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So I got my veeners or crowns done and I have been...

So I got my veeners or crowns done and I have been depressed ever since they shaved my teeth down which I wasn't aware that they would do that, which is on me because my lack of knowledge about the procedure... But the whole temp process sucked and I was expecting that when I got the per antes that everything would be back to normal yet it hasn't and I'm still uncomfortable about my bit and the way they look just a little ! I attached before and after . I just want to know is it normal to have to them adjusted multiple times this will be my third time going to get them adjusted ... I think they look okay but they just are uncomfortable, and feel weird I've have the, for about three weeks now . I'm just scared I'll never be happy again or comfortable or ever get used to them ...if anybody could reach out to me I would greatly appreciate it my family doesn't understand what I'm going threw so I'm reaching out here.... Thanks


well ended up having to get my bite adjusted a couple times.... sucks and the whole experience has been scary lucky people have given me some hope saying that I would get used to it... wish I had read this before my bite adjustments maybe the pain would've away! so now I feel like I may have screwed up my bite all together... idk if I can have them redone...or what needs to happen... but just go the most recent adjustment yesterday now I have pain in my REAL canine tooth .... Im hoping this goes away I have pain in my back molars now to due to the fact I've been clenching for days now due to anxiety and stress I've also lost 15 pounds cause im scared to eat on them cause they might hurt.... so....idk I feel like this is gonna ruin my life... and I feel like it's a nightmare I can't wake up from anybody have anymore advice I really need im like borederline nervous break down...maybe I mad a mistake by fixing my teeth.... everyone says they look great but they feel like crap right now....
thanks to all again who replied to my post! it really has helped me to hear from you all.

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME....Crowns still are not comfortable or feel weird

well its been almost 3 weeks now and I have still not gotten used to my crowns, and I have had three adjustments! my most recent being a week ago! and during that visit he smoothed my bottom teeth a bit to help them "fit" better....yesterday afternoon I woke up from a nap and realized how fake and different the texture was from my real teeth, and I am so devastated a this whole process. I am a college student and I can't even focus on my studies I just lay in the house hoping it will get better in some magical moment....I don't know what to do! It has spun my life out of control! I can't eat sleep or even enjoy my life because I so so so depressed about this, and I just don't ever see myself getting used them especially since its been three weeks since they where placed and one week since my adjustment.....if ANYBODY has some kind of advice to deal with this or know if it will get better please reach out to me! I regret it so bad and its all I can think about and nobody understand because they don't have any work done...Im just so devastated as each day goes by... they look good but feel like crappy plastic, they are porcelain.

Crown Update (Angry)

Well, I must say that this has been the worst experience of my life, and I don't plan to return to the dentist EVER after my problem is solved. Since my last post I have been to the dentist twice to trying to have my issues resolved. So let me explain what is fully going on with my teeth.

1. Since day one of having crowns on my front four teeth my bottom teeth have been resting on the upper part of my back teeth and caused me pain in one of my i go and get adjustments and before I can explain anything they just whip out there bite paper adjust and send me on my way. Now after FIVE adjustments now I'm not touching anything at all so idk if that how it is supposed to be or what, but if is then my question is why wasn't this resolved when they where first placed?
2. My dentist always trys to talk over me not really listening to my issue and concerns because he is so busy trying to put crowns in peoples mouths to make money. When I was getting them done they where as nice as they could be but as soon as they got my money and Im having issues they don't want to deal with me and are looking at me all crazy when I have to come back for ANOTHER adjustment as if I'm coming in cause I like it or something, and then after my most recent adjustment he decided to give me some "take care of them tips" basically a don't come back not offering me to come back if I still had problems. They spend less than five minutes talking to me before they shove the drill in my mouth.
3.Now that I have had those adjustments now it just feels like there ultra thin or thinner than in the beginning and now I feel as though i have this large void in the front of my mouth and I feel I could chip them at any moment.

