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I've always been self-conscious of my weak chin...

I've always been self-conscious of my weak chin and unbalanced profile. I've hidden behind my hair for years, and micromanage every photo opportunity so that I'm always smiling (makes my chin appear bigger)
My younger sister took the plunge two years ago and got hers done and I was so impressed by how good she looked that I decided it was my turn now.
I'm having a silastic implant put in through an external incision. I'm very confident in the surgeon I've chosen, as he's very smart and comes highly reviewed by anyone who's heard of him. He instantly put me at ease and made me feel confident in his skills.
As the days draw nearer I get more excited and imagine the results and how relieved I will feel to finally be "normal."
Like with any self-perceived flaw, I have just fixated on my lack of a chin obsessively. I stare at other people's faces and wish that I could be so lucky as to have a balanced, aesthetically pleasing look. I grimace at bad photos of myself and feel awful to the point of just wanting to crawl under my covers and sulk. It goes without saying that this surgery is going to do major work for my self-confidence.

I've been hesitant to put my photos on here, just because I hate showing off my face like this, but here goes! I'm happy to answer any questions if I can :)

All done!

The surgery went very well and the staff were all very nice. The nurse even used a skin numbing spray before starting an IV so I didn't feel the needle. They hooked me up with good anti nausea mess so when I woke up I felt totally fine. I'm not sitting on the couch eating toast, about to watch Netflix, so I'd say, everything is great!
Pain is about a 4. Feels like I got punched in the face, but the most annoying part, so far, is not being able to open my mouth very wide, which makes eating a bit of a task. Other than that I'm doing well.
My Dr. was very nice and pleasant when he came to see me just before I went under and I can already tell that I'm going to like the results.
Now the only issue I'm dealing with is this stupid Hurricane coming. It's going to push back my post op from tomorrow to Monday most likely. That's when the bandage comes off, so I'm a bit bummed about having to hold off on the big reveal.
I'll update more later on ????

Not bad

I was up and moving about all day yesterday. The pain is being managed very well with the medication my Dr prescribed. I slept pretty well also. Kept myself elevated with two pillows and didn't wake up in pain or anything. The hurricane alert came through on my phone which did wake me up, and I was unable to go back to sleep, but this is when I normally get up for work anyways, so not a big deal.
I did end up taking two pills instead of one, this morning, just because it was pretty tender and sore. Overall, though in doing very well.
I'm sad that I won't be able to have my bandage removed today, but maybe it will offer some extra support for a few days. Gotta think positive ????
I'm really pleased with how little I'm swelling. No chipmunk face for me!


So the tape was giving me serious issues. My skin was itching and red and driving me absolutely nuts. My Doctor was scheduled to remove it Friday morning but due to the hurricane we were going to wait until Monday. I couldn't wait that long due to the irritation so I took it off for relief. I think the adhesive was causing the problems, because I felt so much better once I was able to gently remove it all with some skin oil. I've been very careful not to bump my chin on anything, and I'm still keeping the incision all greased up with Neosporin like I was instructed. The swelling is much more obvious now that the tape it off, but I'm able to open my mouth to eat more comfortably now. I told my husband I look like that Eric Stoltz kid from that old movie Mask ????
Despite the manly swelling, I trust my Doctor and know that he did a fantastic job. My husband thinks it looks great already, which is comforting. He was one of those people that would always say "you're fine, you don't need surgery" but I can see by the look on his face now that he realizes just how big of an improvement it will be.
For now I'm just taking it easy, eating well and taking my medication. Hopefully by Monday I won't look so heavy jawed at work. I'm also hoping that my Dr won't be upset with me about removing the tape without him. He told me that there's no big deal about doing it myself but since I'm paying for full service I should go ahead and let him do it. Oh well. My skin had other plans.
Thank you all for the words of encouragement. I love reading comments and responding to this supportive community!
P.S. Please excuse my unwashed hair. I've been avoiding getting the incision wet ????

First post op visit

Today my stitches were removed and the Dr placed little strips on to keep the incision held together nicely. He said everything is looking great and swelling should continue to go down. I'm off the pain meds and just taking Tylenol now.
Sensation is still a bit odd in the chin region but that's to be expected.
He did inform me that surgery was very easy and went really well. It was easy to insert and I wasn't a heavy bleeder.
I'm so excited to see what the final result will look like. He told me that he tapered down the sides of the implant for a more feminine look, and that once swelling goes down it will have a more sharp, sculpted look. That's exciting since I look a bit mannish currently ????

Almost a week out

Swelling has gone down a lot but I'm still hoping for a more slender look eventually. I know that the tissues shrink around the implant over time, so I'm being patient and hopeful.

Looking good

Swelling has gone way down and I'm not feeling manly anymore. Still a little uncomfortable to sleep on my side, but not bad. Pain is gone and I'm regaining more control over my lower lip, meaning I can pull it down and see my lower teeth a bit more than before. My smile is looking more natural too at this point.
The only issue is my incision is spitting a few stitches so it is a bit deeper pink in those areas. Gunna go see my surgeon about them. He did warn me it could happen and it wasn't a big deal.

Picture of my incision

This was taken yesterday. There's a spot of redness and a little hole where my body is pushing a suture out. I trimmed it down so it wasn't visible. I don't have any pain or bleeding, however the scar itself is still raised and tough to the touch. I emailed my Dr about the stitch spitting. Will find out tomorrow what he wants me to do.

Happy Halloween

Here's how I looked as Amy Winehouse!

Looking better every day

So I'm feeling pretty good about things now. I've either got some residual swelling in the jowl area or I'm just a fatty haha. I don't feel super masculine head on anymore. The scar is healing nicely as well.

Huge difference

Went to a formal event last night and thought I'd share an image from July as a comparison. Look at what a marvelous improvement the implant gave me!

Looking good!

Pretty happy these days with how things are settling. I don't feel mannish anymore and the scar is looking nice and fading well. So glad I decided to do it!


Very happy with my decision at this point. I feel so much more confident these days and I'm no longer concerned about the size being too large. Glad I went for it!!
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Haven't had the surgery yet, however I am very confident in his abilities. Also a very friendly, intelligent person to speak with!

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