Aging at Warp Speed...Fleming Island, FL

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I remember knowing that I would have a facelift...

I remember knowing that I would have a facelift one day when I was a teenager.. I just thought I would need it in my 30's, since that was old ;). Now I'm 53 and it really is time. Natural aging plus a 22 pound weight loss over the last 18 months has really taken a toll on my face and neck.

My facelift/necklift is scheduled for August 13, 2015 with Dr. David Pearson in Fleming Island, FL. He did an under eye skin pinch and Artefill injections for me three years ago. At the time of that surgery temporary filler was used under my eyes. I was supposed to return for permanent filler, but I was happy with how it looked until very recently, so I never did.

I really appreciate those who have posted their beauty enhancing experiences here, so I decided to share my own journey too. Many less flattering photos to come.

About my eyes...

I had hoped to have an upper blepharoplasty with my FL, but my plastic surgeon turned me down and says there is too little skin to do this safely (as in I might not be able to close my eyes afterward). While I appreciate him not doing any harm and not wasting my money on something he can't really make a difference on, I feel frustrated because I am unhappy with the appearance of my upper eyelids, and would like to do something about them.. Also my left eyelid sags which makes my eyes appear to be different sizes and just adds to the already existing asymmetry of my face. I did recently learn that I have a somewhat low functioning thyroid and that hypothyroidism can cause ptosis. Perhaps my thyroid treatment will help my eyelid. I don't know. I do know that I do feel disappointment about not having my lids done at this time.. at least botox still lifts my brow a little and helps them. Better safe than sorry? Right now I'm just not feeling that way...

More on my eyes..

I have been on thyroid support for a couple weeks now.. maybe I'm imagining things but I swear I see a difference in my droppy eyelid. I do have makeup on in the second pic but both were taken early in the morning. There also seems to be less puffiness in my face...

On being well...

I have been working on healing my body from chronic illness for the last 18 months.. I feel better than ever, so I decided my hair needs to heal from blow dryers and flat irons for a while... I call this my 'old hippie' look :). I am getting excited about my upcoming surgery, but I hope I will not have any big set backs in how well I feel because of it.

Pictures speak louder than words..

Am I ready for this... oh heck yes! Bring it on..

What will I look like..

My PS said I would look like I was lying down.. So I took this photo while waiting on my general practitioner today ... My eyes look all wrong but hopefully will look better with real surgery ...

Medical clearance done....

Wow, I realized I had a nagging fear about getting medical clearance for this surgery... being that it's totally elective.. but yay!! No problems.. now if I can just be ready for this Monday work deadline..then I can really think about the the surgery :)

Getting ready...

Filled out my profile for the surgery center and started arnica today. I was very surprised that I woke up feeling panicked last night..not about the surgery but about how people will react to it. Hoping after the surgery, I'll be less in love with photo filters...

Here is my photo.. highly filtered that did not upload

me like I want to look...

A short video pre-surgery

Just a few seconds of before video..

Trying this upload from my computer instead of my phone...

Short before surgery clip of me ...

Explicit - Click to view

Some before shots and video for the record....

Laughing at myself...

So I suddenly have a huge blemish of unknown origin on the side of my chin and all I can do is wonder where that same spot will be after my FL?

Tomorrow I'm on my way...

Tomorrow I leave here after work and drive to Orange Park. I will be staying with my Mom. (I am from OP). I have my pre-op Wed morning at 8 am and then I am working from my mother's house the rest of the day. I have to be at the OP surgery center at 7 am on Thursday.... so this will be my last post until "after". Thank you everyone for all the great advice and all the well wishes. I will post again as soon I can reasonably do so. Love you all!

I made it!!

Comfortable and doing well on Demerol :)

Day 1

I just got my helmet removed and graduated to this compression bandage, which I will have to wear 24x7 for 2 weeks. I am already pleased with my results even though they look very surgical right now. My hair is completely matted with blood... and will just have to stay that way until Sunday afternoon.

I feel good today, and even better by the hour. I am eating and sleeping well. Nothing like having Mom as a caretaker.

Right now I am Just feeling overall elated that it appears that Dr. Pearson did fantastic job on my face and neck :)

I will try to post daily. xoxoxo

Day 2

Today I am very swollen and bruised.. I don't feel like I even look like myself. I knew I would bruise a lot...I have always bruised very easily. I logged onto work for a little while...but I'm about ready for a nap. zzzzzzz

Day 3

A shower and a smile. :)

Day 4

Today was back to work for me. I worked from my Mom's and felt pretty good. I'm a bit tired and sore now. The swelling in my neck went down a lot last night which helped. My bruises are hysterical.. Sliding down my chest .. All in all a good day of work and healing.

Day 6

Happy day! Making progress :). I work this morning... Then get 1/2 my stitches / staples out and drive home.

Day 6 ...

Before / after so far...