I am past confused about how my mouth is supposed to feel or how it is supposed to sit and this has caused me major depression which has now turned into anger at the fact that something at some point was not done right because 5 adjustments is just way to many and they have pretty much turned there back on me, to get back to the crown (money) factory .

So next week I plan to grab ALL my X-rays and dental molds and go else where for help. I just need a dentist to sit down and explain to me what is going on with my mouth and why did I have to get FIVE adjustments which is looking like I might be on number six if this one doesn't work out Im not a dentist but that even sound strange to me.

I am tired of being depressed and have decided to take aggressive action in order to move on with my life...I wake up everyday thinking about my teeth and I can't take it anymore I need answers as to what is going on so instead of sitting around waiting Im going to go find them, and give my dentist a peace of my mind because me being nice and passive aggressive with him has gotten me no where.

I need my normal life back and not a life where I constantly think about my teeth more than ever when they where in somewhat bad shape. I'd much rather have my old teeth back and be comfortable and learn to be happy with myself.
Thanks to all for your sweet comments and prayers as well!

Will update next week with more information! Please if any of you have advice I need it !

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Update... Still Sad, No luck.

Well after six adjustments I am still not happy with the comfortably of my crowns, looks good feels like crap....and I have had so many adjustments I don't even know whats right anymore...

This situation has almost broken me in a sense, I have been so depressed about what has happened that I'm probably going to have to see a doctor about my depression... I just wanted nice teeth and this is what happened...

The original dentist who did it, gave me a pitch and was saying oh theres nothing wrong and explained that all my back teeth are touching so it is good and explained how the bite paper worked and such, but my issue is the front not the I try to tell him that he just talks right over me and try's to adjust on them....I simply think its because if they acknowledge that I have a problem then they will have to do a redo and lose money. The fact that he keeps tryng to adjust on my natural healthy teeth is a clear indication that something is wrong, and if he felt everything was fine why does he adjust anyway? If I buy a pair of shoes and they don't fit I'm not gonna try and cut my toes off to make them fit plain and simple.

I seeked a second opinion from my uncles dentist another family dentistary and he isn't a 100% sure what is going on but thinks I'm grinding at night and that is the cause of my issue, but I have never had an issue with grinding with my original teeth, and if I am grinding i think it is because my jaw can't find a comfortable position to rest because my crowns are too thick, I explained all my concerns to him as well and he just asked what the other dentist said, and how much did I pay them for this so I feel he has an indication that something wasn't done right as well...he also said he shouldn't be trying to adjust on my real teeth.

It seems as if my original dentist is trying to blame everything but the crowns, as if my real teeth are the problem when they where fine before and didn't have any issues as far as grinding or anything....

I have yet to see a TRUE cosmetic dentist, and not just a family dentistry but it seems that may have to be my option.

I just almost want to just have them redone and start from point A, because after all these adjustments I am confused. I just wish I knew how my original teeth fit together an X-ray or even my old mold impressions, I called and asked them for these and they say "we throw them away after your crowns are seated" idk if thats even true.

So earlier today I decided to call my original dentist and talked to office manager and she said she wants me to come in first thing monday morning and make sure my mother comes with me, I feel as though they are trying to make excuses to not have them redone and I don't really trust them one bit.

I plan to go in there monday and give them a piece of my mind I don't want them to even touch my mouth, cause at this point I have nothing to lose, and I am going to tell him that if Im going down he is going with me because I will reveal who this dentist is on this website and make a review about what happened to me !

Thank you all for the strength you have given me to make it this far, the kind words I receive from you all has helped more than you all could imagine, just the fact that you all take the time out your day to reach out to me. If you guys have any advice please let me know...

I will post a video and pictures to see what you all think...I listed my issues below.

