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Just had my consultation with Dr. person on Friday...

Just had my consultation with Dr. person on Friday. I dragged my husband with me all the way to Jacksonville from Tampa on a puddle jumper flight, known as Silver Airlines. The airline was horrid, but the trip itself to meet him was well worth it. I was soooo nervous! I am waiting for my morphs to be sent to me, still feeling super sel conscious about the whole thing!

I have been seeking out a recision rhinoplasty...

I have been seeking out a recision rhinoplasty Doctor for more than a decade. At the age of 12, my mose was shatterd by a softball. imwent on to break it again a total of 7 times throughout the ages of 12-16, take that many breaks, and couple it with genetic changes from puberty, where the cartilage grows, and it became twisted with a broken bumpy hump. i was literally tortured and taunted by my schoolmates my entire adolescent life on a daily basis. i was bullied. when i walked into the school cafeteria in middle school, the entire row of children eating, would all get up at once, and go sit at another table, when I tried to find a seat. it is extremely painful to be hated, based on your appearance only. i was and still am an extremely loveable and nice human being, and I would do anything for anyone. Noone would date me until I was 18, and my confidence deteriorated to nothing. i contemplated suicide daily as a teen....I grew my hair exceptionally long so that i could cover my face when I sat in class, praying that people wouldn't look at me. kids are so cruel.....and I didnt have the courage to stand up for myself. so, when I was 21, I met my future husband on a blind date. he told me initially he was a janitor, and then a month later, he told me the truth....that he was a doctor working on his internship, and getting ready to begin a residency. Moving forward, he loved me just the way I am, and has never asked me to change. we have been married 15 years, and together 18 and a half. i am mow. nurse Practitioner, through his encouragement to believe in myself. He is supporting me to find the courage to be beautiful and confident, if plastic surgery is the answer...........So, ok, it's been 8 days since my initial consultation.....since I am feeling anxious, this is what I have experienced thus far.
1) March 15, travelled to Jacksonville from Tampa. The journey was a long 16 hour day! I had to wait until the following Wednesday to receive an email to include a price quote and photos.....that was five days after, a little disconcerting in the time lapse.
2) the office staff was super friendly and professional. The information sent to me by email regarding price, and how the surgery will go was detailed and thorough, ie: realistic expectations, so was very pleased with that.
3) I responded within the same day and asked about a few details that I deemed important about my appearance. I addressed the email to both the physician and office staff. I have NOT received a response back, and It has been 3 more days, so I am a little frustrated.
4) I only received 2 morph simulations. A frontal view, which I feel was a partial simulation, and a left side view which looked great. So, I asked for the right sided view, since both sides of my face are different, a 45 degree angle view, and one of my nostrils looking upward. I have yet to hear back.........sheesh!
4)on a brighter note, My visit was awesome. He is charismatic, professional, so detail oriented, and the physical exam was thorough. However, Not once, did he show me a photo gallery of his before and after photos.....I was a little disappointed there.......but he did spend a lot of time with me, so that was great.
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