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I am 4'11" tall and 95 lbs. My correct bra size...

I am 4'11" tall and 95 lbs. My correct bra size is 29G but of course these have to be specially made so I am currently in a BALI 34D- the most comfortable and best fitting bra I have found with adequate support . Even so, some of ME is bulging from the top and the bottom of my bra. I am in my 60's now and have had to wear a bra since I was 9 years old- I stopped growing but my boobs did not.
I have endured emotional and physical distress from these " blessings". My insurance has approved my breast reduction as medically necessary , given my size and my age. .
The thoughts of anesthesia complications and possible post surgery / recovery problems terrifies me but for once in my life, I need to feel some sense of "normalcy ".
I appreciate any encouragement, good thoughts, and, especially, prayers as I embark on this phase of my journey.

5 days pre-op

Getting more nervous by the day. Am I sure I want to do this? So many questions...Am I prepared. Do I have all I need? Thank God for hubby support....

One day pre-op

My last day with the "melon girls". Hallelujah! Going to WalMart to see if I can find a sports bra with adjustable straps since I am so petite. The ones I ordered are perfect except the straps are too long for me and do not adjust. Nurse says compression is not as important as SUPPORT. I DID find out that I have to be at the surgical ctr at 4:30am! Ugh- so NOT a morning person- but Doc won't be there until 8! More waiting and nerves...Going to pack an overnight bag, get my button-down shirt and stretch pants ready, and be sure my fur babies will have some food and attention while I am gone. Keep prayers going, ladies, for safe, painfree surgery and recovery and great results!
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