1.) They don't even feel natural at all, I get there fake but after a month and a half I feel it should feel somewhat natural now.
2.) I am confused at what my bite is even supposed to feel like at this point, and I want it as close to original as possible.
3.) my right tooth catches the edge of one my teeth next to the right inscors and keeps my mouth from closing comfortably
especially when I lean down or try to slide my jaw forward...
4.) I constantly bite into the "humps" into the back of my upper teeth and it causes pain, you can even see a line wear my teeth have been wearing it down...
5.) Im just plain out not comfortable with them....and feel like I can't move my mouth around the same as before...I just wanted nice teeth not my bite altered.
6.) They are all have different thickness and are not consisstant at all and I have clicking in my jaw that I have never had before.

sadness....and anger. I don't think anyone even still reads my post...but ill post anyway. (last post probally)

I know I am only 23 years old but in my short span of life...this is by far the worst decision I have ever made. I am so sick of dentist in general...and I just want my old teeth back and I know that can't happen which hurts the most. I am at the point now that I don't want to have anymore adjustments done, nor do I want them to even touch my mouth ever again.

This upcoming monday, I will be going back to my dentist who has done my crowns and tell him I flat out want him to take these out and redo them, or give me a refund for my money. If he is not willing to do this the least he can do is give me my x-rays, and impressions (if they even have them). I feel I was robbed of my teeth and now they are just blowing in the wind as dust or swept up into a trash can.

This whole crowns process has pretty much finically crippled me for life now, knowing that 10 to 5 years from now they will have to be replaced...

What bothers me the most is the adjustments that where done to my bottom teeth, and god knows what that has done to my original bite, so now it probably won't ever even me remotely close to the same.

Now I am going to have to go to some real cosmetic dentist...that is probably gonna cost me 10,000 or more to get it fixed hopefully less, and with that money I could've bought so much more, and been a thousand times happier than I am now.

I regret my decision so bad that I plan to see a get past this some how. All the trouble I have been threw with these dentist and crowns was not worth it one bit....

Everyone on this website, and family tells me to be positive about it and everything will work out but...after visiting the dentist office seven times i now know for a fact that I will never be happy with this decision again. Everything in my life was going so well until this happened...

I have no hope left in this situation and apparently the only way to get out of it is be it.

I don't really think a lot of people keep up with this post but if you come across my blog, and your thinking of doing this unless you have to don't do it...just be yourself, because take it from me that you will be much more the long wrong, thanks to all who have commented and gave me best wishes but so far wishes and prayers have gotten me no where, so I'll end my review with this post... and after i see the dentist monday I will post the dentist to whom I went to have this done so everybody knows what they did to me.


Brandon M. Huntley

Went to my original dentist today.

Well I went to my original dentist today, and tried to discuss my issues with him...he pretty much had an excuse for everything I said to him. Upon arriving, the dental assistant (the one who cemented them in the first place) goes "your still having the same problem" I said yes mam and Im a little unhappy about it. "she say well we are doing the best we can, its your bite" then walked off and did something else.

I told him I had clicking in my jaw and some pain every now and then since the procedure, and he said some people just have clicking in there jaw, and just your joints, kinda like when you walk up the stairs and your knees pop. I said okayy....

I also asked him why I was not offered veneers, and he said "oh well crowns are much stronger and veneers fall out sometimes and you don't want that happening" then went to give a pitch about how good emax crowns was and that the cost was the same.

I asked him why am I having so many adjustments done (8th adjustment now) he said "oh well you have a deep bite, and thats a little tricky to deal with."

As he adjusted again, on my crowns I had really sharp pain in my real tooth underneath it which I mad him aware of and he just kinda ignored me. I think it is because my crowns are getting so thin that adjustments are starting to get close to my real tooth.

He made some adjustments that relieved some pressure from my side crowns but not by much and then tried to explain to me how the bite paper work (again) and even gave me a mirror this time, then he says "the paper don't lie buddy"

So at this point what is even the point of keeping fighting it when he is just going to make an excuse for everything I I am at the point of just giving up, and just having an uncomfortable bite.

The dentist is hour and fifteen minute drive for me and I have spent all my money for food, on gas to get back and fourth up there, so I can't even go feed myself at school.

After my adjustment he said give it another week and come back if you need...but my question is to everyone WHY, at this point I just want it redone (correctly) but I can't afford it nor can my mother.

