could not ask for a better and supportive husband.

1 week post op

It has been one week since I had my TT and hysterectomy. Surgery took 4 hours. The first 3 days were ruff. I had my one week post op appointment today and I got the drains removed. Ps sad everything looks good. I am really swollen today,cause I walked a little to much today with the hubby. My husband has been the best, taking care of 1 year old twins, a 5 year old and while keeping up with house work. I could not have asked for a better man.

10 day post op

Very very swollen. Bb has gunk in it it's not pretty. I hope all the wrinkles and ridges flatten out and my incision does as well.


I am really swollen. Days are getting better. Hubby is still home for another week so that is great.

Morning of surgery and after

doc visit

I had an unplanned visit to the plastic surgeon. I had some places that have opened up. So I went to have them checked. My ps said the places opened up due to my body not liking the stitches. He said that I will be fine and it will heal up. I asked him about all the swelling in my low abdomen was from and he said it was due to the stitches not absorbing. I will be so happy when the swelling goes away.

Spots that are being hard to heal

Some of you have asked me to post pictures of my spots.

Today of spots

7 weeks

Yesterday I was seven weeks post op. Not much has changed,I still have a lot of swelling, especially in my lower abdomen and right above my belly button I still have stitches pop in threw. My body hates the stitches my plastic surgeon used.I hope everyone is doing great and healing well.

Thinking of deleting

Thinking of deleting my real self account. I keep posting never get any feedback so it is a waste of time to even fill it out and post about it. ???? I love seeing everyone results, keep up the good work ladys.

Feeling down swell Hell

I am starting hate my stomach. I swell really bad. I look 5 months pregnant by the end of the day. I am starting to notice loose skin in my lower abdomen and right above my belly button. I am wondering what does everyones stomach look like when they sit down. And I think my belly button is off meaning not center. Can anyone else is that or is it just me. My love handles look so big i hate them.

14 weeks

I am in week 14 post op. Still swollen. I am exercising more. I go back to my PS next month to talk about some issues I have. I am still not flat in my lower abdomen. Wish I was flatter. But I know it will take time.


I am doing good. I still have swelling which is normal. I went to my ps last week and he is going to do a revision Friday. I have dog ears and some extra skin.


Revision Friday

Revision update

I am doing good. He only did one side. He used a better Quality stitch to see how it heal. Then his going to do the other side. It was so Kool I was awake the whole time, he did it in the office and even let my sister watch. I go back in two weeks. I will post pic later because I can not take the bandages off for a couple of days.

Almost 6 month post op

I am doing good I had some issues that are bothering me like extra skin especially when I sit or been diaper when I sent you can even see my bellybutton anymore. I think I need so lipo. I am really thinking About getting second opinion. I am going to post pictures tell me what yall think. By the way I am still swollen.
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