Terrible Lumineer Experience

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I got my Lumineers placed on August 11th and was...

I got my Lumineers placed on August 11th and was very unhappy with them from the beginning. They were very fake looking, thick, bulky, and made it look like i had a huge overbite which i do not have because i have had braces twice which is the reason i was recommended to get lumineers done because my enamel had worn done. I decided to get them done without doing any true research which is the reason im writing this because i do not want somone to waste and make the mistake i did. Half of the Lumineers were grey and the others were an opaque white that looked so fake. The teeth were way to big for my mouth and made my whole face look different. Also my front tooth and tooth next to it had cracked on the first day... which i had to go back and get them redone because my front teeth were also super uneven which stuck out like a sore thumb. I had to wait 2 weeks walking around with uneven front teeth and half grey teeth. Then when the new teeth came in they were defected and i had to wait another two weeks and when the new lumineers were placed the front tooth cracked again. That is when i realized that this is not a good product for me and i will not be happy with the results no matter how much the dentist tries to fix it. I ended up having to go for 5 visits instead of the "2 visits" they claim its all it takes and the teeth still looked horrible. My self esteem and confidence was destroyed by the lumineers, i had never felt so depressed and unhappy with myself. I ended up having to go to Colombia just last week to get them taken out and redone the right way with a different product. I tried calling Lumineer Denmat and they did not even have a customer service i could speak to about my concerns and about how i could go about getting a refund because this was a very expensive treatment. They stated they do not have a complaint or customer service because they have never had any complaints. I wish i had done my research because there is more negative outcomes than positive from what ive seen online and from my personal nightmare experience i had. Overall, they were not able to help me at all and i ended up having to take off school, work to travel to colombia and pay for my work redone ALL over again which at the end of the day i do not regret one bit because i am very happy now. These are the pictures with the Lumineers and After. I hope this review has helped some people decide whether to go with Lumineers or not. in my case Lumineers was not the look i was going for at all. They are way too big, bulky and fake looking and not to mention they are very expensive and 2 of my teeth cracked before me eating or even brushing my teeth. Here are my pictures with the Lumineers and with the work i got done in Colombia. The pictures speak for itself. I am now beyond happy with my new smile and regret so much ever going through all the nightmare i had to with lumineers that i had to pay for. In the pictures you will be able to see how big and thick the lumineers were that my smile was destroyed and you could no longer even see my gum line because the lumineers took over my whole mouth. You can also tell in the pictures that i did not even have regular spaces between my teeth anymore, it looked like a bar of soap that someone tried to carve into teeth. I am so happy that i no longer have lumineers and im writing this post to hopefully help someone who is thinking about getting them to save them a nightmare/money.
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