I have just given up at this point it is clear that I am just gonna be unhappy about it cause there is nothing I can do about it because he is just gonna keep making excuses...

So thats where I am at I just want it redone, but can't afford too and he won't do it.

Brandon H.

well....figured it out I think..

yeah but I figured out what the issues may be apparently my bottom teeth used to rest on my top teeth and I think since I have had so many adjustments that it has probally wiped out my orgianl occlusion, since thet rested up there my jaw now has extra pressure which if did grind before made it worse more than in other words they didn't check my teeth and how they fit together before doing the adjustments, so I didn't know I was supposed to be touching up there but I had pain in one my teeth which they probably should have checked for root canal instead of adjustments

I'm so screwed they and I made my bite worse and me too for not thinking of it

well can my bite be restored to normal...even without impressions... he said he replaces them if they break in a reasonable amout of time...but how can he do that without impressions.

I guess I'll just stop posting here.

Well I went to my original dentist again, and he pretty much is not going to do anything to help me. He just kept going on and on about his credentionals and that it was impossible for anything to go wrong...he did yet another adjustment and pretty much just made them completely flat, and now it feels even more unnatural then it did in the begin with, so now I am looking at a redo.

I'm gonna just stop posting on here cause I don't really get a whole lot of help, nor does anyone really read this anyway, but I will post the dentist office I went to so everybody knows.

Plus Im really devastated about this whole situation and I feel kinda of lonely cause most of my family and some of my friends don't really want to here about it and nobody on real self really responsed to my post.

So...thanks everybody who read my previous reviews, but I guess at this point no reason to even update or post anymore cause there is just no help in sight for me.


Brandon H.

Crown Redo

does anyone know if I have a crown redone will it fit like original tooth did or how this crown fits except improved.

my crowns have been over adjusted they are wayyyy to high from my orginal bite... so is there a way to remake crowns to fit like orginal teeth??

just...why...what did I do to them.

so here it is three months, later (10) adjustments, and still angry, and depressed.

In my short 23 years of life I have never regretted something so bad, I don't even know what to do with myself besides worry if I'll ever be happy again!

Scott Brown DDS has ruined my last semester of college, and my holidays as well due to the fact of there lack to give information about the procedure to begin with, and the receptionist who "forgot" to check with our new insurance before the procedure was done as far as the cost goes...and we have to pay more out of pocket! Isn't that something they should check before the grind someones teeth away and shouldn't they have told me even if they thought I knew what I was getting into to triple check to make sure I knew what the procedure required, also on top of that I told him that they where getting really thin from all these adjustments and he goes "oh well emax is strong don't worry about that" and that I should only feel pressure from the canines and back molars, but thats not how they sent me home...and I tell him that no response. Then during one of my visit the stupid lady who recommended this in the first place, comes over as I'm sitting in chair waiting and goes your still having the same problem, I said "yes, and I'm really upset about it" she goes "well don't get upset honey, its your bite" like wtf was the nessecery for her to even say?

He has been completely insensitive about what I have to go threw with his office and the way he handles things is completely arrogant, saying things such as it is "impossible for anything to have went wrong" "and idk what you do for a living but if you knew something was wrong you'd know"
"I've been doing this for 25 years"

I don't understand why simply why they would put me in this situation. I asked him about my jaw clicking and pain and he said it's probably from your grinding, and he knew I grinned (been going to him for about 2 years now) because the dental assistant read it off there chart, I asked him why are you just now telling me that I grind my teeth, he goes "well if you grind you grind"...serouisy you wait till you do some work on my mouth and then decided to tell me I grind my teeth!? even then it never cause me any problems or jaw clicking or pain before I had this procedure done and then offers me a night guard, but the blame is always on me when I go to there office, after speaking to him mid sentence he ran off to his office and never came back, and I had to explain to the dental assistant why I was upset and said she would relay the message and someone would be reaching out to me soon.

