Flank and Thigh Liposuction Piece of Cake for the Young Former Athlete.

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I am a 22 year old RN that has carried the name...

I am a 22 year old RN that has carried the name "thunder thighs" since I was about 13. I decided to get liposuction right after graduation as a sort of present to myself. I did research on doctors and procedures and once I had decided on a location and doctor I never wavered with my decision. I didn't get much sleep the night before but I was excited for my new body!

I was put under general anesthesia, if I could turn back time this is one thing I would change. I had the post op shakes like crazy and waking up confused was not very fun. When I first woke up I rated my pain at an 8/10, I think it was mostly because of my uncontrolled shaking. They gave me some fentanyl and I dozed off for awhile. When I woke up about a half hour later the shakes were gone and my pain was at 5/10. My sites were leaking a mixture of blood and clear fluid which I was not aware would happen but I was quickly reassured that it was normal. I got up about an hour and a half later to use the bathroom. Peeing in the compression garment is impossible! I peed all over myself so they had to give me a new one. I also got nauseated but that improved once I laid down for a minute.

I had a two hour ride home and I don't know why some many people say it was the "worst ride of their lives" when they only went a half hour. I had pillows and percocet and it was a breeze. The pain felt like I had a killer work out the day before and was no where near the worst pain of my life. I was told to get up and walk every hour on the ride home which I did with no problem. Then, I rested in bed for three days only getting up and walking a couple times. I was able to walk around the block in 5 days, walk a mile in 10 days, golf in 12, and walk 2 miles in 2 weeks.

The worst is the garment. It's a pain but necessary. Like I said you can't pee, it itch's, and it's hot. I bought some running shorts (tight knee length pants similar to bike shorts but without padding) and wore them after week one. Also you have to keep the area you had done OUT OF THE SUN for 6 MONTHS! That is what is killing me right now. If you can GET LIPO IN THE WINTER. Other than that it's been a good experience.

I am two week post op and down 8 pounds :)

Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

He does a great job and makes sure your pain is well controlled after your procedure. He is always available to answer questions you may have.

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