1 Week

I went back to work in my office today. I mostly hid in my office since I'm still wearing a compression band on my face...the two people who knew about my FL did not react all
That well to my appearance, so I was disappointed .. But I confess I am a bit tired and swollen and they think I'm a bit nuts for doing this ... Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! A few selfies I took during this morning and evening for the record

Pictures of my incisions as rquested....

This is day 8, so I have already had every other stitch and every other staple removed. Staples were used where ever I have incisions in my hair. Removable stitches are behind my ears and dissolvable stitches are on the front side of my ears and under my chin. The rest of the stitches and staples will be removed on Monday.

Day 11

Slow but steady healing.. I realized I was in love with some
of the swelling in my cheeks that's fading. I see injections in my future.

Two weeks already!

Before and after.. I'll do more on the weekend.

Trying again..

My real two week update..

For those of you who took two weeks off work for you facelift .. Smart! While I have been back to work since day 4, it's been tiring, but I'm starting to feel more normal. A lot of the swelling in my face went down this week. I would have like to have kept it if I could. I'm still very happy with my facelift. The area under my chin is starting to soften a little. My neck under my ears is still very hard. My bruises are gone already! I am amazed...

Last night i stopped at the store on my way home. I was a tired, end of the week mess, but a guy I haven't seen at least 15 years came up to me.. I couldnt place his face at first, but he's said he spotted me right away becUse I look almost the same :). Yay!

Tuesday I get my hair done (just more of the same) and Wednesday I get Botoxed. I actually get Dysport now, because I built up some kind of weird resistance to Botox where it only lasts about 7 weeks or so.

I booked an appr in Mid October to get Artefill (permanent filler) in my temples, upper cheeks and tear through. Temporary filler will go in my upper eyelids, since apparently this is a tricky area to fill.

I've had Artefill before and was quite happy with it: My PS is an expert in using it.

I feel like the fillers will enhance my facelift... But after that I'm done for a while. I'm going to work on building a stronger body and just be happy with my new face.

Lots of pics with some before afters... Hopefully some will actually upload :p

Luv you all!

Lost just one..

Should I be concerned?

So today about 5 pm on a holiday weekend I noticed these strange bumps under my chin. I am not sure what to make of it. I am 22days PO. My upper face swelling has dissipated rapidly this week (sadly as it made my upper face look rejuvenated too)... So I'm hoping its just fluid. It feels like fluid. I put my jaw bra back on (I only had to wear it for two weeks). and I am hoping for the best. The other new photo was taken this morning.

The return of the lumps..

Well the lump which mostly resolved over the weekend is back, in a slightly different place but worse. I fired off an email to my Dr tonight, did warm and cold compresses, gentle massage and put my jaw bra back on for the night. I can't possibly go to Jacksonville so see him right now ( I have an appt on the 22nd)... I hope its nothing. I'm otherwise healing great ..: ya'll should be able see this one ... I am 4 weeks PO tomorrow.


I feel happy I made it to four weeks. Even the hardest most swollen spots on my face and neck are starting to soften. The lumps on my neck are mostly likely irritated salivary glands. I'm told not to use the jaw bra but drink lots of water and use heat for tenderness. Dr Pearson wanted me to come in but it is just so hard for me to make the trip out of town right now. I have an appointment with him on the 22nd. I do have a DDS appt tomorrow so he can confirm that the problem is with my glands. I feel good. I love my facelift, but I am looking forward to getting Artefill in October to complete my rejuvenation (for now). All I can say is my facelift is some of the best money I ever spent. I'm so glad I went for it.

I fogot the photos!


Requested Incision Update - 1 month

Most of my incisons are hidden by my hair. I tried but I could not take pics of the incisons above my ears because I have so much hair there on both size. I did lose hair on one incision behind my head (which I didn't even realize until I went to take pics).. But I feel little short hairs starting to come in on too of it. I wear my hair up to exercise and behind my ears .. whenver... I don't even think about it. If anyone notices my scars they don't mention it.

Six Weeks Tomorrow. :)

It's hard to believe it has been six weeks already. I just saw Dr. Pearson on Tuesday and I have the all clear for everything including returning to my chiropractor .. Yay! The swollen salivary glands persist but they are not really a big problem.

MOnday was my first day in 18 years free of predisone and tomorrow I start a 30 say raw food detox diet. I eat mostly vegan with a few exceptions anyway... But this wil be less cooked food. Should be just another adventure.

On Oct 19th I will be getting Artefull which is permanent filler in my temple, cheeks and tear trough. I will be getting Juvederm. In my upper eyelids and I really hope it helps. I am still very unhappy with my upper eyelids and make Dr. Pearson re-evaluate them everytime I see him :). Right now he does not think surgery is a good option ...

I am still super happy with my facelift, although I've gotten so used to it.. It looks normal to me now unless I look at the before pics :).

I'm sorry I have gotten behind on everyone's updates while I was traveling... I hope to catch up with ya'lls progress soon!