3 Weeks go call or anything so I decided to call them and see what they are going to do about it, the lady answers and says oh he has been out of the office and out of town I'll have him give you a call when he gets back then the next day there office manager calls and says "oh sorry, she didn't relay the message we where expecting for you to call us back." "what is it that you want, for us to do" I said I want it redone, and she goes well he won't be back till this upcoming tuesday and we will give you a call then" (not really expecting that, honestly) I also told her that they have gotten way to thin from all the adjustments and she goes so you want them thicker?

I have went to a second opinion dentist who said my canine relationship was off because I have grinded one canine shorter than the other (because I didn't know thanks to them) and one of the crowns need to be shorter to fix that and see if that helps, but is willing to redo my crowns but at the cost of 12,000 dollars, for whitening on my canines and cost of crowns, not to surprised about that since she is a highly know cosmetic dentist in Atlanta! I don't mind paying the cost for something I have to live with for the rest of my life! but i don't have any credit for care credit and idk if they will even give me that much or anybody who co-signs for me.

worst of all, I don't even remember what my bite was like before anymore after all these adjustments, and I don't even feel like my molars are hitting in the right spot, I am gonna have to get on depression medication as well to deal with this traumatizing experience just to be able to make threw this last year of college, I have had to drop a class because of all the dentist appointments I have to go to and the stress caused my this situation.

DOES anyone know which direction to point me where I can at least be able to live or be able to be happy about the decision I's just sad that I have to go into a dentist office and come back out sadder than I have ever been before in my life...I know its up to me be happy, but how can I be when I have to live with this for the rest of my life with no sign in sight of getting fixed. I went from having ZERO dental problems to have pandoras box of stuff going on now....and I wonder if this will ever work out for me I can't even see me being happy with this experience...

Good News but worried.

Well long story short I found a new dentist to help me out at the Atlanta Dental Spa! I have had a consultation and they are willing to help me and fix all my issues! even the cosmetic ones I don't like as well, he said my teeth should be a more rectangle shape rather than round as they are now so it's really hard for me to clean them ,Also recommended a gum lift as well to even out my gum line as well. They seem like a great office and great people I emailed my hygenist Debbie with some more questions that I had about getting the redone. Instead of emailing me back she called me instead from her personal number! I was shocked at how nice she was and my dentist Dr. Kresman, is a really nice guy and a TRUE cosmetic dentist not some old fart with a drill! he listened to my story and answered every question that I had no matter how stupid it was!
it's gonna run me about 8,000 dollars but I was approved for care credit, so ill be able to pay it off at my own pace or close to it at least!

It is so odd to see that they are actually nice dentist out there. I told him about everything and he is confident that he can fix my teeth so that I can be happy with it.

They really felt bad that I'm going threw this during my last year at college and hate it happened to me and seem really sincere. I was so jealous of my hygienist cause she has veeners and they look amazing !! yet I'm stuck with crowns :(

but none the less my first appointment is in about 9 days for cleaning X-rays and discussing my smile design as well! they even do a model to show how it will look with final result before they even touch my mouth.

Although I am scared to have to go threw this all over again I can only hope it will look and feel better than what I have now and that's all I can really ask for.

Any advice going into my redo anyone?

it just so hard to believe that it's actually being redone....almost to hard to believe but they don't have ANY negative reviews and customer service is Amazing !

Quick Update

So just letting everyone know where I am at.

Well I had my second dentist appointment yesterday to get my impressions done, it went well and they took a whole lot of impressions! But they took them with my old crowns in ? I guess it would be to do the wax up of my new smile first.

So it is looking like I will be in temporaries on the thirteenth of October...and they are gonna take this puppies off. I am thankful for that at least and I'll get a fresh start, none the less I am a little nervous and still a little upset that I ended up with crowns instead of veeners (modern tech) but I guess there isn't anything I can really do about it....

Although my appointment is soon and my redo is soon, I am still nervous and wonder if I'll ever be happy with my redo, they are great cosmetic dentist so I don't think they will look bad, but I am hoping the feel and function will be a lot, better and that they will at least feel close as possible to an actual tooth, after all the adjustments I have had on my current ones they have become flate and have little to no contours on the back.....

