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I am 4'11" tall and 95 lbs. My correct bra size...

I am 4'11" tall and 95 lbs. My correct bra size is 29G but of course these have to be specially made so I am currently in a BALI 34D- the most comfortable and best fitting bra I have found with adequate support . Even so, some of ME is bulging from the top and the bottom of my bra. I am in my 60's now and have had to wear a bra since I was 9 years old- I stopped growing but my boobs did not.
I have endured emotional and physical distress from these " blessings". My insurance has approved my breast reduction as medically necessary , given my size and my age. .
The thoughts of anesthesia complications and possible post surgery / recovery problems terrifies me but for once in my life, I need to feel some sense of "normalcy ".
I appreciate any encouragement, good thoughts, and, especially, prayers as I embark on this phase of my journey.

5 days pre-op

Getting more nervous by the day. Am I sure I want to do this? So many questions...Am I prepared. Do I have all I need? Thank God for hubby support....

One day pre-op

My last day with the "melon girls". Hallelujah! Going to WalMart to see if I can find a sports bra with adjustable straps since I am so petite. The ones I ordered are perfect except the straps are too long for me and do not adjust. Nurse says compression is not as important as SUPPORT. I DID find out that I have to be at the surgical ctr at 4:30am! Ugh- so NOT a morning person- but Doc won't be there until 8! More waiting and nerves...Going to pack an overnight bag, get my button-down shirt and stretch pants ready, and be sure my fur babies will have some food and attention while I am gone. Keep prayers going, ladies, for safe, painfree surgery and recovery and great results!

One day post-op

Well I made it on over to this side! Got to surgery ctr at 4:30am thanks to hubby! Prepped and finally got to surgery around 8:30am. Doc marked me in the O. R. And then they put out my lights. Recovery room and into a regular room. Rest of the day was a fog filled with hydrocodone. Lots of peeing due to all the fluids being pushed through the I.v. I have had breakfast and a lortab . Pain/soreness level about a 2 now. Doc coming to change dressing or remove? I hear his lovely voice....thx for the prayers and thoughts ! Keep them coming!

Post- op dressing changed.

Dressing changed by doc . Says it can be removed Friday and take a shower. He wants to see me next Wednesday. Now I am dressed and waiting for more instructions- where to go now? I guess nurse needs to remove these IV tubes . And don't let me bust a stitch????

Post-op day 3

Rested fairly well last night. Some nausea before bed and then again when I got up. Chewing some "Nauzene " tablets but they don't help much. Cannot tolerarate any more Lortab - causes me awful headache, dry mouth, nausea. Just going to try extra strength Tylenol today. No real pain so far - just soreness, itching, and this awful nausea. Very difficult to eat. Doc says get up and move around more- I DID get out some yesterday while the weather was nice . Sat On the screened porch.
Mostly craving something cold and fizzy but I feel like anything I put In My mouth wants to come back up and out. Ugh.

Post-Op day 3 pics

The Tylenol has helped me feel some better. Here are updated pics. I am concerned that the "side" boob is gonna be a disappointment.

4th day post op

Took off dressing . I am amazed at the difference in how I feel. It's as though a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. Am going to shower and put on clean sports bra. Can't wait.

Side view

5days post-op

I am feeling better by the hour it seems. Some of the soreness is easing and my activity level is increasing. I only took one dose of. Benadryl yesterday when the itching became intolerable. And that was at bedtime. Of course anytime I take Benadryl it BECOMES bedtime! LOL ...

Stitches out

Stitches came out today. Not too bad- just stung slightly. Next appmt on 11/30 for follow up.
Doc says begin vitamin E cream on scars In 4 weeks- around Dec 1.

I still feel some slight stinging from the incision sites so I put some neosporin on them when I got home. I am still to be careful incision sites so am using gauze pads on them too. Will try to make more pics later. I got on my treadmill this evening for about 20 at low speed- first time since surgery. Felt so good.

Post op Day 13

Healing well. Can't wait until I can start my exercise routine again to try to lose some of this flab around my middle. The tape us coming off gradually. I am really beginning to realize the burden I have endured because of this oops of nature. Nobody can know until they have to go through it. A very good reason not to judge others based on physical appearance.

Post op day 14

Lots of "zingers" today. Also uneven nipples still a concern. Woke up this morning and I was lying flat on my tummy! PS never said a word about sleeping positions so I assume all is okay. The only place I have heard about sleeping "propped up" is on this site. So ?.

Nov 10: 15 days post op

Breasts healing. But went to ER yesterday after being struck by a small steel box that fell from an overhead cabinet while I was retrieving Christmas Decorations. 2 stitches and a tetanus injection and back home.
I am having some "burning/itching type" sensations between my breasts. Don't know if this should be a concern . Will check with PS later. Still a great deal of unevenness , some slight swelling,too.

Postop days 17-18

I am feeling better little by little. I am finding tiny spots of , what appears to be blood, on the inside of the left part of my bra some days. The incision is a tiny bit red in that area but I am not real concerned right now. I inserted a gauze pad inside my bra in case the bra is rubbing that area a little bit. I am now fighting a cold and sore throat on top of the boobie concerns. But I know that I am taking care of me the best I can. Hubby is an angel most of the time. Don't know what I would do without him.

Post-op day 26

Healing nicely. Off and on intense itching but I am hoping that it is a sign of healing.
Have a small area on the left that is showing signs of oozing plus some redness . Emailed doc's nurse a pic. She advised neosporin on the area and to be sure nothing is rubbing the incision sites. Well that is what I HAVE been doing. Praying that nothing is going to delay my healing.

Post op day 35

I am getting there. The red area is much better but I continue to see little spots of blood on the gauze pads. Saw Dr Griffin yesterday- He says I still have swelling- mostly on the left but that should resolve. I am to begin using vitamin E cream with cocoa butter on my scars to help speed up their appearance. He was so patient and professional , sitting with me and answering all my concerns.

Post op day 37

Healing continues. Some itching and some swelling continue. Still some slight bleeding and pus from below left nipple. Will continue neosporin ointment on that area. Feeling better by the day. I have restarted my regular exercise routine but with limited sets. Feels good to be getting back into the routine.

6 weeks post op

Left- still some slight swelling, bleeding oozing. Right still has minor swelling, numbness.

Now about this face.....

Breasts are healing well from the BR surgery. I am feeling almost normal .. now on to more obvious features ....I am looking to have something done about the mouth area - nasolabial folds and marionette lines- I always look mad or sad whether I am or not. Pending the hubby's "okay" before jumping in because I know this will take a chunk from the old budget.

69 days post op

Asymmetry continued to be problematic. Hope it require additional surgery.

6 Months...

Well, I can't believe it but it has been 6 months! I still have a lot of lop sidedness- I am praying that this will even out some more. Hubby says it doesn't look bad but it does to me. Sometimes I think that man would say I looked good if I was wearing a tow sack...anyway, I have had to put a hold on my goals as I am dealing with a bad case of optic shingles . I have been in hell since March 19,2017. Asking for prayers that God will see me through and help me to get back to my life.
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