Just because I love before/after pics.

I am 7 weeks PO tomorrow. All the before pics are from this year. The after pic was today after I got my hair done (ok the hair is a slight cheat). :)

Two Months and Pre-Artefill Update

I think I've reached a place where my face is not going to change much more, which is good....since I plan to have fillers to rejuvenate my upper face on the 19th. I still have the swollen salivary glands and it seems like they are never going to go away, I'm just living with them. I am both hopeful and concerned about my upcoming fillers. I will be having Artefill in the tear troughs, temples and cheeks and a more temporary filler in the eyelids. I am still very unhappy with my eyelids so I don't know if this is going to be enough of a fix for me. I guess it will have to be for this year. I love my facelift but I wish my upper eyelids had been done also...

Started My Artefill Review

For those who were interested..

Artefill Injections Done

I had 3 syringes of Artefill injected today and I'm vey happy with the way it looks.

One More..

A before/after for this review. Don't think I will do a separate reveiw for my Upper Bleph. I will just docummet it here.

Incision Update as rquested

My incisons at 9 weeks post OP. I never really think about them.

Just wanted to say hi to everyone ..

Especially the new Facelift posters.... I'm 11 week PO and next week I turn 54.... Feeling happy!!

Looking forward to my next procedure!!

I'm now 16 post FL and 6 weeks post artefill. Dr. Pearson has agreed to do my upper eyelids (which I am very unhappy with) and I'm having that procedure on Dec 11. He will also do a complementary earring hole repair for me. I'm excited about my new upcoming enhancement! :). If you've you followed me you'd know I never stop whining about how my ryelids look :p

Pics that show my problem children eyelids

These pics were already posted but I'm reposting them down here to show the problem with my eyelids..

A current post Facelift and Artefil before Upper Eyelids pic...haha

.. just two more days of these dang eyelids :)


Today was a long day.. I got up early and drive to Fleming Island (about 3 hours). Had my upper eyelids done then had lunch with my mom and drove home. I'm resting comfortably now. I feel like it went really well and I am posting a few pics. Those with experiencr please let me
Know what you think , xo

Eyelids Day 2

My eyelids were all kinds of swollen today, but they don't hutt anymore. I was totally sick of wearing my glasses so I managed to get my contacts in without pulling at my eyelids. I can just leave them in now. Clean hair and I am ready to face work tomorrow.

My Eyes - Day 4

Swelling is improving rapidly. I have some bruising covered with makeup.

My Eyes Day 9

Merry Christmas RS friends. I got what was left of my dissolvable stitches out on Friday. I still have some lightt bruising and swelling .. But it doesn't look too bad with makeup.

Just a Before / After to Share

However my eyes turn out they are already better than the before ...

Five Months!

I am 5 months post FL and 1 month post upper eyelids... My Artefill was done in October.

Still Happy at 7.5 Months!

Not much to say. I spend a lot less time thinking about my face now... which healthy I think. These are just a couple random selfies I took recently. Hope everyone is doing great!

A FL and More...

I had my FL in August of last year. I had bellafil/artefill in my temples and checks in October and my upper eyelids done in December and then bellafil/arefill in my chin in February of this year. I get botoxed every 3- 4 months but it only lasts about 2.5 months. I now want a browlift and a liplift, but its not in cards financially yet. I also want a breast lift/augmentation and tummy tuck .. is will probably never be in the cards. Yeah it's not called a beauty journey for nothing.. Happy Easter everyone

8.5 Months.. My how time filies!!

Just a few pics. I will be having a pixie ear revision (left ear) on June 12. I will document that here.

Pixie ear / scar revision this Friday

I love my facelift but one ear scar just has not done well. The other is perfect. I'm having an office revision on Friday June 10th.

All Done

Well the tevision was painless and did not take very long. I am
already hopeful about the outcome.

ScarRevision - Day 4

So far so good. Tomorrow I get my stitches out.

Stitches Out


No News Update

Nothing has changed since Wednesday. I just wanted to say Happy Father's Day!

One Year and a New Grandbaby

Hard to believe it's been a year already! I'm still very happy with my face left and consider it money well spent.
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon

I had had some small procedures (lower eyelid skin pinch and Artefill injections) done with Dr. Pearson a few years ago. I was very happy with the results. I have a lot of confidence in his abilities as a facial plastic surgeon, which is why I want him to do my facelift. I also find him to be a nice person, a good listener, easy to talk to and very upfront and honest. Post Facelift Update - I feel really blessed to have found Dr. Pearson. I was looking for Artefill four years ago, but wound up finding the right surgeon for me. His office is still small and personal. He does every injection and every stitch himself with perfection and attention to detail. He flat won’t do any procedure he doesn’t feel will have a very good outcome and be worth the patient’s money. I could not imagine letting any other surgeon dissect my face. I am thrilled with my facelift results and I can recommend Dr. Pearson with total confidence.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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