So I'm just hoping this will all work out for me... I started to not get on real self as much, but I just wanted to let everyone who has been following me whats going on. It's looking like November 13 is when I'll have me new set of teeth....for some reason I'm excited but worried a bit. Has anybody else had a redo? Keep wishing me luck cause I will need it.

As time goes by...

I just want out of this situation.

I wish I just never had gotten this done in the first place...I really really do, and even with a redo I dont really think that will make me to much happier about it ethier...why cause I can never have veeners now, and I feel like if my bite issues can't be fixed i am going to be looking into orthodontics which I was told that I should have been recommend first.

I want to write all kinds of negative reviews about the man who did this to me but what good will that do he will still have his real teeth and his practice and is probally just going on day by day not giving a second thought about me.

I just don't know how I can live with this decision, all I can think about is how these over adjusted crowns are so thin, and flat in the back and don't even feel like teeth at all. Does anyone know if that's a sign of over adjustments...?

I just don't know how to make myself feel better about having crowns instead of veeners....I just can't...and I feel as though I'll never be as happy as I could've been in life thanks to this dentist...

Now my holdiays this year will be empty...

Most people I talk to about feel like I will feel better about it once it is redone, but I sometimes wonder if I will all I can think about is what is in my mouth now and how it feels so I just feel like being happy with this is damn near impossible anybody's thoughts on that?

is it bad to have crowns over veeners...which seems like would've been perfect for me, but I have these and doubt it will feel like I'll ever have real feeling teeth again epically in the back part of my teeth

Off to Atlanta Dental Spa today....

Well I go to Atlanta dental spa today, I usually have my girlfriend come with me but today I decided it's best to handle this appointment on my own.

I just wanted to say thank you all for your kind words and incourgement...and I'm going today to have all questions I need answered before my procedure today with my I can at least have all the answers I need to sleep a little better today.

But I woke up this morning and I realized that sure I may get my teeth fixed but in reality that won't fix after my appointment i am going to seek a thearpist in my area, I've just been depressed to long to drag myself out of it my only peace of mind is writing here expressing how I feel even if no one reads it....this has been worst three months of my entire life by far...and at the worst time, so I've tried to pull myself out and words of encouragement. I just don't see my issues getting fixed will make me jump back into the old me and out of this nightmare, I clearly have depression and id be a fool to stay in it hoping new teeth with make me happy again

Anyway I'll update you guys when I get home and let you all know what is going on with my teeth and have all my questions answered.

Wax Up opinions

got my wax up today..

I forgot to take pictures of the tounge side which is what I was most concerned about, but he said the ceblum is more pormanate in the ones I have now and that they have a big dip in the back of the old crowns which is pretty abnormal, but the back of new ones looks much better but forgot to get picture of it of course. but tell me what you guys think..

don't know if I like these

opinions please


for dk


Just giving an update I wanted to wait at least a week to let everybody know how everything is going.

Well so far not so good, my bite is not "corrected" as much as I thought it would be...I think they look great better than what I had before...but I must say im a little disappointed as far as comfortablitly goes..honestly it feels almost the same just a little different and a little bit more stable, I go in this Thursday to talk about what I do and don't like about the temps, so we will see how's this goes.

But what im really upset and pissed about the most is the fact that my bottom teeth have been ground down to almost nothing and look uglier than they did before now I hate the way my bottom teeth look and there is nothing I can do about it at all! I can get crowns replaced but the bottom teeth can't be brought back the are sooo much shorter now like significantly shorter than before and I don't understand for the life of my why just like why dentist would do that.
I started my depression meds, but i am behind on school and behind on everything on life right now I don't do anything but worry about my teeth, especially the bottom ones because there is nothing I can do to bring that back at all!

