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First let me say that all my life I have been...

First let me say that all my life I have been completely embarrassed and ashamed of my teeth, it took a lot of courage to even post this picture. My parents did not have the financial means to provide me with braces when I was a child. As an adult I now have my own financial means and was so excited to stumble across Smiledirectclub. I have not smiled showing teeth since I was six years old and am so thankful that this options exists for me. I purchased a discount for my assessment kit and total aligner treatment through groupon (new customers to groupon can sign up and get additional discount of $10 with code welcome10).

The process was simple. I ordered my impressions and evaluation kit online on 5/13/16. I then finished my photo assessment on 5/16/16 and received an email that same night that my initial assessment was accepted! I was completely shocked since you can see that my teeth have extreme crowding.

I am not positive about the date I received my impressions, however, I got an email letting me know my impressions were received on 5/31/16 and that I should hear back from them within 7-10 business days. I didn't hear back from then until after I sent an email (6/10/16), however, they replied back to me within 1 business day. My impressions had been accepted and I would be receiving my treatment plan within another 7-10 business days.

On 6/16/16 I received the generic email stating my impressions were accepted and that I would get my treatment plan within 7-10 business days. I decided that I would take 6/16/16 as the day to start the countdown.

I still have not received my treatment plan, however, I emailed them on 6/28/16 and again, received a response within one business day. My treatment plan is still in process and since my case is on the extreme crowding side, I completely understand why it would take extra time. The very nice woman who emailed me back did say that I should be getting my plan by early next week at the latest.

I am so thrilled to have the chance to finally REALLY smile for a photo. I have had absolutely no problems as of yet with customer service and have not felt like I have been waiting too long for each process.

I am eager to see my treatment plan and get the process started! If they can fix my teeth, they can fix yours! I will keep you all posted.

Treatment Plan

After much anticipation I received my treatment plan! I was almost certain that I was going to have to get some IPR during my treatment, however, NO IPR! My plan consists of 40 aligners (20 top/20 bottom) worn over a period of 10 months. I think I will be going with the full payment now method. I will keep you all posted about my progress and when I receive my first set of aligners!

Follow-up call and payment

So, I received a call from the company yesterday and the representative was helpful and asked if I had any questions. I let him know my payment plan and the day I was planning on purchasing. I had decided to use the pay up front option, however, ended up not paying yet since I found that the site has mysteriously lost the option to use a coupon code overnight. This seemed a little sneaky to me only since I had already had success in inputting a coupon code for an extra discount the night before. I had a weird feeling so I took a screenshot of the option to enter the code just incase which I posted. I would hope they bring back the option, until then, I guess I will reconsider my payment option.


So, I realized that I was getting the $100 dollar discount through my groupon purchase automatically which is why it didn't matter if I saw the coupon code option or not lol. Either way I realized that I was paying way less than I would have if I had gotten treatment anywhere else and I didn't want to get caught up in worrying about coupon codes. I made the choice of paying the full payment and just ordered my aligners today! I will keep you posted once my first set arrives!

3-D Printing

So I received an email letting me know that they are in the process of 3-D printing. They will keep me posted once my aligners have shipped. I purchased my aligners on 7-12-16. They say I should have them within 21 business days. Will update once I receive my shipment email and first shipment!


Just received the shipping confirmation email today! Will update once my first package arrives!

Not happy

So I was so excited to get my aligners today only to find they sent me someone else's aligners or a generic set. The patient number on the aligners are 171297, which is not my number so if that is your number I'm sorry but they must have sent me your aligners. I reached out to customer service and they wanted me to take pictures of the aligners on but the aligners obviously do not even fit into my mouth let alone snap onto my teeth. I also don't understand why I would need to try to force someone else's aligners onto my teeth. What I was a little taken back by was the fact that the representatives did not even ask about the serial number on the aligners. I had to inform them about the number. I was lucky to find 1 tray that was my correct number and fit. So, 5 out of 6 trays were someone else's. I am pretty disappointed since I am clearly eager to fix my teeth. I feel like they made a mistake and should just say "no problem we will send you your new correct set of aligners immediately". Instead I got an email asking me to take a ton photos of the aligners that don't fit in my mouth to them so they can access the situation. Feeling pretty frustrated. The photo shows the one tray that fits which was in tray 2 (lower tray) and the other was the aligner that is clearly not mine that I found in try 1 (also lower tray).

Thank you Alexandra

So I was able to live chat with a lovely senior customer service specialist and she was able to quickly resolve my issue. I will be sent a return shipping label via email today where I will be shipping back the unopened aligner set that was not mine. They arranged for a pick up and she said that they will likely have to make me new aligners and it may take up to two weeks. She mentioned that they will expedite my aligners so hopefully they come sooner. I am upset that I can not start my process today but what can you do. I just hope that my new aligners arrive soon and actually fit! Thank you Alexandra for your quick and efficient service.

New Aligners!

So I got my new set of aligners on Friday and they fit perfectly. They are very very tight, however, they don't seem to irritate my mouth yet at all. I will post pictures tomorrow and then will only be updating every 4 months since I won't see any real progress until later.

Photo of fit

So as mentioned yesterday tray one fits perfectly and I still have not felt any uncomfortable irritation at all. Below is a photo and my family has said they can't even notice I have them on :) So I'll be posting a progress photo with all angles of my teeth in 4 months so hang tight.

Third tray update

Hey guys,

So I decided to do a quick update for those who may be curious about my continued progress and experience. I can definitely feel a change and have uploaded a photo of my current smile with my day one smile. It is not easy to see but there are subtle changes. My arches are expanding and you can see that my canines have shifted slightly downward. One of my two front teeth has also been moved slightly to appear straighter than before. I have a long road to go, however, I can feel the difference. My only complaint is that my support team has not really communicated with me. They only sent me one email asking the exact date I started my first tray so they could remind me when to switch aligners and I have never actually received a reminder. I also have not been asked for any progress photos. I feel no issues as of yet in terms of progress so I don't have the need to express any concern to them. However, it would instill more confidence in my progress if I felt I had the support I was told I would be provided by SDC.

Tray 6 Update

Hey guys, so just a quick photo update about my progress. I am on the last couple days of tray 6. Still a long way to go until tray 20 but I can definitely see changes and am right on target with my treatment plan photos. I was pretty nervous about not getting the proper results for my top teeth since they are so crooked, but so far so good.

Halfway Point - Tray 10

Here is a before and after of my halfway point.

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