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Hello fellow TTer's, I am finally after talking...

Hello fellow TTer's, I am finally after talking about it for 7 years having a full tummy tuck with umbilical hernia repair on Sept 30th, I think the anticipation is going to drive me crazy!! I just paid it in full yesterday at my pre-op and its just one step closer to something I have wanted for so long, so here is my story: I don't ever remember having a flat stomach, in Sept 2004 I had my first child via c-section and as expected was left with many stretch marks, before I even had a chance to get my body back, I got pregnant with my second child and he was born in March 2006 (also via c-section) Ever since then I have tried pretty much everything, my body looked good but my stomach never went away, it was always distended and stretched out and plain old ugly! I did Zumba, took up running, tried different diets, pretty much everything and still nothing. Always left with this huge belly. Finally I decided to see a plastic surgeon (2 actually) and was told by both that no matter what I did my stomach would always look like this because of a bad case of diastasis recti, skin that wouldn't retract, and a lovely hernia in my belly button!! That was all I needed to hear and then I got serious about it, I made my appointment and will have my surgery in 6 DAYS!!! It still doesn't seem real, but reality will hit me Monday morning when I walk into the surgery center, until then wish me luck, will post after pics as soon as I can! By the way this website has been extremely helpful to me the last couple months, and I truly appreciate everyone's story, so to all who have posted thank you!!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!!

Ahhhh.......24 hours from now I should be on my way home from my surgery!!!! I think it's starting to hit me, feeling very anxious amd have a bit of a "stress" headache today, just got back from the grocery to get all my last minute things I will need. Not sure how I will sleep tonight......guess I will find out when the time comes, 7 years of wanting this done, and it's finally happening!!! Will update either tomorrow or the next day depending on how I feel :-) "see you on the flat side" eeeek!!!!

Less than 9 hours to go ,anticipation is a bitch!!!

T-minus 8 and 1/2 hours and counting how does one sleep the night before a tummy tuck? Is it even possible? .........

It's finally over with!!!

Hello my TT friends I am now post op day 2, it feels so good to say that post op day 2 ahhhh!!! So heres a run down of the last 48 hours, it feels extremely tight in my upper abs to the point where I feel short of breath, don't really remember much of the first day , the Doc told my husband I had the worst case of diastasis recti he's ever ever seen in his entire career WOW!! Apparently my muscles were 4-5 inches separated and then he removed 8 lbs of skin!! Then he ended up doing lipo on my pubic area that was apparently bulging out after he did the tummy tuck, so basically I have been laying around short of breath. Each day gets better, kind of got to see it this morning when my sweet husband gave me a shower :-). Boy did that feel good, doing the recovery thing day by day will post more later.

Day three and pushing forward....

Hello friends it is now Thursday oct 3rd and I would say day 3 of recovery? It gets better everyday my breathing is getting a little better thank god, I have some serious swelling in my upper abs... Once that goes down I may be a little better off, got to see what my belly looks like after my shower tonight!!! Pretty damn amazing!!! Unbelievable actually, if it looks,this good,on day 3 I can't even imagine the days to follow! I will update again in a few days

One week post op

Hello to all, today I am one week post op!! What a difference a week makes. Had my first post op appointment today, had my pain pump and drains removed, tape and a few stitches removed from my incision and guess what? I didn't feel a thing, nothing nada! I was seriously expecting it to hurt a little but honestly nothing, if anything it was just a weird sensation, I was all worried for nothing. So now I feel like a puppet that had its strings cut, a small sense of freedom from all the tubes and wires :-). Today is also the first day I am left home alone all by myself, it feels a little weird, so for now that's all, I will check in again soon, best wishes to anyone about to undergo this procedure, at this point I would say the first week is a doozy but you will feel so much better after the first week :-)

9 days po

Okay so yesterday (actually the night of one week) I started feeling horrible, my body was aching, I had the chills, and was running a low grade fever ugggg, up until that point I was just havimg discomfort in my abdomin but I felt like I had the flu all of a sudden so long story short I was put on antibiotics yesterday thankfully I am feeling better today, hope that doesn't come back again!! Off all pain meds accept Advil every 8-12 hours. I am sweaty all the time it's annoying, but I am already down 10lbs (mostly skin). Not to much of an appetite and everything is so salty tasting. That's all for now check back in a couple days

Some before and after pics

More to come soon


Post op day 13

Hello all, so today was a good day, I stopped taking pain meds 7 days ago, however still on Advil 800mg every 12 hours. So today me and my family took a trip (drove) to the park, I cooked dinner for the first time since my surgery, and drumroll......wait for it.....I finally shaved my legs, they were BAD, didn't think I could do it but I managed. It feels so great!! Up until this point I have been putting some kind of cloth barrier between my skin and my CG bit didn't feel the need for that today. I was pretty active today and yes I have a little swelling but not bad. I a, starting to feel like I am out of the weeds so to speak amd feeling better everyday. I have 2 more weeks off work and feel that by then I will be good to go, being that my job requires me to stand for at least 5-8 hours per day, still trying to keep my food imtake healthy amd nutritious. Amd making sure I take my vitamins. I have already dropped 11 lbs (granted 8 of that was loose skin) but I will take it!! I will post some more pics some time this week. I have my second post op appointment on Tuesday so we'll see what my PS has to say until next time, take care!!

14 days post op

Okay so went I went in for my second post op today, and it just so happens that last night the left side of my incision started looking "angry" red, inflamed, hard to the touch :-( also my belly button was looking yucky!! So now I am on antibiotics, he couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was, but wasn't overly concerned either, so for now I will just take my antibiotics and see what happens. So other than that minor set back all is good. Still swollen, but that is to be expected. He told me I could start walking , and that I could take baths and go in my hot tub (because my incision is sealed). Still taking it easy not pushing it too much. I will post again next week. Take care all :-)

10 weeks post op

Hola tummy Tucker's, It has been quite some time since my last update!! I went back to work at 4 weeks PO and that went pretty well, swelling was rough but expected. Since I went back things have been good, being that I am a hairstylist I spend a lot of time standing, and my back hasn't bothered me a bit since surgery, I was carting around 8 lbs of extra skin and had no muscle wall left, so having that fixed made a huge difference in my back pain! As the weeks pass things are improving more and more each day, I am feeling about 80% normal at this point, still feel tightness by the end of the day. I went back to the gym tonight, and it felt great to workout without my giant belly getting in the way, I felt so confident and wasn't constantly adjusting my clothes, I actually enjoyed working out !! I am so happy I decided to do this for myself, I feel so much better in and out of clothes, it changed the way I feel about myself, I felt like I was living in someone else's body for the last seven years and now I finally have my body back and then some! It was worth every penny spent and I am not even fully healed yet.

6 months post op

Howdy folks I am back, so it's been 6 months since my procedure, and I couldn't be happier!! Summer is just around the corner and I am looking forward to proudly wear my bikini! no more worries of my old ugly stretched out it's new and tight and pretty!! I am still very thankful that I had this done, and if I had to go back and do it over I would in a heartbeat. I still have a loss of sensation around my belly button lower abs, but nothing painful, still haven't started an work at the gym pretty much just light walks, and an occasional Zumba class. I will post some new pics, hope all is well for everyone in tummy tuck land :-)
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