so at this point I feel as though it's not something I am going to be. happy with just somthing I have to deal with, I would've left my teeth alone if i knew what I knew now and at least I wouldve been comfortable having a nice smile is worthless if your not happy, I'm going to explain what I do and don't like about my crowns but honestly I don't know if he is gonna try to help me anyway. I literally give up on trying to be happy with this it just something im gonna have to deal with and be on depression meds for the rest of my life more than likely. I posted pictures of my teeth before and now and I hate them i went from hating my top teeth to hating the bottoms and can't do crap about it!
I probally would've been over this by now if my bottom teeth hadn't be messed with but here I am with a new worthless smile when I'm still sad, Almost 5months of my life gone over teeth. So looking like I'm screwed so far and just have to live with it I'll never be the same again which is fine and after I go back for my temp discussion im hoping that we can work somthing out, but I doubt it I'm all out of hope and tired of the dentist after all this is said and done I am never ever gonna go back to the dentist, for the rest of my life. cosmetically I'm happy physical im not and I rather be happy physical than cosmetically, cause I don't even want to smile anymore so all this I've been threw was for absolutly nothing.

so I went to being a normal 23 year old to a 23 year old with a messed up bite and more teeth problems than ever before and grounded down bottom teeth to that I can't get back.
so I get to spend my holidays sad

just screw it.

This whole cosmetic dentistry thing sucks.

Worse decision of my life ever, and I'm tired of trying to fight to be happy with this, it's a little to late for that at this point, I feel as though my oral health has dropped pretty drastically just over a short time.

I went to see an orthodontist yesterday that was close to my house, and basically the only thing he could do was offer me braces or invislign to move my bottom teeth down, which i simply can't afford, and it could take six months to a year before they could move.

on top of the adjustments to bottom teeth, they have been worn down as well pretty bad, so my bottom teeth went from healthy and fine, to very worn and short. Adjustments only made the wear process faster.

My right side (the side I am having issues with) is a little off position; (see picture two). During my first set my crowns, I had one front tooth that was thicker on the right side, was that to fix that ?

Anyway, I've given up hope and just gonna get my permantes and move on with my life, being sadder than I was with my teeth before, granted they look good, but still uncomfortable for me, and very unnatural feeling, which i would assume is from my bottom teeth wear which the damage has been done, none the less I'm still in the temps, so my last hope is the perms will be better, I seriously doubt it though. So the fact of the matter is it just is what it is, my teeth where something I just wasn't meant to be happy with.

It's about to be November i have spent so long worrying about this everyday, things i've missed out on all over teeth just to look good.

If it wasn't for the shorting and wear on my bottom teeth, I might have been able to be happier about it...

of course this is my fault for being talked into something like this so I guess I have to live with the consequences of it.

I just walk around at school looking at the other students looking at there teeth and how they still have there natural teeth and there only worries are college, what mine should be but here I am worried about f'ing teeth. So just screw it, I'm just going to get my permeates and NEVER go to the dentist again, ever.

I wish my issues where just cosmetic instead of being bite issues, guess I got the short end of the stick.

Everytime I look in the mirror its just a constant reminder of the hell I been threw for nice teeth, and was it worth it not one bit, how short my bottom teeth are now is ridiculous, and are so worn so they fit into the back of my top teeth like a puzzle piece.

So im gonna let them know I'm ready for the permeates and just get this whole thing over with and not ever go back to the dentist. I attached my photos my orotho gave me, I explained to my new dentist that my bite doesn't feel right still but he just blames it on the grinding, even though I wear my night guard so. so my last hope is the merman

Just help people understand what's going on...

So I am posting more pictures to help everyone kind of understand what my issue are as far as my comfort and my bite as well as some more befor pictures I have found.

Anyway I don't feel like my crowns need more adjusting I feel like they need some rebuilding if that makes since if you look at my first set of temps which where a little more comfortable compared to my ones have now. I just got them redone at a cosmetic dentist and not happy with the comfort of my current temps so if anyone can tell me more information thatd be nice! I also feel like I have an overjet with these new ones as well.

Thanks !
Rather not say

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